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Friday 31 July 2020




ILL-FATED is a collection of micro roleplaying games where, to put it simply, nobody is making it out alive. The micro-rpgs that you'll find within this collection are all designed with the idea of giving players agency over an aspect of their characters that most games simply leave to chance, namely their untimely end. All of the games that will be found under the ILL-FATED umbrella are setting-agnostic, one-shot, accessible, and deeply rooted in a guiding theme. Currently, there is only one game included in the collection, but more will be added as time passes. Games included in this build:

Evil Eye

Civilization lies behind you, the unknown looms like a vast and gaping wound before you. Something in the unknown calls to you, whether vast cyclopean ruins, some forgotten derelict, or something else. Whether you stand before this threshold out of desperation, duty or determination, you don't stand alone. Whether or not you intended to do this with fellows, with fellows it shall be done. Before the threshold can be crossed, however, something or someone blocks your path. It may be a wizened and ancient crone, an unnatural monolith of unknowable origins, or something else altogether. Regardless of the form it takes, something about this obstacle draws your gaze as you pass it by, if only for a second.

 While your gaze is affixed, you are gifted a flash of knowledge that crashes into your mind with the weight of truth and certainty. You enter the unknown with this revelation wracking your body and mind, having been granted the briefest view into your own future...or at the very least how it will end.



Please send any inquiries to illfatedrpg@gmail.com

Follow us on twitter for the latest updates @illfatedrpg

Ancestry [$3.55]

Ancestry [$3.55]:


Dream ye to leave the peasant’s toilAnd venture far to distant soil?Here’s the chance!Upon the field plow and scythe are laidTo take instead buckler and blade!Prove now to your lord that ye be worthy!Retrieve the hides of beasts ye slay

And become a LANDED KNGHT ye may!

Ancestry is a game in which you and your friends create characters to live adventures through decades while managing your own feudal village. It has basic rules to create a character, basic rules to manage your land throughout the decades, and a list of miracles and spells for the Holy One and the Warlock/Witch classes.
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Among Farmers [Free]

Among Farmers [Free]:


Among Farmers is a work of tactical agriculture. It is a game to be played literally, ideologically, and affectionately. To play, our thought must be engaged concretely, materially, in everyday experience: in our bodies, in our worlds, and with our others.

A LARP, an RPG, a set of principles for direct action—Among Farmers takes its queues from a diverse array of sources. Errico Malatesta's anarcho-communism, Herman Melville's Billy Budd, Sailor, the Green Armies of the Russian Civil War, Robert Cover's legal criticism, Wendell Berry's land-community, Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum's "no dice, no masters," and the economic critiques of policing and incarceration from Cedric Johnson, John Clegg and Adaner Usmani, and Dutin Guastella.

The game itself is ultra-minimal, formatted to fit on a single business-card. The accompanying essay provides the game with its theoretical framework and with sources for further reading. It is printable in both letter and half-letter zine format. To print the zine, select "booklet" and "both sides" in your print options.

Title font is Kalmansk by Simo Herold. Cover image is from Jacobin.

The Evening News [Free]

The Evening News [Free]:

For 3-4 participants, about 20 minutes, submitted to the One-Page RPG Jam 2020 #1pRPGjam

It’s time for the evening edition of RPG News, and you’re on in five, four…
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Problem Child [$5.00]

Problem Child [$5.00]:


Your land is in trouble, fortunately you are the monarch! Unfortunately this does mean you need to solve it. And to solve it, you need someone else's resources. Fortunately, marriage alliances are common, and you have a child just waiting to be married off to solve all your problems.

Unfortunately, your child has a glaring problem. Fortunately, theirs does too.

 You can probably work this out.

A play by mail game, where two parties attempt to negotiate a marriage between their strange children. Write letters to each other, attempting to determine a time and place for the ceremony. Or decide it's more trouble than it's worth, and call the whole thing off. With 100 potential problems, your negotiations are going to be unique.

The Accessible Problems file is the same table of problems, but in an alternating color table, it may be easier to tie numbers to problems.
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Every copy sold generates a copy for someone else for free. If you can't purchase a game at this time, feel free to claim one of the free community copies. If there are none available, DM @xanderthesane and we can get a copy to you.

What's So Cool About Magic Portals? [Free]

What's So Cool About Magic Portals? [Free]:

This is a hack of Jared Sinclair's What's So Cool About Outer Space?  created for WSCAJam.

Buy a print copy, or print out the pages and stick them in a notebook to carry them around with you.

They've even got dice printed on the pages so you can literally play anywhere (Google might have a dice roller, but does Google work on the other side of a magic portal? Probably not.)
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Print copies of this game exist. They are tiny pocket-sized notebooks with lined pages that you can write in as you play the game. Store them with your favourite pencil and never be without a game ever again.



