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Friday 30 April 2021

Wolf Hounds [Free]

Wolf Hounds [Free]:


“Those that men call Werewolves or Lycanthropes call themselves the Hounds of God, as they claim their transformation is a gift from their creator, and they repay the gift with their tenacity, for they will pursue an evildoer to the very gates of Hell.”– Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

Wolf Hounds is a historical fantasy roleplaying game about the Benandanti, a society of werewolves dedicated to protecting their communities from supernatural threats. Uses a lightweight Apocalypse system based on John Harper's World of Dungeons: Turbo. You will need a game master, some players, writing materials, and a few six-sided dice.

  • Create characters including shapeshifting Hounds, mystical Seers, and intrepid humans.
  • Uncover supernatural mysteries, and hunt those that would prey upon the innocent.
  • A streamlined Apocalypse system emphasizes fast dice rolls, teamwork, and player agency.
  • Details for players and GMs on the Benandanti, their world, and their adversaries.
  • Contains an introductory adventure set in medieval Lithuania.
  • Easier to learn than that other werewolf RPG!

Devin Fortman / Hare Trigger Games, April 2021.
Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Space Street [£4.99]

Space Street [£4.99]:


"Is Space Street Worth the Money? Heck yeah... I hope the investigation rules are an eye-opener for many." - Geeknative

"They've got a very solid foundation: the 1920's noir cyberpunk mashup."      - RPGgamer

"The game carries this unique, interesting, and stylistic art theme throughout." - TTRPG Factory

What is Space Street? 

In a cold solar system beset by the inky blackness of space, you are those dark hands of the law - investigators, bounty hunters, police officers, and government spies - keeping the city planets safe from encroaching aliens, cosmic horrors, broken androids and insane criminals.

Space Street is a 2-5 player tabletop role-playing game, set in a dark combination of film noir and dystopian sci-fi. In this game the players unravel cryptic mysteries in a unique setting as a guide moves a hardboiled three-act narrative forward with bold new investigation mechanics.

Who is Space Street for? 
  • Space street is perfect for those of you who wish their expensive trenchcoat and fedora could double as a sci-fi robot.
  • For those who want to engage in tense, role-play focused gameplay with minimal rules and maximum enjoyment.
  • For the Game Master's who want an easy to prep TTRPG with innovative new clue mechanics that don't stall the session after a failed investigation check.
What do I get? 

For under £5 / $6.80 you get a gorgeously illustrated 13 page pdf with enough versatility to last you hundreds of one-shots,  featuring innovative clue and investigation mechanics that move the mystery RPG forward, all for a 1/4 the price of a digital player's handbook.

In order to download this TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Away From the Rain [$8.00]

Away From the Rain [$8.00]:

On this rainy evening, three untrustworthy suspects have each separately testified to committing the same murder.

Away From the Rain is a GM-less tabletop game for 3 or 6 players. Play time ~45 minutes. Good both as a one-shot and as a drop-in interlude in an existing setting.

Inspired by The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Bierce and In A Grove by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa.

Illustrated by shannon kao, the best atmospheric illustrator to ever have lived.


The body was found this evening, just after the rain. Three people have confessed to this murder, including the Deceased themselves.

We'll hear from each of the Suspects, and we'll hear from three members of their community.

This is a game about how we are unable to be honest with ourselves about ourselves. It is a game about rationalizations and unreliable narrators. You'll tell disagreeing stories, and you may not find out the truth.

  • Keep the atmosphere dark, but not heavy.
  • Center your stories on people and look at those people clearly.
  • Always speak as someone who believes what they're saying.
  • Remember that rain dulls sounds, makes it harder to see, and washes away footprints.
  • Remember that recollection itself is a kind of performance.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:




Our terrible world is even worse. It is time to fight the gods of the past. Bleed out the bastards and feed the soil.

A game of guillotines, flourishing nature, liberation, metal and flesh. Inspired by Kenshi, Star Wars and One Seven Design's Lasers & Feelings.

