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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Roboman RPG

Roboman RPG:

Roboman RPG
Publisher: Age of Sorcery Games and Publishing

Roboman RPG is a simple and fast game where you take on the challenge of being Half-Human and Half-Robot! Set in 2121 AD, this futuristic game has you battling against Gang Members, Zombies, Trolls, Dragons and more! Featuring a unique way of leveling by using Gems of Eternity, this game is definitely something different than most others! So, if you are looking for an easy to learn 3 page game, that gets you into the action right away, then check it out!

Price: $0.75

In Search of Adventure RPG

In Search of Adventure RPG:

In Search of Adventure RPG
Publisher: New Realms Publishing

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Delve into dark dungeons where mounds of treasure, deadly denizens, and even deadlier traps await, explore ancient, monster-haunted ruins where eldritch energies radiate from the moss-covered stones, or trek through the unexplored wilderness in search of gold, glory and adventure!

In Search of Adventure is a fantasy role-playing game for two or more players.  The game features a simple action system that determines success, and how well you succeed, all with a single dice roll and WITHOUT actions being automatic or impossible – there’s always a chance.  Mechanics also cover saving throws, armor and more.  All without cumbersome lists of modifiers and unnecessarily complex rules.

This introductory title includes:
•    Character creation and development;
•    Skills;
•    Magic;
•    Equipment;
•    Combat;
•    Adventuring;
•    and more!

Future titles will bring you additions races, skills, spells, adventures, monsters and treasures, sites and settlements, and more!

Gather your friends, your pop and chips, and spend an evening In Search of Adventure.

Price: $7.95

Man of God

Man of God:

Man of God
Publisher: Age of Sorcery Games and Publishing

Man of God is a unique game system that you can play by yourself. NO GM needed! Take on the role of a lonely monk in the Dark Ages. You start out as a simple Friar with the intent of working your way all the way up to Pope! This game uses only d100 and d12 dice and is very easy and fast to play! If you hunger for something to do in your free time, or if you want a very simple game, then this is for you. Combining elements of chance with interesting results, Man of God will take you from a small beginning all the way to the top!

Price: $0.75

That Night Out

That Night Out:

That Night Out
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Out with friends for the night.

But suddenly, a siren blares out of nowhere.
And deep down, you all realize your lives are in danger.
Somehow, deep in the bottom of your souls, you all realize something is out there to kill you.
Can you survive the night?


Last January 2015, Matthew Bannock held a game design contest on Google Plus called, “Survive the Night.” This was my submission to that challenge, and thankfully despite being the only submission, he still felt it was a game he would like to play.

The original version of this game can be found here:


This version of the game includes a number of revisions which I have added to make the experience much more fun (and scary) for everyone.

Consider this a TAGsessions early Halloween present. Have fun!


Keywords: Horror, Self-Mutilation, Violence, Occult, Survival Horror, GMless, Cards

2-5 players
1 standard deck of playing cards, jokers included

Price: $5.24

The Ceremony is at Hand

The Ceremony is at Hand:

The Ceremony is at Hand
Publisher: Sorry Not Sorry Games

This book is a collection of stories written by you. Each comes with a set of instructions, a small ritual, that layers onto an activity like a cloth onto a table. Many of the activities are ones you probably already do regularly. Play them as you like.

There are ten games in this collection. They include:

  • A game about being god, to play while carrying groceries home
  • Something to play while lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep
  • A story of human sacrifice, acted out while preparing a meal
  • A game about being on the lam, played during a short hotel stay
  • ...and six more!
Files include a single-page, spreads, and a version that is formatted for double-sided printing and stapling.

Price: $7.00

Quick! Act Human!

Quick! Act Human!:

Quick! Act Human!
Publisher: Leigh Carrthulhu

A comedic co-operative one page role playing game for three or more players.

You are an alien specializing in Advanced Human Studies. An important secret mission has been assigned to your team by your Grand Alien Superior. Failure is not an option.

Each member of your team is to be teleported inside an individual Human on planet Earth. Once on Earth you will receive your mission orders. It is imperative you blend in with the planet’s inhabitants. Any suspicious activity may mean you encounter nearby hostile humans who wear black suits. They seem to extremely dislike Aliens and will try to capture or kill you.

