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Wednesday 30 September 2020

Dusk Blood Contracts $5.00

Dusk Blood Contracts: $5.00

Publisher: OmenScry

Welcome to Dusk Blood Contracts

It is the time of the warlord…

Tyrant Barons rule the wild lands with iron fists, warring on one another for territory and precious resources. Bandits prey on merchants and travellers out on remote trade routes. Mega corporations, crime syndicates and corrupt officials battle for control of the cities. The royal houses live in splendid isolation, waging a secret war on each other, holding on precariously to their titles and privilege.

It is the time of the ninja!

Dusk Blood Contracts is a sci-fantasy role playing game about a clan of

superhuman infiltrators, thieves and ninja assassins for hire, increasing their

power, influence and reputation in a bid to become the most feared and sought after clan in the known realm.

It’s cliche-centric, but is not specifically Asian themed beyond the obvious

reference to ninjas! It is designed predominantly for pick up and play as a oneshot game. However, there are some suggestions for creating short campaigns and a few rules for when you only have a GM and one player.

◆ You are Dusk Blood.The half mortal descendants of the Dusk

Lords, powerful 'Outsiders' whose blood flows through your

veins and those of your clan mates.

◆ You will be performing impossible tasks for people so

desperate to achieve their desires, they are prepared to sign

mystical contracts, binding them to your clan forever.

◆ You will be assassinating powerful corporate executives,

battling elite guards, hunting ruthless criminals, kidnapping

nobles and retrieving priceless artefacts.

◆ You will be evading cunning alarms, deadly traps and dangerous

beasts in the relentless pursuit of your mark.

Dusk Blood Contracts

Price: $5.00

Simulacrum Umbra $4.00

Simulacrum Umbra: $4.00 by @JVStorck

Publisher: Sewer Pipe

Simulacrum Umbra is a dark fantasy RPG that aims to challenge the players in hideous and unfortunate adventures through the lands of the collective imagination of those involved in this amorphous mass of blood, shit and viscera. 

Here you will find a cool freeform magic system, a fast paced and deadly combat, old school inventory management and some simple tables that create an environment for open world exploration.

Simulacrum Umbra

Price: $4.00

Swords for Sterling $4.99

Swords for Sterling: $4.99

Publisher: AISP

[Please pay at least $0.01 if possible as paying even a penny instead of 0 allows this book to climb in the bestseller lists. Thank you].

*A fantasy tabletop roleplaying game based on the "Legend" variant of the OpenD6 system that was the Origins Award winner for Best Roleplaying Rules. Compatible with the many OpenD6 titles.

*Fast playing and simple. Easy to teach new gamers and smoother for experienced groups where the game is run with little or no prep.

*Without classes or levels but with archetypes that speed character creation so play can start within minutes.

*A list of 120 monsters aids impromptu play. Great for both pickup games and extended campaign play.

*Requires only normal six-sided dice with options to use different die types or greater numbers of dice if desired.

*This is a fully standalone game. No other books are required for play. The magic rules are in an optional expansion book, Spells for Sterling. Monsters are expanded in another expansion book, Slay Them for Sterling.

Swords for Sterling

Price: $4.99

Venezia Tenebrae $1.17

Venezia Tenebrae: $1.17 by @familia_arcana

Publisher: Agon (A Game of Nerds)

Venice is not a city. Venice is a cage, and not a golden one at that: just one you cannot escape from. People dream of leaving its maze to search fortune and a better life elsewhere, but they never truly do that; it's like something is preventing them to flee. That something are the Old Gods. No one – not even their most powerful servants – know exactly what they are; they only know what they are not: humans. They have lived in Venice since the very beginning, have grown with it, and now they cannot leave anymore – as everything else unfortunate enough to fall in their grasp. No one who enters will never leave. They are the city. Or the city is them. They are impossible to entangle now. This game is about the city and the gods, their relationship, and the effect it has on the humans – both its unsuspecting inhabitants and the willing slaves of its will. Venezia Tenebrae is a narrative game set in a dark and hopeless version of the real Venice. The game mechanics are few and easy to learn; there will not be dice to roll: to shape their misty hell how they see fit, the group will only be able to rely on its imagination.
Venezia Tenebrae

