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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Thursday 28 February 2019

Zombie Apocalyse the Musical

Zombie Apocalyse the Musical:

Zombie Apocalyse the Musical
Publisher: Orcs Unlimited

What’s more fun than a barren wasteland full of the undead? One that has a jaunty sound track !

Zombie Apocalypse the Musical is a rules light tabel top role playing game that takes place in a world overrun by zombies. Add in a musical component and you have a night of fun with your friends.

Price: $0.50

Dino Wranglers - Zine Quest

Dino Wranglers - Zine Quest: Click here to view Dino Wranglers - Zine Quest

A pick-up-and-play narrative RPG for families about overcoming obstacles as a dinosaur wrangler. - [currently $221 (44%) of $500 goal]
Dino Wranglers - Zine Quest -- Kicktraq Mini


GODS: Click here to view GODS

The Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game - [currently €6,511 (22%) of €30,000 goal]
GODS -- Kicktraq Mini

5D6 RPG Zine - All-in-one solution to start your RPG journey

5D6 RPG Zine - All-in-one solution to start your RPG journey: Click here to view 5D6 RPG Zine - All-in-one solution to start your RPG journey

Introducing 5D6 – an object oriented RPG system. Old school look and feel meets modern gameplay. Easy to understand and to learn. - [currently €302 (10%) of €3,000 goal]
5D6 RPG Zine - All-in-one solution to start your RPG journey -- Kicktraq Mini

Forbidden Lands Quickstart

Forbidden Lands Quickstart:

Forbidden Lands Quickstart
Publisher: Free League Publishing

Round the beggar from Varassa all sat in a ring,

and by the campfire they sat and heard his song.

And about walkers and wolfkin and every terrible thing,

and of his fear he sang to them all night long:

“There is something beyond the mountains, beyond the howls beyond the mist, there is something behind the veils, behind hearts cold as stone.

Hearken, something walks and whispers, walks and lures you in and whimpers:

Come to us, for this earth shall ever be ours and ours alone!”

Forbidden Lands is a new take on classic fantasy roleplaying. In this open-world survival roleplaying game, you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others - instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and, if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend.

This 152-page FREE quickstart PDF gives you a taste of the Forbidden Lands experience, including rules for skills, combat and travel, and the complete Weatherstone adventure site.

From the creators of the award-winning RPGs Tales from the Loop, Coriolis - The Third Horizon and Mutant: Year Zero.

Price: $0.00

Monday 25 February 2019

Macchiato Monsters

Macchiato Monsters:

Macchiato Monsters
Publisher: Lost Pages

Macchiato Monsters is a rules-light, slightly collaborative, old school roleplaying game. It is not a game about coffee.

Two years after the release of the Zero Edition, we come to you with a perfectly tuned engine for adventure, exploration and survival in all kinds of perilous dungeonverses, whether you're using published settings and adventures or create your own.

Key features:

  • Freeform characters: emulate a classic concept, or come up with something unique and help define the world.
  • Risk dice: a simple attrition mechanic for armour, gear, encounters, treasure, and story progression.
  • Flexible magic: invent your spells, and keep casting them as long as you have resources - and hit points - to fuel your magic.
  • One-roll combat rounds: no initiative, no battle maps, no quarter given.
  • Campaign tools: a panoply of tables and procedures to prep and improvise content.
  • A while lot of illustrations of monsters having coffee!
Design by Eric Nieudan.
Layout & Lasagne by Paolo Greco.
Art (some painted with actual coffee) by Russ Nicholson, Eric Nieudan, Guillaume Jentey, 
Jonathan Newell, Luigi Castellani, John Grümph, 
Luka Rejec, Clare Foley, Bronwin McIvor, 
Didier Balicevic, Christopher Stanley, Jops. Editing by Fiona Maeve Geist.

Price: $6.00

The Incident

The Incident:

The Incident
Publisher: Hardy Roach Games

The Incident is a one-page, two-player story RPG. The players take on the roles of a disabled teenager and an authority figure and play through a conversation about a recent unpleasant incident.

This download also includes a free extra page with extra story prompts.

Price: $2.00

Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators.

Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators.: Click here to view Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators.

A print-on-demand edition of Soth. In this game, you play small town cultists summoning a god while avoiding your suspicious neighbors. - [currently $498 (50%) of $999 goal]
Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators. -- Kicktraq Mini

Final Bid

Final Bid:

Final Bid
Publisher: Liberi Gothica Games

Final Bid is a cooperative adventure game where you play as the actors in a film. A fictional film. Not fictional as in, "the events portrayed aren't real." I mean this film doesn't exist yet. You're about to make it.

