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Sunday 28 February 2021

MS MR / $1.99

MS MR / $1.99: Publisher: BattleSauce

Introducing a brand new BattleSauce cuisine - 2600

There was a time when the world existed in a state of perpetual chaos, swirling in conflict and upheaval.  Where aliens invaded and Hauntings moved unchecked, where tanks stalked one another through labyrinths, and the ruins of ancient civilizations teemed with beasts and undead alike.  It was a time when a glitch in the system could prove fatal, and a single mis-timed step could lead to oblivion.

There was a time where truth only existed in the code. The code was law and the law was inviolate.  But time moved on like it does.  The weakening links of code that held back the horrors, the pitfalls, the aliens, and the damned have been broken.  The time of peace is over; the system has evolved.

This is that time. This is 2600.  This is Battlesauce.

No character sheet, no dice, just a deck of cards and your own wits for battle!

Mobile friendly layout and design.
Brief introduction to BattleSauce gameplay.
Role playing light if any at all.  I mean, they're snacks!
Game ready map(s).

MS MR a 2600 BattleSauce cuisine
Only 1.99! Not even $2.00!

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, EvilThe Strange BestiaryThe Ninth World Bestiary)

MS MR is a special BattleSauce snack in that it doesn't require the player to make a character sheet, keep track of hitpoints, or anything else remotely RPG like. It's a 1-5 player game and you can get started immediately.  You only need a deck of cards and this PDF.

In this snack you play the title character MS MR - a ghost hunter of some renown - who uses her epic Soul Blade to rid the world of Hauntings: monsters whose slightest touch causes a severe case of death.  But I wasn't just being influenced by millennials when I said epic. The Soul Blade also kills with a single touch.  So get in there and bust some ghosts!  Er, Hauntings.

What do you get for loose change you could probably find on the couch?

  • Play at home by yourself or over Zoom - all the rage these days.
  • 3 new level maps - which may look familiar to some of our older players!
  • New monsters!
  • New, simple game mechanics.  Play in minutes after downloading!
  • MS MR original theme song MP3!
  • JPG maps
  • That's all folks!
MS MRPrice: $1.99

One-Shot RPG System Rules: The Dark Ages Setting / $5.00

One-Shot RPG System Rules: The Dark Ages Setting / $5.00: Publisher: One Shot RPG

Check out the system in action with the live stream of the One-Shot RPG adventure CLOWNS OF FUNLAND. 


Have a one-shot idea and need an easy-to-play rules system? The One-Shot RPG system is designed specifically for one-shot adventures in the Middle Ages or Fantasy genre. It offers quick character generation and a flexible, comprehensive system using D10s. 

A version of the rules for a Modern setting is also available here on DriveThru RPG. 

This document includes: 

  • 3-page Players Rules
  • Character Sheet
  • 6-page GM Rules 

If you are looking for an adventure, check our other One-Shot RPG publications, including:


In addition to the story, each One-Shot RPG adventure comes with rules, character sheets, visual aids, NPC sheets, and maps,

This is a pay-what-you-want product. If you want to support One-Shot RPG publications, then please donate a few dollars or leave a review. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, send us an email at oneshotrpg.gm@gmail.com

One-Shot RPG System Rules: The Dark Ages SettingPrice: $5.00

Whitehack Third Edition / $9.95

Whitehack Third Edition / $9.95: Publisher: WhitehackRPG

Whitehack is a fantasy role-playing game in the original tradition. In addition to custom adventures, campaigns and settings, it is designed to run just about any material from 1974 onwards with zero or little conversion.

This is the third edition, in which the game has been revised and edited to better welcome new and returning role-players.

+ New rules for character bases and leaders.
+ New rules for factions, relations and reactions.
+ New rules for custom sets of character attributes.
+ New rules for modern genres.
+ A clarified and improved version of the game system, including powerful group mechanics, free form magick, auctions, zero up AC, boss monsters and much, much more!

The digital version is fully bookmarked and hyperlinked. You get a package with two files---one adapted for the tablet and one for the phone.

Whitehack Third EditionPrice: $9.95

Codex Occultum - Fastplay / $2.75

Codex Occultum - Fastplay / $2.75: Publisher: Black Dog


This game is a project I have been working on for the last two years. Because the text is already finished, I thought it would be a good idea to release a fastplay for people to start playing it before a kickstarter page arrives.

In the game, you and your friends are fixers, people who get together to work as a company solving problems of other people who hire you to do so. The setting is a slightly different 18th century, with different perspectives over mysticism, afterall you are playing during the birth of the enlightenment era. The game have a few gems to make it different from any other TTRPG you have played: The system of Rituals, the Secret Society mechanics, and the Classes available to be played.

