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Monday 30 November 2020

Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying $17.50

Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying: $17.50
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Space is a hell of a thing but you need to be sure that this is what you want. Like, what you really want. The idea of space exploration to further the frontiers of mankind is noble, but let's not kid ourselves - it's really all about furthering the profit margins. There's money to be made and out there is the place to make it, but you hear all kinds of stories… equipment malfunctions, strange discoveries, crewmembers going insane... You'll be out there in the reaches, alone, for months or years, breathing recycled air and drinking recycled water, with nothing but a few feet of metal and shielding between you and certain death.

Are you sure this is what you want?

- Crew Orientation Briefing


Those Dark Places is a rules-light, story-focused roleplaying game about the darker side of space exploration and the people who travel the stars in claustrophobic, dangerous conditions. Starships, stations, and outposts aren't havens of safety with clean, brightly lit corridors - they're potential deathtraps, funded by budget-conscious corporate interests and running on stale, recycled air and water. The stars may be the future of humanity, but they are also home to horrors and terror the human mind cannot comprehend.

Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying

Price: $17.50

OK RPG $2.00

OK RPG: $2.00
Publisher: Skip Rainsmyth

OK RPG is a minimal RPG engine with a few special design goals: simplicity, completeness, and player investiture. It strives to be:

  • Appropriate for any age. The rules are simple to read, understand, and master.  The game assumes no experience with RPGs, There is also a kids version that uses language calibrated to be appropriate for 2nd grade readers according to the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test and the Lexile Framework.
  • A rules system that is completely closed. OK RPG never needs interpretations or "house rules", because the rules are designed to handle any situation.
  • Inclusive and agency-forward. The rules make sure all the players have narrative agency and uses mechanical elements to tie players to the story.
  • Streamlined. The basic mechanic is ludicrously simple,  using only 3 normal dice and consisting of just a few core rules. OK RPG is designed to get the rules out of the way of the narrative fun.

Great for: an introductory RPG, independent younger players, school & counseling settings, adult groups who like goofing around and telling a story more than following rules. and RPG enthusiasts who like uncomplicated and elegant systems.

Give it a whirl, be nice, & have fun!


Price: $2.00

Yes, Sir! $3.55

Yes, Sir!: $3.55
Publisher: Mixu Lauronen

Yes, Sir! is a storytelling game heavily influenced by the Jeeves and Wooster stories of P.G. Wodehouse. It is a game of goodwill and funny happenstances. The game's purpose is to have fun.

Yes, Sir!

Price: $3.55

Exhumed $2.00

Exhumed: $2.00
Publisher: Pretendo

Exhumed is a pamphlet-format soulslike RPG, fitting on two sides of a single sheet of letter-size paper. It includes.... 

  • Simple rules for facing danger, using magic, and using stunts and stamina, inspired by Into the Odd, In the Light of a Ghost Star, and Mechanisms for Tabletop Roleplaying 2
  • 6 character types, 12 additional starting items, and 12 spells
  • An introductory scenario about awakening in a tomb littered with souls and filthy with ghouls, with seeds for follow-up adventures

Price: $2.00

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition $0.99

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition: $0.99
Publisher: Micro RPG



At least, not yet.

The basic rules for the Micro Chapbook RPG system can be downloaded for FREE (or a small donation) in any Micro Chapbook through DriveThruRPG.com. Each stand-alone Chapbook or Starter includes the basic rules for you to play the game.

The Micro Chapbook RPG system is an ultra simple roleplaying game that can be played solo or with a traditional GM if you so wish. 

The main game focuses on solitaire gameplay, starring a single foolhardy hero. It uses randomly generated dungeon scenarios to make each game session a little different. 

The universe for this game is brutal, unforgiving, and dark. It takes notes from such classics as Dungeon Quest and Deathtrap Dungeon. Expect to die and die often.

This new Updated Edition of the Core Rulebook includes all the same rules and guides as the original Deluxe Core Rulebook. 

However, it ALSO includes new rules and updates to help make this version of the game more consistent with (and build upon) the newer Basic Rules Set found in the “Starter Adventure Series Games.”

In here you will find:

  • Starter spells for Wizards

  • Starter spells for Bards

  • Bardic Instruments

  • New Boss Spawn rules for shorter dungeons

  • Damage Bonus Rules

  • Health and Willpower upgrades when you level up.