Content Warnings:

Embedded: Economic oppression, fascism, death, organized religion, blood.

Potential: Slavery (as an obvious evil), amputation, mutation, body horror, gore.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Hole in One-Shot - A Sports Anime Tabletop One Shot [Free]

Hole in One-Shot - A Sports Anime Tabletop One Shot [Free]:


It’s the eve of the highschool minigolf spring national tournament finals, and things are getting tense. You and your classmates have been practicing together for months, growing stronger not only as mini golf players, but also as friends, and as rivals. Your school used to be great at mini golf back in the day, but after your fall from grace, you’re considered the underdogs. You have everything to prove, and everything to lose. If you don’t win at nationals, the school’s going to cut funding for the mini golf club, and you won’t be able to keep playing together. The dream lives or dies here, tonight. 

Hole in One Shot is a one shot tabletop RPG framework, designed to be scalable, and open to player creativity in roleplaying. In fact, the game rewards creative roleplay with mechanical benefits regularly, and simplifies most of the dice rolls involved considerably compared to more complex game systems.

The game plays around with Sports Anime genre tropes, and expects a certain degree of familiarity with the genre.

The game takes place over nine holes / nine rounds, with the DM able to extend or decrease the number of rounds if needed. A nine hole game should take a team of four players 90-120 minutes to complete, as gameplay moves fast, with most time during the game taken describing solutions to problems.

The Winding Journey [$4.00]

The Winding Journey [$4.00]:


It is the beginning of Spring in the small village of Dunfel.

You are Vyler, a young man that's lived in these parts all your life.     

You've been learning from nature and have stumbled upon some bit of magic here and there, but you've never had any formal training. Fashioning yourself out to be a druid, or at least what you think one should be like, based on what you've read, you feel a closeness to the earth.    

On the first full moon of Spring, you were visited by a woman, or rather her spirit, as she came to you using great powers you had never seen before. You are awestruck, seeing her appear out of the air, with her eyes glowing like embers.    

She motions for you to come sit next to her, as she formally greets you. Calling herself Eraina, she tells you that she is in need of someone worthy enough to be her apprentice. Looking through all of the region, you were the only person she felt would qualify for what she deemed an important role. You would be her apprentice, if you chose to accept the offer. Agreeing, you set out the next day, following the path in the nearby woods that Eraina had directed you to.

Thus begins your journey to meet the mystic Eraina and find your calling.

The Winding Journey is a game made for the Carta jam.For it, you will need-

A standard deck of playing cards, with two jokers.Two six-sided dice.A marker, or token, to track your movement.A journal, or some paper, to write on.Enough room to lay out a 4x6 grid of cards.

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Parkour Sneaky Mutant Warriors [Free]

Parkour Sneaky Mutant Warriors [Free]:


Parkour Sneaky Mutant Warriors!

A Troika! hack, with art by Evlyn Moreau!

You play semi-super-hero animal mutants, wandering a world that used to be humanity's home before we wrecked it for ourselves. These mutant animals will moped, skateboard, surf, and parkour through a post-apocalypse of verdant forests, beautiful deserts, skyscraper-ruins-turned-dungeons, and the new pizzarias and bars that animal-kind sets up. 

Inspired by Scratch & Claw, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gamma World, this set of backgrounds, a rule for combo moves, and a few enemies is a jumping-off point for developing a post-apocalypse of wonder and danger, warrior moves and smoke bombs. 

Parkour Sneaky Mutant Warriors is an independent production by Charlie Vick and not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council. Evlyn Moreau's art is used under a Creative Commons license and was slightly edited (cut out portrait faces from big pictures of many of them).

Scrying: Alone In The Psychomanteum [SPA/EN] [$2.00]

Scrying: Alone In The Psychomanteum [SPA/EN] [$2.00]:


You are an old-school spiritist. Instead of using modern electronic transcommunication devices, you prefer to use the Psychomanteum: a dark room, dimly lit by a candle, and a black mirror that serves as a portal to the Otherworld. The experience is direct, immersive... and dangerous. 



