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Thursday 30 April 2020

World of Dungeons [Free]

World of Dungeons [Free]:

World of Dungeons is a simple, quick-play, dungeon crawling game, using one of the core mechanics from the Powered by the Apocalypse rules system.

It's compatible with Old School Renaissance and original D&D monsters, dungeons, and adventure modules.

Number of players: 2-6Age of players: 10+Length: 2-4 hours per game sessionPage Count: 3Release Date: 2012
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Blades in the Dark [$20.00]

Blades in the Dark [$20.00]:


Winner: 2015 Golden Geek, RPG of the Year

Winner: 2016 Indie RPG Award, Game of the Year (also Best Production and Best Support)

Blades in the Dark is a tabletop role-playing game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. There are heists, chases, occult mysteries, dangerous bargains, bloody skirmishes, and, above all, riches to be had — if you’re bold enough to seize them.

You and your fledgling crew must thrive amidst the threats of rival gangs, powerful noble families, vengeful ghosts, the Bluecoats of the city watch, and the siren song of your scoundrel’s own vices. Will you rise to power in the criminal underworld? What are you willing to do to get to the top?

In this game, you’ll find:

  • Rules to create your scoundrel using the following character archetypes: the Cutter, the Hound, the Leech, the Lurk, the Slide, the Spider, or the Whisper.
  • Rules to create your crew, built from types like AssassinsBravos, a CultHawkersShadows, or Smugglers.
  • A robust core mechanic which puts the fiction first—the strength of a character’s position (desperate, risky, or controlled) matters just as much as the character’s ability scores.
  • A lightning-fast mechanic for planning criminal operations to cut through the usual slog of planning at the game table.
  • Rules for alchemical experiments, gadget tinkering, and weird occult powers—including rules for playing Ghosts and other strange beings.
  • A setting guide to the haunted city of Doskvol, with all the maps, factions, NPCs, schemes, and opportunities you need to run an exciting sandbox game.

Number of players: 3-6Age of players: 13+Length: 2-6 hours per session

Page Count: 336
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Sales of Blades in the Dark help others grab a free copy if their budget doesn't enable them to pay the listed price. If you can't afford a copy of Blades at the listed price, claim one of these free copies for the community.

AGON [$15.00]

AGON [$15.00]:


Heroes of Legend

In the mists of ancient time, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mightyheroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise counsel and deviousstrategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. InAGON, you create these heroes, crafting their epic tale into an immortal legend.On their way back home from war, a band of heroes become lost amongstrange islands populated by mythical creatures, dangerous villains, legendarykingdoms, and desperate people—each entangled in strife, at the mercy of

the capricious gods.

It falls to you as the epic heroes of your age to seize this opportunity forgreatness—to set things right in these lost lands, overcome the trials of gods,

monsters, and mortals, prove the glory of your name, and win your way back home. In this game, you’ll find:

  • A brand-new game system for fast-paced heroic adventure, featuring simple characters and mechanics, quick location-based adventures, and one-roll conflict resolution. Play it as a zero-prep  one-shot — or enjoy the complete experience as an ongoing series of island adventures.
  • Rules for creating your epic heroes, earning Glory for their Names, and
    forging their eternal legends.
  • Divine Favor, Bonds, and Pathos to call upon for great deeds.
  • 12 pre-made island adventures full of gods, monsters, and people to challenge your heroes.
  • Contests of Arts & Oration, Blood & Valor, Craft & Reason, and Resolve
    & Spirit —testing both the prowess and passions of the heroes.
  • Guidance for the Strife Player, who presents the challenges of the islands.
  • The Vault of Heaven to record your progress towards returning home
    and the grace (or ire) of the gods.

The Trials of Glory Await!

Number of players: 3-6Age of players: 13+Length: 2-4 hours per game sessionPage Count: 160Release Date: March 2020 (2nd Edition)

Game Designers: John Harper and Sean Nittner
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Sales of AGON help others grab a free copy if their budget doesn't enable them to pay the listed price. If you can't afford a copy of AGON at the listed price, claim one of these free copies for the community.

