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Saturday 30 November 2019

Broken Shield 2.0 Deluxe Edition $25.00

Broken Shield 2.0 Deluxe Edition$25.00

Broken Shield 2.0 Deluxe Edition
Publisher: Gunnar Roxen

“Superhumans, Living Gods, Coppers & Agents in a Dangerous Future London”

This full-colour, 364-page Deluxe Edition of the Broken Shield Roleplaying Game is a complete game and includes everything you need to play! Enjoy exciting, fast-paced investigation and spy missions in a science-fiction future where Echoes wield reality-warping powers, and living gods meddle in the affairs of humanity... You are the heroes who can bring hope to a fractured universe!

The Broken Shield Roleplaying game is your gateway to an exciting new world of adventure! Inside this book:

  • Issue #1 of WeaveNet Now! An in-universe magazine full of story hooks and background in a fun format.
  • The HexDNA system: A complete game system that emphasises fast-paced, “success with complications” action. Build your character your way. Play an Echo: superhumans whose power is only limited by how fast they want to burn up their life, or play a Sliver: genetically and technologically engineered to be faster, stronger and deadlier! Play a passionate Pure, a tough Hulk, a genetailored Gethan or a regular human!
  • Insider’s Guide to the Steel Alliance: A once-mighty interstellar empire founded by twelve living gods known as the Disciples, now fractured into a handful of feuding successor states on the brink of another civil war. But in the darkness, there is a beacon of hope: The Accord.
  • Insider’s Guide to the London Metropolice: A complete guide to the London’s crime fighters, how to investigate crimes, copper slang and the law!
  • Insider’s Guide to The Agency: Cloak and dagger espionage and subterfuge for a spies campaign. How to plan and carry out an operation, bring stability to an unstable universe, threats to the Accord and more!
  • Insider’s Guide to London & Soho: The starting setting for Broken Shield, the London & Soho Guide presents a fully-fleshed out mega city complete with maps, locations, people, mission hooks and a detailed focus on the borough of Soho & Victory - a perfect setting for your adventures
Price: $25.00

Praeuro [$5.00]

Praeuro [$5.00]:

Post-apocalyptic game of priests and donkeys as well as the mythic science they do.  


is a game about hearth priests and their donkeys, exploring an icy world. They perform expeditions for a commune of survivors, facing off against terrifying owl-vampires, divine weather and greedy would-be-tyrants . Science, necromancy, grit, devotion and a supporting community: that is how they will seize the future. 

Touchstones for this game include V-IV BCE centuries  Mediterranean culture, video games Transarctica, Darkest Dungeon and Frostpunk (if it had actual punk on it), as well as the data we have on minor ice ages created by industrial collapse or volcanic activity.

Game mechanics draw inspiration from World of Dungeons/Legacy 2e, with additional lessons grasped from from Trophy Gold, Dark Designs of Verdigris and Ironsworn. Thanks for all the designers whose tech taught me how to adapt mechanics from complex games to simpler frameworks, without losing what makes them fun to play with.

In this game you will find: 

  • An original system to explore the icy post-apocalypse.
  • Ways to use your heat and warmth to bring solace to a cold world.  
  • Rules for community building and asinine companionship. 
  • Lapis: tools to commune with the dead and work necromancy.
  • Lores: personalize your priest with different factions with different priorities to the salvation of the commune. 
  • Calamities: terrible unbound gods, greedy tyrants and antediluvian vampire- owls.
  • Work: liberate, recover and seize work to improve the Commune, bread by bread and brick by brick. 
  • 8 Lores, each with their own Outpost, Social Club and College progression. 
  • 9 Lapides, each allowing a different form necromancy. 
  • 3  example Calamities
  • 2 example Expeditions 
This game is a work in process, and the price reflects this reality.

Anyone buying it early at this reduced price will have access to all future content.  However, the game is at the point of development that I cannot justify further investment. All the money people entrust this project will be used to expand options, revise, art assets, and additional playtesting. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Soft Rains [Free]

Soft Rains [Free]:

The world never ends with a bang. Instead, she crumbles.

It’s been three days since you found a crack in your wallpaper. As you touched it, the edges softly fell apart under your touch like ash and soot. Something in you didn’t feel right. Something in you knew.

This is a game about the world and her end. However, more importantly, this is a game about you two. Together you have realised that something is not right. The world as you know it is slowly disintegrating and turning to ash. This is inevitable, but unexpectedly slow. Enough time to think, to fear, to make peace. Maybe even too much time.

A two-person TTRPG about the world as she crumbles to dust. Together you brave the long wait before the inevitable. Will you sit it out, or will you take control of your own ending?



Form a band of enigmatic masked musicians, play sweet music, and save the world from (roll d6)...