  • Rules for Dual Wielding and Double Shot abilities

  • Optional Rules for “Rolling High.” 

  • The 5 Adventure Scenarios from the Deluxe Scenario Collection 1!

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition

Price: $0.99

Heartseeker $2.00

Heartseeker: $2.00
Publisher: Trollish Delver Games

A 2-page traditional fantasy adventure game based on the original from the 1970s. 

Inspired by games like OSE, Searchers of the Unknown and Holmes' blue book, Heartseeker has everything you need to play a classic fantasy campaign in just two pages. The game features:

  • A simple d20 system 
  • Five classes and 9 bloodlines
  • A simplified Vancian magic system 
  • All the rules needed to run a game
  • A short monster list
  • A creative commons license to create your own hacks

Price: $2.00

Like I Give A BLEEP (The Life and Times of a Mad Scientist) $5.99

Like I Give A BLEEP (The Life and Times of a Mad Scientist): $5.99
Publisher: Thought Police

PWYW SALE! Buy for $10 USD or more, get our next 2 releases free!

Like I Give A BLEEP is GM-less, single-player roleplaying game focused on the wild lives of mad scientists and hyper-genius adventurers. Explore a world where you can do almost anything, but everything comes with a cost and unforeseen consequeces rule the day. 

Whether human or alien, become a master of parascience and violating so-called natural limits. Portrary characters like everyone's favorite doctor, fan favorite grumpy grandpa, and other rule-bending inventors, thinkers, and researchers! 

Genre and style flexible! As easily play a straight-faced game of serious ethical consideratitons as a wild, surrealist comic romp through time and space. Emulate your favorite mad scientist and wild inventor-adventurer cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Lean into whatever feel and style you love.

Uses a complete unified build of the Motif Game Framework, featuring the Motif Story Engine (solo RPG toolkit), Motif Character Engine (character/player emulator), and the Motif Action Engine (quickplay RPG system). The main rolls only use three standard six-sided dice. It produces interesting answers and rich results without complex charts to reference. A player facing system where only players roll, with NPCs and circumstances having consequences for player character failure.

Tuned for solo roleplaying! BLEEP includes story and character engines to provide a complete GM-ulator experience. It also provides modules for story plotting mysteries, handling story momentum, and introducing twists and turns. NPCs are quick to generate and obvious to run, but are additionally supported by a character engine to add uncertainty to their responses.

Exceed the laws of nature and explore a new world of possibilities! Enjoy a fast-paced, narrative-focused, free-flowing style as you pursue scifi, futurist fantasy, weird fiction, and comedic stories. 

Key Features

  • Motif Story Engine based 3d6 system, simple yet deep
  • Player-facing resolution; only players roll.
  • Rules and guidance for building NPCs and NPC actions
  • Character Engine
  • Mysteries patch for guiding investigations and hidden knowledge problems
  • Twists & Turns patch for introducing story twists
  • Pendulum patch, creating swinging momentum
  • Example NPCs

Be sure to also check out We Came In Peace, an alien survival-horror solo RPG that also uses the Motif Game Framework.

This is a "backer" style edition. All future PDF updates included in purchase.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Like I Give A BLEEP (The Life and Times of a Mad Scientist)

Price: $5.99

Glitch: A Story of the Not $32.95

Glitch: A Story of the Not: $32.95
Publisher: Jenna Katerin Moran

Glitch is the first modern installment in a long-running series of games (starting with the RPG "Nobilis") for people who like recreational philosophy and metaphysics and thinking about how their fundamental experience of the world works. These are games built, from the ground up, to take thought experiments and goofy arguments and self-expression on the core of one's meaning and identity and blend them in seamlessly with the banter, conflict, exploration, and (in this case) mystery solving that you'll find in a tabletop RPG.

Sound interesting?

So, this particular game is a game about living in a broken world. It's a game about hope and struggle.

It's a game about people who've found mistakes in the way the world's put together; seen that the world itself is wrong; and, therefore, of course, developed eldritch powers, gotten inducted into a mystical society, acquired a passel of enemies, frenemies, and dubious allies, and picked up a tragic backstory.

Oh, and, just possibly, a horse.

And/or ... a crown?

Anyway, though, the most important thing they got, the most key and the most critical, was the power to fight back, the power to make answer to this vale of suffering, this vast great hill of woe: a literal or metaphorical world-slaying weapon, just tossed into their hand, only, you know, the problem is, and they all do eventually figure this out---at least the player characters do---

World-slaying weaponry doesn't actually help.

