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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Friday 31 May 2019

Ascendancy [Beta] [$15.00]

Ascendancy [Beta] [$15.00]: A cyberpunk TTRPG about psychics and identity

Ascendancy [Beta]

Death in Venice [$1.00]

Death in Venice [$1.00]: A nightlifer tries to escape Death. Will they do so forever?

Death in Venice

The poison of suspicion [Free]

The poison of suspicion [Free]: A story game about life and forgiveness

The poison of suspicion

James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs May 2019 part 2

A veteran game designer and one of the best GMs in the business pick out a clutch of freshly released roleplaying games from the dozens released each month.

James & Lloyd pick six more from the new roleplaying games released in May.

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New games

This is not a place of honour


Adventures in the Hundred Kingdoms

Reimagined: Fanfic Roleplaying Game

Drow Word

The Expanse Roleplaying Game

Plus Pipeline support picks:
Bless the Seeds

For Naed

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James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs May 2019 part 1

With around 160 new games released in May, which should you give a second look? James & Lloyd pick six (plus one) that caught their eye.
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Other episodes
Starport - A Tabletop Roleplaying Game For Kids


That Belongs in a Museum

Badge Buddies

Beautiful Space Pirates

Horror Stories


So many new indie tabletop roleplaying games are released every month. I want to keep up with one of the most exciting areas in tabletop gaming, but I don't know which of these games I should give a look (let alone buy or even play!). So I asked two friends for help. James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan are two of the UK's most dedicated indie roleplayers and, every month, they go through every new indie rpg and tell me (and now the world) what's caught their eye from the new games listed in the RPG Pipeline ( therpgpipeline.com )

Support this podcast and the RPG Pipeline at https://www.patreon.com/theindierpgpipeline


OH DEAR, SWEET GOD [Free]: a narrative game on redeeming (literally) your god damned life.


A Branch of May [$1.80]

A Branch of May [40% Off] [$1.80]: Can you find the May Queen? Is it YOU?!

A Branch of May

Bless the Seeds [$1.80]

Bless the Seeds [40% Off] [$1.80]: Weather storms, plant seeds, perhaps receive the blessing of the Lady of Springtime.

Bless the Seeds

In the Company of Birds [$3.00]

In the Company of Birds [$3.00]: A quick fortune-telling game of lasting love

In the Company of Birds

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules:

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules
Publisher: Antagonist Games, Inc.

The Antagonist Games Gen-Cell System Quickstart rules are a rules-lite version of the Gen-Cell System (™) that are currently being used to demo the game at conventions. The rules are simple and sleek and will give you enough of a peek at the structure of the system in order for you to get a grasp of what to look for in the upcoming full versions of the game.

A quick description of this system is that it is modular and scalable. It can be used for quick tabletop games, dungeon crawl board games, collectible card RPGs, tabletop warfare /skirmish games, chat room RPGs, computer games, mostly anything you want.

It's scalable in that your game can use the simpler Basic System one night for a dungeon crawl and then the Advanced System then next night to add flavorful complexity to the campaign.

You can play with one of our official settings, which are full of history and unique abilities and breeds that aren't available in the basic systems, or you can purchase Cell-Packs to construct your own unique world.

With the Gen-Cell System and framework, there is no stopping you. Our main goal is to not only to provide a product line but to build and support our community with tools, workshops, official hosts to run games across the globe, and technologies to bring it all together. We aspire to give you the quality products to allow you to bring out the adventurer in anyone.

Price: $1.00

One Minute to Midnight

One Minute to Midnight:

One Minute to Midnight
Publisher: Côme Martin

One Minute to Midnight is my mini-RPG for May 2019.

It's a MCless game in which you play broken robots on a dying planet: they roam around, trying to find meaning to their existence, while you as players gradually tear off the map and character sheets, until almost nothing is left.

This game is priced slightly higher than usual, but all benefits will go to Guillaume Jentey, who did a wonderful job illustrating it!

Price: $2.00

Teaching with Role-playing

Teaching with Role-playing:

Teaching with Role-playing
Publisher: Trooper X

Behold your student's gateway to a alien worlds, races, adventure, and social skills. Take your place in the forefront of education with this educational yet, easy to play role playing Ggame as you teach social skills, as well as any science or math lessons that you might want to include, in this science fiction setting.

 The system is easy to learn and needs only a D12 and percentile dice. 5 example roleplaying adventures are provided as lesson plans, as well as advice on running your first sessions using and an accounting of how this system was used to run 3 social skills groups for over a year in a school. multiple file formats will be available for download. multiple file formats will be available for download.

