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Monday 31 August 2020

Artifice [Free]

Artifice [Free]:

Your Masters have abandoned you, their artificially constructed servants, and the remains of their civilization. Now shrouded in the smog, fungi, and fading myth of this ruined world, you and your fellow Forsaken wander these warped wastelands and sunken cities, in search of the precious components that will allow you to continue functioning; all in the hope that, one day, you can discover where the Masters went and become more than what you are. 

Artifice is a rules-light RPG about robots scavenging the ruins of human civilization for treasure and honor. Resolution centers around tearing and and repairing an index card to manage a limited die pool. Your characters will slowly fall apart as you play, making teamwork and wise-decision making essential to surviving your quest.
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Zoo Rush! [Free]

Zoo Rush! [Free]: Work together to outwit the zookeepers. It's a Zoo Rush!

Zoo Rush!

A Gentleman's Duel [Free]

A Gentleman's Duel [Free]: An improvisational one page RPG for 5 players

A Gentleman's Duel

We Come In- [Free]

We Come In- [Free]:

It's finally happening! The moment you've been waiting for. First Contact of the Third Kind. The Aliens; they are here! In just three days they will land in in a middle-of-nowhere town in Nevada, and you are going to be there; for better or for worse.

This leaves you with just one question. What do they actually want?

'We Come In-' is a two-page tabletop roleplaying game for 3-5 players. You will be divided into 2-4 Human Players and the Alien. The core of the game are the three days that the humans have time to make preparations for the upcoming alien arrival. Will you try to band the town together to defend your planet from these Space Invaders or roll out the red carpet for E.T?

The Alien Player? Well, that is the mystery now isn't it?

The game is playable once with a single group and takes between 3-5 hours.


Here demonstrated. Four Humans and an Alien.

This game was created originally as part of the One-Page RPG Jam 2020.
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Labours [Free]

Labours [Free]:

You’ve done something bad. Very bad. Like, went into a rage and butchered your entire family bad. There’s good news: it wasn’t really your fault—an irate god made you do it. But there’s bad news, too: though it wasn’t your fault, you still have to do penance. The oracle has told you to serve the simpering king Eurystheus. And he has a few ideas for some hard labours you might do.

Labours is a game about a group of heroes who have to find their way through the dangers of mythic Greece, undertaking dangerous adventures across the world and at the mercy of fickle gods.

It is fairly untested, so if you do play it, please let me know! I would really value the feedback.
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Briarwood $3.00

Briarwood: $3.00

Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

A one page roleplaying game that got out of hand and is now two pages.

The briarwoods are shadowed, ancient and dangerous; the ruins of civilisations that tried to conquer them in ages past, choked with thorn and root, are riddled with cults and monsters too wild and too fearsome to show their faces in the towns and cities that surround it. 

YOU are an outcast yourself – a sell-sword, an apostate, an outsider. An ailing village on the outskirts has hired you to venture within and reclaim their chapel’s stolen relic that, they claim, will rid them of the curse that has befallen them ever since it was stolen by the inhabitants of the woods.

For three to four players and a GM, intended for multiple-session play.


Price: $3.00

Mandrake Sanctuary $7.00

Mandrake Sanctuary: $7.00

Publisher: Richard Kelly

A Monster-Raising Game

In this world, there are endless variations of magical plants, all categorized under the umbrella term 'Mandrake'.

What makes mandrakes special is that they don't just live off of sunlight, water, and nutrients.

For a mandrake to thrive, it needs to be near a sense of purpose.

A mandrake can lie outside the door of a poet, or lounge on the carpet of a classroom, or sit atop a hill watching a construction site, and bask like a lizard under a heat lamp.

As the world has become busier, mandrake sightings have grown less common.

There hasn't been a truly massive mandrake in over a century.

But that's where you come in.

With a little plot of land, you can raise and care for civilization's cast-off mandrakes. You can give them water and light and fertilizer---and you can give them purpose.

It's not always easy work.

The sun burns hot, your arms get tired, and letting yourself genuinely care about something new is always a risk.