In Final Bid, players must auction off parts of their character in order to take control of the story. The one who is willing to put the most on the line will win the right to decide what happens next in the film.

Gamble it all to make tomorrow yours.

Ante up.

It's time to place your Final Bid.

Final Bid is an auction-based tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players. Each 2-4 hour session is a standalone story, perfect for one shots. There are six different film settings for you to play in, each with 8 of their own unique Roles to play.

Law's Out 2, the sequel to 2014's title Law's Out. This setting is a gritty western film where someone always bites it during the dramatic final showdown. Roles include the wealthy Baron, the wily Outlaw, and the Devil himself.

Xenohunter is a sci fi horror film, featuring a slow build up to a tense, frightening second half of the film. Roles include the terrifying Beast, the courageous Captain, and the unpredictable Convict.

The Havoc Engine takes place in a dystopian future where everyone's a little bit beyond human. Roles include the merciless Machine, the rebellious Firecracker, and the untouchable Doll.

Worth Their Salt is a noir mystery setting, full of high contrast, moody brooding, and sudden backstabbing. Roles include the excitable Kid, the relentless Newsie, and of course, the brooding Detective.

Dramatis Personally is a spy thriller film with action and suspense around every corner. Roles include the overconfident Ace, the unbending Law, and the villainous Mastermind.

Glenbrook is a teen drama, written by Grant. Dramatic, chaotic, and earnest, Glenbrook is a small town of brilliant highs and devastating lows. Roles include the spoiled Princess, the overprotective Parent, and the inspiring Teen Next Door.

The content in this book is under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

All artwork belongs to their original artists and is used with permission.

Price: $15.95

Saturday 23 February 2019

SEG - Core Rules 5.5 Preview

SEG - Core Rules 5.5 Preview:

SEG - Core Rules 5.5 Preview
Publisher: Sundered Epoch: Generations

This is a preview copy. Please support us by providing feedback so we can make it even better!

An era of conflict; an age of turmoil – a Sundered Epoch.

The Sundered Epoch: Generations (SEG) is a role-playing game designed to emulate an “action hero” style of fiction. It is a universal system designed to be as flexible as you are.

This is the Fifth Edition (and a half) of the SEG system. With this new version we have taken the system to a new level and have added optional rules that were previously considered “advanced” and combined rules that have become staples in most of our play-testing sessions.

We have uploaded this version free of charge for anyone interested in the upcoming release. As this version has significant changes, we wanted to get it out to you to get some feedback before we send it to the printers. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or our email address, SunderedEpoch@hotmail.com

Visit our website www.SunderedEpoch.org to get more titles and previews. And visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SunderedEpoch/ We look forward to hearing from you.

Price: $1.99

Grey Cells RPG

Grey Cells RPG: Click here to view Grey Cells RPG

A streamlined mystery tabletop RPG. - [currently $112 (7%) of $1,500 goal]
Grey Cells RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Friday 22 February 2019


OBACHAN PANIC! RPG Zine: Click here to view OBACHAN PANIC! RPG Zine

An RPG about neurotic aunties who save the world—and look good doing it. Inspired by my glamorous 87 year-old grandma. #ZineQuest! - [currently $575 (115%) of $500 goal]
OBACHAN PANIC! RPG Zine -- Kicktraq Mini

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook:

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook
Publisher: D A Nichols, Shieilds of Power

Welcome to the World of Shields of Power™

Before there was Shield World, scholars say there was another world. The bards sing songs of the long ago ‘Ancient Times.’  Some say it was a better world. Some say it was worse. Some just say that it was bigger, faster and more complex. But they agree that in the Ancient Times the peoples became so obsessed with themselves and the material things of their world that they moved blindly forward in their search for more and bigger and better ways to get those things. Finally, their machinations progressed beyond the point of no return. The people of the Ancient Times destroyed themselves in a great cataclysm of fire and death. After the Great Fire there came a long time of darkness lasting years beyond count. Eventually, out of the darkness and chaos, the light reappeared and the natural world began to restore itself. Out of this rebirth came the beginnings of new life and the peoples that evolved into what we know today as Shield World.

