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Sunday 30 June 2019

There's A Ghost In This Silence [Free]

There's A Ghost In This Silence [Free]: What can you hear in your quietest moments?

There's A Ghost In This Silence

Example of Play, A Role-Playing Game. [Free]

Example of Play, A Role-Playing Game. [Free]: A short RPG for the sea to play.

Example of Play, A Role-Playing Game.

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place [Free]

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place [Free]: A tabletop story game for two players about temporary hearing loss

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place



Publisher: Hanging Lantern LLP

A collaborative storytelling game that seat 5-12 players and takes about an hour to play.

In an old high school, in the back corner of a hallway that goes nowhere, there is a birdcage full of Nightingales. It has stood there for as long as anyone can remember; students pass the hallway without paying much attention, but the birds long to help those they see in need.

Sometimes, a Student, looking for a quiet place to be alone with their feelings, will duck into the secluded hallway, and confess their woes to the cage as the Nightingales listen. The Students speak a few sad words to their own introspection, their facial expressions visible to the Nightingales that watch tenderly from inside the cage. Their little hearts yearn to encourage the young Students, and they are eager to help.

The Nightingales work together using their individual limited vocabulary of known human words to deliver advice, inspiration, and support. Sometimes the Nightingales’ combined song is just what the Student needed to hear, but other times the Nightingales are not able to get the message together in time and have to sadly watch the human walk away. Regardless, the Nightingales remain ever vigilant to assist any Student in need.

In the game, the player representing the Student will face the cage of Nightingales and express their dilemma. The Nightingales, always willing to help the struggling Student, will try and piece together a song to the help the Student. It is important in this game to remember how you say something (intonation, emphasis, cadence, etc...) is just as important as word choice for the Nightingales.

During the game, each player will play the Student once and spend the rest of the game rounds playing as a Nightingale.

Price: $15.00

OUB Core: Beta Playtest

OUB Core: Beta Playtest:

OUB Core: Beta Playtest
Publisher: Planarian

OUB Core is the rules set that powers Wandrils, a fantasy role-playing game setting in which players take on the role of skeletal amnesiacs struggling to adapt or escape from their exile in Oub; a mysterious extradimensional prison. This book focuses on how to use the rules developed for Wandrils in other fantasy settings on your own terms. It will only barely touch on the details of the Wandrils setting as not to spoil any secrets or changes your group may make to it.

OUB Core is adapted from classic fantasy RPG rules that are easy to pick up for new gamers and familiar to experienced ones. Most actions boil down to rolling as high as you can on a 20-sided die. The most prominent features all involve providing more fun and meaningful choices to players, as below:

  • Engaging combat: as combatants pass their next turns to each other, your turn can come at any time (p.30). Move? Attack? Cast a spell? Block a foe’s attack? Rally back into action? Grapple? Guard an ally? You have a rich array of options to enjoy.
  • Opt-in complications: gamble with the drama of adding good or bad twists to your Tests with Gambits (p.12). You choose when to place yourself at the mercy of your dice.
  • Creative characters: you decide where your character’s talents lie, what their skills are called, and what special perks they have to set them apart in their niche (p.14).
  • Drama support: enjoy scenes that are not all about fighting with a focus on social actions, chases, stealth, and even the benefits of fellowship with your allies.
  • Flexible magic: magic is available and viable for nearly all character concepts (p.50). How it is cast and what powers it is easily modified to fit a variety of different settings.
  • Conceptual Experience: decide for yourself what your own character did that earned them their rewards to advance in power.
This version is a “Beta Playtest,” so those who send in helpful and constructive feedback to the links provided earlier may be credited in the final version. Inside these pages rests an awful lot of public domain art and rules that have survived only some playtesting. Later versions will have far more content, examples of play, original art, and fancier layout and editing.

With your help, it could be amazing!

Price: $1.00

Neon Gardens

Neon Gardens:

Neon Gardens
Publisher: Raphael Lima

Cyberpunks inhabit a world twenty minutes into the future, dedicating their lives to the eternal struggle against the System, represented by corporations: multinational conglomerates of companies powerful enough to dictate their own laws, control nations, and manipulate the world economy. In this game, the characters help their communities fighting as soldiers in a shadow war between rival corporations, performing missions to several powerful groups — including the corporations themselves — as a way to gain power, contacts, and resources to create a tomorrow where human life has more value than stock exchange shares.

Price: $1.00

Scorched Earth: New Beginnings ^

Scorched Earth: New Beginnings: Click here to view Scorched Earth: New Beginnings

A Post Apocalyptic World Building Tabletop Roleplay Game - [currently £6 (0%) of £10,000 goal]

Scorched Earth: New Beginnings -- Kicktraq Mini

James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs June 2019 part 1

A veteran game designer and one of the best GMs in the business pick out a clutch of freshly released roleplaying games from the dozens released each month.

James & Lloyd pick a batch of new roleplaying games released in June.

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New games

Mana Burners

Guardians of Aimsir


Icarus: How Great Civilizations Fall

Tales of the Magical West

vs. Pirates
vs. Empire
vs. Mars
vs. Mirror shades


Lanterns on the Dock

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Het Tijdschrift

Het Tijdschrift:

Het Tijdschrift
Publisher: Angry Hamster Publishing

Het Tijdschrift
The Journal

This game starts with a journal.

You are the descendant of a heroine of the Dutch resistance in WW2. After the war she was not honoured, she was given no medal, she was afforded no celebration, but her spirit lives on in the people who she saved and het tijdschrift (the journal). Read her memoirs, tell her story, and have her deeds live on through you.

This PDF is all you need to play Het Tijdschrift - a GM-less storytelling game about Dutch Resistance heroines. It provides fully functioning mechanics and printable journal pages to use in your game.

Players: 3-5

GM: None

Time: 3 hours

Items:A few six-sided, pencils/pens, a notebook or the notebook pages included in the PDF
Price: $6.99

No, I'm the chosen one!

No, I'm the chosen one!:

No, I'm the chosen one!
Publisher: Wannabe Games

No, I'm the chosen one! is Wannabe Games newest Gm-less, competitive, story-driven game that only requires D6 to play. Players go on an adventure while competing to embody a prophecy that will declare them the chosen one. Throw narrative twists, slip opponents death dice, and use the council of fates to your advantage to cast away the heretics you game with!

This game was created live on Twitch (with some editing later on) on 6/23 by Alexander Sprague and Jessica Geyer of Wannabe Games. We are working on flexing our creative muscles and making new fun things for people. Follow us on twitter @jawska and @kittycrusade and drop us a suggestion for a game idea. We make something new every Sunday!

Price: $0.00



Publisher: Moonhop Games


24 pages of concise, light rules for character generation and gameplay.

Moonhop is a solid foundation to use with any ratio of Fantasy to Science Fiction. Whether you like cyborgs, wizards, or cyborg wizards, Moonhop provides core mechanics to wrap your world around.


  • Lightning-Fast Character Generation: start playing immediately

  • Player Advice: in the shape of a lamp

  • 43 Gonzo Science Fantasy Player Races: Technicolor Humans rub elbows with Sharklings and Gargoyles

  • 72 Player Failed Careers: Space Pilots bewilder Astrologers and Cowboys

  • Fast, Decisive Combat: fits on one page

  • Death and Dismemberment tables: remind your players that a fair fight is a lost fight

  • Magic fueled by Wizard Teeth: spiral inevitably toward Doom

  • Simple, Robust Hexcrawl Rules

  • Simple, Realistic Orbital Travel Rules: travel from Moon to Moon (to “Moonhop,” if you will)

  • Hireling Rules: support for large squads

  • Mech Rules: for Cathedral-Sized Constructs

Price: $2.99



Publisher: EOD Enterprises


ConCept is designed to let a GM and a group of players sit down and game without anything more than a strong idea of the game they want to play and a couple of D10.

It leans heavily on the idea that genres and tropes can easily create an atmosphere and environment where the action takes place.

ConCept provides a loose framework to create characters and resolve challenges.

The Players contribute to the game as much as the GM.

The GM brings the strong story idea and a genre / set of tropes and the Players buy-in, build their characters and run with it.

It’s a collaborative affair based on the idea of a shared gaming experience that is fun and easy to construct.

Once you read it through, you’ll see how easy it is to run and play.

It really is ludicrously simple.

ConCept is a low / no prep game.

It springs from the minds of the Players and the GM once they sit down and decide what genre of game they want to play.

A solid story idea from the GM and a willingness to engage from the Players drives the game.

2D10 are used for the resolution mechanic, which is a single roll incorporating success / failure and crits in both.

ConCept can be an ideal way to introduce people to gaming, though you’ll need a GM with gaming experience to do this as they will guide and drive the game.

ConCept is also a fantastic game to roll out at a games convention when you have no time for prep and some Players that need a game. A captive audience never hurts any game!

Thank You: Thanks must go to Max Bantleman and the good-folk of ConDamned, a gaming convention in Amsterdam, NL, for kicking my butt and encouraging me to get ConCept out there.

Price: $0.00

Witcher: Easy Mode

Witcher: Easy Mode:

Witcher: Easy Mode
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.

The world doesn’t need a hero...

It needs a professional.

The Continent is locked in a brutal war and monsters once again roam the land. A million stories of love, loss, revenge, greed, and glory play out against this grim backdrop. Which one will be yours?

With streamlined and easy-to-understand rules, pregenerated characters, and a ready to run adventure, this booklet provides everything a group needs to leap right into the dark and dangerous world of The Witcher.

Be careful and remember, keep your wits and your swords sharp.

Price: $0.00



Publisher: Karl Michael Gorman

A chivalric combat game, ideally for two players but with alternate rules for solo.

The winner reads aloud one of 36 different victory poems at the end.

Set in a medieval era where – due to geological and sociological matters – there are twice as many knights as there was in our world. Jousting tournaments are ripe, plentiful and highly regarded.

This is technically a card game, but with an RPG feel to it.

Price: $4.00

Deeds, not Words

Deeds, not Words:

Deeds, not Words
Publisher: Hardcore Narrativist

This is a three-player, GM-less game about a small group of activists against a powerful adversary. The inspiration prompts and the background information is based on the English suffragettes in the 1910s, but the same mechanics can be used for any other activist group that uses a combination of communication, sabotage, and physical confrontation to reach their goals, including fictional activists like eg. a group of hackers in a cyberpunk dystopia.

The game takes around three hours to play and features a mix of slice-of-life scenes depicting the everyday life of the protagonists, and how they bond; and action scenes depicting the sometimes violent clashes with the police, politicians, and other opponents of women's suffrage.

Price: $0.00

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place:

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place
Publisher: Blue Golem Publishing

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place is a tabletop roleplaying game about temporary hearing loss.

It’s a condition I’m often subjected to, and it’s a pain in the bum. It’s isolating, frustrating, joyless and sometimes painful. This is true for the people around me as well as myself.

I don’t pretend that this condition is anything like permanent or total hearing loss, or that this game accurately portrays what even my condition is like. But it’s meant politely to develop empathy. So that’s where we’re coming from.

You can play this by yourself, or with a partner. You'll play a character who's suffered temporary hearing loss. Your partner will play everything else.

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place is the first of a series of shortform story games written by Marcus Shepherd of Blue Golem Games. It's complete, but feedback and reviews are invaluable for any future development.

Cover image: “Tidens naturlære" (Nature of time) 1903 by Poul la Cour, Ill. 40. Available at: commons.wikimedia.org.

Price: $5.08



Publisher: LegacyRP

A Role Playing Game set in the distant future.

Price: $1.00



Publisher: The Logbook Project

The year is 270 AD. The Roman emperor Gothicus is dead of the Plague. The great general Aurelian had been chosen and been made ready to succeed the emperor, which would have been great if he hadn’t died hours before Gothicus, vanquishing barbarians in the Haemus Mountains. Those fool senators in Rome elevated the former emperor’s brother Quintillus to the office, but he has not the skill, influence, or will to do the job well. It is up to you, the high command of the imperial army, to pluck your next leader from your camp in the city of Sirmium.

If this were any other decade, maybe things would not be so urgent. The West seceded and formed the Gallic Kingdom, and the East is under the sway of the merchant empire of Palmyra, forming a wall between you and the warmongering Persians. In the South, the fields of Africa that keep you fed are defenseless, and it is all you can do to hold the North against the barbarian Germans. The cries of usurpers break out on a yearly basis.

If you choose wrong, you might lose even more - even Rome is not safe these days. But if you choose right, then maybe, just maybe...
You might be able to take it all back.

Diadem is a game about a succession crisis in the Roman Empire. It fits on the front and back of a single page, and is about desperation, fear, ambition, and petty squabbling and maneuvering in a time when only unity can save the Empire. Though historical, no prior knowledge of Rome necessary!