But the mandrakes need someone to look after them, and you already have a perfect plot of land for gardening.


Mandrake Sanctuary is a solitaire LARP about raising magical plant-creatures. You play by sketching several plots of land onto a piece of paper, and then journaling or drawing your mandrakes as they grow.

Mandrakes grow based on the type of soil mix you've fortified them with. Some mixes activate when you work out, or relax, or do something creative, or spend time with a friend. Others activate when you simply make it through the day.

Overall, you can watch your garden grow over time, filling with healthy mandrakes as it does.

There's no pressure to the gameplay, and your mandrakes can get by just fine without tending. Mandrake Sanctuary is also designed to be easy to pick up and put down, and overall to be a chill and relaxing game about taking care of a bunch of corgi-sized plant-critters.




Mandrake Sanctuary

Price: $7.00

SPY: A 2 Page Roleplaying Game $1.00

SPY: A 2 Page Roleplaying Game: $1.00

Publisher: Nerd Glows On

SPY is a two-page, low-prep, rules-lite game of cinematic Cold War espionage. Part traditional RPG, part narrative story game, it's a common-sense guide to creating thrilling spy tales that are high on cinematic action and low on fiddly arithmetic. For experienced GMs and players.

SPY: A 2 Page Roleplaying Game

Price: $1.00



Publisher: Elwesincallo

Welcome to the Plain and Simple Role Play gaming system. In this title, we guide you through our vision for fun, easy-to-grasp, but rich-in-depth d20 gaming.

Plain and Simple is the result of the meeting of the minds of father and son gamers S. Lorigan and K. Lorigan. With a combined 50 years of gaming between us, we were looking for a better way, a way that allowed for more freedom in the right ways, made more sense in the right ways, and removed some of the unnecessary restrictions that maybe meant well, but ultimately caused more harm than good. We hope you will enjoy and become a fan and supporter of the result!

This product is simply that: the core game system rules, divorced from any setting. 

Price: $1.50

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game $13.00

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game: $13.00

Publisher: Chris S Sims

Kid Monsters!

Play kid monsters as little heroes in their creepy world.

  • 82 pages of spoopy rules, characters, setting, monsters, guidance, and creative tools.
  • 2 or more players. Works best with 2 to 5.
  • Playtime of 1 or more hours.
  • Hyperlinked PDF for navigation via Contents page and on-page links.
  • Requires six-sided dice, pencils, and paper. Tokens, such as game chips or glass beads, are optional.
  • Created by the Sims family (two little girls and their dad) with special guests. Edited by Cal Moore. Illustrated by Emma Welch.
This version is a prerelease. Rules are final barring proofreading changes. Awaiting final art in some places. Buy the game now, at less than release price, and you'll get the polished PDFs upon their release.

Draculola, a little vampire girl and your friend, wants to make her home, the realm of Zitterstein, a better place. You can help.

You're also a child in that craggy, forested land. Naturally, you’re a monster, too (probably!). As part of a gang of little creatures, you get up to mischief and adventure all over Zitterstein, sometimes during the day (naughty!). You scare and thwart mean people and monsters; set up elaborate pranks; solve mysteries; and explore hidden places such as fog-shrouded vales and Castle Zitterstein’s endless dungeons.

Zitterstein is changing. Draculola is tired of the monsters’ traditions of scaring and hurting people. She doesn’t want to spend her unlife being nasty to nonvampires and stocking her castle's catacombs with beasts as her parents do. With your help, she has plans to bring more cheer to gloomy old Zitterstein. Her parents don’t approve.

In this game, players act out the antics of a team of kid monsters.

Most players pretend to be characters, the kid monsters, in this game of make-believe. One player takes on the role of Narrator, who describes events and places, and pretends to be creatures. Other players tell the Narrator how their kid monsters act in a scene full of these things. This talk and pretend action go back and forth until one scene ends. Then, another begins.

Playing through these scenes creates a story of the kid monsters exploring their spooky, cartoonish realm where magic and meaner monsters are real. They aren’t super scary, and they can be silly, but they exist. The game leans toward creative, fun solutions and playfulness. It leans away from violence.

