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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Saturday 31 July 2021

One Sheet Rules [Free]

One Sheet Rules [Free]:


One Sheet Rules is an ultralite, classless, levelless game compatible with any OSR system such as Old School Essentials, Swords and Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord. You can learn One Sheet Rules in ten minutes and create a character in a minute or less. You can use the adventures and sourcebooks you already own. You can teach a nine year old to play in a couple of minutes. I did with my youngest son.

Who am I?

I am Bill King, a former developer on Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, Mutant Chronicles, Mutant Chronicles Warzone, Waste World and many more gaming projects. I am the creator of Gotrek & Felix, and the author of Space Wolf and of the World of Warcraft novel, Illidan. I've been a gamer for more than 40 years, and a professional writer for more than 30.

Why OSR?

Because I love it and its what I play.  The mechanics are familiar to almost anyone who has ever played an RPG and it has almost 50 years of high quality adventures and supplements are available.

One Sheet Rules was written by William King and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: You are free to share and adapt this material for any purpose, including commercially, as long as you give attribution.

A plain text file is included for purposes of hacking and remixing.


CHAIN GANG [Free]: A two page RPG for adventures in the weird west

Over the Mountain [Free]

Over the Mountain [Free]:

Created for One-Page RPG Jam 2021.

Over the Mountain is a solo rural fantasy journaling game on one page. Your character lives in a small mountain town and records their journey to carry out their Calling as they get to know the local human and spirit Neighbors, find bizarre items to collect, and clear the strange Dungeons found throughout. Will your curious character stick with their mission long enough to fill an entire journal?  What Achievements might they unlock? 

Over the Mountain has players roll dice to generate prompts they must include as they record their daily encounters. It's flexible and leaves a lot up to the player so that it can be replayed again and again, generating a new town each time. If a rule isn't clear or isn't explicitly stated, it is up to the player to decide what best fits the story or is just the most fun. 

This is my first RPG ever. My goal was to write the RPG I most wanted to play. Hope others will enjoy it too! 


Questant [Free]

Questant [Free]:


You dwell within a crucible of worlds, half-formed things orbiting one another in an endless dance. Reflect on how you got here. Perhaps you are a group of kids, hurled into a great game of cosmic succession. Perhaps you are one among many, born of this land and the love of its people. Perhaps your world is linked with others of its kind through dreams, or portals, or star-faring vessels, or the pages of a book. No matter.

You are the Questant. This Land, a forge. Its goal: to make a god of you.

A one-page (front and back) tabletop roleplaying game created for One-Page RPG Jam 2021.  Inspired by Homestuck's mythology and game structure, Questant uses a simple 2d6 dice system to tell stories about interconnected lands and the questants that traverse them on the road to ascension. With a dozen bite-sized classes, a super-flexible mythos system for manifesting mythical powers, and guidance for shaping the arc of each character's unique journey, there's plenty of material for forging legends together.

Questant can be played with anywhere from two to a dozen or more players, thanks to an asynchronous, play-by-post structure in which each player is the hero of their own story. It's not so much a GM-less game as a GM-ful one - each player plays both a character of their own and the land in which another player's character adventures.

If you played Questant with friends, I'd love to know how it went!

Aristotle Brown and the Codex of Fate [Free]

Aristotle Brown and the Codex of Fate [Free]:

It’s 1937. The Adolf Hitler rules Germany and the shadow of the Nazi party is spreading a pall across Europe. Dictators have arisen in other countries such as Mussolini in Italy and tensions are high. The US government walks a tightrope trying to impede Nazi efforts without drawing overt attention.

The Aristotle Brown and the Codex of Fate is an RPG created using the Second Guess System first used in games like One White Eye and The Date. Here, the system of impending dread and self-deception is instead tweaked to create a pulp hero style story in the vein of Indiana Jones or Doc Savage. The system is expanded to offer some additional character creation options that may alter skills you bring to the table and expanded player choice in pacing as you must balance your turns between preparing for your mission and racing against time as the Nazis move ever closer to the Codex.