Death Curse [Free]

Death Curse [Free]: A Horror Roleplaying Game of Investigation and the Inevitable

Death Curse

Completely Normal Cat [Free]

Completely Normal Cat [Free]:

After a long day, you come to rest in the comfort of your bed. You are at peace, and so is your cat in the corner of the room. That said, you don’t recall having a cat. At least, not the non-Euclidean one staring at you now. 
Completely Normal Cat is a two-player roleplaying game about a normal person and the eldritch being that happens to be manifesting itself as a cat in their room. As the "cat", your surroundings are unfamiliar and your powers are weak. As the human, something is staring at you in the corner of your room...and you need to learn more about it. Maybe you can even strike up a rapport with it! Conversation will be very difficult without shared language, though, and both parties will have to resort to desperate gestures to get their meaning across.

This game is a submission to the Fucked Up Guy Jam, thanks to Marn S. and Ben Roswell for hosting! Please check out other submissions to the jam.
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Torch [Free]

Torch [Free]:

We were handed our independence by surprise. 

The capital received the news on a cloudy night, delivered by a group of messengers carrying a torch. 

As the flame of freedom spread from town to town, a question arose:  could we truly build a shared future?



3-9  players ~90 min runtime
Torch is a freeform Live Action Roleplaying game. It was born out of a game design retreat I attend every year in New Jersey, as part of my desire to participate in the Golden Cobra Challenge, a very well known LARP design competition. This game won the Best Multi-Generational Game award at Golden Cobra. The award was announced at Metatopia 2018.

The game puts players in the position of citizens of a country that has been recently granted independence, out of the blue. Players must then travel through time telling the stories of the impact that such an unexpected event has on the country and the individual lives of its citizens, from the Independence Day to 500 years in the future.

A Film About a Fucked Up Guy (starring you) [Free]

A Film About a Fucked Up Guy (starring you) [Free]:

A Film About a Fucked Up Guy (starring you) is a single session horror story game about a Fucked Up Guy that looks at you (and then does other, more malicious stuff). Use tarot cards to generate the location, the characters, and the Guy. Requires a deck of tarot cards, 2-6 players, and about 3 hours.


Watching Us [$10.00]

Watching Us [$10.00]:


Content Warning: horror, deception, gaslighting, paranoia, betrayal

Tonight, we are alone together with the Watcher. None of us knows who or what he is, but he has been haunting each of us with his silent gaze. Although he has never approached us, we have imagined what he might do if he did.

Perhaps, if we stick together, we may escape this nightmare.

Watching Us is a game for 2-6 players and takes about an hour to play. Draw cards and answer their prompts, then invoke the Watcher's image. Together, slowly uncover the face of the entity that has been haunting all of you.

To play, you will need:

  • The Instructions and Prompts included in this game
  • A standard deck of 52 playing cards
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • An X Card (or other safety tools)
This game was inspired by creepypasta and For the Queen by Alex Roberts. It was created for the Fucked Up Guy Jam hosted by Marn S. and Ben Roswell.

If you can't afford the game at its listed price, please grab a free community copy below!
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Champions of the Electrocube War [$4.99]

Champions of the Electrocube War [$4.99]:

Valor Knights - MOBILIZE

You remember that 80s cartoon with the  the catchy theme synth-metal theme song and the vehicles who were also sometimes robots, right?

Do you remember that 1986 movie - the one where that one robot died?

You cried didn't you?

It's OK. We did too.

Everything you need to relive those days of yesteryear and run a fast, fun rules-light tabletop game of over-the-top transforming robot action is here in this book. You can literally generate a character and be playing in minutes.

This book compiles all 3 issues of our (previously released) Champions of the Electrocube War series, as well as the rules for Valor Knights and a sample adventure.

While this book can stand on its own - I'd like to note that it's a loving tribute to Valor Knights: The Electrocube War by Eric Bloat bundled with some new rules options, very swanky art, new characters and a sample adventure.

The system uses a hybrid combination of The Black Hack by David Black and The Blackest of Deaths Game System by Eric Bloat.

Made with Hack the RPG
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Parallel [$1.00]

Parallel [$1.00]:


You are a traveller across an infinite number of parallel worlds, each as close to the next as the pages of a book, yet, somehow, never touching.

There is another like you - you cross paths again and again, like ships in the night, your movements across the multiverse entwined. From a distance, the path you trace is almost poetic.

What is Parallel?

Parallel is a short correspondence poetry RPG for two players. Created for Bookmark Jam, the entire game fits on one side of a bookmark.