Shield World is based on a regenerated earth that has restored itself to a more natural state. In this world reborn you will find a variety of humanoid races such as Dwarves, Elves, Leprechauns, Goblins, Trolls, Gnomes and Dragon-Men as well as Humans. Characters receive training from a number of Power Guilds including Fighters, Rangers, Wizards, Illusionists, Druids, Priests and Monks to name a few. But you will also find anachronistic elements and echoes of race memories of the Ancient Times. As you go along you will find histories and legends interspersed with the rules of play to help you get the feel of the world as it exists in the time of Shields of Power™ and maps of Shield World with listings of the main cities and towns known to exist there.

The Game

This is a fairly simple, but detailed, Fantasy Role Playing Game in the style of good, old school gaming. It is based on a percentage dice roll system and includes a detailed combat system which allows the strength of the attack to be figured into the outcome. It also gives an extremely complete system for random character generation and offers many options for players to choose from regarding racial types and training.

In this rulebook you will find:

  • Rules for Character Generation
  • Detailed Combat Mechanics
  • Weapons and Equipment Lists – including Race and Guild Specific Weapons
  • Shield Artwork for the Player’s Use
  • Rules for Creating Adversaries
  • Information on being a Game Master and Creating Scenarios
  • Player information on Role Playing in general AND
  • A simple, short adventure called Gold Quest which is not intended to be highly challenging or extremely complex, but rather is there to help you as a player and/or Game Master get the feel of the game mechanics before you leap headlong into a complicated (and possibly frustrating) campaign.
So get out the pencils, paper, dice and calculator

and have some good old fashioned fun!

Price: $15.00

Everyone is John

Everyone is John: Click here to view Everyone is John

This new edition of the cult-classic RPG introduces enhanced rules, gameplay examples, and numerous adventure seeds. - [currently $30 (6%) of $500 goal]
Everyone is John -- Kicktraq Mini



Publisher: Pentagon Games

Unlock the powers of your mind. Save your home.

The City is hurting, you can feel it. Bad people are getting worse, and good people are getting too scared to help. Most people think evil is just a presence, something that can't be faced head on. You know better.

Zeitgeist is a rules-light game about gifted psychics fighting the forces of mental anguish that tear our world apart. Build your character as you play, unlocking new psychic powers and discovering things about yourself and your fellow Espers. Solve mysteries, fight monsters, and discover worlds unlike our own.

Price: $15.00

Codex - Flame (Oct 2018)

Codex - Flame (Oct 2018):

Codex - Flame (Oct 2018)
Publisher: The Gauntlet

Codex is the monthly RPG fanzine published by the Gauntlet gaming community! Each issue features a variety of articles organized around a theme, loads of original artwork, and a custom layout.

Inside Codex - Flame:

Fire Ships at Midnight An original story game about the failed Spanish invasion of England in 1588. Will you return to Spain alive or dead? And, more importantly, can you salvage your reputation?

A Hand Full of Ashes An original LARP about grief and letting it go. You and the other players have gathered at the wake of someone important to you. Unfinished business will come calling and old wounds will be opened. Will you be able to move on?

Matches to Paper Dolls An original letter writing game for two people. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? That crushing, all-consuming sitting-by-the-phone feeling that takes over your days and nights and the spaces in between? This game is all about the one that got away.

Three Dozen Separated Lovers

5 original illustrations

Custom layout by Jake Householder

Price: $5.00

Die Laughing - Sliced Up

Die Laughing - Sliced Up:

Die Laughing - Sliced Up
Publisher: NerdBurger Games


Die Laughing - Sliced Up is the slim, "quick start" of the larger Die Laughing RPG

It is a short-play, GM-less tabletop roleplaying game where players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie. Everyone's going to die. It's just a matter of when and how funny you can make it.

After your character is gone, you become a producer on the movie and continue to influence the story and mess with the other characters right up until the bloody end.

Die Laughing requires just a few minutes of preparation to play. Players choose characters and make a few, quick choices. Then you just pick a monster and you’re ready to die.

4-8 players; plays in 1-2 hours

All-in-One Game

This is an all-in-one game book with full rules for everyone playing. You just need some six-sided dice and some pencils or pens.