Price: $1.17

Interstellar Bounty Hunters (One-Page RPG) $0.00

Interstellar Bounty Hunters (One-Page RPG): $0.00 by @zadmargames

Publisher: Zadmar Games

Print it, laminate it, and put it in your gaming bag. Wherever you go, it goes.
Inspired by a popular Space Western TV show and film franchise, Interstellar Bounty Hunters takes place long ago in a distant galaxy. This standalone one-page roleplaying game follows a ragtag crew of bounty hunters, plying their trade after the collapse of a star-spanning empire. It uses a streamlined version of the Tricube Tales system, but this product is self-contained and doesn't require any further downloads.
The PDF uses layers for ease of printing. There is also an optional second page, which contains examples and further inspiration for your adventures (this is ideal for home printing, as you might as well use the other side of the paper -- but you don't need it, therefore I still consider this a "one-page" RPG). Many of the examples are a deliberate nod to the franchise, to make the adventure generator easier to grok.


Interstellar Bounty Hunters (One-Page RPG)

Price: $0.00

Thorn Hollow $0.50

Thorn Hollow: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

The town of Thorn Hollow seems pleasant enough. However it hides all manner of dark secrets. Inspired by media like The Reddening by Adam Nevill and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this game takes the players into a small rural town where everyone may really be out to get them.

Contains 1 page of rules, and 3 pages of possible settings. Only thing you will need is a pencil and some six sided dice.

Thorn Hollow

Price: $0.50

Valhalla Corp $0.50

Valhalla Corp: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this one sheet rpg, you play as a group of Vikings struggling to survive in the face of a zombie outbreak. Is this Ragnarok? How will you survive?

Includes everything needed to play except two six sided dice.

Valhalla Corp

Price: $0.50

Three Octopuses In A Trenchcoat $0.50

Three Octopuses In A Trenchcoat: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In Three Octopuses In A Trench Coat you each will play as one of three octopuses breaking out of the lab aquarium you are in, and trying to make a break for freedom. You think maybe they have been experimenting on you, and you’ll be damned if you let anyone do that to you without your permission. Oh hey, someone left their trench coat over on that coat rack…

This one sheet rpg  has everything you need to play except for a pair of six sided dice. You will need  3 players and one DM.

Three Octopuses In A Trenchcoat

Price: $0.50

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood $2.00

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood: $2.00 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

This is a game of mystery, suspicion, and dark gothic horror set in the haunted woods of colonial Massachusetts. You and the strangers you have found yourself with are traveling up from Boston to the distant town of Dover, well over 70 miles away. Your reasons are varied, but Providence has thrown you all together, and it is always safer to travel in numbers. There are Witches in the wood they say, and no God-fearing Puritan would risk that alone. But what if one of your number was, in secret, a Witch themselves?

All that is required is a game master, and a few six sided dice.

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood

Price: $2.00

The Woods Perilous! $0.50

The Woods Perilous!: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this one sheet rpg, you play as members of King Arthur's Court, questing into the Forest of Paimpont. Once an idyllic realm, it has become a dark, haunted place unsafe to travel but in groups. With an innovative system of combined hit/chivalry points, your character will battle their greatest sins, and try to build up their greatest virtues. Contains all the rules needed to play and a second sheet of adventure ideas for DMs, so all you will need to get are a pair of six sided dice.

The Woods Perilous!

Price: $0.50

The Skyship Calls! $0.50

The Skyship Calls!: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this one sheet rpg you play as the crew of a steampunk skyship. Will you be pirates? Merchants? Adventurers? Not even the sky is the limit! All you need to play is this download and a pair of six sided dice.

The Skyship Calls!

