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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Saturday 31 August 2019

A Citizen's Guide To Retribution [Free]

A Citizen's Guide To Retribution [Free]: A power fantasy about ethics, justice, and beheading the 1%

A Citizen's Guide To Retribution

Titas of Arkham [Free]

Titas of Arkham [Free]: Ladies Who Brunch vs. Outer Gods

Titas of Arkham

Eco Cadets vs. The Anthropocene [Free]

Eco Cadets vs. The Anthropocene [Free]: Youths with attitude vs. the climate emergency!

Eco Cadets vs. The Anthropocene

TimeZone...Adventure [Free]

TimeZone...Adventure [Free]: A 30 min. game designed to introduce new players to TTRPGs


your body, an altar [Free]

your body, an altar [Free]: The world hungers for your compassion.

your body, an altar

Spinder: The spider dating game! [Free]

Spinder: The spider dating game! [Free]: The spider dating game

Spinder: The spider dating game!

Alone in the Dark [Free]

Alone in the Dark [Free]: A freeform horror game for two players that explores sensory deprivation, exploration of place, and loss.

Alone in the Dark

Come Closer [Free]

Come Closer [Free]: A Solo RPG to play with your Patron God

Come Closer

Enticement [Free]

Enticement [Free]: About the Horror and Excitement of being understood and changed


True Nightmare's Kiss [Free]

True Nightmare's Kiss [Free]: Give Into Desire

True Nightmare's Kiss

Monsterfucker [Free]

Monsterfucker [Free]: A game about mortals and monsters dating and loving and fucking.


Can You Hear Me? [$3.00]

Can You Hear Me? [$3.00]: A Horror RPG about deception, flirting, and monsters.

Can You Hear Me?

pago en especie [Free]

pago en especie [Free]: One player asks about terrible things. The other answers. No one can lie. It was never going to be okay.

pago en especie

Eat Your Darlings [Free]

Eat Your Darlings [Free]: A Hot Horror Jam TTRPG about hunger and self-discovery.

Eat Your Darlings

Faces in the Static [Free]

Faces in the Static [Free]: A 3 player RPG where adult movie night takes a sinister turn...

Faces in the Static

Erasure [Free]

Erasure [Free]: A social game of horror and loss


GHOSTED!! [Free]

GHOSTED!! [Free]: A game about cute ghosts, thirsty living people, and supernatural romance for two players.


Cave Goons [Free]

Cave Goons [Free]: A rules-light philosophical exploration rpg. A hack of Tunnel Goons for the Goon Jam.

Cave Goons

Neotoma RPG ^

Neotoma RPG: Click here to view Neotoma RPG

A Science Fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Neotoma blends original and familiar game mechanics for a unique gaming experience. - [currently $0 (0%) of $6,600 goal]

Neotoma RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

The Wicked Sisters $6.99

The Wicked Sisters:

The Wicked Sisters
Publisher: Angry Hamster Publishing

A tarot-based game about women with powers.

In The Wicked Sisters you play a group of prehistoric women from when the world was new and myths were formed. These Sisters shape the way of things for years to come, their influence living on the wind, and their voices whispered through darkness. The Sisters flee from their birth land and are plunged into a strange new land from which they must escape. At least one Sister must make across the land, to sing her stories to the stars and ensure the Sisters’ legacies live on.

The Wicked Sisters uses a tarot deck to amp up the drama of the game. Players and their GM will make various tarot Readings throughout the game in order to change and influence scenes they play. All information you need to perform the tarot Readings is included in this game.

Players: 3-5

GM: Yes

Time: 3-4 hours

Items: Tarot deck*, scrap piece of paper, character sheets (provided in the PDF)

*Wicked’s mechanics are based on the 78 card ‘traditional’ Rider-Waite tarot deck. Feel free to make substitutions based on the deck you own. Wicked comes with a free PnP text-based tarot deck if you don’t own one yourself.
Price: $6.99

Shadows of Malice Rulebook $0.50

Shadows of Malice Rulebook:

Shadows of Malice Rulebook
Publisher: GLB Publishing

The new rulebook from 2019.