  1. ...an evil British aristocrat!
  2.  ...celebrated French indie act Phoenix!
  3. ...an insane artificial intelligence!
  4. ...former press secretary Sean Spicer!
  5. ...Rockula, the music vampire!
  6. ...Moby!
A hack of Lasers & Feelings, by John Harper, based on a tweet by @FreyjaErlings.


Osseous [Free]

Osseous [Free]:

I created this game as part of Ray Otus' Anchorites Appreciate Arneson Month.

Using the following design principles, I wanted to see just how little was required to create a functioning game system:

  • One roll to rule them all. A clear core mechanic for every occasion.
  • Strictly 2d6. No opposed rolls and no advantage/disadvantage.
  • Simple language, easy to read, easy to use and easy to grok.
  • Fits on a single page but with print large enough for my tired old eyes.
There are so many great sources for random tables and lots of fun to be had putting that kind of stuff together... Oh yeah, and I’m too damn lazy to write all that myself.
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The year is 2086.

Early in the 20th. century Biotechnology grew at a rapid pace, man started to grow the things they needed, including computers, and creatures to assist in the mundane work.

Climate change occurred quicker than expected when the Terminal war erupted, biological and limited use of nuclear weapons polluted most of Europe and Russia. Toxic clouds of fog now circle the world and mutations both natural and lab grown that have escaped roam the countryside.

AI and cybernetic troops are outlawed after the Berlin massacre.

Refugees mass in cities and to protect the cities, vast walls are erected, interconnected by huge decabahns, two storey ten lane super highways.

Police patrol the rich and paying upperclass and crime is rife.


Laws change and allow for staffing agencies to become "Sanctioned" allowing Temporary workers to be armed and do the work no one else wants to.

Sanction agents perform everything from escort, search and rescue to espionage work, all in the name of Dollar creds ($C)

It's a dirty job,

and you're the guy for the job.


  • 19 adventure hooks
  • 1 full Gig (adventure)
  • Simple yet action based system
  • 50 pages of dark claustrophobic sci fi horror
In order to download this Roleplay game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.75 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Never Knows Best: Ashcan Edition [$8.99]

Never Knows Best: Ashcan Edition [$8.99]:

Never Knows Best is inspired by an anime called FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and wears this influence on its sleeve. This game and its rules focus on my own interpretation of the source material, rather than attempting to emulate the anime as closely as possible.

Never Knows Best (NKB) is a roleplaying game about middle school kids facing impending adulthood, growing up, and society’s­—sometimes nonsensical—expectations and obligations. It’s designed for three-five players plus a game master (GM) who facilitates the game.

This game uses absurdism, metaphors, motifs, and literalization to represent the struggles and growth these kids go through. Society’s obligations and expectations manifest as outrageous forms—creatures and monsters not of this world. The kids combat these creatures by transforming into robots. Whenever a kid transforms, their robot takes on their unique strengths and traits representing how they reject society’s attempts to make kids conform and obey.

In this way, the internal conflict kids face when growing up becomes something real and seen. Battles are metaphors for their inner turmoil about who they are, where they fit in, and who they want to be.

This is an ashcan version of the game not be the final version. Based on playtesting and feedback of this version, mechanics may be tweaked and changed. It is somewhere between a quickstart and the final product. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

You are the Last. V1 [Free]

You are the Last. V1 [Free]:

You are the Last is a tabletop role playing game aimed for ages 10+ that draws on elements of fantasy and marine science to foster ocean empathy.

In this game you play a wisp, a spirit of sea and stone. Wisps were once abundant and plentiful, but now they have almost all vanished. There is something that has changed. You can feel it in the water around you. Now, you and your friends, some of the last wisps must set out to find the source of the change before you vanish as well.

You are the Last was designed, created, and edited by Daniel Yim (@RoarlikeThunder). This project was made in association with The Hydrous (@thehydrous on Twitter and Instagram and thehydro.us).

The Hydrous is a non-profit ocean education organization that specializes in coral reefs and Virtual Reality films. Any and all donations to this game will go directly to The Hydrous.

This version is a playtest with feedback surveys for before and after the game inside the game's documents. Please fill them out as thoroughly and honestly as possible.
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Angelica Esoterica [$5.04]

Angelica Esoterica [$5.04]:

To play this game, you do not need to believe in angels.

I assure you, they believe in you.

To play this game, you do not need to believe in yourself.

I assure you, your future self does.

To play this game, you do not need to dream more for yourself.

I assure you, there’s a dream that’s dreaming you into existence.

That will have to be enough for now.

Angelica Esoterica is a collection or rites, a set of angelic rituals.

It is just a game, if you would like it to be.