All you need are a d20, a d6, and something to on which to record your journal entries. Sometimes people surprise you.

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Vampire Cruise [$10.00]

Vampire Cruise [$10.00]:

You heard stories the ship was dredged from the sea floor and they had to clear out buckets of drowned fish before building staterooms.  Stories about the Captain who’s never seen before midnight. About the unsettling shape of the boxes that were loaded into the darkness of the lower decks.

The crowd waiting to embark doesn't seem worried though.  And before you know it you're relaxing by the pool, ocean sparkling all around, and you're not worried either.


Until breakfast, when you share a table with the woman who told you all the rumors. Now she’s wearing a white silk robe and handing out pamphlets that say ’ Is Death Real?’ on the cover. And then you can't find your aunt, and you wake up woozy in your cabin clutching a note you don't remember writing that says “deck 13 at noon. bring something sharp”

On the other hand there's a ping pong tournament.

Vampire Cruise – a supposedly fun thing you’ll have to do for eternity.


Vampire Cruise is a 40 page ttrpg adventure zine, ready to play with any rules-light osr style system. It includes maps, lots of vampires, a mummy cult, and room service.

Written & illustrated by Amanda Lee Franck

Layout by https://micah-anderson.itch.io/

Print edition coming soon!

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free copies if you need em

GRIT until GOLD and GLORY and DEATH [50% Off] [$5.00]

GRIT until GOLD and GLORY and DEATH [50% Off] [$5.00]:
Trudging through the murky mire, a band of nameless mercenaries finally reach solid footing - an ominously still clearing, the ancient presence of a decrepit fountain commanding all attention. “Dig.” Many days and lives later, an entrance to the Under is revealed. The meagre cheers are silenced by the fountain flowing water again, almost urging for metal to hit liquid. “Now, we delve.”

The cheers rage on as word slowly spreads: gold and glory be here for all that seek it.

GRIT is a rogue-like inspired dungeon crawler where the aim of the game is to send in multitudes of '20-minute' mercenaries to loot gold, gain glory, and destroy evil.

Through repeated delves, the Players will slowly build up a base camp that'll unlock benefits and continually change how the game is played. The megadungeon below is expansive, intricately mapping out rooms is useless Just like the action-packed combat, Mercs will have to overcome skill-challenge-like obstacles that'll harry their exploration, including: falling debris, flame traps, and faceless swarms of enemies.

Inspired By

Videogames: Darkest Dungeon, Heroes of Hammerwatch, Lemmings
TTRPGS: Into the Odd, The Sygian Library, and The Gardens of Yinn.

Player Character Death will Happen

Those that don't like player character death will probably not enjoy playing this. The tone of the game can be shifted which might alleviate it's violent nature. By default, the game is generally run as a dark comedy but action and death can be altered: horror and viscera, heavy-metal blood and violence, cartoon scrapes and puffs of smoke, or pixelised disintegration. However, the truth is, player characters are going to be removed from play.

This game is meant to be played like you are playing a bunch of one-shot characters multiple times in a single game. Enjoy the chaos and have fun thinking how you'll make each death glorious.

Barebone Edition

This game has the structural bone of what it will become. This game is in a constant state of development. It also will be undergoing an overhaul/rework of some of its systems to provide a smoother core experience.

If you are ok with the idea of buying an 'early-access' game, and want to support the development, welcome!

Full Edition?

A summarised list includes: structure for campaign-play (end goals), Bosses, expanded everything (base-building, mercs, weapons, enemies/challenges, crawling, etc), megadungeon legacy mechanics (permanent changes to the generation), random tables for quick delve and crawl generation, proper layout and editing, and more!

Funding Goals

Yes! We're Itch Funding! Every purchase and donation will go towards furthering the development and future expansions to this game. These are goals I want to accomplish sooner rather than later but I need to pace myself and understand scope. Reaching a goal will let me know I can start on a new expansion project on top of what I'll already be doing normally.