Price: $0.50



Publisher: Doppelgänger Publishing


Play with your children, it's finally possible! Introduce your children to role-playing games and stimulate their imagination with Kids' Dungeons, a role-playing game for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

The rules are extremely simple and has been specially designed to awaken your children to mathematical curiosity. Two fully compatible systems are possible:

  • youngest kids will have fun discovering numbers and comparing sizes.
  • older ones will be able to practise additions.

Explore dungeons with your children!

With the light class-based system, make kids feel like they're turning into heroes!

7 characters available

Put their reflection to the test with The Jail

Rediscover a lost childish fantasy sensation with the mini background World of Crystal Castle and its crazy bestiary.

Maximum recommended playing time 20-35 minutes. Further specific advice for playing with children is given in the book.

Start the adventure right away with The Great Bathroom Flooding, a ready-to-play scenario included in the book.

So go for it, brave adventurers! The adventure and its treasures are waiting for you!


Price: $1.49

Alpha Duo Fantasy: Early Beta Version $4.99

Alpha Duo Fantasy: Early Beta Version: $4.99 by @PurpleAetherLLC

Publisher: Purple Aether Games LLC

Welcome to the first public beta for Alpha Duo Fantasy Roleplaying!

What is this?

This is the earliest playable prototype of a new indie fantasy RPG (final name TBD), which takes the genre-neutral Alpha Duo engine and tailors it for the fantasy genre. This beta document includes all the core game mechanics plus just enough guidance and lore to serve as a starting point for iteration.

This is a playable game. Although this beta is far from its final form, it's built on a solid foundation. Its core is the already-established Alpha Duo system, so by definition the game is playable as-is. This document is the first iteration of tailoring that system for fantasy, as well as a sampling of topics which may or may not be included in the final game. That's what iteration is for!

What to Expect

This beta document is your starting point for fantasy roleplaying with the Alpha Duo system. Feedback will inform updates, and iterations will be added to this page for easy download. Eventually, development will cross a line where enough has been settled that a new version will resemble the final book more than it resembles an iteration of this beta. It's possible that will result in a shift in the process and the end of free access to new versions, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, I want your feedback! I expect there to be lots worth critiquing in this beta—that's the point! Please comment below with your impressions, preferences, and desires so that the game can develop into the best it can be!

Alpha Duo Fantasy: Early Beta Version

Price: $4.99

The Monsters are our Heroes $4.99

The Monsters are our Heroes: $4.99 by @TheRealmmmBloat

Publisher: Bloat Games

Rules included:

  • Core Mechanic
  • Hindrance & Benefit
  • Advantage & Disadvantage
  • Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma) 
  • Determining Attributes, Luck
  • Hit Points, Hit Dice, Healing and Death
  • Evade & Armor Points, Damage Points
  • Leveling Up
  • Everything in Turn, Initiative, Time & Turns
  • Movement & Distances (Close, Near, Far, Distant)
  • Shifting
  • Character Creation
  • Character Classes
  • Weapons & Equipment
  • Bestiary
  • Bonus Content
The Monsters are our Heroes

Price: $4.99

Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition $17.00

Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition: $17.00 by @GreyGhostGames

Publisher: Grey Ghost Games

Just Fudge It!

Origins Awards Nominee Seal

ImageFudge is a word-based roleplaying game customizable (by design) to fit any genre or play style. The 10th Anniversary Edition includes everything from the core Fudge rules, plus a whole lot more!

We collected together extensive lists of character traits for character creation, alternative rules (including a vehicle design system, dogfighting, cybernetics, netrunning, superheroes, and advice on running Fudge) and a whole lot more!

fudgelogo_dice_bullet Easy to play (the word-based system and simple game mechanic to resolve actions let you concentrate on the story rather than the rules)

fudgelogo_dice_bulletSkill-driven (choose broadly defined skill groups or detailed individual skills – or anything in between)

fudgelogo_dice_bulletFlexible (play any style from gritty realism to legendary heroics and create any character in any genre – even bunnies!)