Price: $0.50

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed. $9.95

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed.:

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed.
Publisher: Four-Color Studios

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed. is the Goalsystem game of fast and fun superhero action! Featuring easy character creation, quick action, and our famous henchmen rules, Super Mission Force lets you play out superhero action using any miniatures from your collection. Written for 28mm figures, but easily scalable to 15mm action, the rules also offer a campaign system that faithfully captures comic book tales and battles and allows players to tell great stories on the their tabletops. This revised edition features new archetypes, powers, and extra material. Gather some friends, a few figures, and a handful of six-sided dice! Super Mission Force action awaits!

Price: $9.95

Old-School Essentials Core Rules $6.99

Old-School Essentials Core Rules:

Old-School Essentials Core Rules
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome

Old-School Essentials is an adventure role-playing game of exploration, danger, monsters, and magic. The game is intentionally rules-light, putting the focus of play on imagination, improvisation, and fun. The rules are optimised for ease of use at the table, with meticulous attention to wording and layout clarity. What's more, Old-School Essentials is 100% compatible with the classic Basic/Expert game from 1981, meaning that decades of adventure are at your fingertips!

Core Rules

Old-School Essentials is a modular game where the core rules of the game are extended by additional "rules modules" which add content for different genres of fantastic adventure. This book contains the core rules required to play Old-School Essentials:

  • Character creation and advancement.
  • Dungeon, wilderness, and maritime adventuring.
  • Combat and hazards.
  • Magic and spell casting.
Note that this book is not a complete game! To make a complete rule set, just add rules modules to tailor the game to your needs. A selection of official rules modules are listed below, but it is also easy to build your own homebrew content on top of the Old-School Essentials core rules!

Rules Modules

  • Classic Fantasy: Genre Rules: Seven classic classes (cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, thief), complete lists of weapons and adventuring gear, extensive lists of vehicles, mounts, and vessels, mercenaries and specialists for hire, rules for stronghold construction.
  • Classic Fantasy: Cleric and Magic-User Spells: The complete set of 34 cleric spells (from 1st to 5th level) and 72 magic-user spells (from 1st to 6th level), for use by players or cleric, elf, and magic-user characters.
  • Classic Fantasy: Monsters: A selection of over 200 classic monsters to challenge adventurers of all levels.
  • Classic Fantasy: Treasures: A hoard of over 150 wondrous magic items.
  • Advanced Fantasy: Genre Rules: Adds 9 new human classes (acrobat, assassin, barbarian, bard, druid, illusionist, knight, paladin, ranger) and 6 new demihuman classes (drow, duergar, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, svirfneblin) to the game, all carefully adapted to the power level of Old-School Essentials.
  • Advanced Fantasy: Druid and Illusionist Spells: The complete set of 34 druid spells (from 1st to 5th level) and 72 illusionist spells (from 1st to 6th level), for use by players of bard, druid, gnome, illusionist, and ranger characters.

Deluxe Print Edition

A deluxe, sewn-binding hardcover edition of this book is currently being produced and will be available for sale at the Necrotic Gnome publisher website from November, along with all of the other books in the Old-School Essentials line. A deluxe boxed set of the core rules plus all of the Classic Fantasy rules modules is also being produced! The boxed set will retail for €50 (roughy $56 USD).

Note that there is no print-on-demand edition of this book!

All-in-One Rules Tome

For those who want a complete game in one book, the Classic Fantasy Rules Tome compiles the Old-School Essentials core rules with all of the Classic Fantasy content, forming a complete game in a single, 296-page tome. For those who like modular books, this content is also available in the form of a bundle of 5 PDFs, the Classic Fantasy Black Box.

Free Basic Rules

A 56-page, art-free sample of the basic rules of the game required by players is available here:

  • The full introduction and character creation rules.
  • The four core human classes: cleric, fighter, magic-user, thief.
  • Full lists of adventuring equipment, weapons, and armour.
  • The rules for dungeon adventures, encounters, and combat.
  • The full rules for spell casting and the complete set of 1st level spells.
Price: $6.99

Beta Maxxthulhu $9.99

Beta Maxxthulhu:

Beta Maxxthulhu
Publisher: Halfling Caravan Games

Learned people say that books can lead one’s mind to places it would never have ventured before. As I write this book of my own adventures, here in the lavender garden of St Michael’s Asylum for the Mentally Ill, I am eminently qualified to confirm that it is no pithy aphorism.

The things of which I read would send the hair of most grown adults alabaster white, and take ten years from their life.