Goals are to be announced properly, however they'll include: expanded lists of tags, mercs, enemies/challenges, and crawling zones and locations, story-linked delves, and few other things. The biggest goal is a megadungeon replacement. Rip out the Under and put in a new megacomplex that'll be 'crawled' through. Who knows, maybe a massive forest or a city-expanse. This'll include everything that'll need to be run with it, including new rules, enemies, and challenges.


This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

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If you feel bad (and I will never hold it to you), feel free to come back and leave a tip at the game's asking price.

Every sale contributes more free copies to the pool:

  • Every PDF sale adds 1 copy
  • Any sale in $3 increments over the asking price adds 1 copy per $3

Butterfly [0% Off] [$5.00]

Butterfly [0% Off] [$5.00]:


CW: emotional and interpersonal conflict, player bleed, mental health issues, avenues for substance use/abuse


In playing Butterfly, we explore the history of a singular shared Artist, their relationship with a significant person in their life, the subjective & imperfect memories of time spent together, and the art they make of it.

  • 1-5 players
  • 1+ hour
  • need 6d6 and non-locking blocks (jenga pieces, dominoes, etc)


Inspired by the real life sculpture garden Coral Castle, the movies Bliss, Inside Out, and Exit Through The Gift Shop, and my own myriad of experiences mixing art, memory, people, and living.


Made possible by backers at patreon.com/worldchampgameco in July 2021.  Limited quantities available in printed zine format at worldchamp.io/store.

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Where the Queen's Reign Knows No End [$2.00]

Where the Queen's Reign Knows No End [$2.00]:

The Hive thrives due to careful coordination of the Queen. It is a lonely duty. The Queen plucks a servant from the Hive, elevating them to new agency, opportunity, and responsibility.

But who can meet the expectations of the Queen? And what happens when the Servant fails?

Where the Queen's Reign Knows No End is a prequel/companion game to Where the Sky's as Red as Honey. You do not need to be familiar with Where the Sky's... in order to enjoy Where the Queen's..., but the games compliment each other and more setting details can be found in Where the Sky's. Optional rules further tie the two games together.

Every purchase of either game makes a community copy of Where the Queen's Reign Knows No End available.

This game was made for the One-Page RPG Jam 2021. The optional theme "borders" is present in the dynamic between Queen and Servant.

This game features tension between the Queen and the Servant. Players should establish boundaries before play and check-in after each cycle and at any time the tension leads to emotional moments. Players should state when they need to pause or remove content and respond by doing so when such a request is made.

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Every purchase of either Where the Queen's Reign Knows No End and Where the Sky's as Red as Honey contributes a new community copy of this game. Anyone can take a community copy, and those who would not be able to pay the price of the game do to financial hardship are especially encouraged to take one.


Welcome to Grimsbury [Free]

Welcome to Grimsbury [Free]:

WELCOME TO GRIMSBURY is a 2d6 RPG set in the spooky, uncanny English town of Grimsbury sometime between 1930 and 1990. The town sits on the  border between this reality (here) and unknown other realms (there). You play a character navigating both places to achieve your goals.

The borders  have been rubbed thin over the centuries. Bleed-through has led to spectral encounters, gates and doorways appearing where they shouldn’t be and beings that exist in both places. Here - spirit mediums speak to real ghosts and magick is practiced in secret. Folk tales of mythic characters appearing amid full moon masked celebrations are passed down among locals and are only whispered to outsiders. 

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Monsters & Counselors [Free]

Monsters & Counselors [Free]:


Written for the One-Page RPG Jam 2021!

YOU ARE THE COUNSELORS OF CAMP BRITTLE BONE. Your jobs are to teach, guide, and care for the kids who attend. More importantly, you protect them against any and all mischief they may get themselves into. Camp Leader Murie has disappeared and without their guidance, you are left to uphold the mission of Camp Brittle Bone, and the safety of the kids who will stop at nothing to find new dangers and ways to injure or kill themselves. With Murie’s disappearance you feel something sinister is lurking at Camp Brittle Bone…

Keeping in line with my favorite theme, Monsters & Counselors adapts John Harper's Lasers and Feelings into a monster and mystery RPG where you take on the role of trusted guidance counselors who need to keep the kids alive as they get themselves into danger around camp while also dealing with the real monster lurking in the shadows!