The 67-page Draculola book has most of what you need to play.

Playing this game requires only the rules, pencils, paper, glass beads or similar markers, and several six-sided dice. Make kid monsters and fun adventures in Zitterstein, or wherever your imagination takes you, using this book.

Draculola and Friends, a 15-page book, has sample characters.

Fourteen premade kid monsters can be used to play or as examples of what you can make. A bigger blank character sheet helps you make a little monster of your very own.

This game is a Two-Stat Game.

You can learn more about the rules in the Two-Stat System Reference. It's free.

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game

Price: $13.00

Slay What? $1.00

Slay What?: $1.00

Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

You’re a bunch of clerics.
A king has charged you with slaying something.
What are you slaying?
I don’t know.
Pray to your god, which ever one that is.
Slay What is an open ended minimalist role playing game.

It uses the Everything’s Fine system.
It requires a good deal of imagination.
It’s all about telling a story.

Slay What?

Price: $1.00

dFb $3.00

dFb: $3.00

Publisher: Beautifulharmony Multimedia

The Fudge System is great in that it presents a maximally flexible framework, but that is also its greatest weakness for newbies.

Newbie: "I'd like to try the Fudge System, but there are 3 different core types of combat (including numerous matrial arts sub-systems) and multiple magic systems. What should I try first?"

Veteran: "Play it however you want!"

Newbie: "But which one should I try first?"

Veteran: "Whatever you want!"

Newbie: "But I don't know.... Um. Before you say it again, I'll just play this other game with lots of math that tells me the one way to do everything..."

dFB is a generic stand-alone Fudge implementation designed to alleviate that confusion. It presents one type of combat, one magic setup, etc....

For those familar with Fudge, and in particular 5 Point Fudge, you'll find some new material from things the gaming community has learned in recent years along with revisions of older material: Psychics, Magic, A new fluid way to work with distances in game mechanics, Narrator Fudge Points, and mechanics for playing Fudge as a solo RPG (solo scenarios and such not included).

At the core of everything is 5 Point Fudge from Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition, so it's extremely compatible with that plethora of other available Fudge options and rules. dFb presents a solid basis that might be all you ever need, or you might find it a great foundation.

95 pages

8.25" x 11" with a 0.25" margin for printing to both Letter and A4


Price: $3.00

Anti-Heroes: Supers, Forged in the Dark $8.00

Anti-Heroes: Supers, Forged in the Dark: $8.00

Publisher: Adrenaline Games

Anti-Heroes  is a game about super-powered people trying to make their way in the world.  They might be villains, vigilantes, cons, or even real heroes.  The game is inspired by comics like Suicide Squad, the Punisher, The Watchmen and The Boys.

Anti-Heroes uses the Forged in the Dark system introduced in John Harper's Blades in the Dark RPG. It is a fiction first rule set that encourages players to "play to see what happens." In Anti-Heroes, the rules are stripped down to the core for simplicity and flexibility.

Eight categories of super powers make it easy to create nearly any type of character you want. Characters with the same power can describe its manifestation and effects in very different ways. For example, one anti-hero with the shapeshifter power may be able to stretch their arms and legs to incredible lengths, while another may use the power to shape their hands into sledgehammers.

Anti-Heroes also includes a collaborative city-building game so that you can create a unique setting for your characters.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Interior Illustration

Powers Descriptions

City Creation

Character Sheet


Character Sheet

Anti-Heroes: Supers, Forged in the Dark

Price: $8.00

For Her Elegance $1.00

For Her Elegance: $1.00

Publisher: ThePunkWrangler

The Princess is perfect in every way. She has style, intelligence, and elegance unlike any other in the kingdom. Truly the Princess can do no wrong.

But perfection doesn't come easy. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to ensure that the Princess always comes out on top. It's your job to ensure that the blood, sweat, and tears come from other people.