Your team is given a small teleportation device which can only be used to bring you back to the mother ship once you have fulfilled your mission objectives.

Good luck!

You and your team are beamed down to Earth, but there is something wrong with the teleportation machine... There is always something wrong with the teleportation machine.

Your entire team is beamed inside the same human host! Your mission objectives have just been received! There are humans looking in your direction! You all internally fight and scrabble to manoeuvre your human host’s body!

Quick! Act Human!

People Who Said Stuff*“First there was the Earth then the rise of mankind and now mankind’s greatest achievement... Quick! Act Human!
-Sascha Karner, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!

“Please buy this game. I’m told it’s very good. Three stars out of five.”
- Leigh’s mother

“No, you can’t quote me for your game.”
-Steve Jackson, Sandy Petersen and Klaus-Jurgen Wrede

“Of COURSE we test played it... Stop asking that”
-Leigh Carr, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!
"I LITERALLY designed this in powerpoint."
-Leigh Carr, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!

*They may not have actually said any of that.

Price: $0.00

Memories in the Marking

Memories in the Marking:

Memories in the Marking
Publisher: Goat Song Publishing

Memories in the Making is a game about that last summer that you spend with your friends before everyone goes off to different places, to different schools and jobs. It's about those memories of youth, captured in a sunbeam to be treasured. It's about the good times, the joyous times, the times in that liminal space between childhood and adulthood when the world seemed so free. Memories in the Making captures those moments that so define our nostalgia.

Price: $2.49

Resist & Remember: Weimar - An Anti-Fascist RPG ^

Resist & Remember: Weimar - An Anti-Fascist RPG: Click here to view Resist & Remember: Weimar - An Anti-Fascist RPG

Resist & Remember is an anti-fascist RPG celebrating & commemorating those who stood up to tyranny and often paid the ultimate price. - [currently $71 (3%) of $2,500 goal]

Resist & Remember: Weimar - An Anti-Fascist RPG -- Kicktraq Mini


HOPE RPG: Click here to view HOPE RPG

A post-nuclear apocalypse base-building RPG with exploration elements. - [currently $173 (35%) of $500 goal]

HOPE RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Sky Deck [$8.00]

Sky Deck [$8.00]: a live action rpg about partying at the top

Sky Deck

Free Spacer Sector Archives [$10.00]

Free Spacer Sector Archives [$10.00]: Setting. Contract. Preparation!

Free Spacer Sector Archives

Our Daily News [$3.00]

Our Daily News [$3.00]: an rpg about small-town whimsy

Our Daily News

Beta Maxx X Quick Start [$4.99]

Beta Maxx X Quick Start [$4.99]: A Quick Start Pack to introduce the Beta Maxx X game

Beta Maxx X Quick Start

Pentagram of the Incubus [$1.00]

Pentagram of the Incubus [$1.00]: A one player game. Pentagram of the Incubus dares you - do you wish to contain or release a devil?

Pentagram of the Incubus

Cold Comforts [$2.00]

Cold Comforts [$2.00]: a game of frozen hearts unthawing

Cold Comforts

LOVELAND [$5.00]

LOVELAND [$5.00]: A Cryptid Survival Role Playing Game


Band of Blades [$20.00]

Band of Blades [$20.00]: The Road To Skydagger Keep

Band of Blades

Big Bad Jam Anthology [$20.00]

Big Bad Jam Anthology [$20.00]: a collection of analog games created for the #bigbadjam

Big Bad Jam Anthology

Free Spacer [$20.00]

Free Spacer [$20.00]: // a sandbox starship tabletop RPG

Free Spacer

Monday 29 July 2019

Worst Roommates Alive [Free]

Worst Roommates Alive [Free]: a game of ghostly betrayal for 3-4 players and a GM

Worst Roommates Alive

Vampires are Sexy [Free]

Vampires are Sexy [Free]: There is no more noble journey than falling in love with a person deeply motivated to kill you and your kind…

Vampires are Sexy

Explorer's Mark [Free]

Explorer's Mark [Free]: A solo rpg where you draw and write down every part of your journey

Explorer's Mark

Conundrum [Free]

Conundrum [Free]: A Time-Loop Escape


Are You Lost, Traveller? [Free]

Are You Lost, Traveller? [Free] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux] [Android]: A rules-lite rpg about exploring virtual worlds with your friends.