This hack also adds a shifting stat mechanic:

If your character fails (rolls 0 dice successfully) at being a COUNSELOR (acting caring, thoughtful, intelligent and planning. Performing selfless actions or putting yourself in harms way to protect others) their stat increases to be more of a MONSTER (acting harmfully, argumentative, impulsive and combat. Selfish actions or putting kids in harms way.) and vice versa.

As an example, if your character continually fails at comforting a kid, or making detailed plans, they'll become more argumentative, impulsive and combative. On the opposite side, if they continually fail at fighting or intimidation, they'll become more focused on planning and working through problems more cooperatively.

Like the illustration? You can get it on a shirt!

PDFs are 8.5 x 11, 300 dpi.

ICON playtest [Free]

ICON playtest [Free]:


From the co-creator of Lancer and creator of Kill Six Billion Demons, a new mythic fantasy role playing game takes the stage.

You take the role of an ICON, a larger than life hero, caught between the turning of two ages. Long ago, the cruel and prosperous Arken empire ruled the land until it fell to the Doom. Over time, the land healed, and the idyllic, pastoral Green Age came to pass. Now, however, that peace is threatened by the coming of the Churning Age. With dungeons literally erupting from the earth and monsters pouring out in great blights, Kin increasingly turn their hearts to plundering their depths for riches and power, and their hands to their sword hilts. Will you have the strength to resist this age, or will you claim its terrible power for yourself?

ICON is a fantasy role playing game heavily inspired by the vast, unknown spaces of classic mythic fantasy, anime, and video games. It has a robust narrative system for story driven play and a final fantasy inspired tactical combat system, with either or both systems usable for play.

This is a free play test of a future project. Feel free to download or distribute it as long as you don't modify the credits page in any way.

Kill the God-Emperor [$2.00]

Kill the God-Emperor [$2.00]:

This is a 24XX Hack to play in a Kitchen Sink high-fantasy setting, inspired by my early Dark Eye 1e, AD&D 2e and Warhammer Fantasy 1e campaigns, from back when we just jammed together what we found cool and played with that. Except you come in after the cliché escapist power fantasy campaign characters got to wreck the world. The actual PDF is written in an irreverent, light-hearted tone, but you could embrace the pitch from the cover if you want to go for a darker game.Content (5 pages)- 1 page of rules- 1 page of of character generation (occupation & origins tables)- 1 page of additional detail for magicians (magical traditions & cults)- 1 page of sample adventure seeds (that double as world building)- 1 page for buying stuff

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you aren't sure you can afford it, please feel welcome to download the game free, no questions asked.


Heart and Fist [Free]

Heart and Fist [Free]:

You are a group of protesters who care about a cause. Your goal is to arrive at the protest, get out your message, and get out if things go south. You are comrades, and so is everyone at the protest on your side. Protect each other. The cops are not your friends.

A game about protesting, allowing players to go through the motions of what it is like at a protest when they may not be able to go to one themselves. The game deals directly with police brutality, as well as far-right counter-protesters.

Jay's pronouns are they/them.

Lasers & Feelings hack. Original game by John Harper.

Two files are included with the download: the original copy, as well as a screen reader accessible version. Should the accessible version not work, please reach out and I will fix it as best I can.

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Troll Hunters [Free]

Troll Hunters [Free]:

Troll Hunters is a one page rpg micro-zine inspired by some of my favorite games! An entry into the One Page RPG Jam 2021. 

Troll Hunters version 1.3 features:

  • a d6 dice pool mechanic
  • a core system for mitigated success
  • a micro-magic system
  • three character archetypes: The Trollhunter, The Wicker and The OutRanger
  • A4 page size
  • More proportional page sizes

Troll Hunters version 1.4 features will include:

  • a character sheet is coming!