Choose between a Vampire, a Combatant, a Professional, a Scholar or a Sin Eater to live and adventure in the Rat District, and try finding out what is the Palm of Kali!

In this fasplay you will find:

  • 5 characters ready to be played with
  • Quick rules to play the game
  • A complete adventure
  • Maps to aid the roleplay in the Rat District

Codex Occultum might be available on kickstarter or indiegogo soon.

Codex Occultum - FastplayPrice: $2.75

Sorrow on the Glens - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game / $5.99

Sorrow on the Glens - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game / $5.99: Publisher: Strachan Games

Welcome to "Sorrow on the Glens" a murder mystery roleplaying game.

This is a new scenario for the same set of rules as The Ballad of Texas Red, and Last Voyage of the Blackened Heart, but the full rules are included here. 

In the Winter of 1878, deep in the Scottish Highlands, the noble Sir Alasdair Mackenzie is found dead. As is tradition, his family travel to their woodland lodge to lay his body to rest, and mourn quietly in peace. But this lodge is far from peaceful, and these woods will let no one rest. Whispers in the night, voices in the dark. There are conspiracies among the servants, tensions in the family, and everyone's got secrets... secrets they'd kill to keep. Sir Alasdair was murdered, there's no doubt about it, and the killer is here in this Lodge. Clan Mackenzie is in for one very long night.

This is a one-off social deception roleplaying game for 6-7 players. Players roleplay as their characters, using snippets of knowledge no one else knows to slowly solve the many mysteries of Clan Mackenzie. Players will lie and decieve, plot and scheme, and when your suspicions are confirmed... go for the kill.

This isn't a game for sitting around a table; it's a game for standing, for whispering, for pulling your friend into another room away from listening ears. 

Also included are rules for playing online over voice or video calls. An extra person is needed to act as a Moderator in online play. 

Good luck, and trust no one.

Sorrow on the Glens - A Murder Mystery Role Playing GamePrice: $5.99

Seeker's Guide / $25.00

Seeker's Guide / $25.00: Publisher: Failed Superheroes Club

The world is broken, broken long ago by the Gods who made us—broken when they fled to fight their eons-long war and took with them all the metal of the land. And their children, they left behind in a world that cares for them not at all. A world savage, beautiful and wondrous all at once.

But the people adapted to what was left. When the gods created humans, they invested in them a fragment of their own Essence, and it bonded with the world around them, allowing them to command animals and plants and reshape their bodies. With no metal, they crafted other substances and made symbiotic lifeforms to act as weapons, armor, and tools. And a few found shards of Chaos. The power the Gods used to create, but in human hands, it causes much havoc.

There are many mysteries in the World of Asunder. Some are just beneath the surface of the land, and some have caused the dead to rise, consuming all in their path. Where are demons birthed? What do the Naga want? Is the world truly coming to an end? Is Gaia the mother of the planet, or simply devouring the humans in it? To find answers, some form bands of Seekers: powerful, adventurous individuals, outcasts in search of more. Their story is your story. 

You hold the Seeker’s Guide for Asunder in your hands, a resource that contains all the rules you need to be a Seeker, as well as many your Keeper needs to run the game. Asunder is a game of people seeking truth, power, and belonging in a savage world without metal or Gods.

Seeker's GuidePrice: $25.00

Cybertopia Rulebook / $10.00

Cybertopia Rulebook / $10.00: Publisher: Newbon NewGames

Cybertopia is a homebrew system designed to be playable by even first timers to the RPG world but still fun for veterans. Its simple mechanics lend themselves to fun RP and narrative-leaning gameplay for quick one-shot sessions or drop-in/drop-out groups over longer campaigns.

The near-future setting and wide open customization allows players to shape their characters to the limits of their imaginations but GMs could also easily adapt the ruleset to any world or genre.

The rulebook is currently lacking illustrations but if this gets enough sales, a professional illustrator will be brought on board and all sold copies updated to the full art-worked version. There will also be a 50+ page campaign book published shortly with ~10 missions fully set out (including a big campaign finale with a twist and a special festive mission!) to accompany this ruleset.