Are You Lost, Traveller?

World of Sherwood [Free]

World of Sherwood [Free]: Steal from the rich and give to the poor

World of Sherwood

Garden City [Free]

Garden City [Free]: a kid-friendly, non-violent basic TTRPG in a utopian fantasy setting

Garden City

Partners [Free]

Partners [Free]: growing together or growing apart


Sharks & Sales: A "Floor is Lava" Pirate RPG [Free]

Sharks & Sales: A "Floor is Lava" Pirate RPG [Free]:

Sharks & Sales: A "Floor is Lava" Pirate RPG

The Cowboy, A Role-Playing Game. [Free]

The Cowboy, A Role-Playing Game. [Free]: A tabletop role-playing game for two players, loosely based on the poem by James Tate.

The Cowboy, A Role-Playing Game.

Project Epcot [Free]

Project Epcot [Free]: Building a better world for all of our valued customers

Project Epcot

A Dream in the Woods [Free]

A Dream in the Woods [Free]: A Midsummer Night's Dream-inspired hack of John Harper's Lasers and Feelings

A Dream in the Woods

The Veil Fantastic [Free]

The Veil Fantastic [Free]: A fantasy hack of The Veil by Fraser Simons

The Veil Fantastic

Truth of the Court [Free]

Truth of the Court [Free]: A tabletop game of rumour at the Queen's court

Truth of the Court

Dream Dungeon [Free]

Dream Dungeon [Free]: A one page micro-rpg. The dungeon renovation tv show of your dreams.

Dream Dungeon

We Meet in the Middle [Free]

We Meet in the Middle [Free]: Two starting on each end of a couch must grow together and meet in the middle

We Meet in the Middle

Islands Intertwined [Free]

Islands Intertwined [Free]: A tight knit community

Islands Intertwined

Remember Me [Free]

Remember Me [Free]: A two-player TTRPG, about lost memories and retrieving them together.

Remember Me

Great Sword Tabletop RPG ^

Great Sword Tabletop RPG: Click here to view Great Sword Tabletop RPG

A fantasy tabletop role playing game. Designed for tactical combat, with streamlined mechanics. - [currently $0 (0%) of $15,000 goal]

Great Sword Tabletop RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Sunday 28 July 2019

Breaking Down, Breaking Through

Breaking Down, Breaking Through:

Breaking Down, Breaking Through
Publisher: Goat Song Publishing

Breaking Down, Breaking Through is a game-poem inspired by my real experiences with depression. It is not a light game or a happy game, but it is something that reflects on the reality of despair and depression, when the hours seem darkest.

Breaking Down, Breaking Through is a single player game that must be played at night.

Price: $1.49

Afterverse Quickstart Rules

Afterverse Quickstart Rules:

Afterverse Quickstart Rules
Publisher: Afterverse

Welcome to the universe. Here's what comes next.

This abridged rule set will allow you to get a taste for the Afterverse game system and be ready to join a game. The Quickstart rules explain:

  • The D6 Bank system. All skill checks are tested by rolling (ATTRIBUTE + SKILL + modifiers) dice and counting up the 5s and 6s; many tests will have you bank these hits to spend over time, including the Initiative system.
  • Attributes. Afterverse has 9 standard attributes divided into 3 categories (Physical, Mental, Social), in addition to one special attribute....
  • Chutzpah. This stat that allows you to exercise certain meta powers over the game, such as Take Two and Retcon.
  • Skills: Afterverse has 14 skills, described in this guide. Additionally, there are hundreds of skill specializations in the core book to add flavor to your character's skill set.
  • Combat: Initiative in combat is treated as a hit bank, requiring you to spend IP to perform actions or evade. The system supports multiple actions per round and suppressive fire in a smooth and natural manner.
If you're interested in this game, check out the full sourcebook, also available here. The full sourcebook includes (in addition to more detailed explanations of these rules) space combat, a full history from 2050 through 2140, worlds, cultures, ships, and more.

Price: $0.00

The Tower ^

The Tower: Click here to view The Tower

A tabletop roleplaying game for #BreakKickstarter where you don't get to play the game until the creator is dead. - [currently $37 (37%) of $100 goal]

The Tower -- Kicktraq Mini