This game is completely free, but any tips or donations are sincerely appreciated! They will go to help me develop further games. I would love to hear from you with any feedback or questions. Please tell me about your adventures!


Colophon:This game was put together on a MacBook pro running macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 -using Apple Pages and iPhoto

The fonts Herculanum, Trattatello, Andada, and Dicier used throughout. 

All art by EPICFANTASYMAPS. Used with permission.

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A Very Small Heartbreaker [Free]

A Very Small Heartbreaker [Free]: A one-page "heartbreaker" RPG
A Very Small Heartbreaker

Outlaws of Diamond Creek RPG [Free]

Outlaws of Diamond Creek RPG [Free]:

Welcome to Diamond Creek!

This town has everything an outlaw desires. Miners with pockets full of gold, stagecoaches ripe with rich folk, gambling, bank vaults, and the best whiskey this side of the Mississippi. One big downside, though. Between the military outpost, the sheriff’s posse, and the US Marshalls, you’re more likely to hang than get rich.

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In my end is my beginning is a one-page role-playing game about the final moments of life. You take the role of any character you like, and recall your most vivid memories.Most RPGs contain death. Lots of death. But they treat it as a technical issue, as something for players to avoid (unless they're inflicting it on someone else). There's rarely any space to consider what life and death mean in the real world. In the last few years, I have made friends with undertakers, have lost my father very suddenly, and have enjoyed seeing one of my closest friends publish an astounding novel about death.

By drawing our attention to death, this game explores what makes a good life.

Oddly, I felt the need to add "content warning: death". I've never seen that in any other game, despite the trauma that death can trigger.

In my end is my beginning can be played with 1-3 players, although 2 is the recommended number. If you have 3 players, I'm afraid that one of you will end the game still living, with only ghosts left to talk to.

You will need a regular deck of playing cards.

I would like to thank Rupert Callendar, of Callendar, Callendar, Cauty & Drummond Undertakers, and Salena Godden, author of Mrs Death Misses Death, both of whom have been such an inspiration. Without them this game would not exist. I'd also like to thank my dad, without whom I would not exist.

The title is taken from a quote by Mary Queen of Scots, "En ma Fin gît mon Commencement", although I initially encountered it in TS Eliot's Four Quartets (also reversed: "in my beginning is my end"). I subsequently encountered it embossed around the firepit at Sharpham Natural Burial Ground.

Content warning: death

Of Mice and Men (and Murder) [Free]

Of Mice and Men (and Murder) [Free]:

A human named Mr. Shaw has made an egregious error; he has angered a clan of intelligent, anthropomorphic mice. Whatever he’s done, you and your family are rather angry about it. He must be eliminated, one way... or another. You’ll need:

  • One Game Master (GM), who describes the environment and Mr. Shaw.
  • One or more players (preferably between 2 and 6), each taking on the role of one mouse.
  • Four or more (preferably two per person) six-sided dice (D).
  • Pencils and paper for everyone.

The Depths Of This Forest [$20.00]

The Depths Of This Forest [$20.00]:

The Depths Of This Forest is a solo journaling game of introspection, survival and exploration where you journey into the underworld to save your home.


The Depths Of This Forest uses a standard 52-card deck to generate prompts and a simple 2d6 combat system for Dangerous Encounters. 

A run-through can take you from 6-8 hours, however it's recommended you take longer than this and spend time considering your character's feelings and reactions to the world.

Character Creation

The first half of the game is character creation, where you'll choose to be one of four Vegetation Cetaceans and spend time building their personality, memories, and the important figures in their lives. 

Character Creation

Two-page spread of character options, including a Shrub-Whale, Mulch-Dolphin, Bark-Porpoise & Root-Narwhal

Your memories will be warped and potentially lost as your move through The Depths and your corporeal form may suffer as a result.