To play, all you need is a pen and paper to write your poem, a friend to write it with, and a good book to explore.

Inspired by  'The Long Earth', by Terry Pratchett  and Stephen Baxter, and 'This Is How You Lose The Time War' by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone
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The Secret RPG Crossoverse [Free]

The Secret RPG Crossoverse [Free]:

The Secret RPG Crossoverse is a multiversal role-playing game where players create characters from any genre, in secret, without knowing the setting in which the game is taking place.

You can be a space marine, an eleven warrior, a magical girl, a teen detective, an anthropomorphic talking horse, or something else entirely. It’s the ultimate crossover episode.
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Night Drifters [$1.99]

Night Drifters [$1.99]:

Night Drifters is a role-playing game about teen drama and street racing, taking inspiration from shows like Initial D. Urban teens with fast cars, attitude, and enough time to get into trouble collide, amping up the tension until everything’s put on the line for the final race. Go fast, act rash, and don’t look back.

Night Drifters uses a simple balance between Everyday Scenes, which stoke the drama and establish the race’s stakes, and Race Scenes, in which players gamble with their characters’ stats to take the lead and overcome obstacles. It’s designed to be easy to play, easy to run, and suspensefully climactic. In addition, the game requires no hacking to run for more fantsatical settings, including sci-fi races inspired by F-Zero.

  • Players: 3-5; 1 Game Master
  • Duration: 1-3 sessions
  • Pages: 2
  • Materials: A handful of six-sided dice (d6)
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Dusk Sequence [$5.00]

Dusk Sequence [$5.00]: A carousel-roleplaying game of teen horror.

Dusk Sequence

How to find love and lose the time war! [Free]

How to find love and lose the time war! [Free]:

Written for the One Page RPG Jam 2020!

A 2-player storytelling game of secret agents on opposite sides of the war for the future who in their quest to outdo each other, fall in love and ... well, you know how it goes.

Based on How to Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.
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The Hunt and the Hunted [$5.00]

The Hunt and the Hunted [$5.00]:


Something's been off recently, even if you don't know what it is. Maybe you've been waking up tired from unremembered nightmares, or your string of bad luck is getting too long to ignore. It’s not stress. It’s not sleep deprivation. It’s a demon.

You know it’s there, an impossible shadow, a flicker of movement in an empty room, a voice coming from a vent that leads to nowhere. A song unwinds from an empty corner that drags you out of bed for you to stare at its invisible origin. A fuse trips, and the darkness highlights the net of prismatic light that's woven itself around you. Your closet inexplicably rearranges itself by color with some of your clothes shredded on the floor. You know this isn’t the end of it.


The Hunt and the Hunted is a solo, horror-journaling RPG, where you create a protagonist that has a burden weighing upon them and a demon after them. You then chart your protagonist's actions by writing in response to specialized prompts, prompts that you'll create with the help of the many d6 tables spread throughout the game—check out the previews on the right for some examples!

By the end of it, you'll have a fully-fledged short story where your protagonist confronts the demon and finds its name. You can also use this game in conjunction with other games as a way to closely tie a character's fate with the supernatural, or write in a group, taking turns writing each section to make an especially exquisite corpse.
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If you're struggling with money during the pandemic or can't afford a copy for any other reason, grab a copy here—no questions, no judgment. I want everyone to be able to play this game!For every copy purchased, and for every $5 in tips, another community copy will be added to this pool.

Vergence [$10.00]

Vergence [$10.00]:


You know the infinite expanse of dimensions that make up the Umbra.

You have completed the trial and attuned to a Vergence. 

You have been destroyed and remade. You have the ability to Walk from world to world, changing details as you go until you arrive at the place of your desire.

You have the Power. 

You descend from a bloodline that stretches back into the dawn ages, rulers of one of the great Vergences that lie at the center of converging lines of Power.

The Game

Vergence is a game about heroes with the Power to travel across infinite dimensions. Although imbued with extraordinary abilities, they will face foes who are even more formidable. They must deal with conflicts involving their own powerful and manipulative families, secret conspiracies, mystical enemies, mouldering gods, terrifying monsters, ancient artifacts, and interdimensional threats with the potential to affect all of the Umbra.

This tabletop roleplaying game is adapted from the Forged in the Dark engine by John Harper, first introduced in the award-winning Blades in the Dark. While based on that system, Vergence is a complete game (you don't need any other ruleset to play this game).