Eres un espiritista de la vieja escuela. En lugar de utilizar modernos aparatos electrónicos de transcomunicación, pre eres usar el Psychomanteum: una habitación oscura, apenas iluminada por una vela, y un espejo negro que sirve como portal al Otro Mundo. La experiencia es directa, inmersiva... y peligrosa.


Scrying: Alone in the Psychomanteum is a A hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you like the game, please help me by rating it, so the algorithm will take it into account and it will be able to reach more people. Thank you very much!



World of Blades [Free]

World of Blades [Free]:

In World of Blades you play the lowest of the low: cutpurses, thugs, dregs and initiates, quickly learning the hard lessons of the streets and grasping for a holding into the criminal underworld of Doskvol. 

  • This game works as an introduction to Blades in the Dark, playing out the origin stories of the scoundrels that will form your crew.
  • By the time your character has fully leveled up, they will be as powerful as a new BitD character, so you can pick up and transition into the full game!
  • World of Blades runs quickly, working well with new players, in events, game clubs, and other time restrained sessions. 

Start your career of petty theft and misdemeanor. Build up your criminal career from the twisting alleys inside the Dark Jewel of Akoros.

This game is free. The price is just a suggestion, if you can't afford it just buy it at $0.00.

An older version of this game exists floating around the internet from the times of G+, this is a revised version, with some correction that didn't made it into the final PDF and a reduced XP tracker to help your players get into Blades in the Dark faster!

Blades in the Dark™ is a trademark of One Seven Design. The Forged in the Dark Logo is © One Seven Design, and is used with permission.
This work is based on Blades in the Dark, product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
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It's Cicada Season, Baby! [Free]

It's Cicada Season, Baby! [Free]: This game is not insectophobia-friendly, for the obvious reasons.
It's Cicada Season, Baby!

Doors We Can't Reach [Free]

Doors We Can't Reach [Free]: A short improv game about mishaps, hope, and dreams.
Doors We Can't Reach

To Teach Their Own [$20.00]

To Teach Their Own [$20.00]:


To Teach Their Own is a game about a small group of grown-up witches teaching student witches valuable lessons about magic. It pulls from things like The Magic Schoolbus, The Wizard of Earthsea, Little Witch Academia, Strixhaven, and more, to tell classroom-adventure stories from a new point of view.

Instead of retelling the same stories of plucky students in a boarding school with the world on their shoulder, this game invites you to witness and play from a different point of view: you'll play teachers who have come together to take a group of magically-adept students on a field trip to remember, where everyone has the opportunity to learn something new.

To Teach Their Own is a Forged in the Dark game with some significant twists. You build your instructor by writing Expertises, which stand in for stress and quirks from other Forged in the Dark games. To refill your Expertises in-play, you'll pick two triggers specific to your playbook, each of which you'll hit during the course of play, like the keys in Lady Blackbird. It's designed for a GM and 1-4 additional players, each of whom will pick a playbook for the instructor they're embodying:

  • The Champion, whose past experience as a magical-sport athlete fuels their desire to be loved by an audience and their capacity to win over a crowd of students
  • The Librarian, whose expansive knowledge of history and precise knowledge of formulae allows them to answer nearly any question a student might pose
  • The Hedge-Witch, whose affinity for nature and the underlying weave of magic allows them to show without preaching, repair the unnatural, and befriend the unseen
  • The Intercessor, whose skill at preparation and insistence on precaution gives them the strength to say "no" even when it is not easy (which is often when it is direly needed!)

The game consists of twelve densely-packed easy-to-read pages, with a complete rulesetand four playbooks. All you need to play is the rules, some friends, a few d6, and two hours of your time. Familiarity with systems like Blades in the Dark or Lady Blackbird can be helpful, but is absolutely not necessary. To Teach Their Own is feature-complete, with GM screens and fillable character sheets coming Summer of 2021. Pick it up today!