Price: $4.95

PolyModular: Fantasy Roleplaying [Free]

PolyModular: Fantasy Roleplaying [Free]: Generic fantasy rules for the PolyModular tabletop roleplaying system.

PolyModular: Fantasy Roleplaying

Alien Outbreak

Alien Outbreak:

Alien Outbreak
Publisher: Jams Bezecny

Alien Outbreak is a science fiction horror tabletop role-playing game in which the players are hunted by a strange and horrific alien. It is designed for single session games rather than long-running campaigns and focuses on creating a unique experience with each session via a system of procedural generation for both the scenario and the alien itself, ensuring that each playthrough will keep players on their toes by not allowing them to get used to a set roster of monsters. It is designed for a "pick up and play" style, with each game lasting around 3 hours including the time for character creation and works best as a breather game for when you need to take a break from your main campaigns.

Price: $6.00

Gold & Girl: The Fabulous Grandmas RPG (Lasers & Feelings hack) [Free]

Gold & Girl: The Fabulous Grandmas RPG (Lasers & Feelings hack) [Free]: Play a group of fabulous roommates sharing the ups and downs of your golden years.

Gold & Girl: The Fabulous Grandmas RPG (Lasers & Feelings hack)

The StoryMaster's Tales "Weirding Woods" ^

The StoryMaster's Tales "Weirding Woods": Click here to view The StoryMaster's Tales "Weirding Woods"

Hybrid of fantasy roleplaying, board and adventure gamebook. Set in a Dark and Grimm Fairytale world. Magic, Monsters & Mystery. - [currently £801 (53%) of £1,500 goal]

The StoryMaster's Tales

The Story of Spider Day [Free]

The Story of Spider Day [Free]: die horribly (and hilariously) in a giant spider attack

The Story of Spider Day

Wednesday 29 May 2019


AWESOME D.P.S. [Free]: A fast, simple narrative Dice-Pool RPG System.


Incubus, A Secret Journal Game [Free]

Incubus, A Secret Journal Game [Free]: Have sex with an incubus. Record your final days.

Incubus, A Secret Journal Game

All That I Am

All That I Am:

All That I Am
Publisher: Peach Garden Games

You have decided to pay any price to get what you want. What’s more, you’ve found someone willing to do business.
But are you really prepared to deal with demons?
ATIA is a horror tabletop RPG about the spiritual marketplace, the terrible debts demons impose on the desperate and the awful power their Debtors get in exchange.
Rest assured, your characters will get everything they want and more, their dreams come to life in excruciating detail.
They’ll regret every minute of it.

Gather with your friends around the Debtor's Ring, cast your coins, and prepare yourself to the descent.

Price: $11.12

The Fading Light - Beta Edition

The Fading Light - Beta Edition:

The Fading Light - Beta Edition
Publisher: Assassin Games

A vast and crumbling empire ruled by a decrepit tyrant that remains concealed behind eldritch fortifications and a mask made of bone, creatures that lurk in the shadows, preying upon the downtrodden, and a decadent nobility that is drunk on their own war of whispers and assassinations...

Welcome to The Fading Light, a dark fantasy role playing game.

This is the free Beta Edition, which will go through revisions and updates before the final release. We welcome you to test out the system, and connect with us to let us know which parts you enjoy most, and what parts you find to be difficult or unwieldy. Come find us on the Assassin Games Facebook page.

Price: $0.00

This Is Not A Place Of Honour

This Is Not A Place Of Honour:

This Is Not A Place Of Honour
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

Take on the roles of devout pilgrims searching for the treasures of the ancients AND the terrified, panicking humans who would go on to become those ancients as they crash-land a doomed colony ship into a backwater planet on the edge of civilised space in this one-page RPG.

Product image by Muhammed Ghouneim, used under Creative Commons.

Price: $1.00

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Gazetteer [$3.00]

Gazetteer [$3.00]: A collaborative creative writing activity


I Need Your Strongest Potions [Free]

I Need Your Strongest Potions [Free]: Play this "game" by getting hydrated

I Need Your Strongest Potions



Publisher: Dusty De Leon

ReForge is a game that can be played as a mini-game for any tabletop game with magic items, or by itself. In it, you decide what basic concepts an item breaks down to, and will use those to decide how to rebuild it. Become a Blacksmith, and ReForge the old magic into the new. Can be printed both as a single page, and as a Zine.

Price: $2.00

Beamswords and Bazookas

Beamswords and Bazookas:

Beamswords and Bazookas
Publisher: Sweaterpunk Studios

BEAMSWORDS AND BAZOOKAS is a tabletop role-playing game about mech pilots at the brink of World War 3. This core rule book includes steps for making characters, rules for tactical combat, and guidance for running the game as the gamemaster. It also includes a 10-episode campaign and setting details that give you a place to start your adventure.