Writing them down, so my Doctor has told me, will be a way to take these things from the nightmares of my psyche and give them a form that is ordinary and thus rendering them impotent. I don’t know if my learned Doctor knows just what he is asking but I shall try it anyway as no amount opium or snuff has proven enough to end the iron hold of the things I have seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched.

It all began with a presumed innocent trip to the library at Oxford University...

Beta Maxxthulhu is a Weird Tales genre game set in a loosely defined 19th Century European setting using the Beta Maxx Engine. It is a light rules engine intended to give a combination of support structure but plenty of scope to solve the problems before the players in a variety of ways.

Beta Maxxthulhu includes a new set of mechanics based upon "Fracture" and "Psychoses". Encountering the Weird risks fracturing your understanding of the world, it risks Fracturing the world you perceive, and if fractured badly enough the way your mind responds is to develop a Psychosis. While a psychosis may immediately seem like a harmful effect for a Character, it can have your character be the only one who can resolve the situation.

This is the Ziggurat Edition, first edition of the game since the Ashcan Edition. If you purchased the Ashcan edition before the release of this game, you should already have a discount coupon in your inbox! (as of September 2019).

Price: $9.99

Worlds Without Harmony (August 2019 Release) $10.00

Worlds Without Harmony (August 2019 Release):

Worlds Without Harmony (August 2019 Release)
Publisher: The Logbook Project

Worlds Without Harmony is a game about ideological conflicts, unanswerable questions, and the people caught between them.

Some questions have no right answer. How can humans preserve the world without sacrificing progress? What is the proper way for a government to relate to its people? How tough do things need to get before people should prioritize themselves over others?

No one answer satisfies everyone, because the things we want are sometimes mutually exclusive. Camps, factions, and parties organize around answers to these questions, but some people don’t know where they fit in. Worlds Without Harmony is a game about those people, exploring the stances and factions in a conflict, and changing and watching those Factions as they come together and tear apart.

Each game of Worlds Without Harmony revolves around a Tension, a specific irreconcilable ideological question. This book contains the following three Tensions:

Natural and Industrial, Liberty and Order, Survival and Decency, as well as guidelines to writing your own Tensions to explore.

Worlds Without Harmony is a GMless game for 3-5 players.

Price: $10.00

Infinite Galaxies Core Rules $15.00

Infinite Galaxies Core Rules:

Infinite Galaxies Core Rules
Publisher: Grendel's Vault Productions


Are you ready for some sci-fi action-adventure? Robots? Aliens? Laser Guns? Starships? All of this can be yours with Infinite Galaxies!

Bring your own setting – or create a new one with your friends!

Infinite Galaxies is intended for 3-6 players and takes a few hours per game session to explore a galaxy-spanning adventure. Infinite Galaxies is a story game – the focus is on furthering the group’s goals, each individual character’s story, and respecting the creative contributions of every player.

Infinite Galaxies has been designed to work with existing science fiction settings from literature, cinema, and television, and includes advice for those who wish to create new settings with their friends.

Price: $15.00

Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook $19.99

Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook:

Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs


The odds are against you. They always are. The other side has more people, more firepower, more money—more everything. What they don’t have is you—your brains, your guts, and your willingness to put everything on the line to come out on top.

Shadowrun, Sixth World is the latest edition of one of the most popular role-playing games of all time. In 2080, the world is controlled by all-powerful megacorps that draw on vast hoards of technology and magic to keep the rest of the population under their heels. But some people refuse the seductive lure of corporate safety. These rebels refuse to sell out, and they survive by doing the dirty work no one else will do. They are shadowrunners, and they’re ready for you to join their ranks.

Become an elf shaman, an ork street samurai, a dwarf rigger, or any of hundreds of other possibilities. Find your skill set and unique expertise and use all of it on wild chances that will keep you alive, that give you one more chance at freedom. So you can survive until the next one.

The Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook contains everything you need to play besides six-sided dice. Launch into a dark, thrilling world of gaming fun as your shadowrunner sets out on the road to greatness!

Price: $19.99

Lost Bay $2.00

Lost Bay:

Lost Bay
Publisher: Secret Hearth

In the Lost Bay, the magic of the fairytale world was seen as a new resource to exploit -and the fantastical creatures that spilled into our city were not celebrated, but utilized.