  • Genre flexibility. Since it's set literally everywhere, Vergence can bend genres and styles in all sorts of ways—often within the same play session. Blend high fantasy, Machiavellian factional intrigue,, exploration, espionage, mystery, family drama, space opera, fantasy martial arts, or just about anything else. 
  • Seven unique and flavorful playsheets with family connections, bonds, and abilities centered on use of the Power as it manifests through that bloodline's Vergence. Play a Stormcaster of the Maelstrom, an Adept of the Caverns of Agoros, or a Shaman of the Serpent. More to come!
  •  Unique threat system. In Vergence, the players choose which Threat they will face, each with its own detailed setup and GM guide. The Threat determines which kind of Alliance the PCs will form, giving structure for both the players and the GM to expand upon. 
  • Multiple threat types. Choose the type of threat you face: will you contend with the Dark Conspiracy or the intrigues of the Masked Ball? Other Threat types will be added during development.
  • Guide to the Power. How to Walk in the Umbra, find others in the Umbra, create pathways, deal with interdimensional Threats, attune and use transfer stones, deal with differing laws of spacetime from one place to another, bring others with you, attune to Vergences, and much more.
  • Extensive setting information on each of the Vergences, their physical structure, their politics, important NPCS, and how the Power manifests around them. 
  • Guide for system veterans. If you know Blades in the Dark or other similar games, there's a list of significant changes from the standard rules  in the back of the Vergence book. 
  • The game book is laid out for easy long-form legibility. The PDF has a link on each page to the hyperlinked table of contents, and linked page references are spread throughout the book for ease of use. 
  • Check out the digital playsheets at this link!

Project status

Vergence version 0.2b, at 126 pages, is a fully playable development beta. The setting and faction information are not fully fleshed out, but there is plenty to work with. There are lots of notes throughout the text that say things like, "example needed here," but the rules are in place. 

RoadmapNow that the game is pretty much fully playable, the plan is to add more! More Vergences, playbooks, bloodlines, threats, background information, GM guidance, reference guides, printable sheets, and examples throughout the text. And art. Also shiny, shiny random tables!

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated! Contact us here or at smallcoolgames@gmail.com.
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History of a Storied Sky [50% Off] [$3.00]

History of a Storied Sky [50% Off] [$3.00]:

A game that pretends to be about space but really it's a game about people. This game was originally designed for the AdAstra game jam but wasn't completed in time. This game is a game about making connections and telling stories based off of those connections, to eventually create constellations.

Layout and cover art by https://diwatamnl.itch.io/

CW: Death

This game was partially created in collaboration with a friend who I lost in January due to a heart attack. The last messages I got from him were discussing this game and it's somewhat fitting since my main memories with him involved telling stories and playing games.
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If you can't afford the base price community copies exist. Also for every purchase of the game I'll add one community copy.





An occultist and a demon hunter walk into a bar. She orders a drink. She counts the totems in her pocket, and then she counts the bullets in her revolver. She takes a shot before  leaving—a farmer has some talking pigs to take care of.
Small Town Gothic is a tabletop adventure game where players hunt and collect demons. You just need some six-sided dice and some friends to play!

  • Quick setup! You don't even need to roll any dice to get started!
  • Minimalist rules! Everything the player needs to play is on one page! There are only four stats to keep track of, and numbers always stay small.
  • Useful Referee Tools! A unified mechanic for dungeon-crawling, monster reactions, and battle morale! Players will feel the dread of the very dungeon they explore, breathing down their necks and stalking every movement.
  • Player Skill! Players are encouraged to lower the stakes with every action they take, so that fighting to the death is never the only solution. Rolling the dice is the most surefire way to lose!
  • Demon Negotiation! Make pacts with demons to summon them while dungeon-crawling or demon-hunting!
  • Time Management! Players need to eat and sleep, and that costs money! They can find part-time jobs in town... or take missions to hunt demons!
  • And more!
This package includes the player/referee playsheet and an Appendix pamphlet, which has useful information about items and spells!

  • Starting Items! A d66 table of useful items for players to start with!
  • Weapons! Rules for how to keep track of ammo for guns! Also rules for how to differentiate types of weapons without having to use weird dice!
  • To-Hit Tables! For players and referees who want to avoid math! Also rules for descending stats and levels, instead of the ascending ones used by default.
  • Encounters! Advice for how to generate random encounters, and how to run combat when it happens!
  • Spells! A d66 table of weird spells that players can find and cast!
  • And more!
Check out the Demon Compendium for a bestiary of weird demons and fiends, inspired by the American religious imagination!