Fixing things with a world-ending weapon, well ... that'd be like blowing your nose with a trout!

So, if you're more interested in finding hope and solving mysteries than in blowing your nose with, well, any kind of fish, really, just stick this game in your cart, read the note at the bottom of the page to make sure you know what you're getting into ... and buy!


This is an ePub & PDF bundle, with a print-on-demand release pending.

Art for the PDF was contributed by Alexander Benekos, Sadia Bies, Silvia Cucchi, Elena Albanese, Maria Guarneri, Jenn Manley Lee, Kirsten Moody, Lee Moyer, Camille “Karma” O’Leary, Beatrice Pelagatti, Robin Scott, Elizabeth Sherry, Melissa Spandri, and Mel Uran!


Glitch uses a simple but heavily nuanced diceless system.

Players control two "spotlights" per "chapter" of the game, allowing them to direct the group's attention; they earn experience points through the use of those spotlights and through the specific activities tied to their "quests."

Characters have five traits rated from 0-7, associated with a total of ninety individually versatile abilities: each is bound to a particular trait and given a difficulty from 0-12. To use one of these abilities, the character must accumulate [difficulty-Trait rating] points of a "Cost;" these Costs may or may not have immediate meaning in play but regardless accumulate to become wounds, suffering, and, eventually, a final ending. Players are not generally expected to have all of the abilities memorized; rather, in addition to the richness of possibility in the individual abilities, there's always more to discover that your character can potentially do.


The setting of Glitch is an urban fantasy version of Earth ... found upon a tree of worlds, which is set inside a cup of flame, in an endless, lightless nowhere-land, a troubled sea of nothingness:

That country that is not a country, that kingdom that came before the world, in that place that is not a place at all, that goes by the name of Ninuan.


Trigger Warnings: Existential horror; missing eyes; references to or
supernatural analogues to depression, anxiety, PTSD, executive
function issues, dissociation, and arguably self-harm;
some pseudoChristian and some pseudopagan theology;
blurring of the definition of reality; implied violence;
and short and non-graphic descriptions of a large number of very horrible fates.

Glitch: A Story of the Not

Price: $32.95

The Lonely Giant $4.00

The Lonely Giant: $4.00
Publisher: Teapot Dome Games

"There were giants in the earth in those days," say the human priests in their churches. The humans tell themselves that the giants have disappeared from the Earth. And this is true of all giants, save for you. 

Before the other giants left, you swore an unbreakable oath. So long as the oath is unfulfilled, you can never die, nor leave your vigil-station. No giant has ever abandoned an oath once sworn.

You swore an oath to watch over something in this land; an oath with no clear end. Even as the world passes you by, you remain on the edge of the human world, watching and acting as your oath requires.

This is a one page journal-writing game for a single player. To play this game, you will need a notebook or another method to record your journaling. You will also need three visually distinct sets of dice, with d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 in each.

The Lonely Giant is also available in the September In*Die RPG Zine.

The Lonely Giant

Price: $4.00

Crappy Bar Band $0.99

Crappy Bar Band: $0.99
Publisher: Orcs Unlimited

The world ended but you still got to make a buck so you picked up your instruments found your friends and got the band back together. Rome the wastelands play some gigs get rich and famous. Some things never change.

A simple RPG with an emphasis on fun storytelling. Make a charter in a few minutes and get to playing paying gigs in the waste of the apocalypse.

Crappy Bar Band

Price: $0.99

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World $10.00

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World: $10.00
Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing

It has been 70 years since the Event. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis ravaged the globe. Continents heaved and buckled for three decades, re-shaping the world. Civilization shattered. There is very little left of what had come before. But people survived. People rebuilt.

And people changed.

They are the Riggers. More than human, but treated as less than people. You have come into this world in Elisus, a growing metropolis and a place of hope. Maybe you don’t belong here. Maybe nobody does. All you know is that you are a Rigger and you are being hunted.

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World is an RPG of meta-powered people set in a post-apocalyptic world. This is a story-focused game with simple mechanics and characters based on descriptive qualities. It is a cooperative game that has a fixed role for its GM but provides player with equal narrative control. The game includes a basic setting, explaining the Shattered World, how it came to be, and what adventures might be found in it.

