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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Against the Dark Conspiracy / $10.66

Against the Dark Conspiracy / $10.66: Publisher: Gallus Games

A shadowy supernatural Conspiracy…
A group of Operators committed to taking it down…
The people they care about and the history they share…

Explore them all in…

Against the Dark Conspiracy

Against the Dark Conspiracy is a supernatural thriller tabletop roleplaying game for 4-6 players. One of them takes the role of Control while the others each play an Operator.

The game is inspired by the mechanics of, among others, Cthulhu Dark (by Graham Walmsley) and settings such as Night's Black Agents (by Ken Hite).

Against the Dark Conspiracy is written to require zero preparation but includes advice to Control on how to prepare or adapt materials published for other games, if that’s an approach they prefer. 

All the players cooperate to outline the Operations they’ll be embarking on and collaborate to find out more about the threats and complications they’ll face while having the opportunity to describe an obstacle they'd look cool overcoming.

They may identify people, organisations or items that are important to the Conspiracy or to which it is vulnerable.

They may exploit willing or less willing Conspiracy pawns or innocent and unknowing dupes to help them understand what’s going on.

They’ll have opportunities to define the powers and weaknesses of their supernatural foes and to co-create the monsters they want in their game.

Three different Conspiracies are described in the rules: VampiresDemons and Fae. Each comes with advice on its motives, and how that can influence plot arcs involving them. They also include examples of each Conspiracy's Supernatural Servitors and the Monsters at its heart, as well as details of the kinds of (mostly) mortal pawns they can deploy. 

Operators are capable individuals who previously made their living in the world’s overlapping crime and espionage communities. Doing dubious and dangerous things for their country or personal gain has left Operators with few ties to family or friends. The ones that remain are all the more important, which is why their team matters to them. They may not all be the best of friends. They may have complex histories with one another that can be revealed in play, but they all trust one another.

Together that team are making a stand against the Conspiracy; to take it down one corrupt piece at a time. If they don’t, it will catch up with them and anyone they still care about.

The rules include guidance on the Tone of the game and potential Content Warnings, along with suggested Safety Tools aimed at ensuring everyone at the table has a good time.

Access to an Google Sheets 'character keeper' is included to facilitate Online Play.

You can follow the development of the game through to its final playtests, and sessions in which material published for other games has been used to scaffold play in the Against the Dark Conspiracy playlist on my YouTube channel. One of the final playtests is linked below:

Against the Dark ConspiracyPrice: $10.66

Prophecy [Free]

Prophecy [Free]:


Prophecy is a GM-less roleplaying game for three to six people that can be played in under three hours.

During the game, the players receive a prophecy that describes an impending catastrophe for some fictional world and tell a story about characters whose lives will be affected by that catastrophe.

The players first decide the basic outline of the story, describing events that are fated to occur. They then fill in the details of the story, describing how the characters try to shape their destiny.

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Rivals [$5.00]

Rivals [$5.00]:


Rivals is a two-player competitive story telling game using the classic Rock Paper Scissors, to drive the narratives.

Players roleplay as two best friends from a small secluded village, both of whom are determined to become a local legend. They will go on quests, qualm local fears, and compete against each other in competitions, to prove to the locals that one of them is a true hero.

This game is about using your imagination, and humor, to create funny, and interesting stories together, as you compete, and sometimes interrupt, each other to become a legend.

Included in this purchase are 12 full color pages, and a sheet of tokens to be printed and cut out.

Join our discord and ask for help with any confusion, or questions! https://discord.gg/5guPbwTX2A

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Skeletons RGP Game [Free]

Skeletons RGP Game [Free]:


Skeletons is a role-playing game based around a dice mechanic that I invented and thought it would be cool to implement in a ttrpg game. To play Skeletons it is required to know the basic knowelage about running role-play type of games. The setting is pretty simple. You are a skeleton, now go live a life of a skeleton, which consists of murdering people, trying to take over the world or whatever else you want as a skeleton. I hope you'll like it, and if you'll have some ideas or other stuff about the game you want to share, feel free to post a coment or contact me directly. cryptotost@gmail.com

Skeletons is release under Creative Commons 4.0 International License

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

Fake Chess: Book of Champions [$5.00]

Fake Chess: Book of Champions [$5.00]:


FAKE CHESS: BOOK OF CHAMPIONS is the standalone sequel/expansion to 2020's sleeper hit, FAKE CHESS.  

* * *

Chess is a game of vast complexity and a 1500-year history.

Fake Chess is not.

Fake Chess players use a very basic set of rules and mechanics to live out their grandmaster fantasies by acting like serious chess players, engaging in what looks like an intense battle without the burdens of chess strategy, knowledge, or skill.  

With the BOOK OF CHAMPIONS at the table, players can now embody specific characters with unique moves, strategies, and play styles. 

  • Grind your way to riches as The City Park Hustler
  • Guide your protégé as The Benevolent Mentor
  • Pop some pills and stare at the ceiling as The Drug-Addled Queen
  • Giggle your way to victory as The Child Prodigy
  • Nurse your hangover as The Haggard Celeb
  • Chill your opponent's heat as The Icy Russian
  • Take your time as The Cerebral Snail
  • Dazzle and charm as The Magnanimous Hottie
  • Help (and annoy) new players as The Wizardly Tutor
  • Beep and bloop as The Chess Computer
  • Take a life as The Angel of Death

It's dramatic.  It is silly.  

It might be a real game, but it's definitely fake chess.

* * *

"It's rare that a game makes me laugh out loud. This really is a brilliant game, there's no other word for it."

Alex Rinehart (Cyberrats, Gratitude) on the original Fake Chess

* * *

Fake Chess: Book of Champions requires a real chess set.  