Please leave a rating, and also some feedback if you wish! :) I also love to talk to people, so feel free to say hello at @chiquitafajita on Twitter!
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Our Innermost Thoughts [$6.00]

Our Innermost Thoughts [$6.00]:

Our Innermost Thoughts is a small collection of five RPGs played mostly solitaire. They are experiences about how to find your passion and your voice despite the flaws you have, about how to reconcile the fact that humankind's reign on earth has brought destruction to nature, about how communicating with others who do not look or talk like you is difficult, about observing others intentionally can begin the process of self-reflecting on our means of wrongful judgments of others, and about the beauty of finding joy in the lives and stories of others. These experiences ask a lot of questions, forcing you to reflect on who you are, your background, your status, and possibly even some aspects that have been hidden up to now.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Monster Squad [Free]

Monster Squad [Free]:

A Honey Heist Hack for One Page RPG Jam 2020 based on an old DC Comic called Creature Commandos and my love of dumb pulp fiction. It's Castle Wolfenstein but you're the Universal Monsters. 


The Fools Who Follow [Free]

The Fools Who Follow [Free]:


An ancient prophecy foretold the coming of the Chosen One, who would vanquish the Dark Lord and restore peace to the land. What it failed to predict was that the Chosen One is a vain and lazy imbecile, with no interest in pursuing his destiny (unless it leads him into a tavern or brothel).

However, the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance, and the prophecy was very clear. One way or another, the Chosen One must fulfill his destiny, even if you have to carry him to the Dark Lord’s castle in a sack. So buckle up, brave companions—you’ve got a long journey ahead!

This free tabletop roleplaying game was created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2020.
This PDF supports layers for printing.

Crete's Labyrinth [Free]

Crete's Labyrinth [Free]:


After angering King Minos, the people of Athens have found themselves forced to send 7 boys and 7 girls to Crete every year to be sacrificed to the fearsome Minotaur. This year, you and your friends have been chosen, by lot, to go to Crete.

 Of course, you don't want to die. Luckily, each of you have managed to get the blessing of a different God or Goddess who isn't too happy with King Minos and they're willing to give you a slight edge in their areas of expertise. With your friends at your side and the Gods behind you, will you be able to escape the cruel clutches of the Fates, or will you be forever lost in Crete's Labyrinth?

Requires: The rules, a d6 per player, a pencil, and some paper

Recommended: 2-4 players

**Note: An update was added to the rules pages as of July 30th 2020 to improve readability and add some clarity. No actual mechanics were changed. 

Drums In The Deep [Free]

Drums In The Deep [Free]:

Drums In The Deep is a solo or collaborative mapmaking game.

You lead an expeditionary party into the dark and mysterious Deep, a vast and uncharted network of caves, tunnels, and halls built into and underneath the Mountain.  In playing the game, you will draw a map of your expedition.

To play you need a deck of cards, a six-sided dice, and some way to draw your map, e.g. pencil and paper.


Knights of the House of Mars - 200 Word RPG [Free]

Knights of the House of Mars - 200 Word RPG [Free]:

Knights of the House of Mars is a 200 Word RPG that became a finalist in the 200 Word RPG design challenge 2018.

'Mars has perished. A red sea of dust is broken by jagged mountains dotted with the ruins of ancient pyramids. Evil sorcerers rule supreme. You play Knights of the House of Mars. The only ones who can bring life back to this planet.'

KotHoM is a science-fantasy game inspired by The Dictionary of Mu by Judd Karlman, Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost North by Ben Lehman, and the Life on Marr’d Adventure by Grant Ellis.

It was lovingly brought to life in visual form with an amazing layout by Guilhermo Gontijo, Diogo Nogueira, Lucas Rolim, and Rafael Vasques. 
Thank you for downloading Knights of the House of Mars! Please leave a comments, review, or rating and let us know what you thought!


What's So Awful About Being Eaten By The Devil? [Free]

What's So Awful About Being Eaten By The Devil? [Free]:

A hack of "What's So Cool About Outer Space?" for the What's So Cool About Jam. What's So Awful About Being Eaten By The Devil? is a game about queer and neurodiverse teenagers being hunted by an invisible, implacable force while they attend a religious summer camp. Inspired by the visual novel, "We Know The Devil".  


International Wrestling Championship [Free]

International Wrestling Championship [Free]:

International Wrestling Championship is a print n play wrestling rpg for 2 or more players.

Each player will create their own wrestler and enter different match types against a roster of other opponents as they seek to climb their way through the divisions, with the ultimate aim of winning the ICW championship belt.

The game is played by choosing your move and rolling some dice to determine the success of your action. Players are encouraged to narrate their moves in a play by play commentary style.

The game includes rules for; wrestler creation; advancement; different match types; a roster of other wrestlers to compete against and a series of options (called benefits) which can be acquired and used to give you an advantage during the match.

Can you work your way through the divisions and win the ICW championship belt?

This one page rpg was created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2020.