  • Choose your own attributes, gifts, faults, and skills
  • Play “subjectively” (just “fudging” it) or “objectively” (with "crunchier" rules)
  • Use the rules you like best, they’re all optional
  • Choose your favorite dice techniques, or play diceless
  • Incorporate any of the many available optional rules, techniques, and add-ons (including magic systems and the like) – or create your own!

Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition

Price: $17.00

Deryni Adventure Game $20.00

Deryni Adventure Game: $20.00 by @GreyGhostGames

Publisher: Grey Ghost Games

Deryni Adventure GameWelcome to the Eleven Kingdoms, known from days of old. It is a time of chivalry, treachery, sorcery, and power!

The Deryni Adventure Game is based on the popular “Deryni” series of fantasy books by Katherine Kurtz. The novels weave a rich tapestry of romantic chivalry, medieval kings, a powerful Church, and the Deryni, a persecuted race of humans with the gift of magic.

Now you can share in the magic! Create characters – human or Deryni! – and experience the Eleven Kingdoms through their marvelous adventures! Uncover intrigue in the courts of kings, defend the Deryni from persecution, explore the world, and experience all manner of medieval majesty!


  • Easy to play (the word-based system and simple game mechanic to resolve actions let you concentrate on the story rather than the rules)
  • Detailed advice for creating characters and stories for roleplaying or for writing Deryni fan fiction!
  • Everything you need to know about the Deryni and their world to play the game, plus lots of reference material for Deryni fans!
Deryni Adventure Game

Price: $20.00

The Labyrinth of Lies $0.50

The Labyrinth of Lies: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this one sheet rpg you awaken in the middle of a massive Labyrinth, surrounded by a number of equally confused travelers from all space and time. Will you be able to escape the Labyrinth before the Minotaur gets you? Contains all you need to play save for a couple of six sided dice.

The Labyrinth of Lies

Price: $0.50

The Rising Sun Sets In The West $0.50

The Rising Sun Sets In The West: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

When a series of cataclysms left Japan in ruins over 20 years ago, a group of Japanese under the leadership of two Daimyo fled to the east, to the United States. They were able to set up two small colonies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You are the grown children of those first Samurai who fled with their Daimyo. Around you your society is slowly crumbling, and you are one of the last standard bearers of the old ways. Even now the two Daimyo are drifting farther apart, and tensions are flaring between them.

This one sheet rpg also has a second sheet of setting information for the DM.

The Rising Sun Sets In The West

Price: $0.50

The Escape From Innsmouth $0.50

The Escape From Innsmouth: $0.50 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this one sheet rpg its the night the FBI is raiding the haunted town of Innsmouth. The players are all members of the town, with varying levels of mutation, all seeking to escape before they can be sent off to secret government facilities and prisons. Contains rules for making your Innsmouth citizen, and rules on how to play the game.

The Escape From Innsmouth

Price: $0.50

Terra Incognita $11.00

Terra Incognita: $11.00 by @GreyGhostGames

Publisher: Grey Ghost Games

Exploration, Adventure, and Tea at Four:

Welcome to the National Archaeological, Geographic, and Submarine Society!
Terra Incognita is a roleplaying game of exploration, intrigue, and mystery, featuring adventure-scholars whose exploits span the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries. Armed with extensive training, unpredictable technology, and unimpeachable discretion, Society members (“Nags”) travel to the Four Corners of the globe – exploring unknown lands, investigating mysteries, and uncovering ancient knowledge. The Society studies and catalogs the information and artifacts so gleaned and sets about covering such things back up again if they deem the world is not yet ready for the knowledge or power that had lain hidden for so long.