While the Book of Champions contains 33 new game boards that are fully compatible with the original Fake Chess,  players do not need to own the original to play.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If can't afford to purchase Fake Chess: Book of Champions but would like to play it, help yourself to a community copy.  

Every sale contributes more copies to the pool.

NFTs are virtual. When you purchase this UnFT, you will receive a physical, one-of-a-kind, hardcover edition of Fake Chess and all of its supplements. It will come with a hand-painted chess set. It will be numbered and signed. 

NFTs fuck up the planet. When you purchase this UnFT, I will spend 10 hrs doing environmental cleanup and beautification.  I will also plant 10 trees.  This work will be documented on a disposable film camera which you will receive with film undeveloped.

NFTs are steeped in exclusivity. When you purchase this UnFT, Fake Chess will become free for all players, immediately and permanently. If you wish to be publicly credited, you will be.

Get for $2,500.00

Monday 29 November 2021

Logical Fantasy Gaming: Rulebook / $10.00

Logical Fantasy Gaming: Rulebook / $10.00: Publisher: Logical Fantasy Gaming

What is LFG?

LFG strives to be the most believably realistic role-playing game that maintains the wonder and excitement of medieval combat, magic, and mythical beasts. The suspension of disbelief and immersion into your gaming world are paramount. All the rules for LFG were carefully designed to make every action, decision, spell, and monster as realistic and believable as possible.

What sets LFG apart from other RPGs?

The most believable & realistic fantasy RPG ever designed!

-Every rule has been carefully crafted to enhance immersion and retain the suspension of disbelief, even within a magical fantasy setting! As you read the rules, you’ll find yourself saying “Okay, that makes sense!”

-Whenever possible, every rule has been aligned with historical data and a scientific understanding of reality. Even magic spells consider the impacts of things such as inertia, gravity, biology, and chemistry.

-Realistic rules & stats for weapons and armor.

-Logical & rational rules for vision, senses, weather, and terrain.

-Morality System develops interesting characters & engaging stories. Player characters & monsters have personal morals & motivations, rather than the simplistic “Good vs Evil” system of many RPG games.

-Benefits & drawbacks for every choice! There is no “best option” when it comes to weapons, armor, characters, ability scores, skills, and so on. Context is key!


Dynamic & Engaging Combat System:

-Selective initiative system allows players to be active participants in combat. Combatants can react to their foes or interrupt combat to defend their allies. (As opposed to standing idly by until their turn finally arrives.)

-Comprehensive & immersive rules for wrestling and close-quarters combat.

-Benefits from positioning, multiple attackers, weapon type, size, space, reach, and more.

-Wide selection of weapons with special traits & abilities. Some weapons penetrate armor, some provide extra reach, and others land with enough force to knock your foes off their feet. Which weapon will you wield?

-Armor, shields, and helmets can reduce incoming damage or make it harder to land a telling blow, but additional protection comes at a price! Choose wisely!

-Big creatures are dangerous! Even a glancing blow from a massive beast could knock you to the floor!


Supreme Character Customization!

-9 Player Character Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

-Additional Class Variants include War Priest (Priest), Paladin (Fighter), Shield Maiden/Shield Warrior (Barbarian)

-10 Player Character Races: Aesir, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Human, Neanderthal, Orc, Spriteling, Valefor

-No “cookie-cutter” class builds or characters. Every character is unique!

-Every choice you make has benefits, drawbacks, and consequences! There are no “Dump Stats” in LFG. Every Ability Score is useful! (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) Every character has unique strengths and weaknesses.

-236 unique Feats to enhance melee combat, spell-casting, archery, social skills, crafting, and more.

-398 magic spells, each custom-built from the ground up for this new game system.

-All 45 Character Skills are available to all player characters, regardless of character class. Your character can train in whatever Skills you desire!


Clear & Well-Explained Rules:

-Rules clarifications & examples provided for combat, magic, and skills.

-Consistent rules design & terminology usage.

-Suggestions and ideas to help new players & new GMs.

-Simplified XP and leveling system.

-More rational monster level system for designing balanced encounters.

-Multiple character sheet options to best fit your character & play style.

-All the rules can be modified as you desire to make the game as fun and engaging as you desire!


Here are some other areas in which you can enhance the level of realism in your game:

-Food & Water, Fatigue & Wilderness Survival

-Inventory Management & Carrying Capacity

-Archery & Ranged Combat: Indirect Attacks, Stray Arrows, Accuracy by Volume

-Foul Weather, Sailing, Long-Distance Travel

-Combat options such as alternative initiative systems & more deadly critical hit options

-Crafting Skills for equipment, magic & alchemical items, traps, and more

-Reading, writing, & language fluency

-Equipment wear & tear, maintenance, & repair

Logical Fantasy Gaming: RulebookPrice: $10.00

This City From Above / $2.00

This City From Above / $2.00: Publisher: Ursidice

This city is a place of connection, of fractious discourse, of potential.

Each day a million different events may occur; some which go unnoticed and others that change the face of this place completely.

Sometimes the smallest of moments can have the greatest impact.

This City From Above is a GMless Hexmapping game about the life of a City.

This City From AbovePrice: $2.00

Are You Flirting With Me? / $5.99

Are You Flirting With Me? / $5.99: Publisher: Live Real Productions

The media made them superstars. A 24 hour news cycle. Talking heads on TV. Pop culture. Drama. Violence. Corruption. Blood.  "If it bleeds, it ledes." Media lives and dies by that single rule. Chaos, confusion, mayhem, body counts. Gossip, despair, panic. Live by the press, die by the press.

To become a star people had to die. To become a superstar a lot of people had to die. It's fate. Nobody can stop fate. It's your fate. It's my fate. We're the sideshow in the media circus of life.

They are the main attraction.