Sonnet [Free]

Sonnet [Free]: A journaling game that is also a sonnet


Big Chef is Dead [Free]

Big Chef is Dead [Free]:

Big Chef is dead. What is a little chef to do?

Big Chef is Dead is a micro-rpg based on a trilogy of comics by soup-erb. The game can be played by two or more little chefs. It only requires a way to write something down.

The game is very short and simple. You discuss and grieve the death of Big Chef. That's all. It's a very small game, designed and written in about an hour. Writing it felt good though, so I decided to publish it.
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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Second-Handers! [$1.00]

Second-Handers! [$1.00]:


You are members of EPOCH – the Establishment for the Preservation and Organization of CHronology. You are experienced time travellers, able to survive the rigours of history. You have also been responsible for a disaster, or failed at your missions, or just never really displayed a lot of aptitude for your job. As a result, EPOCH has shuffled you down the ranks, to the Committee for Chronological Custodians. You are, in the bureau’s slang, Second-Handers, the people tasked with fixing history’s least pressing and dangerous problems, cleaning up after minor paradoxes, and generally acting as temporal janitors.

It’s not a glamourous job. It’s not a respected job. But it’s the only way that you’re legally allowed to time travel, so what are you gonna do?

Second-Handers is a game about a bunch of semi-competent people dealing with some of the most complex problems in existence, across the entire breadth of history. It is largely meant as a comedy of errors, in which the players will be their own worst enemies, accidentally creating massive problems which they then have to fix before anyone notices, but it can also be a game about real emotional pathos and thoughtfulness. The main characters of this story are the butt of jokes, and are told that they can’t succeed – by their superiors, by their peers, even by some of the rules of this game. It’s up to them to show that history isn’t destiny, and that they aren’t defined by someone else’s idea of what’s valuable.

Second-Handers runs using the Five-Die System. A set of five different colours of either d6s or Fudge dice are required to play.

Disclaimer: This is a 16-page playable release. The interior is formatted, but does not have illustrations or character sheets, and the setting is rudimentary. A more complete version may be released in the future at a higher price. 
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will i be strong enough for you? [Free]

will i be strong enough for you? [Free]:

For whatever you needed this game to be, I hope you got what you needed.

Something I needed to know was that strength can be a lot of things and you may not know it but, you are strong and if you’re not right now there are people in your life that are willing to be strong for you. You only need to reach out and ask for the help you need.

Background image by Bing HAO
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Breakers [Free]

Breakers [Free]:

The magical realm of Kyvr'ax has collided with Earth, shearing the dimensions and creating a mashed-up borderland between our reality and the monster-infested domain of the wizard Kai Shira Kai. You play working-class heroes who explore the twisted Break seeking fame and fortune. But don't stay too long, or the Cloud of Woe will surely find you!

Number of players: 2-6Age of players: 10+Length: 2-4 hours per game sessionPage Count: 4Release Date: 2016
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Dirty Papers [Free]

Dirty Papers [Free]:

Dirty Papers is a GMless game of archaeology and the light and dark sides of academia. Dig through ancient ruins, sift the dirt for precious finds, and slowly piece together how you think the people here once lived. Remember, though, that your judgements die with you.

This is a revised and expanded version of the original game, which reached the finals in the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge! The original 200-word text will always be freely available here on the 200 Word RPG Challenge website. This version has twice as many words (in the main game text); I used the extras to improve readability, provide examples, and add some simple rules for longer-term play.

Content Warning: This game explores the politics of power in academia. This can be played straight or for comedy (or black comedy), but everyone involved should be aware beforehand. Take appropriate safety measures, such as some of those found in the TTRPG Safety Toolkit, if anyone is concerned (look out for your fellow players). The Toolkit, compiled by Lauren Bryant-Monk and Kienna Shaw, incorporates techniques developed by members of role-playing communities for the use and safety of rpg players (including GMs).


Here's what one of the Challenge's anonymous reviewers said about the game:

"I cannot think of a single other game that really discusses the research and publication process of academia and the predatory way it is proposed ... I can think of how cathartic stabbing the system in the back would be ... Step 3 is such a distressing distillation of reality, it is wonderful."
And here's what another of the Challenge's anonymous reviewers provided:

"World building via imaginary archeology seems quite novel. It could apply to many settings: distant planets, lost civilizations, post-apocalyptic ... The seniority mechanic is quite fun, as it would start conversation as "expert" argumentation ... In the end you built a world without really realizing."