As agents in the Princess' cabal, you and your friends must complete each of the Princess' increasingly drastic demands throughout the day by any means necessary. Manipulation, sabotage, and murder are all on the table so long as the deed gets done and nothing that could incriminate the Princess is left behind.

  • As one of the agents, lie, cheat, and kill with your friends through fast-paced improv to ensure that the Princess gets her way. 
  • As the Game Master, come up with devilishly cruel Orders and test the creative planning skills of your players. 
  • 6 Playable classes to choose from. 
  • 3 Rounds of gameplay with ever increasing stakes. 
  • All on one (double-sided) page!
And just like VAMPUNKS, it's totally FREE!
Carry out the will of the Princess. Do whatever it takes to complete your orders. And always remember...it's FOR HER ELEGANCE!

For Her Elegance

Price: $1.00

Whiskey Role Playing $5.00

Whiskey Role Playing: $5.00

Publisher: Timothy L Allsup

Whiskey Role Playing is a complete game system that is flexable enough to be used in any campaign genera~.

Whiskey Role Playing

Price: $5.00

MSX™ English $8.00

MSX™ English: $8.00

Publisher: Horoscope

This is the English version of MSX™, a simple and easy to learn RPG. Its minimalist rules, with a distinct OSR vibe, encourage participants to use their creativity to overcome challenges. To play MSX™ you will need some six-sided dice (D6), paper and a pencil.

MSX™ English is not just the English version of the game you already know: this is an expanded version of the previously released basic rules, revised after dozens of game sessions on the Horoscope Zine's Discord server.

The MSX™ English features:

• A 16-page all hand-written high-resolution PDF fanzine booklet

• A full-color A3 illustrated map with numerated hex-grid to hexcrawl

• Simple rules to roll a Character ready to play in just a few minutes

• Occupation and Origin tables based on Shadowlords™ dark fantasy game setting

• Blessed or Doomed tables for unique Character traits

• Combat rules for a fast and deadly fight

• Weapons table

• Encounter table with Shadowlords™ creatures

• Treasure table with Magical Weapons

MSX™ English

Price: $8.00

The d6 Hack in colour $7.50

The d6 Hack in colour: $7.50

Publisher: Simon Burley Productions

A Complete Fantasy Table-Top Role-Playing Game.

Specially designed for Beginners.

Plays just like the most popular games making in the perfect introduction to the hobby.

Wizards, Warriors, Dragons, Dungeons. With just this book, a handful of six-sided dice and a couple of friends you'll soon be playing like a veteran.

2 Free complete adventures & 4 pre-made characters to get you started in minutes.

- Perfect for Newcomers to the Hobby

- Make your own characters

- Take them on adventures

- Fight Monsters

- Cast Spells

- Advice for Referees

You'll also be able to use this book to play adventures designed for a wide range of other Fantasy Role-Playing games.

The d6 Hack (TDSH) is a traditional TableTop RolePlaying Game (TTRPG), played with paper, pencils and dice. It uses the Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying Games as a base. But it also builds upon the special version of that game called THE BLACK HACK (TBH). It differs from both those games by only using the commonly available 6-sided dice - meaning you can get started without any additional expenditure needed.

The d6 Hack in colour

Price: $7.50

Cantrip Fantasy Roleplaying System $4.99

Cantrip Fantasy Roleplaying System: $4.99

Publisher: Dancing Lights Press

Cantrip Fantasy is a simple, easy-to-learn tabletop roleplaying system. It was designed for people who’d like to play something like that big, brand-name fantasy game but feel overwhelmed by big, fat books full of rules. This system was also created for people who don’t like being limited to the character options in those books, and would like to create their own.
There are only three basic steps that you need to follow in order to play:
  • Step 1: Make a Character.
  • Step 2: Have Adventures.
  • Step 3: Repeat as Desired.
Cantrip Fantasy uses six-sided dice. You will need a lot of them. Pencils and paper are helpful, too. Anything else, like miniature figures, funny hats, and snacks are completely optional. The assumption is that at least one person playing is familiar with the basics of tabletop roleplaying, and can act as the guide for the other players.