Cybertopia RulebookPrice: $10.00

Yee-Paw! High Raccoon ^

Yee-Paw! High Raccoon ^: Click here to view Yee-Paw! High Raccoon
An indie tabletop rpg about wild west critters in zine format - [$750 goal]

Virtuemancy: A Zine-Powered TTRPG of Saving The World ^

Virtuemancy: A Zine-Powered TTRPG of Saving The World ^: Click here to view Virtuemancy: A Zine-Powered TTRPG of Saving The World
Help us fund the physical release of this award-winning game! - [$850 goal]

D6xD6 Dungeons! Zine Edition ^

D6xD6 Dungeons! Zine Edition ^: Click here to view D6xD6 Dungeons! Zine Edition
A Fantasy Zine Quest RPG - [$1,100 goal]

bystanders (ZineQuest) ^

bystanders (ZineQuest) ^: Click here to view bystanders (ZineQuest)
A GM-less world-building game where the players tell the story of ordinary people trying to survive extraordinary circumstances. - [$500 goal]

Agents of BAMF ^

Agents of BAMF ^: Click here to view Agents of BAMF
A RPG Zine about super-agents in a world of weird science, mystical threats and super villainy - [$70 goal]

After World ^

After World ^: Click here to view After World
A Forged in the Dark-Esque TTRPG about a psychedelic, post-apocalyptic world after nuclear fallout - [$350 goal]

Colloquial Monsters ^

Colloquial Monsters ^: Click here to view Colloquial Monsters
A RPG zine about escape, community, and expression. Played using any old cards that you already own: TCG, Tarot, even Uno. - [$700 goal]

Procrastination Day ^

Procrastination Day ^: Click here to view Procrastination Day
A temporal loop Comics-RPG-Gamebook. - [;500 goal]

The Heroes of Radness: Camp Tenderpeak ^

The Heroes of Radness: Camp Tenderpeak ^: Click here to view The Heroes of Radness: Camp Tenderpeak
An RPG zine about adventures at a summer camp for young heroes-in-training! - [$2,250 goal]

Hometown Holiday- TV Romance RPG ^

Hometown Holiday- TV Romance RPG ^: Click here to view Hometown Holiday- TV Romance RPG
A beginner-friendly RPG based on TV holiday romance movies - [$1,000 goal]

Pro Patria Mori ^

Pro Patria Mori ^: Click here to view Pro Patria Mori
A ZineQuest 1-Shot Micro-RPG that examines the horrors of World War I. - [$450 goal]

Escape from Neo-Millenia [Free]

Escape from Neo-Millenia [Free]:


A GM-less, solo or collaborative, choose your own adventure style cyberpunk TTRPG set in Neo-Millennia. 

Welcome! This is a rough, ROUGH prototype for Escape from Neo-Millenia. Please expect a more updated version in which the story evolves and ideas grow. It’s not perfect. This is just a demo of the mechanisms and a chance to put some game design out into the universe within 48 hours. 

I also have incorporated Storytelling Collective’s Flash February Fiction Challenge in this version, in which 28 prompts were provided everyday in February to incite creativity and writing. Flash Fiction is usually less than 1,500 words a day. 500 words is actually pretty good. This document has closer to 5,000 words. I just flash forwarded those 28 days into this project. Look for the following prompts in any of the sections: Space. Time. Heart. Sky. Challenge. Oath. Inspiration. Weapon. Food. Creature. Music. Old. New. City. Desert. Mountain. Mood. Colour. Senses. Future. Peace. War. Travel. Home. Belief. Magic. Lost. Found.

Please keep safe during this game. Your wellbeing matters more than this game! 

Find them here: 

TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Lauren Bryant-Monk (@jl_nicegirl)

Support Tools Compilation by Natalie (@rpgnatalie) 

I appreciate all feedback that can be provided :) I loved CYOA books, especially Fighting Fantasy, as a child. This combines my love for TTRPGs and interactive fiction!

El Inmortal Unmasked In The Main Event [Free]

El Inmortal Unmasked In The Main Event [Free]:

It’s a sold out show at Korakuen Hall. The lights dim. Your entrance music comes on the loudspeakers. You are El Inmortal, one of the greatest professional wrestlers alive, and two thousand people have come to see your final match. 

Based loosely on El Inmortal Unmasked In The Main Event! by Jeff Stormer, this is a short 2-player story game about retracing the career of two legendary Japanese wrestlers. It was started for the Acoustic Cover Jam and finished for the 'So You Missed A Game Jam' Game Jam and it isn't my most polished work, but I had fun with it and I hope you do too.

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Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage - Beta [Free]

Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage - Beta [Free]: by @RGM79Ace


A 1-2 player journaling/storytelling game of war, loss, hope, and reflection from the cockpit of a deteriorating giant robot.