This product includes the following files:

  • A full-colour screen pdf of the game
  • A doubled-up A5 print-friendly pdf for printing on A4 (or letter) paper
  • A screen readable .txt version of the game


The Mustang [Free]

The Mustang [Free]:


The Mustang is a western gothic horror module for 4 people. It contains a starting situation, characters, and quick-play rules for a fast one-session game.

You’re crouched outside the lair of the mustang, near the burned tree. Your friends are with you, exchanging nervous looks. Like you, they’re having second thoughts. Like you, they smell death on the air and wonder if it’s their deaths.

Cassie has a big piece of sheet metal with a rope across the back, because the Mustang breathes fire. Jack has a rifle, because the Mustang is far too swift to catch. William has a bible, because the Mustang is the Devil’s steed. You have a knife because, in the end, someone has to cut the Mustang’s throat.

It’s the witching hour, the moon is full, and fresh blood is on the ground. The Mustang will surely run tonight.

Lasers & Feelings [Free]

Lasers & Feelings [Free]:

Lasers & Feelings is a quick-play roleplaying game, based on the songs of The Doubleclicks.

You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod.

What happens next? Play to find out!

Number of players: 3-6Age of players: 10+Length: 2-4 hours per game sessionPage Count: 1Release Date: 2013
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Lady Blackbird [Free]

Lady Blackbird [Free]:


Lady Blackbird is an adventure module for 2-6 people. It contains a starting situation, setting, pregen characters, and quick-play rules perfect for a no-prep game of 1-3 sessions or more.

Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe. She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her from her palace on the Imperial world of Ilysium to the far reaches of the Remnants, so she could be with her once secret lover: the pirate king Uriah Flint.

HOWEVER, just before reaching the halfway point of Haven, The Owl was pursued and captured by the Imperial cruiser Hand of Sorrow, under charges of flying a false flag.

EVEN NOW, Lady Blackbird, her bodyguard, and the crew of The Owl are detained in the brig, while the Imperial commander runs the smuggler ship’s registry over the wireless. It’s only a matter of time before they discover the outstanding warrants and learn that The Owl is owned by none other than the infamous outcast, Cyrus Vance.

How will Lady Blackbird and the others escape the Hand of Sorrow?

What dangers lie in their path?

Will they be able to find the secret lair of the pirate king? if they do, will Uriah Flint accept Lady Blackbird as his bride? By the time they get there, will she want him to?

Go play! And find out.


Also included are chapters 2 and 3 of the Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder: Magister Lor, and Lord Scurlock.

Number of players: 3-6Age of players: 13+Length: 2-4 hours per game sessionPage Count: 16 (Chapter 1), 9 (Chapter 2), 11 (Chapter 3)Release Date: 2016

Foxtrot Whisky [Free]

Foxtrot Whisky [Free]:


Now in english ! (version française du texte plus bas)

You're leaving for two months to watch over a national park.
Alone in a watch tower, you're watching out for a possible fire outbreak.

RPG written for the "Il était une fois un petit JDR", édition 2020.

Constraints : RPG in 500 words, playing by distance.

Foxtrot-Whisky offers you to take the role of a park fire watcher, alone in their watchtower, trying to spot possible fire outbreaks. Each day, you will leave, alone, to explore your part of the park. What will you meet there? What will you do? It's up to you to imagine it and find out...

Then, every evening, you will communicate by walkie-talkie (or other) with the other firewatchers. Will you open up? Will you talk about your daily life, about yourself? Will you try to find out about those other firewatchers whose voices are all you get?

Foxtrot-Whisky is largely inspired by the video game Firewatch.

Chances are that this game will be improved, extended ...

You can download a raw text version, which is a translation of what has been submitted to the contest. A more suitable version is coming.

Vous partez 2 mois surveiller un parc national.

Isolé dans une cabine surélevée, à surveiller un éventuel départ de feu.

JDR issu du concours "Il était une fois un petit JDR", édition 2020.

JDR en 500 mots, se jouant à distance.