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QTPOC: if there are no community copies of this game and you would like a copy, send me a DM at @mousewifegames on twitter and I will get you a download key, no questions asked.

Patchwork World Sixth Edition [$12.00]

Patchwork World Sixth Edition [$12.00]:

"All the worlds ended together: heavens and hells, kingdoms and wastelands, and everything in between. As they broke apart, the Heartless Princess saved the bits she could, shoving them together and crowning the resultant Patchwork World with her Icy City to hold it all together."

Patchwork World is:

  • a no-playbook, no-stat fantasy game; choose a couple moves and you're ready to start
  • powered by the apocalypse, meaning you'll need two 6-sided dice and not much else
  • 70 moves that you can easily port to almost any other game

Your purchase comes with:

  • an 84-page PDF rulebook
  • a 31-page Play Materials document, including a form-fillable character sheet, 70 unique moves (such as Magnificent Weapon, Stoned Investigator, Crystalline Garden, Become Cats, and more)
  • a plain-text version of the above

Not sure if you want to commit? Check out the preview of character creation here.

"Patchwork World is the most fun PbtA game I've played... pass it on. Just unbridled joy." - John Geary/@gayhalforc

See it in action here:


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Free copies for those who can't afford one. Donated by people buying fancy physical copies, extra digital copies, etc.


Dweller [Free]

Dweller [Free]: A postcard-sized solo journaling game about isolation and the company you'll find.





TEETH: BLOOD COTILLION is a grotesque, single-session, standalone table-top roleplaying game for 3-6 people (including the GM).

It is set during a single night at a high-society ball, in a cursed corner of 18th-century England. The players are formidable assassins, disguised as husband-hunting ingenues, who must root out the occult evil that lurks in the manor, destroy it and, ideally, survive. 


The game uses a simplified version of the Forged In The Dark rules to tell this troubling story of peril and unpleasantness, and is designed to be played in a single session. It should take between three and five hours to play, during which time the ball goers will make horrifying decisions to achieve their victory over the supernatural, and also over polite society.

The full package includes:

  • 45 pages of delirious 18th century ballroom intrigue and occult savagery
  • many illustrations therein
  • two maps (one with a full colour version)
  • two info-packed quick reference guides for GM and players
  • playbooks
  • digital versions of the playbooks
  • and various low-ink alternatives for the above

It's a fair bit. 


(We aren't selling a pre-printed zine of BLOOD COTILLION as yet, but if you'd like to be notified of such an event then why not subscribe to our delightful newsletter? Or you could just print it out yourself and stick it together with Sellotape.)

The game was written by Jim Rossignol and Marsh Davies, with illustrations by Marsh Davies, too. Follow us on Twitter, if you like: 


BLOOD COTILLION is a cut-down scenario based on our full-sized game setting, TEETH—forthcoming 2021, probably. We've previously released another one-shot using this fiction, NIGHT OF THE HOGMEN, in which players attempt to escape a ravening horde of pig monsters. We will release yet another in the coming months. Keep an eye out for it!



Number of players: 3-6 (including GM) Length: 3-5 hours

Release Date: 2021 

Don't forget: editable versions of the Playbooks compatible with Google Sheets are also supplied! Just copy them off and edit them yourself.


Exploring the Fantasy Castle Alone [$1.00]

Exploring the Fantasy Castle Alone [$1.00]:

Exploring the Fantasy Castle Alone is a hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars.

This is a journalling game requiring one player, a pack of 52 standard playing cards and a six-sided die (1d6) or another suitable randomiser.

You have arrived at a castle in a fantasy setting. It may be intact, or a ruin, the inhabitants may be friendly or hostile. Explore the castle, writing down what you see.

See the video preview to the right for a look at the full supplement.

This is a layered PDF. For how this works when printing, see the video below:

Some artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission.

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If you cannot afford a copy, please help yourself.