Journeying Through The Depths

The Depths are represented by Hex maps, which you populate with unique Landmarks before journeying  through to defeat the Horrors which have corrupted them. On your journey, you'll draw card prompts which can be combat encounters, emotional choices, or surreal experiences, all of which will have an effect on your character's well-being and state of mind.


One of The Depths, with a left-hand image of sparsely packed fronds of seaweed, and a right-hand side with a 6x6 hex grid and information on locations

What do I get for $20?

With your purchase, you'll receive high-res & low-res hyperlinked PDF versions of The Depths Of This Forest, with 44 pages of illustrated content,  four character sheet variants (one for each character option) in print and form-fillable format, a plain-text version of the game with some notes on playing with non-visual cues.

Content Warnings

This game deals with themes of loss, death, loneliness, isolation, claustrophobia, memory loss and fear.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Unthirst // Redux: Fall to Sun [Free]

Unthirst // Redux: Fall to Sun [Free]:


Unthirst // Redux: Fall to Sun //  is a bloodpunk RPG about sundross vampires struggling for a better world than the one they began with. You play as one of the Unthirst struggling with the burden of their inherited bloodtrack. Your goal is to change the city of Metro//Redux… will you be bound by what has come before, or struggle to transcend it? And after all that, what will you pass on in your bloodtrack?

This game is a legacy solo game that is passed from player to player. You will create your vampire and play through their life during your session. At the end of your time with the game, you will put together an audio recording—your bloodtrack—which you will pass on to the next player.


This game is played through a shared online play folder, you can find this at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DFQwIF_CUUcUPGsmBBG-NzrSHkI8nswF?usp=sha... 

Please make your own copy of the folder. 

You will also need the following:

  • A printout of the character sheet and a pencil to fill it out
  • A copy of the basic moves sheet to reference 
  • A small coin that is easy to flip
  • A computer with internet access
  • A way to record, save, and upload audio tracks to the game folder


Game design: Sam Baran & Vee Hendro

Audio tracks: Sam Baran 

Graphics & Layout: Vee Hendro

This game was made for the Game Dunk Online 2021 Game Jam within 48 hours!

Jam prompts used: Nounpunk, Anything but Dice, Legacy Play, Mysterious Mixtapes

We had a lovely time putting it together, and thank you to the hosts of the jam.

Fool, Knave, Rogue [$10.00]

Fool, Knave, Rogue [$10.00]:

picaresque adjective

pi·ca·resque | \ ˌpi-kə-ˈresk  , ˌpē- \

of or relating to rogues or rascals

also : of, relating to, suggesting, or being a type of fiction dealing with the episodic adventures of a usually roguish protagonist.

Fool, Knave, Rogue is a rules-lite picaresque adventure role-playing game, similar to such classic games as Advanced Fighting Fantasy and AD&D. Inside the 45-page book you will find:

  • A simple character generation system that helps generate interesting starting points for compelling characters, quickly
  • A keyword-based spell generator
  • 30 interesting creatures to encounter
  • Discovery and encounter generators for a variety of environments
  • Wonderful artwork by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studios, Evlyn Moreau, and curated public domain artwork by Guilherme Gontijo
  • A character sheet
Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If this game is something you'd like to try but isn't in your budget right now, please grab a community copy, or contact me.







CASE & SOUL [$5.00]

CASE & SOUL [$5.00]:


CASE&SOUL is a lightweight tabletop game for telling action-packed stories in the mecha genre. Built on a slimline version of the Blades in the Dark ruleset, CASE&SOUL features:

  • 6 lightweight CASE playbooks & a pool of CASE moves
  • 9 lightweight STATION playbooks w/ specific STATION moves
  • 27 playbook-agnostic SOUL moves
  • 3 basic Crew types
  • Stripped-down Entanglements & Downtime
  • A simple Faction system, with a Shakeup mechanic to keep affiliations fluid and fresh between Missions

CASE&SOUL is designed for one-shots and short to mid length campaigns. Alternatively, ignore the CASE playbooks and just use it to tell modern or sci-fi stories with the STATION playbooks!