This bleak, fast-paced game is 25 pages long, and only requires 2d6 to play. In Lost Bay, the world of fairytales meshes with the corporate hellscape of Neosanfran - a world of hopeless cycles, dead secrets, and malfunctioning morals. This is the system, and it cannot be broken.

Price: $2.00

Carrion Lands (Ashcan Edition) playtest $7.00

Carrion Lands (Ashcan Edition):

Carrion Lands (Ashcan Edition)
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Please note, this is an “ashcan” edition. This edition is designed to allow the Gallant Knight Games team to gather feedback, refine the game, and work to make this product the best it can be. This a sampling designed to communicate the intent of the full game, and as such, is not the final product. All funds from the sales of this work in progress go towards the full edition.




What are the Carrion Lands?

The Carrion Lands is a tabletop roleplaying game, set in a grim and harsh world inspired by the darkest and cruelest versions of the Sword & Sorcery genre. You’re an Exile, who awoke, confused, naked and alone, doomed in the Carrion
Lands. You don’t know how you got there. You don’t remember who you were. All you know is you’re here, with nothing but your wits, muscle and cunning to get you through.

The world of the Carrion Lands is a world of extremes. Blazing, harsh, and dry deserts. Frozen, bitter, and sweeping tundra. Steep and staggering mountains. Fetid, thick, and choking jungles. The enemies are many. Foul, degenerate Beastmen. Cunning and cruel empires of Ophidians. Other Exiles, ready to slay and spill blood for any small gain.Dark sorceries and distant gods.

You own what you take, and you only possess what you can keep. Might makes right in the Carrion Lands. You’ll have to survive on the edge of a blade, perhaps serving a powerful Carrion Lord, perhaps founding your own settlement,in an attempt to survive with like-minded exiles.

But in the end, the crows take everyone.

This ashcan utilizes a variation of the excellent BoL Hack rules and as such introduces new mechanical elements to the game. This document will live and evolve throughout the ashcan, receiving updates and changes.

Price: $7.00

Genera Core Rules $2.99

Genera Core Rules:

Genera Core Rules
Publisher: StreamMonkRPGs

Genera (jĕn'ə-rə): plural of genus

This is the full rules-light generic roleplaying system.

Genera uses a simple action resolution mechanic: 1d6 + Characteristic Value ≥ a Challenge Rating

Genera is a table-top roleplaying game (TTRPG) designed to provide satisfying gaming without an enforced genre or setting.

Simple Character Creation: Genera’s classless system lets you build any kind of character you can imagine in ten minutes or less by customizing an archetype.

Innovative Functions System: a streamlined system allows characters to acquire the Artifacts, Powers, Skills, Talents, and Traits for any character concept a player might envision using a single set of rules. Adopt the 50+ default functions as-is, modify them a bit, or use them as templates to create new functions better suited to the desired genre and setting.

Open License: Genera is released under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 public license.
[ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 ]

The included adventure: 'The Haunted Chapel' is based on a One-Page Dungeon contest entry by Scott Marcley The original adventure and the version included herein are CC BY SA 3.0
[ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 ]

Genera is a very significant retooling of Amos Hairston’s Paces Roleplaying Game System.
Price: $2.99

The Coin Playtest $5.00

The Coin Playtest:

The Coin Playtest
Publisher: Bad Ideas Inc.

From the mind of a long time player comes The Coin. A world teetering on the edge or balance and chaos.

This contains all you need to play the game. Including the rules, characters and a short adventure in the world of The Coin.

A complete rulebook is in the works but for now this will teach you how to play and give you an idea of how it should be run.

Please leave feedback!

Price: $5.00

Save Summer $2.00

Save Summer:

Save Summer
Publisher: Wasteland of Enchantment Games

The drone of cicadas, the tickle of sweat. The streets shimmering in the oppressive heat. These eternal signs of summer call all the kids of Gladden to the community pool, to pack themselves into its chlorinated waters. Since time immemorial, the pool has been the escape from summer heat and summer boredom.

Until this year.

The Swiftwater Sports Complex popped up across the street. It’s a fancy private health club owned by some rich entrepreneur from out of state. It boasts an olympic-length lap pool, a diving tank, and, worst of all, a water slide.