Players take control of the pilots of MASS, the Mobile Armor Suppression and Surveillance unit of the Global Protectorate. They are tasked with keeping the peace as tensions rise and conflicts break out. The previous generation was able to defeat alien invaders, but can this new generation of mech pilots save humanity from itself?

Price: $13.00

Sisters of the Hive - Deluxe Edition [Free]

Sisters of the Hive - Deluxe Edition [Free]: It is possible to buy dreams.

Sisters of the Hive - Deluxe Edition

Wanted Dead or Alive

Wanted Dead or Alive:

Wanted Dead or Alive
Publisher: Phoenix Egg Games

Wanted Dead or Alive is a one page RPG where Lawmen and Outlaws face off in the wild west. Play a Gunslinger, Rifleman, or Coachman as you blast your way thru the west. 18 story hooks are included, but game masters are free to make their own. This game uses playing cards to determine the results of actions. This game is in Beta and may be updated based on feedback from the community.

Price: $0.50

Our Big Show of Worth [$1.00]

Our Big Show of Worth [$1.00]: An unknown deity challenges the existence of the world you call home.

Our Big Show of Worth

This Is Not A Place Of Honour [Free]

This Is Not A Place Of Honour [Free]: A sci-fi game of human frailty and divine intention

This Is Not A Place Of Honour

'TWAS - The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas ^

'TWAS - The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas: Click here to view 'TWAS - The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas

A rules-lite RPG that you can pick up and play with minimal preparation, inspired by the literature and legends of Christmas. - [currently £282 (9%) of £3,250 goal]

'TWAS - The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas -- Kicktraq Mini

The Customer Is, Without Exception, Incorrect [Free]

The Customer Is, Without Exception, Incorrect [Free]: A 2-page tabletop roleplaying game about friendships at work

The Customer Is, Without Exception, Incorrect

The Bonds That Tie Us [$5.00]

The Bonds That Tie Us [$5.00]: A GMless TTRPG about relationships

The Bonds That Tie Us



Publisher: Mottokrosh Machinations

Hypertellurians is an easy to pick up roleplaying game that is fast and simple to play, while providing a ton of depth for engaging character development and story.

Table of contents


The players portray the Hypertellurians: adventuring the length and breadth of the Ultracosm, in retro science fantasy style. Take control of one of six archetypes, and choose or create a unique concept by layering on fun, inventive, and story-driving powers.

Key principles

Who is it for?

Try Hypertellurians if you like:

  • fast and daring gameplay,
  • quick character generation,
  • compelling character powers,
  • natural language rules,
  • and science fantasy adventures in the future of old!
Excerpt from the Royal

Use with modern and old RPG adventure modules

Hypertellurians is a stand-alone roleplaying game system, but it is compatible enough with most old and modern fantasy adventure games for the GM to convert modules from those systems on the fly.

How to play the game

Lots of art

Enjoy this lavishly illustrated tome, redolent with adventure, and play as cursed shapeshifter, the walking dead, a pilot from a different time, a galvanic war machine, a bratty princess, an excitable half pony, an alien color, or so much more.

Tips for players

Play aids

Includes valuable tips for players and GMs, a 1-spread rules summary, and a choice of 3 character sheets.

Price: $9.99

Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi

Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi:

Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi
Publisher: Elf Lair Games

Chutzpah! is the bare-bones role playing game with a certain je ne sais quoi! It's a firmly tongue-in-cheek game that nevertheless can handle any kind of game you wish to run, no matter how serious. From one-shot over-the-top lunacy to long-term deadly-serious campaigns, this game has the gumption to make it happen. With stats like Cut of My Jib, Childlike Wonder and yes, a Certain Je ne Sais Quoi, you'll be able to take your character building to the next level.

It's a simple stat and skill die pool system using d8s. Why d8s? I just decided on d8s. There's literally no other reason. You'll throw your dice and count Fist Bumps to succeed at tasks. Included in this simple, 44-page book is everything you need to play a game, including:

  • Complete character generation
  • Rules for combat, skills, vehicles, magic, psionics and more
  • Rules for building weapons, vehicles, equipment and monsters
  • Rules for fear, terror, horror, and madness
  • Benefits and Bugs to customize your character and give them that little something extra
  • Plenty of snark and insults
  • And more!
Why are you still bothering with complex rules systems that require twenty years to read and learn? Grab your copy of Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi today and you'll never look back!

Price: $5.00

Space Post [$8.00]

Space Post [$8.00]: People are scattered all over the place, like grains of sand cast into the sea, on planets distant and unlikely.