Check out the first 25 pages, over half the book, in the previews!

Cantrip Fantasy Roleplaying System

Price: $4.99

Crime-Frightners $0.95

Crime-Frightners: $0.95

Publisher: Games 4 Geeks

Are you tired of being a terrifying monster?

Would you like to give something back to the community, buy making it a safer place?

Why not adopt a superhero identity and fight crime using your monster powers?

Crime-Frighteners is a rules-light game in which the players are classic monsters, such as vampires, werewolves, and mummies, who have decided to become superheroes.

Although you could play it fairly straight, the game is intended to be played for laughs, as the characters struggle to protect normal citizens who are terrified of them.

Then, there's always the matter of the secret identity...


Price: $0.95

Stupid Gnomes $1.00

Stupid Gnomes: $1.00

Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

Gnomes are popping up everywhere.
Getting into your gardens.
Messing up your lawn.
What are you going to do bout it?
Stupid Gnomes is an open ended minimalist role playing game.

It uses the Everything’s Fine system.
It requires a good deal of imagination.
It’s all about telling a story.

Stupid Gnomes

Price: $1.00

Mars Needs Winnebagos! $1.00

Mars Needs Winnebagos!: $1.00

Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

You are little green men from Mars.
You’ve been sent to Earth to collect Winnebagos for your Emperor.
Why? Why not.

Mars Needs Winnebagos! is an open ended minimalist role playing game.
It uses the Everything’s Fine system.
It requires a good deal of imagination.
It’s all about telling a story.

Mars Needs Winnebagos!

Price: $1.00

Goblin Gangsters (One-Page RPG) $0.50

Goblin Gangsters (One-Page RPG): $0.50

Publisher: Zadmar Games

Payment Optional! You can download the full PDF for free by clicking on the Publisher Preview, but if you'd like to support my work, thank you!
This is a humorous, standalone one-page roleplaying game about modern-day goblin gangsters. It uses a streamlined version of the Tricube Tales system, and serves as a prequel to The Gobfather, but you don't need either of them to play this game. The PDF uses layers for ease of printing.

Goblin Gangsters (One-Page RPG)

Price: $0.50



Publisher: Spiral Lemniscate Games


Sort of an Anarchist take on Dungeons ‘N’ Dragons, with a dash of Animal Farm, a bit of Robin Hood, and yes, a healthy dose of N***a Turtles, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR TURTLES DISMANTLES THE POWER SYSTEMS WITHIN RPGS WHILE BEING A SH*T TON OF FUN!

Comes with Four Complete Mini-Adventures!

For Mature Players


Price: $4.00

Witchy Whiskers $3.00

Witchy Whiskers: $3.00

Publisher: Jason Miscia

The spells of your coven have backfired. Instead of a new energy drink, you have

accidentally summoned a demon. As a thank you, the demon has transformed you and

your fellow witches into animals before running off to cause mayhem.

You may be furry, but you’re still witches and it’s time to stop a demon!

Witchy Whiskers is a hack of the game Honey Heist by Grant Howitt.

Witchy Whiskers

Price: $3.00

24 Hour Crime Scene - A Crime-Solving RPG $9.00

24 Hour Crime Scene - A Crime-Solving RPG: $9.00

Publisher: Long Games

24 Hour Crime Scene

A Crime-Solving RPG

After a vicious murder has been committed, you and your colleagues are the detectives tasked with solving the case, but you only have 24 hours at the crime scene to connect the clues, interview the suspects, and uncover the truth of what happened.


24 Hour Crime Scene is a role-playing game for one to four players where each player assumes the role of a detective investigating the crime scene of a murder.

Over the course of the game you will discover more about the crime scene, discover clues, collect evidence, find suspects and interview them.

As a player, it is up to you to invent the clues and information that you discover. For instance, when you discover a clue, you decide what that clue is, and then draw it onto the crime scene, anywhere you’d like. It will then be up to you and the other detectives to connect all of the clues and evidence later to tell the unique story of the victim's murder.