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World

Price: $10.00

Chrome Shells & Neon Streets (One-Page RPG) $0.50

Chrome Shells & Neon Streets (One-Page RPG): $0.50
Publisher: Zadmar Games

Payment optional! You can download the full PDF for free by clicking on the Publisher Preview, but if you'd like to support my work, thank you!

“The sprawling megalopolis of the near-future is a dystopian urban hellscape, ruled by the wealthy elite. Megacorporations control the markets and flaunt the law with impunity, employing private armies to protect their interests and pursue their goals. Glittering towers stretch into the polluted sky, their bright neon signs and video panels broadcasting an endless cycle of advertisements. This ostentatious display of wealth contrasts starkly against the abject poverty of the lower city.

Life is cheap in the grimy streets of the Sprawl, where downtrodden citizens struggle daily to survive, and everything has a price. Gangs, drug dealers, and other criminals prowl the streets, seeking to turn a quick and easy profit at someone else’s expense, while backstreet hackers traverse cyberspace, bypassing firewalls and evading AIs in search of valuable data to sell on the black market.

You are a mercenary crew of outcasts, dissenters and misfits, taking on dangerous jobs from clients in need of your specialized skills—or perhaps they just prefer not to get their own hands dirty...

Inspired by popular cyberpunk fiction, Chrome Shells & Neon Streets is a standalone scenario for the Tricube Tales system and is usable as a micro-setting, but it is also a fully self-contained one-page RPG in its own right. You can print it on a single sheet of paper: The first page includes everything you need to play, while an optional second page expands the adventure generator with examples and twistsThe PDF uses layers for ease of printing.

If you want more free one-page RPGs like this, check out Goblin GangstersInterstellar Bounty Huntersand Samhain Slaughter!



Chrome Shells & Neon Streets (One-Page RPG)

Price: $0.50

donQuixotesque $15.00

donQuixotesque: $15.00
Publisher: XVgames

A game of donQuixotesque is a friendly clash of points of view: two mental maps that also become two levels of narration. The target of the game is to tell a tragicomic story that emobodies the duel between subjectivity and and objectivity through the exaltation of contrast in the narrative of chivalry, nobility and poverty.


Price: $15.00

Advanced Grimorio $5.00

Advanced Grimorio: $5.00
Publisher: Rhadamanth Adventures

Advanced Grimorio is a tiny RPG ruleset based on bravery and a vivid imagination to play alone or in party with polyhedral dice set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20).

Advanced Grimorio

Price: $5.00

Swords Against the Shroud $6.61

Swords Against the Shroud: $6.61
Publisher: D101 Games

Swords Against the Shroud is a Swords and Sorcery Role-Playing Game (S&S RPG). The players play genre-focused characters, Barbarians, Fighters, Thieves and Sorcerers, exploring the dying world of Zarth. A a world that is subject to not only the worst effects of human greed and corruption but also the unwelcome attention of the demonic Others who come through the Shroud that separates Zarth from the hellish Other Worlds, to feed on pain and misery.

This book is Crypts and Things remade with The Black Hack 2nd Editon, an exciting fast-moving concise modern d20 fantasy ruleset that models old school play.

In 86 A5 pages this self-contained rules book contains:

  • Introduction
  • Character Generation. A system produces ready to play characters, fully formed with distinctive backgrounds, style and equipment in minutes. Four character classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Thief and Sorcerer.
  • Rules for Everyone. The basics of the simple roll vs stat system explained.
  • Rules for the Players. Everything the players need to know about Sanity, Corruption, how to fight and magic. Rules and a single spell list for White, Grey and Black Magic.
  • Rules for the Referee. Guidance on setting skill tests, and
  • Zarth. A quick guide to this sample S&S setting.
  • The Halls of Nizur Thun. An introductory adventure set in the ruined crypt of a once-powerful Sorcerer.
  • A Character Sheet
  • A Referee’s Log
Swords Against the Shroud

Price: $6.61

Grimorio $5.00

Grimorio: $5.00
Publisher: Rhadamanth Adventures

Grimorio is a tiny RPG ruleset based on bravery and imagination to play alone or in party with a 6-sided die (d6).


Price: $5.00

Iron & Lies $19.99

Iron & Lies: $19.99
Publisher: John Battle


Iron & Lies uses no dice and as a character your only tools are the lies you can tell and the blade you hold, if you can find one. The only thing certain in this game is that if you tell a lie to a fae of any kind, they believe it until given information to the contrary. And! That only an iron blade can physically harm a fae. 