It is a Ritual as a Game As  Ritual, if you would like it to be.

Angelica Esoterica was inspired by a game I cannot speak of.

"They are games to play and forget. What does this mean? It means they are meant to light a spark in you, to smoulder until a later date. They plant a seed, and tell you what day the bud will emerge. It leaves you shivering in anticipation even as you step into the next rite, the previous expunged from your memory but the seed planted. You must let yourself be guided by this to wherever it leads. It is a ritual of edification. Raise yourselves upon pedestals and know your worth." - Udernation.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.04 USD. You will get access to the following files:
Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Each copy of Angelica Esoterica you buy helps someone else grab a free copy if their budget doesn't enable them to pay the listed price. If you're unable to budget for a copy of Angelica Esoterica priced as listed, please claim one of these free copies for the community.

Hidden Qualities [Free]

Hidden Qualities [Free]:

Hidden Qualities is a game for 2-5 players in which you explore the changes your characters go through while on a space mission together. How will working and living with others in a confined space affect you? Will you adapt to their expectations? Or will you reveal things you usually try to keep hidden from the eyes of the world?


When All We Have Left Are Words [Free]

When All We Have Left Are Words [Free]:

When All We Have Left Are Words is 2 player TTRPG all about exploring the need for connection. Written for Correspondence Jam, the game is played through a series of voice messages sent between the two players.

You are going Silent. Your words are slowly slipping away. It's not that you've forgotten; the words just no longer exist. You were sent into isolation in hopes of preventing others from losing their words. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. You have no way of knowing.Now, isolated from society, you've found a way to communicate with someone else in the same situation. Together, maybe you can make something of what time you have left before your words fail you.

The rules available here are an early draft of the rules. Many changes may be forthcoming. 
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Amongst the Stars [Free]

Amongst the Stars [Free]:

Amongst the Stars consists of two microgames: Grave and Hope

In this solo-player game, a freakish accident has you spiraling away from the Earth. Your communication systems are fading fast as the static is the only thing you can hear. As you drift, you gather your final thoughts while you watch the Earth grow smaller and further away.

HopeIn this two-player game, you and another player are crewmates that suffered a horrible accident and now you're both adrift in the space. You both have a limited air supply and you're running out of time. These could possibly be your final moments. Say what you need to say! In the end, do the stars become your final resting place? Or does hope prevail?

This game was an entry for the #AdAstraJam! Check out more amazing RPGs about feelings in space! 
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Red Snow - the first encounter [Free]

Red Snow - the first encounter [Free]:

cw: meta-horror, death, murder, blood, possible gore, pain; emotional or otherwise

Snow is all around you. 

Except for that patch of blood up ahead.

What's there?

Will you survive?

Red snow is a solo, survival horror, writing game. You play you, in the snowy apocalypse. Can you survive the first encounter?

After the game, take a picture of your character sheet and tweet it at me (@thebestpupper). I'll put all character sheets I receive in the back of the next encounter. Keep a tally of who lives and who dies.

*All proceeds go to raising money for art commissions*

Synanthropes Lite [$1.00]

Synanthropes Lite [$1.00]:

Humanity has abandoned the Earth. They left ages ago, although where they went, why they went, and if they physically abandoned the planet or just died out one day... that's not clear. What is clear is what they left behind: their trash.

The world was inherited by vermin: rats, roaches, crows, cane toads, raccoons and geckos. They evolved to live in human homes and feed off humanity's leavings. They flourished, becoming intelligent species in their own right, curious about the world they grew up in.

Synanthropes Lite is a very light story game set in a post-human world. Players will each portray a different species of Synanthrope and confront an Artifact—a piece of trash that the humans left behind.

Synanthropes Lite can be played in fifteen minutes. It's meant for three to six players, and has no GM or advanced preparation. The only items you'll need are the cards and a Human Artifact, which can be anything you pull out of your pockets, which you'll discuss as if you'd never seen it before. It's an exercise in applied anthropology, as you experience a familiar object through alien eyes (or ears, hands, feelers, whatever the case may be).

This download includes both a PDF of the illustrated game cards, as well as visually stripped-down edition meant to be printed on business card paper (e.g.: Avery 8820).  A physical edition of the cards can be purchased from DriveThruRPG.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.60 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Flintlock [$1.50]

Flintlock [$1.50]:

Guildhall is an archipelago nation, far from the war and politics of the continent, but deeply embroiled in its own struggles... ages ago it was run by the Council of Archmages, but they all died when the world's magic started to slip away, and the islands are trying to hold onto civilization with dying spells and failing artifacts.

Worse, the great Sea Walls have finally fallen, leaving Guildhall open to the beasts from the ocean, where monsters beyond imagination dwell.