Character sheets, Crew sheet, Faction trackers & Rules reference can be found here! Make a copy to edit them for your own group.

This is an initial playtest alpha release - that is to say, the very first version of the game. Playtest feedback is critical at this point of development! If you have thoughts, please forward them to weregazelle@gmail.com, using the subject line 'CASE&SOUL FEEDBACK'.

If this is a playtest alpha, why is it $5?
While this is a playtest version, aside from the few missin moves (which will be added soon) the game is largely feature complete. It is built to be a lightweight, low-pagecount game and I won't be expanding it largely beyond what is there. It's a full, playable product even at this stage, and as such I'm putting a price tag on it.

If this is outside of your budget for whatever reason, consider grabbing a community copy!

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If you don't have the budget to purchase the game at full price, for whatever reason, feel free to claim a community copy - no judgement. New copies are added monthly and paid for by purchasers.

The Warlock Tavern [Free]

The Warlock Tavern [Free]:

You're a wizard/witch. Always have been. Always will be.

You were a happy one, too, until Xaleru died. She left a big hole in your heart - and an even bigger one in your finances. But it seems you weren't her only lover. A mysterious letter summons you to a meeting at the Warlock Tavern. There, you must fight off a gaggle of witches and wizards seeking to prove they were Xaleru's real lover and the rightful heir to her sizable inheritance. 

Play is overseen by Blagus, a sneaky, snaky wizard appointed as executor of Xaleru's estate.  But things are not as they seem and something strange is afoot (who buys prawns from a tavern?)

You'll need a healthy dose of courage and a pinch of luck to survive the furnace of the Warlock Tavern. Go forth and prove you love! Or just go and kill everyone, whatever. 

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The Speaker's Duty [Free]

The Speaker's Duty [Free]:


The Gift of Gabes6 days ago(+1)

This is a brilliant minimal game and I love the magic system and the resolution system. Well done!

Good Boy, Cerberus! [Free]

Good Boy, Cerberus! [Free]:

Who’s A Good Dog?

The question every dog loves most - except you, and the other heads, for you know not the answer. Which head does Hades consider goodest? Even the Lord of the Underworld can only give the most sacred of double-ear scritches to one head at a time. So, each head vies for his favor, that they may be known as the goodest dog of all. He has granted you each another important task. Don't let him down. Don't worry, he won't be mad if you all fail. Just disappointed.

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Rangers of the Midden Vale / $7.00

Rangers of the Midden Vale / $7.00: Publisher: Take 10 Games

Rangers of the Midden Vale is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the harsh and unyielding lands of the Midden Vale.  You play as a band of capable and intrepid Rangers, traveling throughout the Vale to protect those that call it home from trolls, the Dead, monstrous Terrors, and humans who have turned their back on their kin.  You have sworn an Oath to protect the people of the Vale - now get out there, Ranger.

Rangers of the Midden Vale's features include:

  • Fast to learn, easy to play.  If you're new to tabletop adventure games, Rangers allows you to make characters and understand the rules in minutes.
  • Core mechanics. The game follows a universal structure for nearly any kind of rules engagement.  The game centers of "rulings, not rules."
  • Abilities are king.  All d20 rolls use the same standard abilities.  No need to memorize a list of skills or special modifiers.
Rangers of the Midden ValePrice: $7.00

For the Lost / $20.00

For the Lost / $20.00: Publisher: Jay Treat

For the Lost

A haunting story game for 2-6 culpable townies

Someone in our sleepy town has become a real terror, and it's up to us to stop them… because they might not have become a monster if we were better people.
• Descended from the Queen: It's so easy to play!
• Double-sided cards prompt a deeply integrated narrative.
• Communal Horror—We let this happen.

tags: scary, creepy, personal reckoning

For the Lost is a 1-hour story game  for 2-6 players. There's no prep and no one needs to GM or even take notes. We'll build a story together by answering prompts and reach an exciting and meaningful end by flipping them over and answering the reverse sides.