So sharpen your Sword Cane, brush up on your Diplomacy skills, pack your adventurous Attire, and join us in the exploration of Terra Incognita!


fudgelogo_dice_bullet Terra Incognita is a complete Fudge game, with pre-customized rules and setting information.

fudgelogo_dice_bullet Everything a Nag would need to prepare for an adventure:

  • Character creation templates for quick, easy character creation
  • A cornucopia of new Nag Tech gadgetry, from Bergstrom’s Acoustical Topophone to the Voluminous Valaise
  • Vehicle creation and combat rules, with several novel vehicles
  • Detailed lists of items the Well-Dressed Nag is sure to want
  • A complete, ready-to-run adventure, Moctezuma’s Revenge
  • A sample campaign: The Pangaea Prophecy, with a guided tour of the famous airship Legend
  • Expanded advice for the gamemaster on running Terra Incognita
  • A detailed almanac of occurrences historical and outré (from 1851 to 1940) with over 90 adventure ideas
  • Statistics for any number of madmen, minions, and monsters, each complete with adventure hooks
fudgelogo_dice_bullet Origins Award Nominee!

Terra Incognita

Price: $11.00

Lost in the Deep $4.00

Lost in the Deep: $4.00

Publisher: DNGR - Diogo Nogueira Games and Resource

You are the last survivor of a band of dwarven warriors who have come to the lost halls of the Kingdom Under the Mother Mountain, to retake it and rebuild it in the name of your ancestors. After months of wandering the almost endless halls of the dwarven ruins, your band unwittingly set free an ancient evil that lay asleep for generations, and one-by-one, it killed your companions in the most terrifying ways possible.

Now you are lost in the depths of earth, registering your history in the diary of your people. You search for an exit from the mines, but all you can find are endless halls and the damned creatures serving that Evil in the Shadows that awakened and destroyed your people.

Everyday you count your last remaining torches and meals, wander through the infinite halls and mines, and write your memories in your diary. Everyday you feel the evil entity and its minions coming closer and closer. The drums of its chaos army beat faster and faster. You don’t have much time.

Can you reach the surface before the ancient evil finds you? Was a rescue party sent to find you? Will your food and water last as long as you need to reach the doors to freedom? Or will you die of starvation in the depths of the mountain?

All you know is that you’re lost in the deep...

Lost in the Deep is a Solo Journaling RPG inspired by The Wretched and other Wretched and Alone Games. To play you will need a deck of cards, a block tower and a single d6.

Print Copies Available at Exalted Funeral!

Lost in the Deep

Price: $4.00

Escape $0.99

Escape: $0.99 by @gallantkgames

Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Can You Get Out?

A small one-page roleplaying game about a group of victims trying to escape a Hunter who wants them dead. The victims attempt to escape, while also trying to determine the skills that the Hunter will employee against the Victims...

1KNIGHT GAMES are one-page RPGs that explore different narratives and mechanics in interesting ways and flip some tropes on their heads. Some of them are GMless. Some of them are diceless. They're all short, fun, and easy to play with your family or online.


Price: $0.99

Multiversal $10.00

Multiversal: $10.00

Publisher: Multiversal Games

      Welcome to Multiversal, a new cinematic tabletop Role Playing Game that puts the power in the hands of the players!

    Multiversal combines a normal Skill system with its own brand new “Talent” system for creating unique characters with diverse abilities.  Instead of limiting players to a handful of possible builds or classes, this system allows the players to create anything they can imagine!

    Multiversal’s simple dice mechanic also means that the game is simple and easy to play for new players while also being easily customizable by veteran gamers!

    This volume includes everything a new player needs to build that first character as well as guidelines that an experienced Game Master or more intrepid Players may use to create new and unique elements.  Within the simple rules of the game, anything may be created; From a new and unique ship to a dangerous monster to a brand new skill for players to learn.  All that is needed is a little imagination.

    Finally, Multiversal does not have a setting of its own.  Instead, it has rules and elements that can be used in any setting, be it Fantasy or Science Fiction or anything in between!  It can even be used for a multi-setting game where Characters come from worlds with different technologies or societies!

What is included.