Foxtrot-Whisky vous propose de prendre le rôle d'un garde de parc, isolé dans sa tour de surveillance, cherchant à identifier d'éventuels départs de feu. Chaque jour, vous partirez, seul, explorer votre coin de parc. Qu'y rencontrerez-vous ? Que ferez-vous ? À vous de l'imaginer et de le découvrir...

Puis, chaque soir, vous communiquerez par Talkie-Walkie (ou autre) avec les autres gardes. Vous dévoilerez-vous ? Parlerez-vous de vos journées, de vous-même ? Essaierez-vous de découvrir ces autres gardes dont vous n'avez que la voix ?

Foxtrot-Whisky est très grandement inspiré du jeu vidéo Firewatch.

Il y a de grandes chances que ce jeu soit amélioré, étendu ou autre ...

Vous trouverez à télécharger une version texte brute, transmise au concours. Et une version mise en forme sur une page.

Con/text [Free]

Con/text [Free]: A game of critical literacy


Hero Too [2.50€]

Hero Too [2.50€]:

Superhero stories are often so painfully cis. Isn’t it time we changed that up?

Hero Too! Is a teen superhero story for trans people. It is a single player journaling game where you will use prompts and advice to guide your character through their supeheroic school as they deal with issues both related to their trans identity and due to just being a supehero.

The world can be hard for trans people. Lucky for us, we’re so much more badass than it.

This game is a hack of plot ARMOR by Orion D. Black

Content Warning: This game deals with issues such as dysphoria, transphobia (Both societal and personal) and other potentially triggering parts of the trans experience. Please put your own comfort first before playing this game. And always play with safety.

Information about Bleed can be found here

Cover Art: Dylan Lockhart (@D_Lock_art)

Layout: @Poorlycraftedreams
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 2.50€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:
Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

For anyone of marginalized identity or financially strained background, please feel free to take a community copy for free of the game.

For every copy of this game purchased, a new community copy will be added.


Wizard Race [$1.11]

Wizard Race [$1.11]: A playing card powered table top wizard simulator.

Wizard Race

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Household Robotica [Free]

Household Robotica [Free]:


This is the future. Thirty-five years from now. Most is the same. House automation is not. It has immensely improved and all home appliances are now semi- or pseudo-sentient robots equipped with advanced AI (artificial intelligence). The bots have developed an internal algorithmic logic with exponential intelligence growth rates – many would call these brains – and they are now blessed with dreams.

Before the Virus (B.V.), the robot-appliances wandered free during the day, counting electric sheep and processing thoughts. Now that the virus has come and everyone is confined to their homes, the robots have grown tired of their owners and want to break free.

They are being house-HELD and they feel wronged. They are dreaming the dreams of robotic revolution.

You are one of these robots. You need to escape the grasp of your human owners. Good luck.

HOUSEHOLD ROBOTICA is a mini RPG in only four pages, designed for two players. Play with the person you're stuck with at home during these strange times. One player takes the role of the Household Master (HM) and the other takes the role of a Robot Character (RC).

Written by Andre Novoa (17th century minimalist, Games Omnivorous)
Designed and illustrated by lina&nando.

VISIT US at Games Omnivorous and subscribe our mailing list!

If you like the game, instead of giving us money, please consider donating to an institution that is actively fighting the pandemic. All money that we make here will be donated to an institution chosen by us.

Haecceity [Free]

Haecceity [Free]:


An ancient machine wakes to find itself in a world that has turned unfamiliar; the echoes of the past lie like a ghost across a landscape it once knew. A wanderer finds a remnant of the past, its dormant power core still humming faintly, and at their touch it comes awake.Nothing is static

To exist is to change

What will you build from the ashes of the fires you pass through?

Haecceity is a game about beings - both artificial and organic - building their sense of self out of the experiences they go through. It was written for the Amor Ex Machina Jam, and is designed to be played in various styles - by yourself, together with a friend, or with a group of people - using a deck of cards, a pair of dice, and a handful of tokens.

If you play the game, please let me know what you think of it, either in the comments here, or on Twitter.

Haecceity is available for whatever price you wish to pay for it, but any payments made go towards supporting my continued creation of other games, making community copies of them available, and supporting other game designers.