The Play Must Go On [Free]

The Play Must Go On [Free]:

From Act I, Scene I:

The Play Must Go On is a tragi-comedic game of performance for three to five players. One of the players takes the role of the Chorus, playing all minor characters and setting the scene. The other players assume the role of Actors for a play with a missing playwright, desperately attempting to improvise through the use of dice. Your shared goal is to make the best and most interesting play possible.

Do you like plays? Do you wish plays had less scripts? Do you desire the twists and turns of fate to be surprising without the complication that comes from heavy rules? With a rules light system based on Swords without Master, The Play Must Go On may be the right game for you!

Before you play:

Players - 3-5
Time - 2-3 hours
GM - Yes (Minimised)
Preparation required - No

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Heresy & Faith [Free]

Heresy & Faith [Free]:

You are an acolyte of the Most Holy Inquisition and are tasked with purging a cult of unbelievers and securing the soiled relic.

Two things are certain

One: it is your duty to follow The Sacred Plan at all costs.

Two: ANYONE might be an enemy of the Divine All-Ruler, even YOU.


This is a One page Rules based on the Honey Heist system. I couldn't find anyone that had did this one before, so I did it.

Character sheets and extra assets will come eventually

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Lightbringers - An TTRPG made in 24 hours. [$5.00]

Lightbringers - An TTRPG made in 24 hours. [$5.00]:


This is a minimalist RPG designed and illustrated in less than 24 hours, with a focus on rolling up to four d6s and fighting giant bosses for the sake of saving your homeworld from unspeakable evil. It's best played in a group of two to four players. 

It could be played solo, but i imagine that wouldn't go very well due to the nature of the game.

It is an epic level boss rush game experience in very, very few pages, for those who want a chaotic endgame level fight in half the time.

I made this game to deal with an onset of depression and imposter syndrome, and also, to see if i could create a lot of setting material in a small amount of pages. (Was aiming for 16, after the art and a character sheet, you got 20.)

It also sounded cool to fight big awful gross monster type things. 

Despite developing another larger TTRPG project that is coming, this is officially my first published roleplaying game.

I believe it's functional, but am happy to address any of the game's unforseen problems that come up in errata or discussion.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Witch's Almanac [$2.00]

The Witch's Almanac [$2.00]:

The Witch's Almanac is an exploration-based solo journaling game, where you play as a witch who has been practicing potion making. The potion you’ve been studying requires two key components, and this potion can only be brewed under the light of the Pink Moon. You need to journey out to find these components, return home, and brew your potion before the Pink Moon sets. Will you be successful, or will you run out of time?

To play, you will need:

  • One standard deck of playing cards, jokers removed
  • A six-sided die (or “1d6”)
  • A character marker, like a figurine or a coin
  • A piece of paper and a pencil

Cover art  by Yuri R
Based on the Carta SRD by Peach Garden Games.

This game was created as a submission to the Carta Jam, the Mock Cover Jam, and #ChainLetterJam

I was nominated for #ChainLetterJam by pancelor, who made linecook! I was inspired by the concept of recipes/ingredients from his game.

All the previous games in this chain are:

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Sword and Scroll [Free]

Sword and Scroll [Free]:

The Emperor needs you and your party to set off on a quest to defeat a newly risen evil! Take up your blades and harness the power of the four elements as you battle mythological creatures and hordes of bandits that would seek to stop you.

This game requires 1 player to act as the Storyteller / GameMaster.


This is a game written and developed by:

Ryan Pratt, Juan Pena-Deoleo, Ben Pare, and William Vincent.



Convergence Basic Rules [$15.00]

Convergence Basic Rules [$15.00]:


Convergence is a family focused coming of age TTRPG about the relationships we have with each other.

This game is a project I've been working on for roughly 3 years now, finally released for your enjoyment!

But it isn't done yet. This is basically just a word doc that's been exported as a PDF, with no bells or whistles attached. No art, no lore, and only the bare minimum of items/NPCs written out to give you an idea of how to run a game. 