Space Post

Space Post

Space Post:

Space Post
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games

The Pitch

People are scattered all over the place, like grains of sand cast into the sea, on planets distant and unlikely. And they all want their mail.

The mail is a lifeline, a solace, a slender artery of commerce and culture. In many places the postal agent is the only regular visitor. In these out-of-the-way corners of the galaxy, the arrival of the mail is cause for celebration. The mail might be good or bad, but it is a connection to another, less lonely place. And the person who brought it is a friendly outsider who might be
able to help you out with your problems…

Space Post

In Space Post you and your friends will play a postal agent, and you will also play the strange, wonderful people waiting at each stop on their interstellar route. And you will also play their spaceship.


  • Game format: Tabletop 
  • Players: 2-6, with four being the sweet spot. There’s no GM. 
  • Materials: Pencils, two six-sided dice, and printouts of this document. For character sheets, you will need one postal agent sheet, one spaceship sheet, and n-1 Plover/colonist sheets per planet, where n=the number of people playing. So for four players you need one postal agent, one spaceship, three postal employees on Plover, and nine colonist sheets. 
  • Time: Variable, but figure half an hour to prep and 20 minutes per planet visited. Some will be shorter, some may be longer. 
  • Content warnings: Space Post addresses the range of sapient experience, so anything is possible. The tone is meant to be lightly comedic, but likely topics include loneliness, alienation, and interpersonal strife.

What's Included?

18 page game PDF


Comment here, or get in touch with us at info@bullypulpitgames.com.

Effusive Praise?

We're on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram. Tag us in @bullypulpit_HQ.

Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

Price: $8.00

ayekah [$3.00]

ayekah [$3.00]: a two-player game about negotiation, interpretation, and creation.


Ride or Die [$5.00]

Ride or Die [$5.00]: a Star-Crossed hack about loyalty

Ride or Die

Friday 24 May 2019

Fare & Flagons [$5.00]

Fare & Flagons [$5.00]: but how -did- you all meet in an inn?

Fare & Flagons

Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required:

Some Assembly Required
Publisher: Wannabe Games

In Some Assembly Required, you play as action figures pitted against household dangers like pets, people, and other playthings. Are you a superhero, a soldier, an alien, or something else? And just how durable is your plastic?

This game was created live on Twitch (with some editing latter on) on 4/21 by Alexander Sprague and Jessica Geyer of WannaBeGames. We are working on flexing our creative muscles and making new fun things for people. Follow us on twitter @jawska and @kittycrusade and drop us a suggestion for a game idea. We make them every Sunday!

Price: $0.00

Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies:

Badge Buddies
Publisher: Wannabe Games

Badge Buddies is an easy to learn 1-page RPG about being a Buddy Cop. Solve crimes and pull off daring deeds with your diametrically opposed partner. Play as a loose cannon cop with nothing to lose or the veteran 2 days from retirement. The important thing is to say cool 1-liners before you try anything too crazy, and no matter what, you have to solve the case!

This game was created live on Twitch (with some editing later on) on 5/5 by Alexander Sprague and Jessica Geyer of WannaBeGames. We are working on flexing our creative muscles and making new fun things for people. Follow us on twitter @jawska and @kittycrusade and drop us a suggestion for a game idea. We make them every Sunday!

Price: $0.00

My Mecha Has Shark Arms

My Mecha Has Shark Arms:

My Mecha Has Shark Arms
Publisher: Wannabe Games

My Mecha has Shark Arms is a mech-merging, kaiju-punching cooperative RPG. Link up with your friends to form up into one big mecha. In this quick action RPG, you have to roll in rhythm with your other crew members and attempt to take down increasingly difficult kaiju. This 2-page RPG was made in developed in 1 day (plus editing) by Alexander Sprague and Jessica Geyer live on Twitch.tv/KittyCrusade.

Let us know what kind of arms your Mecha had, on twitter @Jawska and @KittyCrusade. Also, keep an eye out as we release a new small game every week.

Price: $0.00

Let’s be Grandma: Oh ME, Oh MY, it’s Grandma Time!

Let’s be Grandma: Oh ME, Oh MY, it’s Grandma Time!:

Let’s be Grandma: Oh ME, Oh MY, it’s Grandma Time!
Publisher: Wannabe Games

This one-page grandma RPG was made in one sitting by Alexander Sprague and Jessica Geyer live on Twitch.tv/KittyCrusade. Please let us know the Grandma-based hijinks you and your tight-knit gang of grandmas got into on twitter @Jawska and @KittyCrusade. Have fun--we did.

Price: $0.00

Hand in Hand [$4.00]

Hand in Hand [$4.00]: A GMless mini-game about the strength of the family you choose

Hand in Hand