Are You Flirting With Me? Is a GMless tabletop roleplaying game about the media frenzy surrounding bloody headlines and the victims it leaves in its wake. It's a comedy, dark and grim. It's a story, it's a riot. It's over-the-top blood and violence. It's inspired by the movie Natural Born Killers.  You are playing from the point-of-view of the victims and the viewing public.

To play, you need this instruction book, something to write with and on, and some six-sided dice. 

And a sense of humor full of bright red arterial blood. 

For the fans...you ain't seen nothing yet.

This game is dark. People are going to die. Most of them, in fact. Part of the game is about reveling in the violence, rolling in the blood. If that isn't for you, that's ok.

Are You Flirting With Me?Price: $5.99

Fyrdling: 2d6 Adventures in Turrida - Core Rulebook / $2.47

Fyrdling: 2d6 Adventures in Turrida - Core Rulebook / $2.47: Publisher: Sad Fishe Games

Fyrdling is a 2d6 fantasy role playing game set in an ancient world with an empahsis on background-based character creation, quick and deadly combat that could leave any character dead or forever changed each turn, minimalist progression, freeform magic casting, and Action Point based turn systems.  

Fyrdling v1.0 represents a complete and fully playable game.  However, it is our intention to continue to expand on the already written sections, such as Equipment, Enemies, and Sorcery and Rituals, as well as expansion through new mechanics and subsystems, such as overland travel, strongholds, and mass combat, as well as an increasingly fleshed out setting primer for the world of Turrida, the world sat atop a snail’s shell. A full changelog and development roadmap is included in the files, to track Fyrdling's milestones. 

Fyrdling v1.0 will always be available.  As new materials are added and incorporated into the game, expanded versions will also be available as part of the same product.   

The entirety of the rules section of this book is available in the preview.  Please use it with our blessing.  A royalty free compatibility license is available in the game files.  

Fyrdling: 2d6 Adventures in Turrida - Core RulebookPrice: $2.47

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta Playtest / $5.00

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta Playtest / $5.00: Publisher: Crossroads Games

A narrative table-top RPG of "semantic design" featuring fast combat—a Story in Action; how you say it is how you play it! Cast any spell, wield any weapon desired, possess any power imagined. Players can quickly create detailed characters with rules that are easy to master and offer a lot of scope for clever and creative play. Eldritch Role-Playing 2nd Edition now includes character classes and associated feats for players to choose from. So sharpen your sword, gather your will, and summon your inner strength to prepare for a new game experience…

This is the "Beta Playtest" for the Player's Handbook. Feel free to contact me directly at dan@plyphyny.com with any questions, suggestions, or feedback. This is Pay What You Want, but all contributions help with additional art and development. This version will be removed when the final version is out. Look for the two other playtest volumes in the 2nd Edition series, coming soon, including the GM's Guide and the detailed yet adaptable campaign setting, known by sages as Ainerêve, where heroes fulfill their destinies in a world of dream, might, and magic. 

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta PlaytestPrice: $5.00

Root: The Bertram's Cove Quickstart / $0.00

Root: The Bertram's Cove Quickstart / $0.00: Publisher: Magpie Games

War has returned to the Woodland. 

In this quickstart, that war has reached the clearing of Bertram's Cove—an invaluable logistical resource for whoever occupies it. As vagabonds who travel between the clearings, you and your friends are welcome in the Cove because you take on the jobs that no one else will or can do. You choose whom you serve, if anyone... and you may tip the balance of the war in this key location!

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game is based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right board game. In Root: The TTRPG, you play vagabonds, going on adventures and changing the Woodland with your actions. This booklet is a sampling of the core rules of Root: The TTRPG, created for Free RPG Day. It has all the necessary instructions for how to play, as well as an entire prewritten clearing that will give you a strong starting situation for one or two sessions of play. This includes:

  • Basic moves and rules to play
  • Six pregenerated characters
  • Important NPCs, locations, and conflicts
  • Special weapon moves for combat
  • Map and clearing generation systems
  • A faction system to represent the war

Root art and logo © 2017 Leder Games

Root: The Bertram's Cove QuickstartPrice: $0.00


SANCTIONS RPG / $8.03: Publisher: Purple Crayon Games

The year is 2086. Biotechnology has grown at a rapid pace, man started to grow the things they needed, including computers, and creatures to assist in the mundane work as well as vicious monsters able to kill.

The Terminal war erupted, Chemical, biological and limited use of nuclear weapons polluted most of Europe and Russia. Climate change occurred and toxic clouds of fog now circle the world and mutations both natural and lab grown that have escaped roam the countryside.

Refugees mass in cities and to protect the cities, vast walls are erected, to protect those inside, cities merge into each other as Plexes. As crime and death increase, emergency services are overwhelmed. Behind the facade of society, horrific crimes take place, murders, illegal experiments and worse. Laws change and allow for staffing agencies to become "Sanctioned" allowing Temporary workers to be armed and do the work no one else wants to. Sanction agents and operatives perform everything from policing, search and rescue to espionage work and medical, all in the name of Dollar Creds ($C)

It's a dirty job and you're the guy's for the job. SANCTIONS runs using the Purple Crayon Games Core-6 rules.

Book includes: 19 adventure hooks 2 full Gig (adventures) Simple yet action based system

140 pages of dark claustrophobic sci fi horror


Universal Role-Playing System / $10.00

Universal Role-Playing System / $10.00: Publisher: Seffner Games LLC

The Universal Role-Playing System is a lightweight fantasy game that is easy to learn and highly customizable. The system derives its flexibility from the fact that there are no character classes. Each character is defined by their race and the skills that they possess. This allows both players and GMs to create an endless array of different characters by spending their skill points in different areas. 

Universal Role-Playing SystemPrice: $10.00

Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 1 / $15.00

Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 1 / $15.00: Publisher: Far Horizons Co-op

New Name. New Look. New Beginings. Same Badass Mission.