I'd like to do a full release of the game with all those things added into it, and expanding the rules to include starting older than adolescence, playing as a full elemental or human, and more. But unfortunately, I just don't have the funding to do that. And so that's where this release comes in. 

All of the sales of this game will go towards art, assets, and polish so that I can run a Kickstarter to make the full release of the game. This will include PDFs, Softcovers, Hardcovers, and more! I've got a set plan for what the Kickstarter will include, and what will be a part of the stretch goals, but I also have plans for further expansions afterwards to add new character choices, even more lore, and several other ideas! So if you enjoy these most basic of rules, spread the word and help me get the full release Kickstarter going!

Credit to Gracu (@GSgathan on twitter) for the wonderful Chromatic Elemental picture!

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If you just don't have the cash or want to do a review, feel free to take one of the free community copies!

Words Can Never Hurt Me [Free]

Words Can Never Hurt Me [Free]:

Perhaps you've played the parlor game: Pick up the nearest book and read the first word on page 42. That's your new superpower; go save the world.

Random word generation (from a book or an online generator) is the key mechanic of this madcap tabletop role-playing game, designed for a Storyteller and 3-5 players. In one game you might be The Neck and Beltman attempting to foil the Rabbit Wrangler's plan to steal the Lincoln Memorial, but in the next you'll roll new words for your powers, the supervillain, the evil minions, and the evil plot.

Download the PDF and find some friends to play with!


Shadow Patrol [Free]

Shadow Patrol [Free]:


Shadow Patrol is a hack of John Harper's Danger Patrol, where players take on the roles of characters in a dystopian future where magic and technology collide. They will risk it all in daring heists (that will never go as planned), brave rescues (that will probably involve a double-cross), and blazing firefights (like, there will likely be actual balls of fire being thrown around).

Shadow Patrol is designed to get a group together and gaming in minutes, with super easy character creation (pick a Style, pick a Role, you're good to go!), collaborative world-building (as much or as little as you like), and easy-to learn rules. Shadow Patrol also builds on the classic DP mechanics by adding options for new Talents, Powers, and bonuses from when using vehicles, and tables for new scene, threat, and motivation generation.

I'm happy to continue tinkering with and improving Shadow Patrol and any game I work on, so I'd love to hear you thoughts and feedback. Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy the game. 




Omega-Mutant is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. Your band of misfits must try to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland beset by strange mutants, tyrannical human supremacists, crazed raider gangs, maniacal AIs, sentient plants, moody kaiju, and other weirdness that defies the laws of nature and good taste.

Omega-Mutant is intended to have your group gaming within minutes, including character generation, rules review, and generation of threats, motivations, and scenes. It also includes some tweaks, including options for taking stress, random map generation, and using "Doom Clocks" similar to clocks in PtBA and Forged in the Dark games.

Omega-Mutant is in early release, so please share your thoughts for improvements or send any questions my way. Thanks for looking!

Omega Patrol [Free]

Omega Patrol [Free]:

Omega Patrol is a hack for John Harper's Danger Patrol, a rules-list, collaborative story game of high adventure in a mutant-filled weird apocalypse. Taking cues from classic media such as Gamma World, the Fallout series, and movies such as Mad Max and the Omega Man, the GM and players can be as grounded or as gonzo as they want.

Omega Patrol builds on classic DP components for very fast character creation (really just a few minutes) and play. It adds optional rules for mutations, Interludes, and vehicle combat (including vehicle cards for new bonuses and powers!). It also provides additional resources to flesh out your wacky post-apocalypse, including tables for scene and threat generation (inspired by Pocket Danger Patrol and Lasers & Feelings), factions, tech levels, and more.





Grim Reaper's Test [Free]

Grim Reaper's Test [Free]:

Grim reaper, the bringer of death, the one who wields a soul-eating scythe that ends a panoply of lives. A job for the cold-blooded, the intelligent, and the observant; only the ones who have these traits can become a successful Grim Reaper. That is why every Grim Reaper needs to be a teacher for the Grim Reaper candidates, passing down knowledge to ensure that one day they can inherit the job.