Most folks in Gladden can’t afford a membership to Swiftwater but the mayor seems to have lost faith in his aging municipal facility. Swiftwater made an offer on your community pool’s lot. They want to turn it into a parking lot. The papers will be signed tomorrow and the pool will close for good.

Your boss, Mrs. C.J. Peffercorn, has been a fixture at the pool since you were in swim diapers but, today, she left early. She’s ready to throw in the towel.

But you’re not ready to quit. You’re a lifeguard and this is your pool!

Maybe you can host an event and rally the people of Gladden. Maybe you can dig up some dirt on Swiftwater and change the mayor’s mind. Maybe you can do something and save the pool!

Save Summer was created for Indie Game Reading Club's "On Ramp Jam", a game jam for games that teach new players what an RPG is in 30 minutes or less.

This game features super simple mechanics and a straightforward built-in scenario that takes inspiration from Empire Records.

Price: $2.00

In The Closet, Under The Bed $1.00

In The Closet, Under The Bed:

In The Closet, Under The Bed
Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

You are kids having a sleepover.

Monsters are everywhere.

What do you do?

In The Closet, Under The Bed is an open ended minimalist role playing game.

It uses the Everything’s Fine system.

It requires a good deal of imagination.

It’s all about telling a story.

Price: $1.00

Domains Horror Roleplaying System Core Rulebook $5.56

Domains Horror Roleplaying System Core Rulebook:

Domains Horror Roleplaying System Core Rulebook
Publisher: Ordoalea

This is the Domains Horror Roleplaying System Core Rulebook Crowdfunding!

Yes Crowdfunding.

What does that mean? It means that this book with the 4.99€ price is in fact the complete ruleset. It contains everything you need to play the game.

BUT, due to the country restrictions and legal things where I'm from, I cannot start a Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding site. And if I go with a 3rd party I need to pay some 67% of tax in my country.

So to counter that I decided to put my game on here in it's current state.

What is the current state?

The layout and rules are done. But I will need a few other things before I can finalize the whole game. Here is the actual cost list of the game that I calculated and already coordinated with the other parties:

  • Translator [300€] - As I'm not an English speaker, and English isn't even my second language, I employed a translator to help fix up the text fully, I need to compenstate him for that
  • Editing [1500€] - The rulebook isn't edited yet and thus has a few discrepancies. Most of them will be fixed with the full editing of the rulebook by the editing team which are going out of their hand to help me. They are ESL specialists so I'm expecting quality work like they displayed on prior projects
  • Art [1000€+] - This would be the baseline art required to call the book complete. As the artist is also from my country, this looks a bit of a low price. But multiply that by 10 and you have about the correct cost.
  • Additional tools and resources [200€] - While the layout right now is done, I would need some additional tools, typefaces, brushes, and other things to fully complete the rulebook
In total that is 3000€ that I need to finalize the rulebook. While that might be easily done with a crowdfunding, I cannot do that and will therefore resort to this platform as that.

What does that mean for the buyer?

Well if you bought this book, it means once the 3000€ have been successfully raised, you will get the WHOLE and FULLY COMPLETE WITH ART version of the game on this purchase. The game currently is in v0. I will update and "artify" every chapter and update the PDF accordingly. Meaning YOU as the purchaser will get the full version of the game for 4.99€.

Once the game is fully founded. The cost will be set to the original 9.99€ and then any other buyer will have to buy it at full price.


So with this here are my goals for this game. Until all goals have been fulfilled I will be keeping the game at the current 50% off price.

  1. Get all tools needed to finalize the game, this would take 58 purchased copies
  2. Pay off the translator, this would take 145 purchased copies
  3. Edit the rulebook, this would take 572 purchased copies
  4. Buy the art and finalize the book layout, this would take 858 purchased copies
The full rulebook will then contain all the chapters currently present, an introduction scenario, and two appendices. The fully finalized book would also include reference lists at the back and other tools to make searching the book easier.

Now we get to the actual game part!

Welcome to the Domains Horror Roleplaying System

This is the Core Rulebook of the Domains Horror Roleplaying System, a framework made to create a narrative horror experience. The system uses a single 4d10 roll to give the players and game master the opportunity to weave an intricate story.

The characters are created with a simple and fast system offering character costumisation with 120+ traits in 5 Aptitudes: Survival, Awareness, Larceny, Knowledge, Social.