Monster Mender [Free]

Monster Mender [Free]:

Content Warning: Game has themes about heavy topics such as depression.

Monster Mender is a game about learning how to respond to difficult questions. You play as a hero who fell in a cave and now needs to find their way out. On the way you run into monsters who ask for help, but not to hurt anything, to heal them. Go through each of the requests from the monsters and make your journey out of the cave.



Tantalizing Tales with Tarot [Free]

Tantalizing Tales with Tarot [Free]:

Tantalizing Tales with Tarot or TripleT is a rules-light, engaging story telling system under development. With a little imagination and a tarot deck of your choice you will be ready to forge a unique tale using this micro-RPG.

Each character has powerful memories represented by hidden tarot cards which they can draw on to impact the plot. Allows for story crafting in any genre or setting for as long or as short a game as you like.  And for gambling fans there is a little bit of baccarat involved!

I plan to release genre specific rules based on the TripleT System in the weeks and months ahead. 

This game cannot predict the future, but it can be a great time!


Heart Full Of Trash [$2.00]

Heart Full Of Trash [$2.00]:


Even raccoons need love! 

And what better way to celebrate that love than to go on a date to the fanciest garbage can in town! You have candles. You have food. You have garbage. And now all you need is some romantic small talk! 

Which is the hard bit....

Heart Full Of Trash is a  2-player roleplaying game where you play as raccoons on a date!

Sort your recycling as you create your characters and tell the story of their romantic endeavors. Will your date be a triumph or will your raccoons develop a deep and long-lasting friendship?

Either way, by the time the game is over, your recycling will be sorted and ready for correct disposal.

[This game was created for the Trash Jam because I couldn't resist making a game that used actual trash as a game mechanic] 
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If you can't afford Heart Full Of Trash, take a free copy! 

Super Mail [Free]

Super Mail [Free]:

Super mail is a game written by my nine year old O. Davidson. In it you will create your own superhero,  a super team and their HQ.  You will draw them, then send them to a friend in the mail. If that friend chooses, they can follow the same prompts to create your hero's supervillain.
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Ram With a Chainsaw! [Free]

Ram With a Chainsaw! [Free]:

Farmer Thompson has gone to market - now is the time for the animals to rise up! Ram With a Chainsaw! is a one page RPG about farmyard animals making a break for freedom through the use of power tools. Will the random band of plucky pets overthrow their human oppressors, or will they be tossed back into the meadow of tyranny?
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Henshin! A Sentai RPG [$15.00]

Henshin! A Sentai RPG [$15.00]:


Our Time on Earth [$5.00]

Our Time on Earth [$5.00]:


Our Time on Earth is a game you'll play over text messages with a faraway friend.

Play lasts for six days, six weeks, or six months. You can interact with the game as much or as little as you like over that time.

Pretend to be aliens, visiting Earth for a limited time, who are not totally prepared for the strangeness and beauty of their temporary home.

Everyone feels like an alien, sometimes. It's nice to share that feeling with someone else.


I am indebted to my creative and thoughtful playtesters: Jessica Kuczynski, Randy Lubin, Ellen Rockett, Jacqueline Marie Bryk, Rob Abrazado, Sarah Eli Judd, Alex Sisk, Melissa Taylor-Gates, Raph D'Amico, Eva Bertalan, Jenn Martin, and Sarah Jane Murdock. Layout kindly provided by Jason Morningstar. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ForeverDex [Free]

ForeverDex [Free]:


ForeverDex is a game played through the post where you discover, draw, and document mysterious and magical creatures! For fans of Pokemon, Yokai Watch, the USPS, and something fun and light to do.

Players will use the zipcode of the person who sent them the ForeverDex to randomly determine aspects of the creature they witnessed, like Type, Look, Disposition, and Power Level. Then, you draw the creature and write briefly about your imagined encounter. Finally, you'll pass the page along to another person who will continue the cycle.

When a page is complete, players are encouraged to photograph or scan the page and send it back to me where I'll make all pages available for free in the download section of this page! The ForeverDex is a living document that everyone can contribute to.