Game book contains:

  • Complete rules
  • 8 character archetypes
  • 4 monsters
  • 3-act scene structure guiding you through making your horror-comedy movie
Price: $0.00

Touch of Power core rule book 1 and 2

Touch of Power core rule book 1 and 2: Click here to view Touch of Power core rule book 1 and 2

fantasy table top role playing game books. Unique setting, system and rules - [currently $177 (4%) of $5,000 goal]
Touch of Power core rule book 1 and 2 -- Kicktraq Mini

City of Mist: Player's Guide

City of Mist: Player's Guide:

City of Mist: Player's Guide
Publisher: Modiphius

Hit the rainy streets of an enigmatic metropolis as a modern-day legend in search for the truth. Investigate unsolved cases, uncover the stories of the city residents, and confront the hidden forces pulling the strings from beyond the veil of the Mist. Make hard calls about which aspect of your life to promote and which to neglect; then suffer the consequences. And when it all falls apart, stop holding back and become the unstoppable incarnation of your Mythos…

The Player's Guide includes everything essential for players of City of Mist, both old and new - an introduction to the setting, tools for creating unique modern fantasy characters, the complete cinematic game rules, and a dramatic character development system.

What's in this book:

  • Chapter 1: The Lowdown has the inside scoop on the life of a Rift (a Player Character) and the process of awakening to the legend within you, with an introduction to setting of “the City”.
  • Chapter 2: Who Are You? is a guide to the Exposition Session, in which you and your group create your City of Mist series. It includes the complete character creation system using 14 mix-and-match themebooks (questionnaires), quick character creation options, a system of crew relationships, sample crew themes, and the crew themebook.
  • Chapter 3: Working the Case explains the game's cinematic rules system, focusing on the eight core moves, the four cinematic moves (Voiceover Monologue, Flashback, Montage, and Geek Out During Credits) and providing ample optional rules to customize your game.
  • Chapter 4: Moments of Truth describes the game’s signature non-linear character development system which drives your character to explore the Mystery of your Mythos and go through dramatic moments of transformation, such as loss of a loved one or gaining new powers.
Price: $19.99

Thursday 21 February 2019

City of Mist: Starter Set (FREE)

City of Mist: Starter Set (FREE):

City of Mist: Starter Set (FREE)
Publisher: Modiphius

This free PDF starter set contains everything you need to get started to play the game.

The Starter Set includes:

  • Basic rules PDF

  • Seven pre-generated characters PDF

  • Four sample Crew Themes PDF

  • Two sample cases (scenarios) PDF

  • Moves sheets PDF

Price: $0.00

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition:

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition
Publisher: Ryan Macklin

Four relationship-bonding ritual activities for emotional intimacy and healing

  • Holding Hard Healing Spaces: a ritual for working out difficult conflicts and affirming wanting to be in each other's lives
  • Emotional Bandaging: a ritual for guiding one another through emotional pain and wounds
  • Emotional Quilting: a ritual for comforting one another and enjoying each other's presence 
  • Relationship AMA: some questions and thoughts for playing Ask Me Anything tennis
This booklet is free because we want to promote love and healing. If you find this adds to your life, we hope you'll donate to a charity that speaks to your heart. Two charities that speak to our hearts are WEAVE in Sacramento and Red Door in Toronto.

(This edition doesn't have references to flirting or sexy stuff. The original one does.)

Price: $0.00

Pilgrims of Rao: Core Guidebook (PDF)

Pilgrims of Rao: Core Guidebook (PDF): Click here to view Pilgrims of Rao: Core Guidebook (PDF)

Guidebook for a fully cooperative RPG with no GM. The 186 page book features fast rules, tons of character options, and fantastic art. - [currently $167 (167%) of $100 goal]
Pilgrims of Rao: Core Guidebook (PDF) -- Kicktraq Mini

Fortunately, You Were There

Fortunately, You Were There:

Fortunately, You Were There
Publisher: Côme Martin

In "Fortunately, You Were There", my mini-RPG for February 2019, you play a group of friends who reminisce, after a long string of calamities, how they supported each other through the hardships.

Price: $1.00



Publisher: Ursidice

Lycantropes is a game where you play as your favourite Werewolf movie tropes, hang out in London, and just try to have a nice day.

Werewolves have had a lot of bad press in the last few thousand years. If they go out in public, they’re hunted and killed. To make matters worse, TFL (Transport for London) recently banned Werewolves from the London Underground. That kind of oppression can really grind you down.

Most Werewolves turn to a support group for comfort and help in the darker times. You and your Werewolf Support Group buddies have decided to go out for the day in London.

There’s a Wolf Kahn exhibit on at the Tate Modern, but the only time you could get tickets was during THE FULL MOON!

Around the full moon, it gets harder to control your human form and when things go wrong, you get a little feral…

Pick any train station in London as your starting point, travel across the city, remain undetected, and try to have a lovely day out.