The game is an experiment in working within limitations and benefits those who have ingenuity within those limits. Practice your lies and do what it takes to get a sword. Your chances of getting home will increase. 

Character sheets are easy to fill out and help you build the story of what’s important to you. The Game Master can use your Dreams, Nightmares, and Homes to add challenges and rewards to the world. You’ll love descriptors to Fae and gain new ones as you change. And your different names and ages are great bargaining tools when dealing with Fae. 


Includes original interpretation of Trolls, Pixies, Fairies, Goblins, Elves, Changelings, Ogres, Sprites, and Dragons!

Along with examples of Fae magic, the game has lists of magical bones, bottles of ancient blood, random tables for encounters, and a gathering of Archfae who might help you get home...if you do something for them first.


The Bathhouse is a mystical dungeon climb, inspired by Spirited Away. If you make it to the top and earn the favor of the Archfae, you might get the chance to return home. The book comes packed with 5 additional adventure locations for you to use, fleshed out with writings from Brian Yaksha, Thriftomancer, and Emma Levin. 


Iron & Lies is over 100 pages and is available in PDF & Print. For the print version go to projectnerves.com

The artist for Iron & Lies worked to create a custom t-shirt/hoodie design that can stand alone from the game. If you’ve ever wanted to have eyes on your chest and back, click the image to go to the store where you can buy one or both. They will only be available for a limited time only so buy now!

Iron & Lies

Price: $19.99

Log-book of the Lighthouse-keeper $0.00

Log-book of the Lighthouse-keeper: $0.00
Publisher: Drolleries and Games

Ah, the call of the lighthouse! The salty air, the gentle roar of the waves, the unearthly perils that lurk beneath...

Log-book of the Lighthouse-keeper is a contempative solo RPG of maintaining your careful watch on the coast, both to keep your beacon lit and to monitor supernatural dangers living in the area.

Log-book of the Lighthouse-keeper

Price: $0.00

Vicissitudes of Fame $0.00

Vicissitudes of Fame: $0.00
Publisher: Drolleries and Games

A solo RPG in which you create a character and explore their posthumous reputation as rumors and revelations emerge in the years and decades following their death.

Vicissitudes of Fame

Price: $0.00

Magog $3.00

Magog: $3.00
Publisher: Tibbius

This is a post-apocalyptic setting and game, based in Jason Tocci's 24XX. Roll different size dice for skills and affiliations to determine how much you succeed or fail at risky endeavors. New rules for bartering, scavenging, looting hoards, wearing out and repairing gear. Scavenge with care.

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

In a last paroxysm of a lame duck government, they did.

Not all the world was destroyed.

Your city survived - kind of. But the Internet, and air travel, and international shipping, and gasoline refineries, and the electrical grid ... all the things that made your city work ... those went away.

The world has overturned, and some people - the ones who distantly tended the fields and orchards and pastures and cowbarns, the ones who went out on brave little boats to bring back fish, the ones who huddled in the woods with rifles waiting for the game - have suddenly become inarguably essential to your lives. You need to learn what they know, because without the infrastructure that the war has ruined, they can't do all the work themselves.

You were born to a new life like a phoenix from the ashes of the war. You've gained skills you never imagined Before. Some of the ashes of your old life cling to you. You can sometimes rely on the bonds you formed and gear you used Before. But you'll never be free of what you've done and seen.


Price: $3.00

In Your Image [$2.00]

In Your Image [$2.00]:

In Your Image is an asymmetrical creature creation game for 2+ players. It is a game about creation, identity, and nature vs. nurture. It's a conversation between a Creation and its Creator(s) in which they negotiate who the Creation is and what it  will become. One player will be the Creation, and all other players will be its Creators.

There are no GMs, only the Creator(s), Creation, and the negotiations between them.

The "pretty" version is a fancily formatted PDF, and the other version is plain black-on-white text.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If the price of this game is a hardship, please claim a community copy at no charge.




Dancers in the Dreaming City [$2.00]

Dancers in the Dreaming City [$2.00]:

A simple 2d6-based weird fantasy role-playing game, inspired by the Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock.

Create a Champion of Law or Chaos and wield a weird and wonderful weapon, slaying enemies and furthering your cause. Includes rules for Combat, Character Generation, Spellcasting, Weird Artifacts, and Monsters.