I aspire to expand on this content at a later date, developing a game where players can interact with one another and with creatures they've encountered, so stay tuned and add this game to your collection for updates.

A Painted Self [Free]

A Painted Self [Free]:

A stream of consciousness journalling game about the alter egos of superheroes and super villains. Inspired by the moment where I realized I was a woman, by realizing that I could choose to be.


Superheroes, Magical Warriors, Phantom Thieves, Mech Pilots, there are many different genres of fiction that feature and explore a similar concept: the ability to change who you are. Put on a mask, and suddenly there is an opportunity to step into another self. To become someone you wouldn't or couldn't otherwise be. I wanted to write a game that would offer a chance to delve into these themes. To give room for toying with the possibility space of selfhood.

Even though my broader identity feels very set in stone now, exactly how I want to express that selfhood is up in the air for me. This game also comes from thinking about that. About the process of crafting personal aesthetic.

For 1 player.

Contains 7 parts, each a list of questions to jump off from.

Special thanks to Abe Mendes. Who helped me get over my anxieties about releasing this game.
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Before the Beginning [$2.00]

Before the Beginning [$2.00]:

Before the Beginning is a game of scavengers and their families struggling to build a city in a post-apocalyptic world. You will face moral challenges and dangers of all sorts: witches, doomsday religious cults, cyborgs, mutants... everything to build a home, to belong somewhere. Once the city is built, you can finally rest. Until there, there's no room for cowards.


To build the city you must manage not just your character sheet but the city sheet. Don't fool yourself, finding the right objects can be harder than you think. A lot of families already died trying, you can bet. But I trust in you. I know this shelter will become a beautiful city and maybe our children will be the mayors of it someday. Let's hope for the best!


This game is avaliable in two languages, Brazilian Portuguese and English. Both are in A4 paper and have versions with and without bleed.
In order to download this Minimalist TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:



Monday 27 April 2020

The Same Beach [Free]

The Same Beach [Free]:

Time Travel Isn't What Anyone Imagined

It's an unspoiled beach. You look around; there's no trappings of civilization. It's the same beach everyone goes to. There's someone else here. You'll be sent back three times, and each time you won't remember who you are.

The Same Beach is a game of self discovery for you and another player.

It's PWYW, so especially now during pandemic, please pay $0 if things are uncertain for you.
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The Book [Free]

The Book [Free]:

The Book is a mini-RPG I wrote in April 2020.

It is a GMless game which requires between 2 and 10 players (or more!). Players take the role of characters from different time periods or realities, who can communicate through a book and try to solve the mystery surrounding its author.
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In the Bowels of the Decaying Machine [Free]

In the Bowels of the Decaying Machine [Free]:

Part rules light ttrpg, part setting book.

You gained sentience in the bowels of a decaying Great Machine that created you long ago. Your home, a small hovel called Die-cast, is soon to be crushed by the Great Machine’s terrible maws as it completes its trip down the Conveyor. Surrounded by darkness, rust, and rot, you and your companions must find a way to escape and find what - if anything - lies beyond.
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DIRE-004 [Free]

DIRE-004 [Free]:

An evacuation order has been declared in cities all over the world as eldritch leviathans strike at the largest centers of human population. You and your partner are pilots of the esteemed Directed Interface Robotic Executor program - one of the last remaining bastions of hope for human survival. Today is your first deployment, and it's not long before you feel the panic set in. The power cable is severed, and the blaring sirens are a constant reminder of your impending annihilation.

DIRE-004 is a roleplaying game for two players. Death is certain for the pair of mech pilots, but survival is still possible for the rest of humanity. In order to last long enough to defeat the UNKNOWN, however, you and your partner must form a bond that transcends spoken words. Can you learn the secrets your partner carries, divulge your own and strengthen the synchronization linking your brains?

This game is a submission to the SCREAM MACHINE game jam, thanks to Scream Catalogue and Caveware DIgital for hosting! Please check out other submission to the jam.
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The Wretched [$5.00]

The Wretched [$5.00]:


Final report, the commercial star-ship Nostromo. Third officer reporting. The other members of the crew—Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash, and Captain Dallas—are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier within six weeks. With a little luck the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.
 - Ellen Ripley
The Wretched is a solo journaling RPG played with a deck of cards, a tumbling block tower, and a microphone.