You are a mecha pilot. You have piloted your humanoid machine across the surface of the earth, through the void of space, and among the shattered hulls of space colonies. You have fought a war that has seen cities consumed by fire, fleets of ships struck down by energy weapons, and mecha immolated by their own stricken reactors. You have survived all the way to today, the last battle of the war, waged in the void. Now, your survival is more uncertain than it has ever been.

Your mecha is laid low, it’s diagnostic screen awash in the black and red of dead and dying systems as you float among the other debris of the last great battle. The visual cacophony of both sides tearing into one another has faded, replaced by the silence of wrecked machines, an open grave of floating bodies, and the last gutters of fire as atmosphere and fuel are consumed from broken ships.

All you have is a dying mecha, an open communications channel, and your thoughts and memories - and the hope that someone will find you Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage before it’s too late.

This is a BETA version of the game. More writing likely needs to be done, as well more layout work along with, maybe, some art. Any payments made at this stage will be put towards the latter.

A role-playing game [Free]

A role-playing game [Free]: by @CavernsOfHeresy

Interpret your choices and dice rolls in challenging and narratively interesting ways. This is a game to make your own and to incorporate you and your friends' preferences.

My interpretations:

  • Hit dice (HD): Use your favorite hit dice amount or whatever makes sense in situations for character health, healing, and damaging. Suggested amount: D8.
  • Usage die (UD): Expend consumable items by rolling usage die, decreasing your die on low rolls. Suggested play: start with a D20 and decrease to the next die on a roll of 2 or less.
    UD20 > UD12 > UD10 > UD8 > UD6 > UD4 > empty.

[This game is still in development.]

[The title of the game will change.]

Physical copies available at:

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The Candle Fairy [$2.50]

The Candle Fairy [$2.50]: by @myawritesthings

"The Candle Fairy" is a ritualistic writing game to play solo. In it, you roleplay a  conversation between yourself and a magical fairy, who has taken up residence in the flame of a candle. It's about opening yourself to vulnerability and sharing your burdens with a listening friend to grant some relief. 

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:




Sword of Honor: RONIN [$2.99]

Sword of Honor: RONIN [$2.99]:

Sword of Honor: Ronin is a solitaire RPG with a unique character creation system centered around the Seven Virtues of Bushido; Honor, Courage, Justice, Honesty, Duty, Righteousness, Respect. You are a masterless Samurai who must restore his lost virtues through trials and adventure to avenge his Lord’s death at the hands of the scheming and treacherous Kira. Your path will take you through unexplored lands and into the depths of the Underworld, where it is rumored Kira has conjured ancient scrolls to become a demonic monster who will destroy all that is good and honorable in men - the Seven Virtues of Bushido. You must search over land and underworlds to find and destroy Lord Kira’s abomination so your master’s soul can rest from eternal darkness -or die trying. 

 With a pencil, paper, dice, and your imagination, you can create and play your own adventure to explore a mythical land, do righteous deeds, combat demons, marauding bandits and restore honor lost. 

 You are a Ronin

In order to download this solitaire you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:






What's so Powerful About Responsibility? [$3.00]

What's so Powerful About Responsibility? [$3.00]: by @NottheDaveGlide


Face front, true believers! What's so Powerful About Responsibility is a rules lite RPG based on What's So Cool About Outer Space, designed for the spaciest characters of all- swinging 1960's superheroes! Create a heroic character complete with fancy costume, earth-shaking powers, crippling anxieties and shoulder-burdening responsibilities!

Draw on those responsibilities to fight for the causes that really matter to them! Free form character creation aims to help you create exactly the character you want to play, and jump straight into battling perfidious perveyors of villainy in one moment, and wringing your hands over your mighty anxieties in the next. Based on What's so Cool About Outer Space by Jared Sinclair, with additional inspiration from What's so Cool About Lucha Libre, by Simon Moody.

Originally created for the the What's So Cool About Jam, but finished for the Missed Games Jam. Provided here are the ruleset, and form-fillable sheets for heroes, villains and super-villains to help facilitate easy online play. 

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

For those facing financial hardship (and as someone raising a baby in a pandemic, believe me, I get it) who cannot afford a copy of What's so Powerful About Responsibility, help yourself to a community copy of the game! Community Copies will be added for every PDF purchase, and 1 copy will be added for any increments of $3 tips that anyone wishes to pay. 

Clash at Ikara [Free]

Clash at Ikara [Free]: by @randylubin

Tell the story of a group of heroes defending the community of Ikara from a bandit attack. Clash at Ikara is inspired by movies like Seven Samurai and games like For the Queen.