  • In CHRONOTERRA, villagers return from temporal stasis to travel through the Valley of Aonafre and attempt to reassemble the lost Time Shards; which contain their ancestral villages, frozen in history by the Faespell.

  • In KALEIDOSCOPE HEADS, you inhabit citizens of a chaotic multi-universe expanse. You've lost your memory and you've woken up on a crashing spaceship with a dapper whale and a robot who is a private investigator. What do you do?

  • In THE FOUNDLING, you’ll take on the role of a jaded and dark warrior who is thrust unceremoniously into adopted fatherhood. In this solo journaling game inspired by The Mandalorian, you are the only thing standing between the Child and a foul Darkness that seeks

  • And EIGHT other AMAZING games in this 312 page anthology!

The Far Horizons Co-op (Formerly San Jenaro Co-op) is a collective of designers, writers, artists, and other creatives who believe in equal pay for equal contribution. Our books are 100% profit-shared, 100% creator-owned. So if this book does well, the creators do well. 

Check out our previous digests below!

The Short Games Digest: Volume 1 The Short Games Digest: Volume 2 The Short Games Digest: Volume 3 The Short Games Digest: Volume 4 The Short Games Digest: Volume 5 330823.png The Short Games Digest: Volume 7 351740.jpg
Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 1Price: $15.00

Badger + Coyote / $2.00

Badger + Coyote / $2.00: Publisher: Pandion Games
Badger and Coyote are good friends, even though they are very different creatures and live by different rules. They find working together to achieve their goals to be beneficial, and, many times, they enjoy each other’s company. Badger is focused and determined, while Coyote wants to play and socialize as much as eating.

Badger + Coyote is an asymmetrical, GM-less duet game. Badger and Coyote are trying to survive and thrive each day with their own unique skills.

Players can speak to each other to narrate the story and the actions of Badger and Coyote, but do not directly speak in-game. Instead, Coyote uses their social skills to help direct Badger. Badger has no social skills to initiate communication, but many skills to achieve the goals of obtaining food.

We would love to hear about the wonderful mischief Badger and Coyote get into. Tag us on Twitter @PandionGames or use #BadgerCoyote to share your stories!

  • The document is formatted in 5.5 x 8.5 pages, 300dpi. Designed for booklet printing on 8.5 x11 paper.
  • The 1995 article "The Benefits of Badgers" by Les Line aided the research for this game in the roles the badger and coyote play in their relationship.
  • Coyote + Badger © 2021 by Pandion Games is licensed under CC BY 4.0
Badger + CoyotePrice: $2.00

Slaying Dragons / $6.00

Slaying Dragons / $6.00: Publisher: Bläckfisk Publishing

Slaying Dragons is a micro RPG about trust, hardship, consequences, and confronting one’s shortcomings.

It's a game about metaphorically slaying your dragon. There is no doubt whether or not you’ll succeed; you will. You will make your way to the beast’s lair. You will find the hidden secrets within. And you will finally slay the dragon. The question is what you’ll learn about yourselves in the process, and what price you have to pay for your growth.

Play revolves around taking turns to narrate fantastical obstacles for each other, and narrating how you overcome the obstacle while incurring some consequence in the process. Dice are used to determine what type of consequence you get—happy or sad— but never to determine how effective you are.

Interspersed at key points in the game are campfire scenes, where your would-be heroes face their feelings head on, and ask each other the big hitting questions: “Why am I here?”, “How do you keep going?”, and “What the hell is your problem?”

Slaying DragonsPrice: $6.00

In Orbit / $0.00

In Orbit / $0.00: Publisher: Bläckfisk Publishing

You are trapped in orbit around your home planet, in a malfunctioning spacecraft—with a hostile alien life form on board. Ground control has prohibited you from re-entering the atmosphere due to the risk of contamination. They have told you to keep it cool until an escort vessel arrives to decontaminate the ship and get you safely back home. It should reach you in a day or two…

This is not a survival horror game as much as it is a story game. The players’ goal is to create an intriguing space horror story together. You play to find out what happens to the characters: Who will die and who will survive the encounters with the alien? Will someone finally destroy the alien and be allowed to return to their home planet, or will they all end their days aboard this doomed spacecraft?

In OrbitPrice: $0.00

Godtale / $0.00

Godtale / $0.00: Publisher: Bläckfisk Publishing

Godtale is a Norse mythological micro RPG about escapades and rivalries, about cunning and vainglory. You portray aesir, asynjur and vanir of your own creation. Together you go on adventures in the Nine Realms. But each of you wants to be the deity who earns the most glory—not infrequently at the expense of your companions.

Printer-friendly PDF, including a character sheet.

GodtalePrice: $0.00

Blood Feud / $6.00

Blood Feud / $6.00: Publisher: Bläckfisk Publishing

Blood Feud is a role-playing game about honor, power and toxic masculinity. You portray men struggling to uphold their honor. In the end, you will see what that struggle has cost both them and their community.

This is a game about people being nasty to each other and about figuring out why. It’s also a game about vikings of pre-christian Scandinavia; about honor and blood feuds, courage and brutality, corruption and consequences. Above all it is a game about what it means to be a man in such a world—and what consequences that has on the communities they live in.

The goal of the game is to explore and experience toxic masculinity, while at the same time creating a thoughtful drama about relationships, competition and social consequences. With this game we want to make toxic masculinity easier to spot for a wider variety of people in our roleplaying communities—and encourage critical discussions about how men behave, and why.

Blood FeudPrice: $6.00

BASTERD! Basic Rules / $5.00

BASTERD! Basic Rules / $5.00: Publisher: The Rune^Forge

BASTERD is an amalgam of the best features and choices of 5E, coupled to the best concepts of the OSR movement, and mixed to the level that is best for a solid tabletop campaign. Take time, be careful, and enjoy a different kind of game where the Ability Scores actually matter.