Art by Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898). Words and Layout by Micah Anderson. WSCAOS? by Jared Sinclair.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you can't afford the game right now, for whatever reason, please download one of these community copies for free.


The Hunted [$15.00]

The Hunted [$15.00]:
“Okay, here's your motivation. You're lost, you're angry in the woods, and no one is here to help you.” - Joshua ‘Josh’ Leonard, The Blair Witch Project

The Hunted is a folk horror storytelling game for 3-5 players that blends together mechanics from  Forged In The Dark, Powered By The Apocalypse, and Belonging Outside Belonging games to create a lean chimera of a game unlike anything you have ever played.

Players take on the role of a group of friends on an expedition who become cut off from civilisation as they are hunted by an unknown entity. As the game continues the players will tell their own stories about the thing hunting them, building up a unique legend that feeds directly back into the narrative. The more stories you tell the more your characters succeed and the longer they survive - but with each story the Hunter grows stronger and becomes more of a threat.

The Hunted is a zero-prep game designed to last from 2-4 hours.

The Hunted releases on December 7th. Pre-order now to get the game for the introductory price of $15. Pre-order print copies here.

Pre-order Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:



Tour [Free]

Tour [Free]:

Are you a player interested to share stories? love to guide and communicate? Love to listen to new stories? Learn about new countries? 

This game is perfect for you! There are 197 countries, how many of them do you know?


- A printed copy of this file (1 page printed back to back)

- 2 to 4 Players

- tokens (1 of each red, blue, green, yellow)- About 30 minutes

This is a quick, print 'n' play  game to role-play with your friends, compete to reach the end of the world tour, discover countries never heard before. It is meant to be playable with few materials, and is presented as free of charge for the purposes of assignment.

Please have fun, share it if you like it, and share feedback and questions below!


PUSH [$10.00]

PUSH [$10.00]:


PUSH: A Mechanical Remix of BOLT is a near-diceless skill-based action RPG.

It builds on the fast action of BOLT and streamlines gameplay further, with faster core resolution,  a health system that turns Skills into hit points, and sleek vehicle combat rules.

In PUSH, you don’t roll on most checks—if your ranks in a Skill beat a Difficulty threshold, you succeed without rolling! But if you need an extra boost, you can Push your luck, rolling dice to increase your check and  either adding to a ticking Stress counter or taking on a Consequence, which fires off regardless of whether your Push succeeds!

PUSH also comes with an example setting, Valor in the Stars, a space fantasy tie-in for Divinity in the Void, focusing on daring rebel soldiers in a spacefaring conflict!

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Available for folks to access PUSH for no cost.

The Old Ways [$10.00]

The Old Ways [$10.00]:

The Old Ways is a randomly generated Folk Horror Table Top RPG.Made to emulate folk horror movies, the characters are various outsiders coming into a rural community, unsuspecting of the horrors it carries. Just as the characters in those films do not know what to expect, the tools within the Old Ways allow you to create a randomized community of Folk with less than kind intentions, ranging from New Age Cultists to Killer Countryfolk to Eccentric Satanic Aristocrats, you never know quite what horror is about to unfold.Slowly but surely, characters will find themselves labeled Outsider, growing Suspicious, or be Seduced by the community they found themselves in. Will they be violently ejected, escape or attack based on their own suspicions, or find themselves a new and willing member of the community?A Mother Multiverse LLC Production

!!Content Warning!!

Folk Horror as a genre is steeped in the worst and most miserable of human behavior.  As such, be sure to talk to your players and find out what horror content is okay to put on screen, used but kept off screen, or needs to be excised entirely for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Copies for those wishing to judge the game for the Folk Horror Game Jam and those who are are curious but lack the funds.


Reindeer Games [Free]

Reindeer Games [Free]:

Reindeer Games is a one-shot tabletop RPG for both new and experienced players of tabletop games. With just 1 page of rules for players and 1 1/2 pages for GMs, it's quick to learn and requires only a few standard six-sided dice and a heaping helping of imagination. Investigate rumors of cheating, sabotage, and general no-good-ery on the night before the big race to determine who will pull Santa's sleigh, but make sure you get to bed with enough time to be fully rested - you still have a race to win in the morning!

The game takes around 2 hours to run and requires low-medium prep for the GM.

I've included both the full game and a PDF with just the player sheet.