By the end of the game you will have gathered enough evidence to charge one of the suspects with the murder.


Turn Order

On your turn you will do the following:

1. Draw a card, read the related prompt, and then resolve it.

2. You will also take an additional action where you can add a clue to the crime scene, turn a clue into evidence, interview a suspect or even consult with the other detectives.


Included with the game are two alternative game modes:

Serial Killer Mode: A campaign-style mode with a single killer and three victims that plays over a series of games.

Solo Mode: A solo version of the game that plays almost identically to multiplayer mode.


Player Count: 1 to 4

Game Length: 1 to 2 hours

Pages: 20

Additional Materials: You will need, pens or pencils, paper, and a standard deck of playing cards.

Designer: William Long www.longgames.co.uk

24 Hour Crime Scene - A Crime-Solving RPG

Price: $9.00

Grimdark: Deadly, Nasty Rules for the World's Most Ubiquitous RPG $9.99

Grimdark: Deadly, Nasty Rules for the World's Most Ubiquitous RPG: $9.99

Publisher: Postmortem Studios

Many fantasy games, if not all of them, follow the lead given by Dungeons &

Dragons, and rapidly become superheroic parodies of themselves. This has been

especially true of the newer editions, since AD&D Second Edition. It’s great, but it’s

not for everyone.

At least not all of the time.

There are many kinds of fantasy, and Dungeons & Dragons’ increasingly sanitised, fluffy, generic, high-escapist fantasy - dripping in magical weapons and character invulnerability, isn’t necessarily what people want.

A Grimdark game is in part made from difficulty. In this context, that has to come from encouraging the players to play tactically and carefully. To do everything they can to swing advantage in their favour.

It’s also as much about encouraging players to deal with difficult and horrifying role-playing and decisionmaking consequences, all with less resources and power than they might be used to. It also encourages them, when necessary, to run away.

We need to take that, lustrous, heroic, ‘fantasy-Portland’ edge off 5th Edition’s default rules-set, to amp up the difficulty and make people play more carefully. At the same time, we don’t want to just turn it into an unfair meatgrinder.

So why not a game designer, literally known as ‘Grim’, to do it?

Grimdark: Deadly, Nasty Rules for the World's Most Ubiquitous RPG

Price: $9.99

Project Biomodus: Standard Edition $25.00

Project Biomodus: Standard Edition: $25.00

Publisher: TAPM Systems

“In our hubris, we became immortal. In our ignorance, we became monsters.”

Project Biomodus is the First TAPM20 System game, set in a desolate world created by mankind’s need to defeat death. Now – some eight centuries later – the world is a mass of scorched concrete husks, breeding grounds for adapted, powerful monsters and the transhuman descendants of humanity; all fighting for the right to exist in a world that is beyond healing.

For more information, please visit http://www.projectbiomodus.com/

Project Biomodus: Standard Edition

Price: $25.00

Phil’s Fantasy Game $1.00

Phil’s Fantasy Game: $1.00

Publisher: PRESTIGE

Melee, magic, and mayhem…

Looking for a fantasy game that breaks the mold?  This is a game system that allows the players to be imaginative and collaborative in developing their characters.  It also allows a Game Master to craft adventures and stories that are interesting and exciting without having to worry about breaking the game mechanics.

We hope you enjoy Phil’s Fantasy Game.

We encourage feedback and suggestions.  We want to collaborate with players and game runners to create a fun and engaging roleplaying game system.

The proceeds from the purchase of this game go to support the Philip Rochat Establishment for Support & Therapy of Illness using Games & Entertainment dba PRESTIGE.

The Philip Rochat Establishment for Support & Therapy of Illness using Games & Entertainment dba PRESTIGE was established to support people who are struggling with illness by providing them with an avenue for creativity, social interaction, and stress relief through games and entertainment.  We do not want people to suffer with illness, we want people to thrive. Our objective is that people share positive experiences with others who may be experiencing similar health struggles through gaming. Our goal is to use games and entertainment as vehicles for engagement, encouragement, and support to people who have illness or who are affected by illness.  We are hoping to improve overall outlook and decrease anxiety and stress.  Please consider helping our non-profit in reaching this goal.