These characters will progress via a natural growth mechanic which allows the chracters to progress depending on the story and how the player invisions them, while not alowing a fast increase in power.

Shape the very story with powerful Abilities that allow you to add unchangeable narrative structures to the game at the cost of Threat, a resource the GM can use to do the same with negative story structures!

Explore a full NPC and Monster creation system allowing you to handcraft the perfect horror experience for your pary, and delve into various tools that allow the GM to fully induce Bleed with the players by letting them scare themselves!

So grab your pen, paper, and dice; and get ready to be scared!

The Core Rulebook

This book contains all you need to:

  • Make characters
  • Make them grow in a natural manner
  • Gear them out with tools required for them to survive
  • Make them delve into ancient magics
  • Prepare a Story
  • Create a Domain of your own
  • Create NPCs and Monsters
Furthermore once the v1 is out the book will contain:

  • An introduction Story
  • Sample NPCs and Monsters
  • Full lists and references for easy character creation
  • Character creation guide with Charater sheet explanations
Price: $5.56

Hotspot playtest $0.00


Publisher: Silver Branch Games

This is a short RPG system concept, aiming to be simple to pick up and use. It uses small lists of freeform traits and small pools of d6.

The core is suited for games where characters are basically normal people having exciting exploits, but it should be expandable to other genres.

Note: this is in idea form and has not been tested. It probably won’t blow up... It came from tinkering with system ideas, rather than trying to match a particular genre/style. I may or may not poke at it more in future.

Price: $0.00

Vanguard d100 $6.00

Vanguard d100:

Vanguard d100
Publisher: JPVS

Vanguard is a roleplaying game that provides rules that can be used for any fantasy setting or world, with over a decade of creation and playtesting. In it, you can find a set of rules that emphasis freedom in character build with plenty of options:

- No classes or levels. Build your charcter anyway you like without suffering from such restrictions, and do so at the end of every game session!

- Over a dozen playable races, with more common ones like elves and dwarves, but also uncommon ones like centaur and ogre.

- Dozens of skills and hundreds of talents, all properly organized to match your style of play.

- A unique spellcasting system where you can create your own spells.

- Plenty of additional rules, like benefits for creating older characters, flaws and advantages, equipment that can be upgraded without the need for magic, luck, Sanity and so on.

- This game is modular, you can easily remove some of its features without breaking the game's balance. For example, want to play in an historic setting? Then remove the entire magic chapter and magical equipment for a more gritty and realistic experience.

Price: $6.00

Now We Raid $1.00

Now We Raid:

Now We Raid
Publisher: Drunk Wizard

"You are residents of Úlffarrsted, a small village on the coast of Denmark.
Ever since the raid on Lindisfarne brought back so much wealth, you too have had your eyes set on England's shores.
The summer sun rises. The time to strike has come! It's time to go Viking!"

Now We Raid! is a 4-page table-top roleplaying game designed to be played as a one-shot session over the course of about an hour.
Where in the players must overcome problems at home, at sea, and on raid before returning home, hopefully with lots of plunder!
The game is mechanically simple making it perfect for experienced role-players to introduce their friends to the table-top roleplaying scene.

Price: $1.00

Battenburgh Open Playtest $2.00

Battenburgh Open Playtest:

Battenburgh Open Playtest
Publisher: Giantkiller Industries LLC

Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

- Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to the open playtest of Battenburgh.

In Battenburgh, you play a parent who's gotten a lot of things wrong and their offspring, family friends, and proteges. Do you make your relationships with your sibs and your (inept) parent better, or will things just get worse? Play to find out! Battenburgh is inspired by family comedies by some of your favorite directors. If you watch movies like that and think, "Damn. That's my family," this game is for you.

The open playtest includes a 14 page rulebook and 2 sets of (optionally) printable family cards. (You can also play the game using index cards).

Battenburgh will be coming to Kickstarter when this playtest concludes. Be sure to let us know what you think on the feedback form (linked in the rules PDF). Thanks for playtesting!

Price: $2.00

White Lies - Agency Attache $1.00

White Lies - Agency Attache:

White Lies - Agency Attache
Publisher: DwD Studios

In the White Lies RPG, players can equip their agents with three various upgradeable gear. Spies like gadgets. In the equipment chapter of the core rulebook there are specific upgrades available to weapons and vehicles to add spy features to them, making them unique while expanding the capability of the agent. The classic attache case should be no different. In this light supplement, agents can be provided or can purchase a new classification of gear: the Agency Attache.