Price: $1.00

Hiking the Camino

Hiking the Camino:

Hiking the Camino
Publisher: Jon Paget Roleplay

This is a single-player hiking adventure!

In this adventure your character will be tested as he or she strives for the best outcome possible, whether that’s fame, riches, happiness, or a combination of the three!

You are determined to walk the Camino de Santiago trail through Spain.  But it’s not as simple as getting from A to Z.  With your friend Ben by your side, you are looking for interesting experiences to share whilst avoiding going over the limit both in terms of carbon footprint (local products only) and alcohol units.  Some are fine, but a lot is not!

To play you’ll need a pencil and two six-sided dice.  The rest is up to you!

Price: $2.99

Bingo Book Express

Bingo Book Express:

Bingo Book Express
Publisher: Jon Paget Roleplay

Although the print shop is old, you still manage to sell bingo books to loyal customers.  What's more, you keep yourself busy by buying and mending second-hand cars that allow your maturing family to drive around the United Kingdom.

But recently, you suffered a health scare that floored you both mentally and physically.  The road has been tough but you are on the road to recovery.  Unfortunately, the bingo books haven't been delivered in a few months and the cars are either beyond repair or overdue on their MOT (annual checkup). 

Now that you are back in action again, you have a grand plan to find replacement cars and deliver the backlog of bingo book orders.  It involves a large vehicle and many, many miles of roads.

To play you’ll need a pencil and two six-sided dice.  The rest is up to you!

Price: $2.99



Publisher: Wordplay Games

There’s more to the world than most of us know. Academic wizards and gutter mages, vampires and werewolves, Men in Black working for a secret religious order and a police division investigating Fortean crimes. The cities and the very landscape encompass haunted places and lost bubbles of history, faerie courts and places of power.

But you know. You’re a Liminal, standing at the edge of the Hidden World. Maybe you’ve seen it and can’t ignore it. Maybe you’re from the Hidden World, but with ties to humanity.

Liminal is a self-contained tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and haunted places where the walls between worlds are thin.

The players portray Liminals - those who stand between the mortal and magical realms, with ties to each. Examples of Liminals include:

  • A magician who acts as a warden to protect unaware mortals from supernatural menaces;
  • Someone of mysterious birth who is perhaps half Fae. In any case they are caught up in Faerie politics whether they like it or not;  
  • A burglar who steals supernatural relics;  
  • A werewolf who still has many ties to ordinary people;
  • A dhampir, striving to do good despite their vampiric infection;
  • A mortal detective who knows some of the real strangeness out there.
The magical world has a basis in British and Irish folklore and legends, along with ghost stories and modern day popular takes on the supernatural in fiction. Inspirations from fiction include the "real world" fantasy novels of Ben Aaranovitch, Jim Butcher, Emma Bull, Susanna Clarke, Harry Connolly, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Benedict Jacka, and Helene Wecker.

Price: $14.95



This is a fully standalone RPG game about silly 80s VHS horror. - [currently $736 (74%) of $1,000 goal]

Wednesday 20 February 2019

InterStellar Mercenary - The Role Playing Game

InterStellar Mercenary - The Role Playing Game: Click here to view InterStellar Mercenary - The Role Playing Game

A gritty, low fantasy, tactical, team-based table-top RPG set on an alien world where you get to be the monster! - [currently $301 (6%) of $5,000 goal]
InterStellar Mercenary - The Role Playing Game -- Kicktraq Mini



Publisher: jordan@jordanstratford.com

Based on the best-selling The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency adventure series, Wollstonecraft The Roleplaying Game empowers detectives as young as 8 to create their own characters and solve mysteries in 1820s London.

With a simple d6 system and only 3 dice pools (one each for Plot & Events, Sets & Props, and Other Characters), the game is designed so that young players can organize and run the game without adult assistance. The game is set up rather like a tea party, with Guests who play an individual detective, and a Host who plays all the other characters in the world: a mysterious innkeeper, a scullery maid who may be an important witness, or an angry duck.

Included is everything you need to know to run a game session, including a starter scene so players can try out their new characters - with Regency names, jobs, quirks, talents, and equipment. There are also tips on writing new mysteries and creating compelling scenes for your Guest’s characters.