Choosing your Class begins the Creation process.

Species as Class? So it was written, so it be done. This game represents the darkening of the world, the final fall of all Life. The vast majority of people met are human, for whatever that means in this terrible time, and those non-humans met represent the last vestiges of an iconic tribe. In BASTERD, you should not meet the elven smith and tavern owner, you might meet an elf, maybe two, who wander the lands or are barricaded in solitude. Remember to role-play this.

BASTERD! Basic RulesPrice: $5.00

Relic: Playtest Kit / $0.00

Relic: Playtest Kit / $0.00: Publisher: Bandit Camp

This is the playtest kit for our game, Relic: a game of camraderie, exploration, and encountering colossal titans in a world haunted by its past.

You can see a preview of just the player-facing rules by clicking on PDF preview, though downloading the entire thing will give you access to GM info, character sheets, 

The game is in its last 72 hours on Kickstarter, so please go check that out!


Relic: Playtest KitPrice: $0.00

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour / $2.50

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour / $2.50: Publisher: Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG

50% OFF Until Cyber Monday!

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, is a hybrid tabletop/FPS game set in a biochemical semi apocalyptic world. You’ll take control of John Wagner, special ops agent for the zombie extermination task force (Z.E.T.F). Your mission is to infiltrate a suspicious bio research facility, and find out what kind of research is being performed at the site. After completing the mission, grab your polyhedral dice set and PDF to continue the adventure with a classic tabletop rpg. Build your special ops team, customize your arsenal, engage PMCs, dispose of dangerous threats, and continue to expand the Z.E.T.F in any direction you choose. The game delivers infinite possibilities with a nostalgic feel of a light-ruled authentic homebrew TRPG. Game Masters, are be able to build upon the existing game rules with ease, accommodating the gameplay style to all kinds of experience levels.

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, is brought to you by Felix J. American writer and programmer, since 2016.


S&Z: Zero Hour Core Book

S&Z: Zero Hour 3D Game



        OS: Windows 7/8/10
        Processor: Intel Corei5 3.8GHz Processor or AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz Processor
        Memory: 8 GB
        Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB or Nvidia GeForce GT 730 2GB or greater
        DirectX®: DirectX (October 2009)
        Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
        Sound: Direct X Compatible Sound Card


        Win x86 x64 ~518MB
        Mac OS ~527MB
        Linux ~541MB

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero HourPrice: $2.50

LOST EONS: Core Books / $10.00

LOST EONS: Core Books / $10.00: Publisher: TWA

LOST EONS is solarpunk sci-fantasy. In Lost Eons you will emerge from the darkness into a new light, one dominated by inscrutable and terrible forces you must seek to understand. Using this guide create a post-human character, ready to face the mysteries and dangers of a far future Earth.

LOST EONS is a fast but deep toolkit. Play instant no-prep one-shots and sustained campaigns. Discover beautiful and horrifying new adventures through evocative prompts and procedural generation. 

LOST EONS is no-maths and instantly playable. Mashing together 24XX and Blades in the Dark, gameplay is streamlined, flexible, fast and potentially brutal. Level-up through mutation, your body changing as you evolve. Character Playbooks let you create a character in seconds, yet have limitless customisation through play.

Lost Eons is an innovative FKR inspired mashup of Blades in the Dark and 24XX, with an improvised card-based magic system, Lost Eons reconfigures fantasy and that dragon game for a world recovered from a devastating climate cataclysm. 

The Lost Eons rules have been written with  Laurie O'Connel

LOST EONS Core books edited by Nakade

Included in LOST EONS:

  • THE PLAYERS GUIDE outlining the simple and fast mechanics, character creation, mutations, the Skills, Traits and Talents that define a character and the entwined Magic and Mutations to bring mischief and mayhem.
  • THE FENS SETTING BOOK a systemfree Setting guide with Information on the plant-entwined archivists, the Calyx, alongside their flowering underground sect, the Colora: the playful crab-like traders the Cambrians, the scarred seapunk Aya, the barge-dwelling anarchist Free Folk and the great golems of the sentient reed-beds, the Wickonen. 
  • Each of these cultures has suggested names, items, Traits, histories and cultures, allowing you to embody an aloof Calyx, a cunning Cambrian, or hulking Wickonen at your gaming table. 
  • GM's TOOLS BOOK containing adventuring  procedures, a card-deck countdown to DOOM, a fast but complex encounter generator, spark-tables for environmental description and generation, a collaborative no-prep campaign creation procedure, a bestiary of 54 weird and wonderful science fantasy creatures and anomolies, treasure tables, and a procedurally generated one-shot/campaign starter.


Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Staying with the Trouble by Donna Haraway

He, She and It by Marge Piercy

Electric Bastionland by Chris McDowall

Blades in the Dark by John Harper

2400 by Jason Tocci

The Quiet Year by Avery Alder

Lots of stuff by Grant Howitt

Traveller by Marc W. Miller

The Wretched by Chris Bissette

That Dragon game by generations of designers

Based on The World After by Matt Goulson and David Blandy

Co-written by Andy Prentice, Apollo Uhlenbruck, Pawel Stachyra, Noe Rodríguez, Katherine Parkin, Kate Brockie, Piotr Czosnyka, Amy Mason, Clair Le Couteur, Chris Joynes, Jazmin Morris, Craig David Parr, Polly Barnes, Mansi Shouche and Susuana Amoah

Other illustrations Katherine Parkin, Polly Barnes, Craig David Parr and David Blandy

Acknowledgements This text would not exist without Oz Browning, Sean Smith, Andy Prentice, Matt Goulson and Daniel Locke. Also thanks to the FKR Collective Discord for constant inspiration and support, notably Nakade (@beeptest), @wendi, @CosmicOrrery, @PanicPillow,  @ContrabandRimer, @Revenant's Quill