What makes the attache unique isn't just that it can look like anything the player wishes (handbag, camera bag, tactical security backpack, even a classic briefcase). What makes the attache unique is that it can be equipped with any number of standardized agency upgrades, such as a knife dispensor, glider wings, zipline grapples, or can even be set to self destruct! Gadget up your agent with the Agency Attache.

This is a pay-what-you-want product. If you download it for free and find it useful, please consider supporting this and future similar Admin Toolkits, or make some of your own! The OGL is there for that reason.
Price: $1.00

Americana $20.00


Publisher: Sandy Pug Games

Your best friend is dead

And you’re the only one who can find the killer

A unique world of magic, mystery and teenage adventure

Americana Title
Americana is an RPG set in a fantasy, inclusive 1950s small town, somewhere in the United States. Your best friend is dead, and you think it's murder. Gather their other friends, follow the clues and investigate your town full of magic, wonder, gangs and risks to track down the killer and bring them to justice.

The game takes place in a 50s vastly different than the one we're used to. For a start, the world is full of magic. Orcs and Dwarves are going steady at the drive-in, Elves and Dragons are taking a trip to Look-out Point and your principal is a kindly skeleton that fought against Charlemagne. The world is also massively more progressive than the 50s ever was, systemic oppression of marginalized people is an alien concept in the world of Americana.

You play as something new and incredible in this world; a Teenager. Never before has the world been in a place that allowed for a long adolescence, and as the first of these strange creatures, you make a lot of people uncomfortable with your wild clothes, your loud music and your strange habits. Players choose from one of 6 teenage archetypes - Jock, Nerd, Artist, New Kid, Outsider, Royal - each with their own strengths and place within the high school ecosystem. You'll also pick from one of 9 fantasy species, each with their own unique backstory and history within the world.

Americana features innovative new mechanics; Your Dead Friend pushes the victim of the murder to the center of the story, and Flashbacks let you build your relationship with the victim dynamically through play. Town Creation lets you and your table collaboratively create an incredible town full of magic and mystery and an extensive resources section helps you and your players build the perfect mystery.

What They're Saying

Geek and Sundry - did a fantastic little write up of the project on their site!

Five or So Questions -  Beau Sheldon over at Thoughty did a fantastic interview that covers a lot of the game. Check it out!

brhfl.com - "But a good rulebook lends itself to a good experience, and from ensuring that all the players are engaged and invested in the narrative to establishing basic safety nets and boundaries for players, Americana lays the groundwork for a great experience... Now I get to be a crime-solvin’ pink non-binary dragon, and all I can say is heck yeah."

Price: $20.00

Duermar: A GM's Guide $7.75

Duermar: A GM's Guide:

Duermar: A GM's Guide
Publisher: Corrupt Confidant Gaming

Welcome to Duermar, a fantasy-horror setting written & designed for Open Legend! Enter a region populated by Gnomes & Humans, which has started to crumble after a mysterious plague, called "the Corruption", has taken over the region & has been driving people into madness. Along with the madness came the transformations of Humans, who are starting to grow into their worst fears, & Gnomes losing control over their primal magic, causing Wild Magic effects.

This book contains everything a GM needs to know to be able to create a unique character for this setting, including:

  • Guidelines on how to run campaigns in the setting of Duermar
  • Guidelines on how to use the Sanity & Insanity mechanics
  • Advice & optional rules to export Sanity & Insanity to other settings
  • A deep dive into the mythology of Duermar & the causes of the Corruption
  • Over 30 adventuring ideas & plot hooks to create campaigns around
  • Over 20 different statblocks of monsters & NPCs from the region of Duermar
  • A look at Duermar's neighbouring nations & an overview of the continent of Frall
Enter Duermar, join the madness & become part of the fun!

Price: $7.75

GMs' Night Out $1.00

GMs' Night Out:

GMs' Night Out
Publisher: Lost Dutchman Publishing

GMs' Night Out is a one-page RPG that explores what it means to roleplay and the position we take on in games that rely on a Dungeon Master or Game Master to facilitate play.   GMs' Night Out breaks down roleplay to its most basic back-and-forth to let GMs run narrative and character interactions without player controlled characters.