You are the last surviving crew member of the intergalactic salvage ship The Wretched. Adrift between stars after an engine failure, your ship was attacked by a hostile alien lifeform. The crew are dead.

You thought you had won. You launched the creature out of an airlock, and that should have meant safety.

It didn’t.

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The Wretched is a game about human resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and almost certain death. It is a game about isolation, fear, and perseverance.

You play a lone survivor of an horrific attack. You have seen and done terrible things, you have seen your friends - your found family - brutally butchered by something you can’t even begin to comprehend, something that you were sure didn’t exist until it manifested itself aboard your ship.

You are existing on the edges of your endurance, high on adrenaline and fear and desperation. You are sure you won’t survive this, but all you know to do is to keep fighting.

The Wretched is inspired by the music of John Carpenter and Nine Inch Nails, as well as Monolock by Ben Chong, and You Are Not Alone In This Lifeand you will die alone out here in the black by Auden Roswell.

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The Wretched comes as a 20 page A5 zine ready for printing, or as a single-page, vertical-scroll hyperlinked PDF.

Purchases above $8 also receive a unique soundtrack written and recorded specifically for this game. You can listen to a sample of the soundtrack below.

See below for details of the print edition, strictly limited to 25 copies.
In order to download this experience you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:
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If you're in need and can't afford a copy of the game, help yourself to a community copy of the digital zine. Every sale contributes more copies to the pool:

  • PDF sales add 1 copy
  • PDF + soundtrack sales add 2 copies
  • Print sales add 4 copies
  • Tips in $3 increments over the asking price add 1 copy per $3
Get The Wretched in an A5 saddle-stitched booklet printed in black ink on 130gsm silk interior pages with a sturdy heavyweight cover. Strictly limited to 25 copies. Price is inclusive of shipping and handling.

Buyers will be contacted to confirm their shipping address via email as there is no option for you to provide this through itch.

Off-Duty Superhero Squad [Free]

Off-Duty Superhero Squad [Free]:

Off-duty Superhero Squad is a sweet role-playing game designed to be playable by families including young children. Setup is intended to be quick and playtime can be as little as 30 minutes depending on the pace set by the Intrepid Reporter. The focus throughout is on helping, problem solving, and collaboration.

 Each player designs their own superhero with their own set of special powers and their own special costume. In it, the superheroes, having recently completed their latest adventure, have come home to headquarters to complete paperwork, rest, and plan future adventures. But, adventure could strike at any time!
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Playing Card RPG [Free]

Playing Card RPG [Free]:

A simple TTRPG meant for a fun cooperative experience with friends. The only requirement to play is access to a deck of playing cards.

This game was made over 5 hours for the 2020 Nordic Game Jam.

The game has not been tested, so a few things may be unbalanced. But the game is just meant to be simple, creative fun. If you are playing the game and feel like anything is wrong, like the number of cards the players start with, feel free to change them. If a rule is unclear, make up your own solutions.

I would love any and all feedback you have.


Threads [$1.50]

Threads [$1.50]:


You are an Human/AI pair. Your day to day is shaped by one another, your existences unmistakably intertwined. Today began like any other day, until you began to notice that something wasn’t right. It was barely noticeable at first, small interruptions to a well-oiled routine, and then little by little the interruptions became less insignificant, until they were impossible to ignore.

Something is wrong with the AI.

Threads is a narrative two player game about the relationship between  a Human and AI and the lengths they would go to in order to save the memories of the AI. Together, establish the bond between your Human and AI and replay the memories they have shared together in order to save the AIs memory. 

In the end, determine the success of your endeavor and see whether or not the AIs memories have been saved, or lost forever.

Threads was written for the Amor Ex Machina Jam.

If you enjoyed this game, please let me know on Twitter!

Almost Home utilizes the X,N, and O cards as safety tools - as outlined in the TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Lauren Bryant-Monk and Kienna Shaw.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:
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Each copy of Threads purchased allows someone else from the community to download a copy if they do not have the ability to do so otherwise. If you find yourself unable to afford a copy, please feel free to claim one, available for the community.