  • Complete Rules for Character Creation using Multiversal's Talent System.
  • Complete rules for any element from the full game, including Combat and Tasks.
  • Complete Character Progression rules.
  • Complete lists of Equipment, including Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.
  • Complete lists of NPCs to serve both as Followers and Antagonists.
  • Character Sheet.
  • Vehicle Sheet.
  • Pet Sheet.
  • Army Sheet.
  • The beginning of an adventure to get you started in your first game!
  • 55 Full-Color images throughout the book.
  • Rules for customization or creation of your OWN game elements.
       So get a few friends together, grab a pair of dice and some chips, and settle in to explore a  new world, wherever and whenever you can imagine!


Price: $10.00

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set $14.99

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set: $14.99 by @cubicle7

Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set contains everything you need to begin roleplaying epic adventures in the perilous lands of the Mortal Realms. Whether this is your first ever tabletop roleplaying game or you are an experienced Gamemaster preparing your next campaign, this boxed set is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound
The Starter Set includes:

  • Faltering Light, a 48-page adventure that sees the heroes venture into the ancient Agloraxian ruins beneath the city of Brightspear. The adventure teaches you and your friends how to play — no prep required!

  • Brightspear City Guide, a 64-page guide to the city of Brightspear. Filled with strange and wonderful locations, unique characters, story hooks, and featuring eight one-page adventures set in Brightspear, this is the perfect way to continue your Soulbound campaign.

  • An introduction to the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar

  • 5 gatefold characters sheets with pre-generated characters, each with their own goals, background, and connections.

  • Three two-sided rules reference sheets with rules for Tests, combat, and spellcasting. 

  • A two-sided sheet with a map of Brightspear on one side and the lands of Aspiria on the other.

  • Tokens for tracking Mettle, Soulfire, and Doom.
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. © Games Workshop 2020
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set

Price: $14.99

The Caper Crew $0.99

The Caper Crew: $0.99 by @gallantkgames

Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

One Last Caper!

The Caper Crew is a narrative-driven roleplaying game where one player takes on the role of Heist Master and other players are members of The Crew and as a group the players share the action in their minds. Typically, the Heist Master will describe a situation,the members of The Crew will respond with their individual actions, and then the Heist Master will tell them what happens, or present a Challenge based on those actions.
The goal of the game is for The Crew to accrue a certain number of Heist Points, while the Heist Master will attempt to expose the members of The Crew.

1KNIGHT GAMES are one-page RPGs that explore different narratives and mechanics in interesting ways and flip some tropes on their heads. Some of them are GMless. Some of them are diceless. They're all short, fun, and easy to play with your family or online.

The Caper Crew

Price: $0.99

These Teeth Are Mine $2.00

These Teeth Are Mine: $2.00 by @Ursidice

Publisher: Ursidice

A Tooth Wraith is born when a wolf pup grows their first milk tooth. The Wraith is bound to that pup - and The Corporeal, the mortal world - until the final one is lost.

Once the final fang is collected, a powerful instinct is awakened within the Wraith and it begins its journey to The Incorporeal – a home which it has never known - through the needle-carpeted moss scent of The Forest, with its hoard of precious teeth.
These Teeth Are Mine is a mini RPG designed for solo play, where you take on the role of a Tooth Wraith, running through a forest full of terrors, desperately trying to get home.
These Teeth Are Mine

Price: $2.00

Planet Blood-Red $3.99

Planet Blood-Red: $3.99

Publisher: Flying Ape

A red desert planet whose inhabitants live by the law of the sword and where death comes fast for amateurs out on the Infinite Sands.

Bloody battles entertain the crowds in the many stadiums dedicated to the Queen of Many Deaths. Glory is conquered by claiming the kill of powerful enemies and the teeth of beasts change hands as currency for innumerable shady deals.

Welcome to Planet Blood-Red.

Planet Blood-Red

Price: $3.99

Lore & Legacy - Quick-Start Guide (English version) $5.82

Lore & Legacy - Quick-Start Guide (English version): $5.82 by @EmpyrealRPG

Publisher: Empyreal Media Productions

Lore & Legacy is a science-fantasy role-playing game set on the fantastical world of Empyrea, a vast planet laying in the shadows of a mostly forgotten past. On Empyrea, several distinct races of people, each hailing from distant stars, now live together, picking through the ruins and technology of lost civilisations.
Players are Free-Lancers : intrepid adventurers, hunters, slayers and explorers determined to unravel the planet's many mysteries. It is up to them to protect the populations, lift the veil on ancient lore and reclaim their lost legacies...