Price: $1.00

Fairyland Confidential $4.00

Fairyland Confidential:

Fairyland Confidential
Publisher: Teapot Dome Games

“It was a fairyland case. I hate fairyland cases. Once magic gets involved in a case, you never know what is real and what is illusion. Who is acting on their own free will? Who’s been enchanted? It’s always a mess to sort out. But no matter how much I swear off the faerie cases, I always get drawn back in to another one.”

Fairyland Confidential is a game that mashes up the genre conventions of film noir with the legends and stories of fairy folklore. It’s a roleplaying game for one player. You’ll need a deck of regular playing cards (with jokers), two dice of different colors, a set of these rules, a victim sheet, a crime sheet, and some way to take notes. It should take you 30 minutes to an hour to play.

Price: $4.00

Dream Station $7.00

Dream Station:

Dream Station
Publisher: Mousehole Press

DREAM STATION gives us airlocks and control panels, pensive faces looking out into the cosmos, improvised fixes for critical systems, military-sponsored subterfuge, warm embraces in the cold vacuum, frantic struggles in zero-gravity and unknowable ancient technology, asking “what do you do next?”

Imagine an all-consuming interstellar war, spread across a vast galaxy and involving trillions of willing and conscripted participants.

Then, imagine a lone space station, floating in the cosmos, that is somehow set apart from this conflict

Through significant effort and fortuitous circumstance this place has remained peaceful and unaffiliated, providing a sanctuary for the lovers and thinkers who refuse to side with the two warring powers

In DREAM STATION you play a core member of this space station community, responsible for a crucial aspect of its continued operation. As a group, you will bargain and gossip, analyse and manage, love and celebrate, struggle and fight, lead the rest of the community and shape its future.

You'll collaboratively generate an isolated space station within a galaxy-spanning setting.

You'll throw things into disarray by introducing challenges and threats to your station's precarious peace and neutrality.

 You'll play together to find out what happens.

For 3-6 players across 3-4 hours.

A game of BELONGING OUTSIDE BELONGING inspired by the wonderful Dream Askew by Avery Alder

content warnings: violence, criminal enterprise, loneliness, social manipulation, alcohol & drugs, undercover identity
Price: $7.00

Wild Lands $10.00

Wild Lands:

Wild Lands
Publisher: Stephen Wood Games


Scurry into adventure with Wild Lands a cooperative storytelling RPG where players control squirrel knights, mouse mages,  badger barbarians, and more!


The Core Book includes:

 Core rules, Equipment, Great Isle Campaign Guide, Monsters Manuel, and Loot!

Also included is Adventures in Silverthorn which contains 4 adventures to get players and game masters started in the world of Wild Lands.

Adventures in Silverthorn Includes:

4 adventure scenarios, printer-friendly maps, and new loot!


Wild Lands is a simple high fantasy game where players control fantasy critters as they travel and adventure across the Great Isle. There are no classes in Wild Lands; instead, players can design their critters for any play style, and change as their character's story unfolds. As critters earn experience and level up, they can increase their skills, allowing them to perform better in future tasks. Players can also augment their critters abilities through magical items, accessories, and mana stones.

Campaign Setting

The Great Isle has a long and colorful history most of which has been lost to time with the ruins of many kingdoms, fortresses, and dark dens dotting the countryside from before the first and second calamity. After the second calamity, which resulted in the destruction of one of the divine oaks and the banishment of a great evil back to the void, there has been a relative peace on the isle as the critters rebuilt their lives in the new age. In the present day, it has been 128 years since the felling of the divine oak in Silverthorn. Life is peaceful, with only a few scuffles between guilds or cities, most of whom are attempting to gain territory and power. At the beginning of the new age, the orcs and dire beasts were driven back to Dire Skull, and any remaining warbands were scattered and fled deep into the woods and mountains.  Only one horde has risen to challenge the west gate since the calamity. A Horder lead by a tremendous dire beast Alka Sparkfang, a giant thunder lynx. Her Horde broke through the west gate, but they were defeated in the plains east of the Warrens. Despite this relative peace, there has been an increase in goblin and underling sightings along with fears a long-prophesied return of Rasselbok.


Price: $10.00