For the LostPrice: $20.00

UNCONQUERED - Free Artless Edition / $25.00

UNCONQUERED - Free Artless Edition / $25.00: Publisher: Monkey's Paw Games

This is a project currently under development. 

You hold in your hands UNCONQUERED, a role-playing game. In it, one player takes on the role of Chronicler and presents a world full of peril and wonder; the others take on the role of Travelers, who describe how their characters act and react within that world. We play to find out where drama and dice may lead us.

Within this 265-page book you will find:

  • A lightweight, easy-to-run OSR d20+d6 roleplaying system based largely on rulings 
  • A completely randomized character system that allows for the creation of compelling starting points upon which to build a character
  • Tables and charts to help new and veteran Chroniclers flesh out their journeys across the Million-Million Spheres
  • The foundations of a strange and ancient world, rife with liminal space upon which to build
  • A series of tools for safe play, both for Chroniclers and Travelers
  • Setting guides and randomizers for creating plane-hopping die-drop hexcrawls across the Million-Million Spheres; building outward from community hubs and developing worlds full of life, color, and flavor
  • Uncertain histories, weird clothing, strange languages, unknowable technology
  • A "magick-word"-based spellcasting system with dozens of prefixes and suffixes to create wonderful and terrible spells of infinite cosmic power
  • A bestiary, and the tools to create creatures both mysterious and magickal with which to populate the Million-Million-Spheres
  • In Dreams, a citycrawl adventure in Zun Rüt's Ochre City, suitable for adventures of all stripes
UNCONQUERED - Free Artless EditionPrice: $25.00

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition / $29.99

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition / $29.99: Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

The award-winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game has regenerated into a new Second Edition that is faster, easier, and even more exciting. This book presents all the rules and background you need to voyage across space and time with the Doctor, or as new characters experiencing brand new epic adventures.

This core rulebook includes:

  • Complete character creation rules to allow you to bring to life a new time travelling adventurer to explore space and time aboard the TARDIS. They could be companions to the Doctor, or a new Time Lord of your own creation, Time Agents, or investigators and defenders of planet Earth.
  • The complete revised rules for playing Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. The new and updated version of the popular Vortex system is completely compatible with the First Edition of the game. Second Edition makes gameplay faster, easier, and quicker to learn, while keeping all of the dramatic action you’d expect from an episode of Doctor Who.
  • Advice for Gamemasters, new and old, on how to make the experience of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game feel like you’re living an episode of the TV series, as well as how to create exciting storylines and continuing campaigns.
  • Revised rules for creating your group’s own TARDIS, or other time travel device to allow them to adventure from the dawn of history to the very ends of the Universe.
  • An expansive look at the history of the Universe, detailing many of the aliens and creatures the Doctor has encountered across space and time. 
  • Pregenerated character sheets for the Doctor and her companions, ready to play straight away!

BBC, DOCTOR WHO and TARDIS (word marks and logos) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo © BBC 1996. Doctor Who logo and WHO insignia © BBC 2018. Thirteenth Doctor images © BBC Studios 2018. Licensed by BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second EditionPrice: $29.99

Dream World / $1.99

Dream World / $1.99: Publisher: Lovelymachine Productions

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; 
and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

- The Tempest, act 4, sc. 1

In this ONE-PAGE RPG, your party adventures in the ever-changing dream world, where settings change like the weather. 

Humans have puzzled over dreams for years, looking for meanings and explanations.  Your party has to navigate them, though!  Be prepared for all manner of settings and conflicts.  Just as in a dream, where your best friend may look like a turtle but you still recognize them, your character's body may change, but certain characteristics will remain.

Do not expect the normal one-shot from this.  You may find yourself chased by triceratops through a shopping mall, or being accused of murder on a south sea island.  The local guide may declare that you owe them a debt while you're on a space walk or an undead monster might rise from below while you swim through watery depths. 

There is no telling what might happen next!

Dream WorldPrice: $1.99