You are a member of the Flintlock Society: your soul has been bound to a ship, giving you incredible resilience and magical skill, in exchange for battling the many, many sea monsters which threaten your nation.

Flintlock is a story game that's primarily about describing big, pirate-themed action set-pieces, in which you dramatically lash out at a watery monster which will, in turn, lash back at you. Think of it less as a game and more as a "cool scene engine."
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Useful Evidence [$2.00]

Useful Evidence [$2.00]: A whodunnit without a Clue

Useful Evidence




Melissa, the Gorgon Who Makes Bad Decisions [$1.00]

Melissa, the Gorgon Who Makes Bad Decisions [$1.00]: An Ancient Greek Tragedy Comedy

Melissa, the Gorgon Who Makes Bad Decisions

To Stand Before the Dragon's Wrath [$1.00]

To Stand Before the Dragon's Wrath [$1.00]: Slay a dragon or die in the attempt.

To Stand Before the Dragon's Wrath

Hungry Gnolls [$3.00]

Hungry Gnolls [$3.00]: A disgusting game of braggadocio and gastronomy

Hungry Gnolls

The Game at the End of this PDF [Free]

The Game at the End of this PDF [Free]: Beware: There is a game in here. You've been warned.

The Game at the End of this PDF

Sweetie Sky [Free]

Sweetie Sky [Free]: Hugs, Clouds, and Carly Rae

Sweetie Sky


CARDASTRA | ANOMALY 2 [Free]: Another Micro-sized Space Adventure


You’ll Find A Rainbow [$5.00]

You’ll Find A Rainbow [$5.00]: What's left of my heart is made of gold

You’ll Find A Rainbow

We're All Lycans [Free]

We're All Lycans [Free]: A simple RPG for unleashing the beast inside.

We're All Lycans

EudAImonia [Free]

EudAImonia [Free]: Stranded with your companion AI you must discuss emotions for both of you to continue on!


Hormones and Hangovers [Free]

Hormones and Hangovers [Free]: A one-page RPG about being young and making horrible choices

Hormones and Hangovers

Rock-Paper-Scissors 20XX [Free]

Rock-Paper-Scissors 20XX [Free]: A small action-packed story-game—tabletop with a twist.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 20XX

Tribes of Krass [Free]

Tribes of Krass [Free]: A tabletop RPG of swords, axes, barbarians and magic

Tribes of Krass

The Adventurer [Free]

The Adventurer [Free]: A solo story writing game

The Adventurer

Red Snow - Encounter 1 [Free]

Red Snow - Encounter 1 [Free]: Episodic, single-player, survival-horror.

Red Snow - Encounter 1

venture [$12.00]

venture [$12.00]: a game of introspective heroic fantasy.


Worm Spring [$16.66]

Worm Spring [$16.66]: You are a monster escaped from the dungeon. What will you become now?

Worm Spring

Who's Better Than Us?! [Free]

Who's Better Than Us?! [Free]: A game about an internet chef and the producer who tolerates them

Who's Better Than Us?!

Lonely Astronaut [Free]

Lonely Astronaut [Free]: ... a traveler with only the universe for company ...

Lonely Astronaut

Critical and Role [Free]

Critical and Role [Free]: A ttrpg about being a ttrpg streamer.

Critical and Role


THIRST [Free]: a solo journal writing game of a human & their vampire lover


An Analog Role-Playing Game [Free]

An Analog Role-Playing Game [Free]: This is an analog role-playing game in PDF format.

An Analog Role-Playing Game

La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo [Free]

La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo [Free]: The future is what you make it. The past too.


Mermaids After the End [Free]

Mermaids After the End [Free]: A Post-Apocalyptic, Transhumanist, Oceanic Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Mermaids After the End

So You Might Someday Know The Truth [$7.00]

So You Might Someday Know The Truth [$7.00]: A game about creating tv mystery thrillers.

So You Might Someday Know The Truth

Mausritter [Free]

Mausritter [Free]: Sword-and-whiskers roleplaying


Mundane Seagull Game [Free]

Mundane Seagull Game [Free]: a GM-less storytelling "adventure" about the lives of seagulls caught between the action

Mundane Seagull Game

Yuri Cafe [Free]

Yuri Cafe [Free]: Coffee Shop AU discussions of Yuri works

Yuri Cafe

Original: A Clone RPG [Free]

Original: A Clone RPG [Free]: A game about memory and identity for two or more players. For Weekly Game Jam #123, theme: Same, but Different

Original: A Clone RPG

Angels of the Railway Stations [Free]

Angels of the Railway Stations [Free]: lonely angels helping lonely travellers

Angels of the Railway Stations