This Quick-Start Guide contains all the information you need to play: the rules of the "3d Engine", 4 pre-generated characters, and an introductory adventure.
The game requires a handful of six-sided, eight-sided and ten-sided dice.

Lore & Legacy - Quick-Start Guide (English version)

Price: $5.82

Toffs in Tweeds [Free]

Toffs in Tweeds [Free]:

What good fortune! As an eccentric member of the Edwardian gentry, you've been invited to a weekend party at Plumwood Manor. However, you have a secret to hide and a goal to accomplish, as do your fellow guests...

Toffs in Tweeds is a lighthearted group RPG that asks you to conjure a not-necessarily-historically-accurate picture of the Edwardian age, and get up to some comical scrapes.
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Sealskin [Free]

Sealskin [Free]: by @motagonist

They stole your sealskin and trapped you on land, unable to return to the sea. It's been a long time; years of building a life here, missing the waves, and trying not to forget where you came from.

Now at last you've found your sealskin again.

Based on the selkie myth, Sealskin is a one-player game about remembering, and choosing, where your home is. Use beach pebbles to explore your memories as you decide whether to return to your old life under the sea, or stay with your new life on land.

This game was written to be played at the beach, but you can also play at home using a pen and paper!



On the Wings of a Red Dragonfly [$5.00]

On the Wings of a Red Dragonfly [$5.00]: by @NinjaPenguinAM

CW: death, grief, loss, family history

On the Wings of a Red Dragonfly is a ttrpg  that revolves around a Japanese Buddhist holiday of Obon, where players communicate through abstract means with a spirit that has come back to visit for a three day festival.

Note that the spirit is someone the characters know not someone the player knows.

Cover image by Milena Briceño http://edge-sama.artstation.com

Layout by Sin Posadas diwatamnl.itch.io
@diwataMANILA on Twitter
Buy Now$10.00 $5.00 USD or more
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The Long Way Down [$3.50]

The Long Way Down [$3.50]: by @meghanlynnFTW


You are Orpheus.

Overwhelmed with your sorrow over the loss of Eurydice, you have chosen to descend into the Underworld, praying that your song of grief and love can soften the hearts of  its King and Queen and that they will allow you to bring her back to the living world with you. You know that it will be dangerous - the Underworld is no place for the living - and you know that much will stand between you and your love; but you are willing to risk it all to try. Armed with nothing more than your lyre and your love for Eurydice, you stand at the gates of Hades and descend into the Underworld.


Inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, The Long Way Down is a solo Wretched and Alone game that allows you to play out Orpheus' descent into the Underworld to find his love, and their journey back to the surface.  Encounter denizens of the Underworld, compose your epic, and stay strong as doubt crawls into your mind.

Will you look back, only to lose her again?
Or will your resolve hold long enough for your to both make it out of the Underworld alive?

There's only one way to find out - but you'll have to take the long way down...

CW: The Long Way Down deals heavily with themes of loss, death, and hopelessness.


This work is based on The Wretched (found at http://loottheroom.itch.io/wretched), product of Chris Bissette and Loot The Room, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (http:// creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

The Long Way Down was written for #JourneyJam2020
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Heirloom [Free]

Heirloom [Free]:

Heirloom is a rules light gm-less table top role playing game for 3-6 people. It is about creating a tradition and how that tradition changes over time in a population. The game is designed as a world building tool for developing cultures and traditions. By using a deck of cards, players take turns utilizing prompts to create a tradition and role playing scenes to show how it changes. Expected game play is 3-4 hours.

This game is inspired by 'The Quiet Year' by Avery Adler and 'What is Here?' by Yubi. Submitted in Folklore Jam 2020.