Game play is driven by randomly drawn prompts. Each act of the story has its own deck of prompts:

  1. Meeting the heroes
  2. Preparing Ikara for attack
  3. Battling with the bandits
  4. The aftermath

Play Clash at Ikara on Story Synth


  • 2+ players
  • 30 minutes - 2 hours
  • Genre: open – fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or anything else
  • Tone: tense drama
  • Activities: prompt driven narration



Collaborative Taskforces [Free]

Collaborative Taskforces [Free]: by @BardicInquiry

You and your colleagues are corporate employees that have been chosen a for a new initiative: Collaborative Taskforces (CT)!

In addition to your regular duties, you will receive a CT Duty that must be completed by the end of the day!

What is Collaborative Taskforces?

Collaborative Taskforces is a tongue-in-cheek one-page roleplaying game that does not require the role of a game master. It works best with 3-4 players and provides 30 minutes of play time.

Players take on the roles of different corporate employees with their own randomly generated job title. The task force will be provided a duty that must be completed by the end of the day. To do this each player will be describing how they make progress on this duty and test their Motivation against the daily Grind of the job. This constitutes a single game of Collaborative Taskforces.

Will your taskforce dismantle the union representative who want to implement the employee rights which will ruin trade relations?

Or maybe you will fail at preventing the street vendors from corrupting the cloud resulting in a virus in your network.

Whatever it is, you best succeed lest you be fired!

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License to Kill [$2.00]

License to Kill [$2.00]: by @keganexe


You’re an orphan raised by a government funded black-ops program, and you have been given one fucking goal.

Protect. The. Nation. At. All. Costs.

They trained you as an assassin, and expect you to show up and kill people when they ask. Problem is, you didn't sign up for this job, and you don't want it anymore. You got some magic, some weapons, a specific set of skills, and your siblings. It's time to escape The Program, and oh yeah, kill your asshole boss/dad on the way out.

License to Kill is a 2-6 player rules-lite TTRPG, that is on a single sheet of paper, folded into a Double Gate Fold, and made as part of my Try Folds Jam. It is inspired loosely by a bunch of bad TV shows (Including Nikita, Scandal, and Alias), and uses a magic system loosely based on Adam Vass's Necronautilus

A Rich Text Format is up in addition to the base game, if you'd prefer it in another format entirely, please reach out to me at Kegan@Keganexe.com, or on my twitter @Keganexe and I'll see what I can do to help!

Double Gate Folds are a lot of fun to play with, and I have the template I used up for free here.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If for any reason you can't afford a copy of the game, help yourself to a community copy of License to Kill, no questions asked, covered by your fellow gamers :)

Create a community copy one of two ways!

  • Purchasing License to Kill at the $3.00 level adds a single copy to the pool.
  • For every $1.00 above asking price that you pay for License to Kill, I add an additional copy to the pool.


CATASTROPHE [Free]: by @SamSkelly20
A one-page RPG in which you play a group of Engineers attempting to hold your failing spaceship together

Reaper Madness [Free]

Reaper Madness [Free]: by @kingyak


Reaper Madness is a 24-hour RPG in which players take on the roles of Grim Reapers. It’s their job to help the dead move on to whatever awaits them in the afterlife. Most of the time, this is a pretty simple thing—you just walk up to the soon-to-be deceased, snatch their soul, and then try not to stare too much or hurl when they get corpsified. Sometimes, though, the dead don’t want to move on, and it’s up to you to persuade them that their time on earth is through. Even simple jobs can become difficult if the Reaper gets too involved with the client before he or she dies; some people you just wish you could let live.

Aside from the whole “being an (un)living incarnation of death” thing, Reapers have other problems to contend with. First off, there’s the whole “dying” thing to deal with; some people have existential crises about that sort of thing. Even Reapers who can accept death often have problems adjusting. Dying is a lot like moving to a new city. Suddenly you’re all alone in a strange new situation without any of your old friends and safety nets to help you out. To top it off, Reapers have the same drives and desires as the living—they get hungry, thirsty, and horny just like the rest of us. Since Reaping isn’t a paying gig, that means a new Reaper has to find some way to make money if they don’t want to be miserable.

The Reaper Madness download includes both the original 24-hour version of the game and a revised version that went through a bit of editing and improvement after I'd gotten some sleep. 

Runesinger [Free]

Runesinger [Free]:

Developed as part of the Winter Dice Jam 2021, Runesinger is a Table-Top Role-Playing Game, TTRPG, where players control characters who are Runesingers, powerful mages trained in the use of the Runesong. 

Designed to be setting-light, Runesinger is a system designed to display the power of magically capable characters in a flexible framework which can be applied to any setting you might choose.

Download the rules pdf and get rolling!