LOST EONS: Core BooksPrice: $10.00

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - Deluxe Edition / $18.00

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - Deluxe Edition / $18.00: Publisher: Deeply Dapper Games

Welcome to THE SHIMMER. A subterranean world of glowing mushrooms, strange creatures, winding tunnels and death! In 3DIE6, you play a member of the Roan, a city of little creatures that are part bug, part human, maybe a little bit alien and a lovely shade of blue. They also die all of the time. To help remedy that somewhat, they have evolved over time to have three distinct hive-minds inhabiting the same body. They take turns driving and, because the Roan are essentially exoskeleton and goo, they can even re-shape their bodies to specialize in skills depending on who is driving the Exoskeleton at the time. If one of the hive-minds die, the other minds can take over the body and carry on the glorious fight. Once they recover from any squashed body parts that may have killed off their old mind-mate, anyway. 

The Shimmer is full of dangers, from great hairy spider-things and earth-shaking borer worms to armies of tiny fungoid spores but there is also potential to find great treasures, succulent nectar, long lost artifacts and glory in the pulsating, phosphorescent depths. 

3DIE6 is a new game system, designed to be quick to learn, high on chaos and low on nit-picking. At its heart it is an old-school dungeon crawler with elements of funnel and OSR games. I wanted to create something that was easy to sit down for a one-shot or fill-in game and, because the life of an RPG designer is a lonely one, I also wanted it to be solo-able. For most checks, it's a simple stat check or a roll of the 3DIE6 dice. All you'll need to play is the Rulebook and three six-sided dice. (Ideally three different colors) A printout of the character sheet, a pen or pencil and a few markers like coins would be handy as well for keeping track of things.

The dice in 3DIE6 are used two different ways in the game. For stat checks it's a simple roll. Toss the 3D6, total them, add or subtract any modifiers and if you exceed the goal for that check, you succeed. For things like battle and special challenges, the lowly 3D6 become 3DIE6! When you roll for a 3DIE6 check, each represent a different thing - there's the Attack/Interact die, the Defense/Challenge die and the Effect die. For any check requiring a roll, you throw all three. After adding or subtracting any skills and modifiers your character has affecting it, the Attack and Defense dice tell you if you've succeeded in what you are attempting. Then the Effect die tells you how the enemy responds or what happens next!

This is the DELUXE Version of the Core Rules - It includes the basics for what you need to play a game of 3DIE6 as well as extra monsters, tables, adventure spores and two adventures.

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - Deluxe EditionPrice: $18.00

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open Beta / $0.00

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open Beta / $0.00: Publisher: Black Lantern

Time of Judgement is the first official adventure taking place in the world of Fyera.

The adventure was created for the purposes of the Open Beta Testing of the world setting Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light and is available for free to the global community.

Time of Judgement consists of four (4) limited-duration acts (one shots) which can either take place independently or sequentially. In other words, they were created to be flexible, and can be played in any of the following ways:

  1. a) Independently, by choosing any one of the 4 acts of your choice.
  2. b) Sequentially, by starting from the first act and progressing towards the fourth.
  3. c) In tandem, where four (4) groups of players can each select one act and explore it.

Players who participate in the Open Beta will have the option of “voting” on the direction of the story upon finishing the adventure.

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open BetaPrice: $0.00

War and Aether: The Roleplaying Game / $14.99

War and Aether: The Roleplaying Game / $14.99: Publisher: Alex Zubarev

War and Aether: The Roleplaying Game is a Fantasy Tabletop RPG reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, but with a more brutal and realistic take on game-play. Start from scratch as an ordinary peasant and build yourself into a hero using a wide, classless system. Develop your character using Skill Points, investing into the skills you want most and unlocking new abilities along the way. Use these skills to fight off dozens of different monsters, all with unique strengths and weaknesses, in a combat system where knowledge and preparation are rewarded. When fighting such creatures, you can support your allies or take the fight to the enemy with a complex magic system. Every spell you cast is created from scratch and spell strength is directly proportional to cast time. In an unforgiving world of swords and magic, start from nothing and build yourself into a legend.

War and Aether: The Roleplaying GamePrice: $14.99

Wiseguys: Gangster Tales (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) / $0.50

Wiseguys: Gangster Tales (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) / $0.50: Publisher: Just Insert Imagination

You can download the full PDF for free by clicking on the Publisher Preview, but if you’d like to support our work, thank you!

“It’s the mid-nineties. The bosses of the Five Families, as well as the Chicago Outfit, are behind bars. The Commission has gone silent. Routed and leaderless, the Godfathers have lost their grip on Las Vegas. A new breed of Dons has risen from the ashes of a lost war against the Justice Department to rule over Las Vegas, working to reclaim their power and influence.

Rebuilding their empire begins with the cunning and deceitful associates they’ve recruited among the denizens of Sin City and beyond. Under the leadership of caporegimes and soldiers of La Cosa Nostra, they plot heists, eliminate their rivals, and engineer all kinds of ways to gain money and power beneath the watchful eye of a government that’s now wiser to their scoundrel ways.

You are part of a crew looking to show its true mettle by evading the law and robbing corporations of their riches. Will your legend and nickname live on for years to come?”

Wiseguys: Gangster Tales is a Tricube Tales adaption of Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime. It is usable as a micro-setting, but it is also a fully self-contained one-page RPG in its own right. The first page includes everything you need to play, while an optional second page expands the adventure generator with examples and twists. The PDF uses layers for ease of printing.



Wiseguys: Gangster Tales (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG)Price: $0.50

Blugard / $3.99

Blugard / $3.99: Publisher: Live Real Productions

Blue King

Far back in the Neverwhen, before time can be remembered, you were King. The only King. The very energies of Creation coursed through your veins. Alas, time wounds all heals. Slowly, you ground to a halt, sinking into the earth. 