If you play the game, I'd love to hear how it goes! Feel free to come back and comment if you had a good time - or even if you didn't!


A Duel with Shadows [$5.00]

A Duel with Shadows [$5.00]:


A Duel with Shadows is a game about finally acknowledging one's own anxiety and depression, fighting against it, and perhaps one day accepting it and learning to live with it.

Two players become either an accursed Hero struggling against their inner shadows or the foul Shade that dwells within them, feeding on the fears in the far corners of the Hero's mind. The game focuses on one of their many duels. Players take turns bidding and rolling dice, then narrating outcomes and asking each other questions, until their opponent is defeated or they yield.

The game was conceived of, written, and laid out in a 24-hour sprint for the Art is Ego Jam in November 2020. It is a work of personal artistic expression that reflects the state of the artist's thoughts at time of creation. It has not been playtested, but it can still be played. It is the artist's hope that it speaks to you in some way.

CONTENT WARNING: this game deals with serious topics like anxiety, depression, self-deprecation, feelings of hopelessness, self-doubt, and other mental health issues. It is not meant to be a trauma simulator, nor is it intended to be used to induce or chase after bleed, nor is it an excuse to be cruel to your play partner on purpose. If you do play the game and find yourself becoming overwhelmed at any point, a handbrake is built into the game but do not hesitate to use any other signal or phrase to stop play.  Use any and all safety tools that work for you and your play partner as you experience the game together: bit.ly/ttrpgsafetytoolkit.

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Depths Below [Free]

Depths Below [Free]:

The surface of the Earth is barren. Left uninhabitable by countless environmental disasters. What remains of humanity has moved into underwater cities, the last of which is known as Terminus. 

Take the role of humanity's last hope, doing what's necessary to survive while the elite cower in wait for the inevitable end. 


Depths Below is a complete RPG by Josh Domanski. It uses and expands upon the rules and systems developed for 24XX by Jason Tocci. Included with this PDF are:

  • Fast and simple rules that fit on a single page.
  • 20 playable characters.
  • Guidelines for NPC creation.
  • A sample of enemies that can be encountered.
  • Seeds for adventures both inside and outside the walls of Terminus. 


Depths Below is an independent product by Josh Domanski and is not affiliated with pretendo.games. This product is compatible with 2400 and other 24XX games. 24XX rules are CC by Jason Tocci.

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Aurora System [Free]

Aurora System [Free]:


The following system is designed as a generic form of the RPG system first designed for “A Totally Righteous Empire” and “Justice, Integrity, Service.”  Those specific games were designed with specific settings in mind and aspects of the game were designed to reflect that.  Attributes were changed or added, particular skills were included, and the Devotion and Culture system were both supplied with a detailed list of choices.   This is that system at its most simple and stripped down. While it can be used as is, I would recommend using it as a base to build off of. 

I can be contacted at aurorafreepress@gmail.com and am happy to answer any questions people may have about the game.  If you use this system for homebrew settings, I would love to hear how it was adapted for that.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or critiques.

Intemperate Shadows [Free]

Intemperate Shadows [Free]:

Discover the source of the scratching in the garden shed. Escape the disaster at Meitner base. Fight your undead grandmother in the crypt beneath City Hall.

Intemperate Shadows is a GMless no-prep horror-adventure system where four players simulate a monster movie, building from a subtly sinister opening scene to a no-holds vbarred showdown at the game's conclusion. Over the course of a three to four hour game, you'll pass control of the monster from one player to the next as a series of desperate decisions pushes your characters closer and closer to victory--or destruction.

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24XX: Avali [Free]

24XX: Avali [Free]:

You're the Avali, the cutest aliens on this side of the universe. And you're not just cute - Avali are fierce hunters, dauntless explorers, and renown musicians. You and your pack are off to explore the galaxy, but you'll have to take jobs to pay off the rest your spaceship.

24XX: Avali is a micro RPG - a blueprint for a story-based roleplaying session. You can combine this game with other 24XX modules. 



  • Avali are a species created by RyuujinZERO and used in this game under this IP agreement.
  • The game is based on the 24XX system by Jason Tocci.
  • Cover art is by Chessi and is used with permission.
  • Ro'elle Verr character on cover owned by Mr. Sukerton and used with permission.

More Credits


This game is my interpretation of the Avali. You too should let your story be based on your imagination. 

If you want to learn more about the species, some places to check out are: