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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Thursday 31 January 2019

James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs January 2019

If you were swamped by the wave of new indie rpgs in January then never fear: James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to!

James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs January 2019:

More than 50 new indie tabletop roleplaying games are released every month. I want to keep up with one of the most exciting areas in tabletop gaming, but I don't know which of these games I should give a look (let alone buy or even play!). So I asked two friends for help. James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan are two of the UK's most dedicated indie roleplayers and, every month, they go through every new indie rpg and tell me (and now the world) what's caught their eye from the new games listed in the Indie RPG Pipeline ( theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.com )

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Wednesday 30 January 2019

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game: Click here to view Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game

An all-new tabletop roleplaying game system based in the exciting world of Sentinel Comics! - [currently $87,067 (174%) of $50,000 goal]

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Reach of Titan

Reach of Titan: Click here to view Reach of Titan

An RPG about fighting larger than life creatures, and the struggles to survive their world. - [currently $5,164 (52%) of $10,000 goal]

Reach of Titan -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 29 January 2019

#RPGSpree 4 - Rumours and Riches by uncannydice

#RPGSpree 4 - Rumours and Riches by uncannydice:

They're coming. Those in charge make their preparations, their plans, but it won't be enough. But you cling to hope, because you believe in the legends and hearsay, and they might just be enough to save you. Be quick, they're coming.

Rumours & Riches is a framework for telling stories that revolve around finding a legendary hoard in order to stop an encroaching horde that will destroy your way of life.

It's designed to fit over the top of another game, but you could also play it by itself.

#RPGSpree 3 - Embellished by uncannydice

#RPGSpree 3 - Embellished by uncannydice:

A part game, a story creating game, a game about turning something simple into something amazing.

It's about building together, it's about being oblique and keeping people guessing.

It's about sharing a story, and its creation. About a cast of characters, and a mythos that grows around it.

Have fun.

Heavy Like a Witch by uncannydice

Heavy Like a Witch by uncannydice:

Inspired by https://allthemwitches.bandcamp.com/album/our-mother-electricity

Bloodhounds on your tail, you burst into Town. You are Witches, whatever that means. You decide what that means.

Build it, break it, absorb it, take that feeling home.

A story game exploring game-as-a-metaphor, multiple characters, self-antagonism, and back to the metaphor again.

#RPG Spree 2 - Mything Persons by uncannydice

#RPG Spree 2 - Mything Persons by uncannydice:

Mything Persons: Fighting fate and destiny for fun and profit in postmodern Britain

Part of my #RPGSpree challenge, it's a short RPG. There's cards and some tokens, and the serpent of Fate ready to devour the unwary.

Not a lot by way of setting, 'cause it's best to site it in your neck of the woods, and you'll know the myths of those places better than I!

Image font is Wyld by David Manthey, http://www.orbitals.com/books/tps/index.html

#RPGSpree 1 - The Rotted Heart by uncannydice

#RPGSpree 1 - The Rotted Heart by uncannydice:

The order has abandoned its ideals; can the faithful redeem it, and themselves?

The Order of the Emerald Wing, that venerable institution, has turned its back in the principles it is sworn to uphold.

Can the players' characters turn it back into a force for good? Can they limit the harm it is doing? Can they do so with a clean conscience?

Find out in this lightweight tabletop RPG.

Sunday 27 January 2019

Kaigaku Second Edition Playtest

Kaigaku Second Edition Playtest:

Kaigaku Second Edition Playtest
Publisher: Thunderegg Productions

It's finally here! This is the freeplaytest for the second edition of our Kaigaku RPG. Set in a rich samurai world, Kaigaku allows players to be deadly ninja, charismatic courtiers, powerful bushi or mysterious ascetics.

This is a complete standalone game that uses the Stars Without Number Revised rules. This file is currently fairly printer-friendly, with a few placeholder pieces of art, including only a couple with background color.

It comes with everything that you need to be able to play, including dozens of brand new Stars Without Number Foci, here called Techniques. There are also options for playing as a Henjin, a mysterious animal shapeshifter, or their half-human offspring.

This title is free, but I'm making it available as a pay-what-you-want title in case you feel like helping out with the initial development.

Also, please check out the Kaigaku subreddit at www.reddit.com/r/KaigakuRPG.

Here's what's coming in the next update: Rules for courtly influence and social combat, codified status, and Honor Mechanics.

Price: $0.00

Thursday 24 January 2019



Publisher: Remi Permann

Feathers is a game about fallen angels looking for meaning and comfort in our world, using Avery Alder's Belonging Outside Belonging system. It's diceless, GMless, intimate, and very, very queer, for 3-4 players, designed to be played in a single session.
Price: $7.00

Song of Swords Core Rulebook

Song of Swords Core Rulebook:

Song of Swords Core Rulebook
Publisher: Opaque Industries

Song of Swords is a dark, low-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that focuses on lethal, tactical combat, with a library of arms and armor inspired by real history.

In combat and through roleplay, your character’s choices and preparedness have immediate impact and severe consequences in Song of Swords. The game uses a dice pool system that only requires d10s. With a detailed wounds system, and the freedom to decide exactly where and how you attack, combat is a thrilling, and often deadly dance.

Inspired by themes and cultures of real-world history, Song of Swords takes place on the continent of Vosca, within the Tattered Realms. It is a rich setting filled with familiar fantasy elements, but below the surface, a dark and sinister world awaits.

The game caters to all players, no matter your campaign or character: play soldiers or gritty mercenaries in historical campaigns, or shrewd sorcerers and cunning elves in high- or low-fantasy campaigns!

Characters that act according to their core nature, pursuing their goals, are rewarded for their efforts and are able to advance their martial proficiency, abilities, and skills. This makes advancement a more rewarding experience than grinding through hordes of enemies.

Price: $19.99

Zorro: The Roleplaying Game

Zorro: The Roleplaying Game: Click here to view Zorro™: The Roleplaying Game

A swashbuckling and heroic roleplaying game using the brand new West End Games D6 2nd Edition system! - [currently $8,673 (58%) of $15,000 goal]

Zorro™: The Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

In Name Only: A Name-Based Fantasy RPG System

In Name Only: A Name-Based Fantasy RPG System: Click here to view In Name Only: A Name-Based Fantasy RPG System

A rules-light, storytelling RPG where your real, actual name is your destiny! Check out the actual game before you even back! #Make100 - [currently $226 (226%) of $100 goal]

In Name Only: A Name-Based Fantasy RPG System -- Kicktraq Mini

Noir World

Noir World:

Noir World
Publisher: johnadamus

Noir World is film noir, powered by the Apocalypse. In it players assume the roles of classic film noir tropes and characters, using a collaborative set of rules and mechanics to create their film experience.

Price: $25.00

Monday 21 January 2019

Aleph RPG - v. 1.4

Aleph RPG - v. 1.4:

Aleph RPG - v. 1.4
Publisher: Diego d'Andria

Aleph RPG is a complete Role-Playing Game system, released under Creative Commons license and thus freely usable for any purpose.

Aleph RPG includes everything you will ever need to set up your fantasy campaign, all in a single manual:

  • Its class-less design gives total freedom in creating your character exactly as your imagination wants it.
  • The spell-less magic system permits to invent magic spells on the fly (no more tedious long lists of spells!) and to unleash creativity as you adapt your magic based on the specific situation you are facing.
  • The scientific background of the author and his 25+ years experience with tabletop RPG games guarantee the highest standards in balancing every game situation.
  • In Aleph RPG the complexity of the rules can be scaled down easily to fit your preferred game style. They can even be scaled down on the spot to better support fast-paced action when it is needed.
  • Social skills are supported via a specific set of rules (you want to activate your contacts, make your influence count? Yes you can!).
  • Finally, its flexible design easily allows to use older settings books and adventures for other classical systems using rule sets that are based on the d20 die.
Price: $0.00

"Hearts in Antarctica" - a game on death and forgiveness

"Hearts in Antarctica" - a game on death and forgiveness: After a couple of expeditions in Antarctica, I started reading more about the past endeavors in the exploration of that wonderful continent. After some interesting findings, I wrote down this very simple game for 4-6 players about being stranded and facing certain death at the South Pole.


Would you be interested in reading it?



Wolfspell: Click here to view Wolfspell
Stalwart adventurers transmogrify themselves into wolves to settle a grim score in this tabletop RPG printed on a trifold LP jacket. - [currently $6,066 (40%) of $15,000 goal]
Wolfspell -- Kicktraq Mini

Friday 18 January 2019

Chthonian Highways – Beta Playtest Kit

Chthonian Highways – Beta Playtest Kit:

Chthonian Highways – Beta Playtest Kit
Publisher: Ironspine

Chthonian Highways

Chthonian Highways is a tabletop role-playing game set in a world where nightmarish creatures have ravaged the Earth and otherworldly landscapes have merged with ours. Strange, dreadful beings prowl in the shadows, and dangerous alien flora is taking over the green forests and grasslands. The few remnants of civilization are held together by the Chthonian highways – a web of roads that are still traversable by ground vehicles. The characters are dauntless road warriors who roam the cursed highways in their souped-up cars and motorcycles for as long as there is gasoline to keep the engines roaring.

The Beta Playtest Kit

Chthonian Highways is currently at its beta development stage and in open playtesting. The latest version is a fully playable version of the game including a brief description of the setting, rules, character creation, equipment, vehicles, monsters and NPCs, and two ready-to-play scenarios for 2 to 4 players.

Please note that this is not the final product. The game is still in development and some parts are still missing, lacking in content, and/or only partially proofread. It probably has some mistakes here and there too.

The World of Chthonian Highways

What we know now as the Reckoning started roughly twenty years ago. First, there were massive earthquakes like none we had ever seen before. The quakes were followed by tsunamis and the thick fog that rolled in from the sea. Millions of people were killed and lost in these natural disasters. At least we thought they were natural until the great sinkholes appeared and many cities collapsed into the deep chasms on the ground. Dense, foul-smelling steam poured out of these holes and people reported that they saw horrific creatures climbing out of the thick mist.

The earthquakes and the sinkholes of the Reckoning shattered most of the old roads and highways, but some were spared. The highways that are still good are used to transport people and goods through the wastelands between the settlements. While the cannibals and bandits often lie in wait along the roads, the roads are still safer and faster to travel than the badlands that are filled with unknown threats and abominable monstrosities.

The Road Warriors

The player characters are road warriors, brave men, and women who are willing to risk their lives on the chthonian highways for a cause or for worldly riches. Some road warriors are more like mercenaries or wasteland paladins on a quest, while others are more like traveling merchants or messengers trying to keep up people’s hopes.
Because death is always lurking on the chthonian highways, road warriors tend to form groups called convoys. The road warrior convoys are tightly knit groups with people, who are willing to give their lives for each other. Only by trusting your convoy, you can survive another day on the chthonian highways.

Price: $5.90

Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games

Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games: Click here to view Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games

Destination Danger is a pocket-sized role-playing adventure set in the 1930s. It can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone! - [currently $1,165 (29%) of $4,000 goal]

Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games -- Kicktraq Mini

Thursday 17 January 2019

Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG

Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG: Click here to view Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG

A high action, modern cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game set in a dystopian San Francisco - [currently £6,369 (64%) of £10,000 goal]

Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Vulcania Role-playing Game

Vulcania Role-playing Game: Click here to view Vulcania Role-playing Game

Vulcania is a tabletop roleplaying game full of action, conspiracies and investigation based on a new d12 System! - [currently €3,599 (14%) of €25,000 goal]

Vulcania Role-playing Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Rocket Jocks Blast into the Future

Rocket Jocks Blast into the Future:

Rocket Jocks Blast into the Future
Publisher: Anderian Designs Ltd

A vintage style unique Science Fiction RPG. Rocket Jocks aims to let you play in the lone Earth universe piloting a Spaceship - first exploring the void; or in one of Earth's mighty battle fleets. You can pilot your rocket ship, aim for the stars and embark on journeys to far planets without bothering about relativity, breathing the atmosphere or learning an alien language.

Price: $14.99

Monday 14 January 2019

Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon

Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon: Click here to view Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon

What would you sacrifice for power? Be the dragon and roar in this tabletop RPG corebook for the Modern RPG Universe! - [currently $121 (12%) of $1,000 goal]

Lex Draconis - Be The Dragon -- Kicktraq Mini

The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game

The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game: Click here to view The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game

A modern fantasy pen&paper RPG experience with an old school soul. Based on a roguelike computer game legend with a history of 27 years - [currently €255 (5%) of €5,000 goal]

The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Knight Medieval

Knight Medieval:

Knight Medieval
Publisher: Knighthelm

KNIGHT MEDIEVAL™ is a rules-lite microTRPG designed to be comprehended in one reading session and then played without the need of maps, dice or an assortment of rules heavy, library like supplements. This table top roleplaying game’s formula is quite simple: choose one Knighthood, acquire starting equipment and embark upon the Game Master’s Quest (which can be modeled from the very Knighthood selected by the player). Fans are encouraged to build their character without a character sheet and play whenever and wherever.

Price: $9.99

Dead Things: The RPG

Dead Things: The RPG:

Dead Things: The RPG
Publisher: DCS

Dead Things the RPG is the role playing game for the Dead Things Universe. Using the Microlite rules tweaked for the Dead Things story line you will be able to create a character with a detailed back ground.

Price: $0.10

Sunday 13 January 2019



Publisher: Grim & Perilous Studios

Zomworld is a modern day roleplaying game created by the power of your own mind. You and your friends will fight waves of the undead in far off countries or right in your back yard. The only way to win is to keep living.

The game is ran by a Game Master or GM. The GM creates the world you will interact in and more or less turns the reigns over to the players. The players then journey into the world making decisions that affect the world around them.

This book, The Zomworld Field Guide, as everything you need to create your avatar in the game; the choices are endless. This field guide will explain the rules of combat, as well as, a list of equipment that you will need to take on the undead.

This book also includes guidelines for GMing a Zomworld game. So that you can learn to create a world that your players will have hours of enjoy in…or not.

All creatures living and not can be found in this book as well. So you are able to play the game in its entirety without the hassle of book collecting.

Price: $1.00



Publisher: Noble Creature RPG

In the universe of Mecha, it is up to the pilot to decide what path they shall take.

Will they press ever forward with an iron fist? Sacrificing the many for their own personal goals.

Or, will they cross the stars with a benevolent hand?

Giving out what resources they have in hopes of changing the world they stand upon

one good act at a time.

Only time will tell.


"Tsu-Gua! Where are you?!" Lydia Kane knew that time was short, her Mecha was

destroyed, she was injured, and her companion was nowhere she could see.

They had tried their best, but it wasn't enough. Fighting the IPF was a fool’s errand but they

Had gotten further than most. Dragging herself to her feet, she started stumbling towards

The gates of her old Headquarters. The least she could do, was kill a few more.

Price: $24.99

World of AEIOUS: The Quickstarter Set

World of AEIOUS: The Quickstarter Set:

World of AEIOUS: The Quickstarter Set
Publisher: RAdV Creatives

The Quickstarter Set opens up the basic elements of the game, specially for new players, as you immerse yourself in this new game.

Learn the basics, master the initial stages, and evolve your characters into much more powerful versions when you start expanding your library of skills, powers, abilities, and more.

The Quickstarter Set will help you begin your adventure in AEIOUS and serve as a launch pad towards the more advanced core books without the extra spend. 

Discover the basics and get yourself into a quick and strong start!


The World of AEIOUS is a role-playing game inspired by the fast paced action of DBZ and others that it inspired throughout the years. It is designed with an original fantasy world, distinctive races and classes, grand powers, skills, and abilties, supported by a host of legends and stories, and a fighting system that will empower you to enjoy adventuring in old and new settings; using magic, technology, luck and everything that you can get your hands into.

Prove your mastery as you develop your character's powers, abilities, and techniques in this brave and bold world. Strive to become a master, endure to become a legend, and maybe you might get a whiff of immortality.

Fight other powerful warriors, defeat monsters, discover new lands, and prove your worth in this new adventure game. Create your own story and become part of the mythos of the world.

Enter the World of AEIOUS.


Purchase the Quickstarter Set and get links to big discounts when you decide to upgrade to the advanced Core Books.

Price: $9.50

Saturday 12 January 2019

Land Under the Flames: Volcanopunk Roleplaying Game

Land Under the Flames: Volcanopunk Roleplaying Game: Click here to view Land Under the Flames: Volcanopunk Roleplaying Game

A Storytelling game blending deep battle tactics and heroic sagas in our completely unique RPG system. - [currently $191 (1%) of $16,000 goal]
Land Under the Flames: Volcanopunk Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Station Keepers

Station Keepers: Click here to view Station Keepers

Game development for Sci-Fi adventure RPG Station Keepers - [currently $41 (41%) of $100 goal]
Station Keepers -- Kicktraq Mini

The Bone Marshes: A Hex-Mapping Adventure About Getting Lost

The Bone Marshes: A Hex-Mapping Adventure About Getting Lost: Click here to view The Bone Marshes: A Hex-Mapping Adventure About Getting Lost

A tabletop RPG adventure packed with mapping and navigation challenges. - [currently $527 (21%) of $2,500 goal]
The Bone Marshes: A Hex-Mapping Adventure About Getting Lost -- Kicktraq Mini

In the Halls of Power

In the Halls of Power:

In the Halls of Power
Publisher: Dragon Trove LLC

Over the many iterations of the “original fantasy role playing game”, there have been a good many rules systems written to simulate the political aspects of the game, such as war, the conquest and rule of a barony, kingdom, or other political realm, making alliances, building Provinces, etc. Some of the better known were Birthright©, for Second Edition, which had many clever innovations, such as its card-based warfare system, and Eden Odyssey’s Fields of Blood: The Book of War, for Third Edition, which took a very 3rd ed., “difficulty class” approach to the problem.

However, these systems and others like them all took very similar approaches to the “original fantasy role playing system” politics in the following sense: they were based on the ruler (the player character) issuing orders, usually on a seasonal or monthly basis, then possibly paying out money, and rolling dice to see what happens. Sometimes these systems worked well, other times not so much. However, they all shared a certain abstraction that really was not in the spirit of the role playing genre.

What follows is a role playing game of politics and intrigue, of negotiation, backstabbing and war, that is more based on the conventions of role playing gaming than of board gaming abstractions. In the Halls of Power© is a system that allows the ruler to role play his character’s political actions, as he does with the other aspects of his character’s life.
In the Halls of Power© seeks to achieve this by using the convention of the dungeon adventure, common to most role playing games, somewhat modified, to represent political accommodation and strife. Thus, instead of a dismal dungeon, haunted with monsters and the restless spirits of the dead, the Player Character Noble walks the Halls of Power in the Imperial Palace: more gaily painted and brightly lit than the dungeon, but every bit as deadly. Here he seeks not enchanted swords and ancient gems, but the command of fleets and legions, the rulership of provinces (and the vast wealth that they command), titles, offices, and all the rights and privileges of the ruler. He fights enemies that use the tongue as a weapon more often than honest steel, and, when steel is drawn, it is often a blade in the dark tipped with poison.

Also included is a miniatures wargaming system that is, also, much more in line with the conventions of roleplaying than of board gaming.  Battles are fought out, but, as with all great historical and fictional epics, from the doomed victory of Arthur over Mordred at the Battle of Camlann, to that of the Holy League under Don Juan of Austria over the Ottoman fleet under Ali Pasha at Lepanto, to the final battle before the Black Gate that sealed the downfall of Sauron and the reign of Aragorn the great, epic military victories really focus around a critical juncture in the battle.  As the vast bloodbath rages around him, it is hero and villain, and a few loyal champions and guards who truly decide the struggle.

Price: $5.00

Delirium 1st Edition

Delirium 1st Edition:

Delirium 1st Edition
Publisher: S-15 Studios

Taking place after an event where half of humanity mysteriously vanished, step into the role of one of The Blessed. Imbued with strange powers, walk a world irreversibly changed, beset not only by the evils of man, but the evils of a world that is no longer what it used to be.

Using a poker-based card system, players use unique and mind-bending powers, skirting the edge of madness to protect the remaining human settlements.

Price: $2.00

Friday 11 January 2019



Publisher: Gildor Games

In space, there's nowhere to run...

A crew of researchers on a remote space station awaken in new bodies to discover that two weeks of their lives are missing. Time is running out as they must find out what happened to their previous selves--and deal with a looming threat.

Continuity is the classic scenario that launched Eclipse Phase, the roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror.

“An unholy and brilliantly-executed alliance of Altered Carbon, Alien and The Thing."

“Easily the highlight of that year’s Gen Con.”

This new version of Continuity expands on the original and adapts it to the ELEMENTAL game system, making it playable as a standalone, unforgettable one-shot. It contains eight pre-generated characters and an introduction to the incredible world of Eclipse Phase.

ELEMENTAL is a remarkably fast and flexible RPG for any character, any setting, any story. Go to the Gildor Games main page to see the expanding line of ELEMENTAL products. The Complete Guide (on sale until Sunday!) gives you everything you need to play, and the Discovery Guide lets you check out the game and even try it for free.

For more information about Eclipse Phase, please visit the Posthuman Studios page.

ELEMENTAL product covers

Price: $0.00

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Cepheus: Faster Than Light!

Cepheus: Faster Than Light!:

Cepheus: Faster Than Light!
Publisher: Stellagama Publishing

Whether exchanging laser fire with aliens across a cratered moonscape or pushing the speed of light in a shining spaceship, interstellar adventurers lead exciting lives. These minimalist rules allow you to experience these wondrous adventures without fuss or complication. They are perfect for convention play, pick-up games, or a beer-and-pretzels night when you roll dice and blow stuff up. They include everything you need to play: character generation, task checks, personal, vehicle, and starship combat, as well as the basic rules for interstellar travel.

Compatible with Cepheus Light, the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, and other OGL 2d6 sci-fi games.

Price: $3.00

Gishes & Goblins

Gishes & Goblins:

Gishes & Goblins
Publisher: Saelorn

You've played a lot of games before, about elven wizards going into dark caverns to vanquish dragons. Well, here's another one.

  • Nine races, including elves, halflings, and half-ogres!
  • Four classes, each with three sub-classes, from druid to warlord!
  • Forty-Two feat-like things, for further customization!
  • Eighteen skills!
  • Ninety-Eight spells, across seven ranks of spellcasting!
  • Forty-Five monsters, with simple guidelines to make more!
  • One, unified d20 mechanic, which you'll probably find familiar.
Real talk, though. Every one of these games has the same races, classes, and spells. Every game uses a slight variation on the same mechanics. You want to know what this game has, that others don't. Consider the following:

  • Simplified stats. You don't need to figure out the stat, then convert it to a modifier, and then never check the actual stat score again. You just add your whole stat, whenever it would be relevant!
  • Meaningful progression. You actually get better at defending yourself, at the same rate you get better at hitting!
  • Training matters more than your basic stats. A fighter who is trained in History will know more about history than a wizard who is not!
  • Low-level wizards have enough spell slots to feel useful, but there aren't any infinite-use cantrips that would make magic feel trivial!
  • Slower healing means you don't need to cram 6-8 combats into every single adventuring day, just for them to have some impact!
  • Monsters are actually capable of defending themselves. A boss monster can be a match for three same-level adventurers, all on its own!
Yes, it's another one of those games, but you haven't read this one yet! Maybe it will suit your own vision, as it suits mine. If nothing else, maybe it will give you some ideas for how to develop your own game!

Price: $7.00

Agents of Redcrosse

Agents of Redcrosse:

Agents of Redcrosse
Publisher: Near-Sighted Fellow Works

You are an Agent of Redcrosse, a clandestine operative in service to a shadowy organization hidden on Roanoke Island: the Redcrosse Collegium Obscurra. In the rapid expansion of turn-of-the-century America, industry and mystery collide, encouraging wild tales that threaten the unspoken truce between mortal and magickal worlds. Your mission is to chase down the source of these tales, mystic or mundane. Maintain balance, protect college interests and advance your own without the industrialized cattle of “civilization” ever knowing you were involved.

1-6 Players

Recommended ages 12+

Price: $6.00

Clockwork Depths

Clockwork Depths: Click here to view Clockwork Depths

Underwater themed steampunk Live Action & Table Top Role Playing Game. - [currently $0 (0%) of $9,800 goal]

Clockwork Depths -- Kicktraq Mini

Tragedies of Middle School

Tragedies of Middle School:

Tragedies of Middle School
Publisher: 9th Level Games

TRAGED13S OF MIDDLE SCHOOL is an anthology of tabletop role playing, story games, LARPs and other strangeness combining classic HORROR tropes with game mechanics inspired by the greatest horror of all...JUNIOR HIGH! Return to middle school without the horror of actually being 13 years old!

Each of the 22 games centers around a nostalgic junior high activity - SPIN THE BOTTLE, TRUTH OR DARE, PASSING NOTES, BLOODY MARY, SCHOOL DANCES, FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS, COOTIE CATCHERS, and MORE!! Combining that with a PG-13 horror movie vibe to represent the fear, awkwardness and angst of being a 13 year old.

Other strangeness? In addition to the RPGs, story games and LARPs TRAGED13S OF MIDDLE SCHOOL features a card game, a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE, a sport, a dance party, some craftivities and more!

Price: $13.00