Dead. Slumbering. 

And yet, you carry on. Creation leeches from your bones into the world. As you decay and slip into nothingness, you form the basis of all existence in this world.

And so, you sleep and slip away, remembering.


The King is guarded by the Blugard, ancient guardians tasked with defending the body that brings life to the world. It is known that the fate of all living beings is tied to the fate of one powerful corpse. Chosen for the loyalty and sense of duty, the guardians are sustained by faith and their proximity to the King's eternal energies. The guardians never leave the presence of the King. If their faith wavers, they are replaced by creatures more suited to the task.

Time & Rest

The King is in perpetual service. Entropy stops for no one. And yet, there will be downtime. Across the ages, not every moment is worth remembering. This is the Rest. During Rest, you will select how long the King is at Rest and wait the appropriate amount of time. This may be seconds or several minutes, representing the passage of time before a new Guardian is selected.

Blugard is a solo journaling roleplaying game based on the Lost & Found SRD.  In it, you play a dead King, dreaming and giving life to the world through the ages. It was made for a "picture and a thousand words jam" on the Alone Together discord server.

BlugardPrice: $3.99

Ardanak: Dominion of Iron RPG System (LITE) BETA / $1.50

Ardanak: Dominion of Iron RPG System (LITE) BETA / $1.50: Publisher: Zardak the Dave

As the Aurorboros Warp Trellis ascended, cutting Ardanak off from the invasion of Merna by the planes of Chaos, there was a feeling that everything (beyond the obvious) was not quite right. It was as though the hub of the wheel of the cosmos had tilted. Change that could not be known by the mind, but that could be sensed by the eye of the heart, had occurred.

The attached system is my proposed entity engine for exploring the dominion of Iron in these strangest of days since the elves returned from Ansylar. It is the fundamentals -- but I want to test its legs. Feedback is welcome. 

Ardanak: Dominion of Iron RPG System (LITE) BETAPrice: $1.50

Bloodheist Free Edition / $0.00

Bloodheist Free Edition / $0.00: Publisher: Graculus Droog

Bloodheist is a full tabletop RPG, presented in zine format. The pitch is simple: Dracula won, and the Undying Empire he built is ruled by immortal, squabbling vampire clans. You will play as a gang of criminals, hired by a powerful vampire to steal a valuable object from a rival. Human or undead, your characters are outsiders, unaffiliated with any one Great House, hired for the jobs that can't be traced back to your employer.

The game uses a simple d6-based ruleset, where the core resolution mechanic sees players accumulate small dice pools and attempt to roll at least one six. All rolls are player-facing, leaving the GM free to concentrate on providing humour, thrills, and suspense. The system is light, flexible, and easy to teach, perfect for one-shots or quick campaigns. 

Inside the free edition of the zine you will find:

  • An introduction to the Undying Empire - Bloodheist's comedic, gothic setting. 
  • Complete rules of play.
  • Character generation procedures for human and vampire Thieves.
  • Six Professions - Thief archetypes, each with their own set of unique tools and skills.
  • Twelve Rituals - the supernatural blood-magics that can aid your Thief in strange and horrible ways.
  • A full suit of Follies - manias that are inflicted on your Thief when things don't go to plan.
  • The Secrets system, which gives the Thieves secret agendas and objectives through the use of a deck of playing cards. 
For more content, including GM guidance and a pre-written heist, The Crimson Countess, purchase the full edition of Bloodheist

The zine is fully illustrated by Lewis Garvey, in midnight black, corpse white, and glorious, gory red. 

Bloodheist Free EditionPrice: $0.00

Sentient Circuits / $5.00

Sentient Circuits / $5.00: Publisher: Sentient Circuits

Sentient Circuits is a Tabletop RPG set in the far future where humanity has spread far and wide from its home, Old Earth. There have been waves of expansion but the most recent has been fueled by the advent of the Android 500 years prior to the era in which Sentient Circuits takes place. It was such a revolutionary event that the year is recorded as A-500. Humanity finds itself in the midst of an ideological struggle with the Old Colonies in an uneasy peace with Old Earth and its Commercial Colonies. But it is not just the old ideologies that vie for control of the future. The Androids, humanity's children, are speaking up and bringing new perspective to old conflicts. Some look to inherent the Earth and others simply to be left alone. Others are protective of humanity and others wish to control humans as humans controlled them in their contract days. Players of Sentient Circuits find themselves as Androids in this turbulent time. Androids are powered by the Plant within them, an unstable immensely powerful generator core that requires advanced predictive algorthims and powerful circuitry to contain. It was this pursuit for a machine that could harness the Plants properly that led to the emergence of general artificial intelligence. Having not been planned for and been built for no purpose but to survive, these AI do just that. Survive. And in the intervening 500 years they have thrived. Given the unparalleled power of the Androids they are feared by many, worshiped by some, and rarely produced. Androids are unlike your typical heroes. Given the vast power they wield, failure is optional. Should you push your Plant hard enough, you can perform miracles. Do the impossible. But this can come at great personal cost. Given that you can do anything, there is only one question... What will you do with the power of the Plant

Sentient CircuitsPrice: $5.00

Rogues: A Blackguards RPG / $4.99

Rogues: A Blackguards RPG / $4.99: Publisher: Outland Entertainment

The world is a mess. A blackguard just needs to game the system.

Whether it’s outrunning the city guard, pilfering a wizard’s tower, or running the long con on a dastardly noble, these mission hooks invite players to navigate the world on the other side of the law, whether for noble purposes or to weigh their own purses. Using the Tombpunk engine, a high-octane, high-action system with a rules-light approach, the Blackguards RPG encourages foul play.

Go ahead.

We won’t tell.