Price: $5.00

Hair Metal Horror: Glam Metal Horror RPG Zines

Hair Metal Horror: Glam Metal Horror RPG Zines: Click here to view Hair Metal Horror: Glam Metal Horror RPG Zines

Three 80's Glam Metal Horror RPG Zine with chilling adventures and Quick-Play rules based on Blades in the Dark by John Harper. - [currently $45 (9%) of $500 goal]

Hair Metal Horror: Glam Metal Horror RPG Zines -- Kicktraq Mini

Leviathan Rising: An enlightenment-punk role playing game

Leviathan Rising: An enlightenment-punk role playing game: Click here to view Leviathan Rising: An enlightenment-punk role playing game

A tabletop RPG of 17th-century rebels fighting for fraternity, equality and liberty. - [currently £626 (16%) of £4,000 goal]

Leviathan Rising: An enlightenment-punk role playing game -- Kicktraq Mini

Bite Me! - a game of werewolf pack dynamics

Bite Me! - a game of werewolf pack dynamics: Click here to view Bite Me! - a game of werewolf pack dynamics

A roleplaying game about badass werewolves and their emotional relationships - [currently £824 (10%) of £8,000 goal]

Bite Me! - a game of werewolf pack dynamics -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Over the Edge 3rd Edition

Over the Edge 3rd Edition:

Over the Edge 3rd Edition
Publisher: Atlas Games

During your stay with us, please remember that Liberty is Job One, Disarmament Means Peace, It’s Polite to Speak English, and, of course, Paranormal Activity is perfectly legal.

Thank you for your consent.

The Edge is the weirdest city in the world. Get into trouble. Question your place in the crazed multiverse. Transcend mortal limits. Join a cult. Fight a baboon. Along the way, you might find out who really controls humanity. Unless, of course, you’ve been working for Them all along.

Over the Edge is the classic RPG of counter-culture conspiracy, weird science, and urban danger. For its third edition, the game comes roaring back in a completely reimagined relaunch by its original creator. Everything old gets a new take. Nothing is a retread. Every conspiracy, every neighborhood, every major gamemaster-character is portrayed with a new spin. It’s not “25 years later.” Everything on the Island is reborn to surprise new and existing players alike.



At the heart of Over the Edge third edition are the nine districts of the Edge, each with a unique flavor, colorful characters, memorable locales, and a mélange of bizarrity ruled over by a patchwork of cabals openly tolerated or empowered by the all-powerful anarchic State. Behind this public face of the city, however, there is a secret world of conspiratorial factions, strange fringe abilities, cutting edge technology, and cross-reality incursions.

The result is a crazed sandbox setting which is infinitely receptive to whatever offbeat and outlandish ideas the players and gamemaster choose to pour into it. Over the Edge adds a final dash of madness with the “GM’s Secret Bag of Tricks,” a dozen fringe concepts and a gaggle of colorful characters, each of which can completely transform your version of the Edge or serve as the nucleus around which your entire campaign will form.



Over the Edge features:

  • Fast, dramatic character creation that’s laser-focused on creating dynamic, active characters. Player-defined traits quickly establish what characters can do, and each PC’s Trouble & Question force characters into personal crucibles that drive story.
  • A simple 2d6 resolution mechanic uses a lightning-fast comparison of level and difficulty to generate rerolls instead of managing modifiers through addition and subtraction.
  • Inject shocking, unexpected outcomes into the narrative through good twists, bad twists, and “twist ties.”
  • Three strikes and you’re dead. But unless you’re at risk of your third strike, you can safely take big risks, electrifying gameplay with big, exciting moments.
The core book is delivered in three different formats -- PDF, MOBI, and EPUB -- to make it easier to read on your platform of choice. It also includes PDFs of handouts and a map of Al Amarja.

Writing and Design: Jonathan Tweet and Chris Lites

Jonathan Tweet’s RPG credits include Ars Magica, Everway, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed, and 13th Age. The Al Amarja Tourism Taskforce thanks him for his many services to the state.

Price: $19.95

The Egyptian Job

The Egyptian Job:

The Egyptian Job
Publisher: Côme Martin

The Egyptian Job is my mini-RPG for February 2019.

For centuries, artifacts have been unlawfully re- moved from Egypt to be placed in museums all around the globe. Well, enough’s enough: if no one’s going to give them back, it’s up to you to do the right thing and steal them. Well, it’s up to the sorcerer who raised you, actually, but he’s been dead for centuries and his spell has just now activated. Oh, didn’t I mention you were ancient undead Egyptian animals brought back to life, about to stage the heist of your unlife?
Price: $1.00