Every thousand years, the Grim Reaper will give the candidates a test, and pick the one who did the best to become the next Grim Reaper.

Today is the test day.

The Grim Reaper sits at the end of the black table, patiently awaits the candidates to join them at the table.

A gust of wind enters the room, bringing in a flood of darkness, the candle lights shivering and struggling to keep burning. The wind faded away, stepping out of the darkness are the candidates, the future Grim Reapers, ready to take their final test.

They sit down at the table, and the Grim Reaper raised their head. With a faint glow from under their hood, a crackling and decrepit voice fades into reality:


Welcome to your final test, students.

Today, one of you will inherit my place as the Grim Reaper, and become death itself. This is a test of observation, logic, rationalization, reasoning…and most importantly, your ability to foresee and predict.

Every death has a reason, every pain has a source. Your job is to find out what the truth is, combine your knowledge and think. I will guide you, but in the end it depends on you, and you alone.

Best of luck, doom awaits you all.

The Grim Reaper waves their hand, and all the candles die out in synchronicity.

Darkness reigns……

What is Grim Reaper's Test?

Grim Reaper's Test is a multiplayer tabletop RPG where the players will play as the Grim Reaper's candidates, and will cooperate to uncover the truth behind a certain death by following trails of foreboding clues and hints.

On A Weird Horse I Ride [Free]

On A Weird Horse I Ride [Free]: You are a knight-errant with a weird horse.
On A Weird Horse I Ride

The Dig [$10.00]

The Dig [$10.00]:

Unimaginable wealth buried ages ago; works of art thought long lost; new works bringing glory to House and Cog; a new tavern because, really, that one down the street just isn't what it used to be.

In The Dig: A Roleplaying Game, Dwarves band together to reshape the underworld. Players tell grand stories of subterranean adventure and craft in a light, GM-less, storytelling RPG set in the Homes, the vast and sprawling dwarven civilization featured in the novel HOMES.

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Rank Ruckus [Free]

Rank Ruckus [Free]:

In the distant future of 30XX...
A group of kids have amassed surprisingly high military ranks, entirely on accident...

The captain not only ranks below you, but is also sick of dealing with your nonsense, leaving you with free reign over the FMS Silver Python while she goes to take a nap. Unfortunately, this is the exact moment crisis strikes!

Enjoy this one-page Lasers & Feelings hack designed for short, silly games about every child's fantasy: being able to boss adults around and dealing with fantastical problems with unusual solutions!



Rawr! It's Mizz Wexler [Free]

Rawr! It's Mizz Wexler [Free]:

You are a monster in a small US town in 1986. Susan Wexler, the not-yet-number-2 monster hunter in the world, has rolled into your town. You can see how this might be a problem. Will you escape her merciless clutches or fall willingly into her embrace? Probably the latter. Let's face it, Mizz Wexler can get it.

This is a fan-made hack of the 200 word RPG Fuck! It’s Dracula by Levon Jihanian based on the world of Mystery County Monster Hunters Club.

Listen to Mystery County Monster Hunters Club on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. They played Rawr! It's Mizz Wexler (this very game) for a bonus episode, and it is a great time! You can hear it by joining their Patreon.

You can find Levon's Fuck! It's Dracula here or on Kindle.

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InBetween: Hungry Mouse [$3.00]

InBetween: Hungry Mouse [$3.00]:

InBetween: Hungry Mouse is a spin-off solo mini-game inspired by the InBetween RPG. You are a tiny mouse on a quest for food in the dark dangerous Between (the space between house walls, and under their floors). You create a route to explore, and try to make it out alive with enough food for your mouse-kin.

To play, you will need a pen, paper, and around five six-sided dice.

Note: This is a pamphlet game, supplied as a file to print a two-sided z-fold pamphlet.

A cloak-wearing mouse

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