But we can’t guarantee the same for your party members. In this game, there’s no honor among blackguards.

Rogues: A Blackguards RPGPrice: $4.99

Cowgirls vs Zombies / $9.99

Cowgirls vs Zombies / $9.99: Publisher: Total Party Skills

Cowgirls vs Zombies is a complete roleplaying game for One-Shot Adventures and Short Campaigns where players take on the roles of women on the American Frontier, forced to survive in the face of a zombie outbreak in the Colorado Territories of 1866.

Rules are provided for gameplay, Character Creation, and a detailed look at Ghosts and how they go about possessing the living and the dead, as well as a variety of other supernatural menaces from the Shadow Zone!

Cowgirls vs Zombies is compatible with both Amazon Time Barbarians, and Ghosts of the Shadow Zone, to provide a glimpse into the horrors of the Old American West. Open-ended gameplay allows Game Masters and Players to either run a quick and dirty shoot-em-up as our Cowgirl heroes fight their way out of Zombie-infested Denver, or the adventure can be stretched out over multiple sessions, should the Players choose to find a way to end the Zombie plague, and save their afflicted families and friends.

Cowgirls vs Zombies uses the Total Party Skills rules system, an OSR-inspired variant of the skill-based rules popular in the 90's.

Cowgirls vs ZombiesPrice: $9.99

Rocket Cadets in the 11th Dimension / $14.99

Rocket Cadets in the 11th Dimension / $14.99: Publisher: Total Party Skills

Rocket Cadets in the 11th Dimension! is a complete Campaign Setting with rules for Character Creation and gameplay, compatible with other Total Party Skills games like Amazon Time Barbarians and Escape from Planet Matriarchy.

Game Masters take on the role of Cadet Instructor, and design the Rocketship used by your Players' Cadet Characters as they are sent hurtling into the 11th Dimension, to find a way to stop an interdimensional invasion of Earth by ancient alien races, and find a way home to the 25th Century!

Players can take on the roles of 25th Century NASA Cadets from one of several worlds in the Solar System, or they can even play one of several alien species that dwell in the mysterious 11th Dimension...

Vintage Action-Serial Adventure awaits in this complete Pulp Style tabletop role playing game, which utilizes a non-d20 OSR inspired skill-based rules system designed with the 90's gamer in mind. 

Rocket Cadets in the 11th DimensionPrice: $14.99

New Arrivals / $2.00

New Arrivals / $2.00: Publisher: Back Burner Games

The maternity wing at St. Nicholas Medical Center is one of the best anywhere, and it's usually packed with new births every single day. The EZBirth section of the maternity wing is more like a resort than a hospital—all the new parents who pay the premium rate get their own private room with 2 beds, have designated visiting hours with their children, and spend the rest of their time on a small, contained vacation as part of the first 2 weeks of maternity leave.

So while the parents are enjoying themselves, you and the other babies have plenty of time to mingle, get to know one another, and plot all sorts of shenanigans.

NEW ARRIVALS is a rules-light one-page RPG uses only 2 6-sided dice, and is perfect for comedy-action one-shot sessions that turn the mundane on its ear. 

New ArrivalsPrice: $2.00

The Angels Burned / $1.00

The Angels Burned / $1.00: Publisher: Sorceress of Inspiration

Gods were real. Their angels were the only thing between us and the world of demons. Now they're all dead, and demons are ravaging our world. Will you fend off the fiendish menace or die trying?

The Angels Burned is an 800-word RPG system that is simple enough for veterans and newcomers alike. All it requires is a six-sided die, some pencils and paper, and creativity. The suggested setting is an apocalyptic Earth overrun with demons, but you can easily bend these rules to fit any short campaign or one-shot.

The Angels BurnedPrice: $1.00

Bloodheist / $4.99

Bloodheist / $4.99: Publisher: Graculus Droog

Bloodheist is a full tabletop RPG, presented in zine format. The pitch is simple: Dracula won, and the Undying Empire he built is ruled by immortal, squabbling vampire clans. You will play as a gang of criminals, hired by a powerful vampire to steal a valuable object from a rival. Human or undead, your characters are outsiders, unaffiliated with any one Great House, hired for the jobs that can't be traced back to your employer.

The game uses a simple d6-based ruleset, where the core resolution mechanic sees players accumulate small dice pools and attempt to roll at least one six. All rolls are player-facing, leaving the GM free to concentrate on providing humour, thrills, and suspense. The system is light, flexible, and easy to teach, perfect for one-shots or quick campaigns. 

Inside the zine you will find:

  • An introduction to the Undying Empire - Bloodheist's comedic, gothic setting. 
  • Complete rules of play.
  • Character generation procedures for human and vampire Thieves.
  • Six Professions - Thief archetypes, each with their own set of unique tools and skills.
  • Twelve Rituals - the supernatural blood-magics that can aid your Thief in strange and horrible ways.
  • A full suit of Follies and Dooms - manias and curses that are inflicted on your Thief when things don't go to plan.
  • The Secrets system, which gives the Thieves secret agendas and objectives through the use of a deck of playing cards.
  • A solid serving of GM guidance, helping create memorable heists, characters, and twists for your players.
  • Random dice tables for sparking ideas - locations, valuable objects, NPCs, and more.
  • A sample heist - The Crimson Countess - in which the players embark on a daring train robbery.

Also included: a copy of Penny De Redful's Scandal Sheet. Penny De Redful is one of the Undying Empire's premier wagging tongues, and her Scandal Sheet is the most talked-about publication in vampire Society. Penny's venomous screeds are presented as an in-universe document, filled with scurrilous stories that enterprising GMs can use as the seeds for heists.

The zine is fully illustrated by Lewis Garvey, in midnight black, corpse white, and glorious, gory red. 

BloodheistPrice: $4.99