Phil’s Fantasy Game

Price: $1.00

Night Reign - A roleplaying game of stealth, guile, violence and devilry $8.00

Night Reign - A roleplaying game of stealth, guile, violence and devilry: $8.00

Publisher: Sinister Beard Games

Night Reign is a roleplaying game of stealth, guile, violence and devilry for a GM and one or more players, set in a quasi-Edwardian metropolis perched on an inhospital peninsula beset by

toxic black rain and ruled by a corrupt cabal of Noble Houses.

You take the role of members of The Red Right Hand, a conspiracy loyal to the recently deposed royal family, using your talents in assassination, infiltration and dark sorcery to strike out at your oppressors.

Using an innovative blackjack based rules system, Night Reign brings the tension and excitement of stealth videogames to the tabletop.

Night Reign - A roleplaying game of stealth, guile, violence and devilry

Price: $8.00

See You in Hell $0.00

See You in Hell: $0.00

Publisher: Silver Hoof Games

A brutal tabletop RPG about tough heroes, who stop an infernal invasion.

About the Game

Using these rules, you and your friends can tell an adventurous story about the near future full of explosions and shooting, which lasts for about two or three hours without any preparation. It will resemble brutal first-person shooter video games. The game ends with an epic boss fight. The heroes either bring the villain down or go straight into the cauldrons of the Dimension-66 yourselves.


Game Features

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • No special preparation required
  • This is a story about tough heroes in the near future
  • Most of the time, you’re roasting demons instead of talking
  • Great pixel arts
  • Over 50 pages


Attention: Ultraviolence!

You’ll witness rivers of blood and closeups of broken bones in this game. For some people it can be unacceptable and painful.


See You in Hell

Price: $0.00

The dAVe RPG System $0.99

The dAVe RPG System: $0.99

Publisher: Studio7aUK

First of all, please note that this is a game for players looking for more of a role-play than roll-play experience.

 This RPG system is designed to enable Games Masters and Players alike to create a fast-pulsed gaming experience incorporating tense high adventure in any type of suitable setting and Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror, Supernatural, etc.

It takes its inspiration from many sources.

 This game system suits absolutely any timeline whatsoever, from Fantasy through Earth Historical, to Sci-Fi.  The Player Characters are the Heroes of their age, striving to defeat the ubiquitous forces of evil.

The dice type used is the 'average' dice, referred to as dAVe.

The dAVe RPG System

Price: $0.99

Book Hounds DARK (ENG) $0.00

Book Hounds DARK (ENG): $0.00

Publisher: Mundos Infinitos

A 2-pages lovecraftian RPG about book smugglers in London. Based on Cthulhu Dark and Book Hounds of London.

This game is absolutely free, but if you like it, you may buy one of my other games. All payments become my dinner.

Book Hounds DARK (ENG)

Price: $0.00

Seasons of the Dead $10.00

Seasons of the Dead: $10.00

Publisher: Stormy Creations

Welcome to the World of the Dead. You are about to begin an epic adventure from which there is no going back. Fans of other Table Top Role Playing Games will love this complex and unique world of zombies and survival. This guidebook for Seasons of the Dead lays out everything the Games Master needs to escort players through the treacherous worlds that are to come.

Imagination runs wild and the possibilities are endless. The future is unset. Filled with tips, tactics, and techniques to maximize the game playing experience, this guidebook allows the Games Master to detail the world of his choosing, created from a number of events:

Economic collapse setting the survivors at each others throats.

A viral outbreak killing billions.

A world ending nuclear war.

A meteor strike destroying the world.

All these and more are detailed within. Take control of your world today as you lead your players through the most dangerous time of their lives. Seasons of the Dead is an epic game, powered by the Mythras Imperative game engine, where wit and cunning decide who lives and who dies.

"Seasons of the Dead" uses the d100 Mythras Imperative ruleset.

Seasons of the Dead

Price: $10.00