It is a GMless game for exactly 5 players. IT can work with 4, but it’s really better with 5. Loosely inspired by Ben Lehman's Amidst Endless Quiet.

Diadem is a sibling project to In The Court Of The Poison King, another historical fiction game about a power struggle in the classical era. They will eventually be collected together with a third game to form the Roman-themed anthology Antiquity.

Price: $7.00

Bury Our Treasure [Free]

Bury Our Treasure [Free]: An icebreaker tabletop game of learning what we love

Bury Our Treasure

Far As the Sea [$3.00]

Far As the Sea [$3.00]: Three games for wandering souls

Far As the Sea

M8ey [Free]

M8ey [Free]: A micro-rpg of pirates resolving a domestic dispute by text


The Flower Floats Down the River [Free]

The Flower Floats Down the River [Free]: A ritual for letting go of lost love

The Flower Floats Down the River

GooseFellas [Free]

GooseFellas [Free]: A game most fowl



WET CIGARETTE [Free]: embracing the end of something special


The Gambit [Free]

The Gambit [Free]: A heist game for 3+ players

The Gambit

Objection! [Free]

Objection! [Free]: A courtcase drama game for 2-4 players.


Within/Without [Free]

Within/Without [Free]: A world generation game for 2-5 players.


Happy Campers [Free]

Happy Campers [Free]: A Summer Camp TTRPG for Three or More Players

Happy Campers

The Floor Is [$2.00]

The Floor Is [$2.00]: A roleplay game about the strategic and cutthroat nature of the game 'The Floor Is Lava'

The Floor Is

Just Fucking Die [Free]

Just Fucking Die [Free]: A game about a murderer trying to kill an immortal

Just Fucking Die

this completely dark place [Free]

this completely dark place [Free]: a build-as-you-go exploratory adventure game for two to seven players

this completely dark place

You, an Astronaut [$6.00]

You, an Astronaut [$6.00]: a game for one player adrift in space

You, an Astronaut

You Hold the Thread [Free]

You Hold the Thread [Free]: A game about empowerment through introspection

You Hold the Thread

Vestalia [$2.00]

Vestalia [$2.00]: It is that time of the year: time to thank the donkeys and adjust budget.


Thursday 27 June 2019

The Mice-Men of Mirewald [Free]

The Mice-Men of Mirewald [Free]: A hack of "Lasers and Feelings" and "Mouse Guard"

The Mice-Men of Mirewald

Casino Locale [Free]

Casino Locale [Free]: Break the bank at this shabby gaming establishment in rural Oklahoma

Casino Locale

Crash [Free]

Crash [Free]: A 1-Hour Game About Love and Hopelessness for 2 People


Rainbow World [$2.00]

Rainbow World [$2.00]: A short collaborative world-building tabletop game using a candy currency!

Rainbow World

Hidden Curriculum [$15.00]

Hidden Curriculum [$15.00]: A game about students and the teachers in their lives

Hidden Curriculum

Neon Black [$10.00]

Neon Black [$10.00]: Save yourself and steal from the rich in this cyberpunk rpg.

Neon Black


RUTHLESS [Free]: Exact great, terrible vengeance on those who betrayed you.


Roller Rink Redux [Free]

Roller Rink Redux [Free]: a game about revisiting things that scared you as a closeted queer middle schooler

Roller Rink Redux

Luminous Looming [$5.00]

Luminous Looming [$5.00]:

Luminous Looming

what do you have to be sorry for [Free]

what do you have to be sorry for [Free]: a small storytelling physical game

what do you have to be sorry for

Romantic [$3.00]

Romantic [$3.00] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux] [Android]: System Neutral Microgames for Asexual Characters


Homecomers [Free]

Homecomers [Free]: A game about haunted houses, and the things you don't want to inherit


Deeds, not Words [Free]

Deeds, not Words [Free]: A story game about the suffragettes

Deeds, not Words

One Email [Free]

One Email [Free]: A game about the power of communication

One Email

Heaven Nor Hell [$3.00]

Heaven Nor Hell [$3.00]: A storytelling game about the relationship between two immortals split

Heaven Nor Hell

Roots & Wings [Free]

Roots & Wings [Free]: A storytelling game about 2 generations of a family, for 2-4 players

Roots & Wings