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Tuesday 30 April 2019

James & Lloyd read indie rpg blurbs so you don't have to: New Indie RPGs April 2019

With around 150 new games released in April, which should you give a second look? James & Lloyd pick six that caught their eye.
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So many new indie tabletop roleplaying games are released every month. I want to keep up with one of the most exciting areas in tabletop gaming, but I don't know which of these games I should give a look (let alone buy or even play!). So I asked two friends for help. James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan are two of the UK's most dedicated indie roleplayers and, every month, they go through every new indie rpg and tell me (and now the world) what's caught their eye from the new games listed in the Indie RPG Pipeline ( theindierpgpipeline.com )

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Almost Human

Almost Human:

Almost Human
Publisher: Caradoc Games

You’re a robot that looks exactly like a human. It turns out that humans don’t like robots that look like humans, they prefer things that are identifiably robots. That’s not you. In an effort to make you more robotic you’ve been programmed to sound like a robot, but it wasn’t enough. Now you’re all being sent to be de-commissioned, and that means being made into toasters, which don’t look like humans at all. You don’t want to be a toaster though, you want to escape, to dream, to live!

In Almost Human you are a group of robots that has been marked to be remade into toasters. Toasters don’t get to see the Grand Canyon though, or feel the breeze on their surface sensors. None of you want to be toasters. Luckily the sociopath behind the counter at the robot shop thought it would be funny to let you all go. So here you are, in a busy mall, trying to evade detection by the Robot Police, and escape to freedom.

Price: $2.00

in orbit [Free]

in orbit [Free]: a two-player rpg about observation and communication.

in orbit

Dark Station RPG [Free]

Dark Station RPG [Free]: Deep Space Horror D6 Adventure

Dark Station RPG

Space Panic! [Free]

Space Panic! [Free]: Space Adventure Micro RPG System

Space Panic!

Space Lasagna RPG [Free]

Space Lasagna RPG [Free]: You Can Be a BIRD in this D6 Scifi RPG System!

Space Lasagna RPG

Geo Mantra [Free]

Geo Mantra [Free]: Geometric Magic RPG System (Icosahedron Not Included)

Geo Mantra

Starlight Century [Free]

Starlight Century [Free]: Scifi RPG System with Cyborgs and Squids

Starlight Century

Tiny Supers

Tiny Supers:

Tiny Supers
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Tiny Supers is here!

Tiny Supers is the newest iteration of the minimalist roleplaying system TinyD6!

Powered by the TinyD6 engine, with streamlined mechanics that utilize only one to three single six-sided dice on every action, characters that can be written on a 3x5 notecard, and easy to understand and teach rules, Tiny Supers is great for all groups, ages, and experience levels who want to enjoy fast and accessible superheroics! Characters are created quickly, with a simple power selection system designed to be fast, inuitive, and easy to understand.

A wide range of innovations on the TinyD6 ruleset allow you to craft nearly any superhero you can imagine. Versatile Power Traits model comic book style powers, utilizing a 3-tier format to show the increasing potency of superpowers. Subtle changes to the combat system allow for quick, cinematic comic book action, while still remaining easy to resolve and understand!

Featuring the near-future comic-inspired GallantVerse (Gallant Knight Games’ first default TinyD6 setting!), as well as standalone micro-verses, Tiny Supers provides you with a toolbox approach and framework to create exciting and easy to run superhero stories at your table!

So grab some dice, some pencils, some friends, and get ready for some minimalist, straight-forward, super-heroic roleplaying!


Price: $19.99

Facing the Titan ^

Facing the Titan: Click here to view Facing the Titan

A story-game facing a Company of heroes against the Titan ! - [currently €100 (11%) of €900 goal]

Facing the Titan -- Kicktraq Mini

Far Away Land Old School Role-Playing Game ^

Far Away Land Old School Role-Playing Game: Click here to view Far Away Land Old School Role-Playing Game

OSR version of the Far Away Land RPG compatible with older versions of the world's most famous game and its clones. - [currently $604 (121%) of $500 goal]

Far Away Land Old School Role-Playing Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Tales of Murder

Tales of Murder:

Tales of Murder
Publisher: Diceman Games

A gathering of guests from afar, a stormy night and a deathly scream that fills the halls. The guests rush towards the sound to find themselves standing over a corpse… their host has been murdered!

But, unbeknownst to the killer, you’ve made your living and your fame as an investigator.
Can you find the murder weapon, narrow the list of suspects and accuse the killer before the storm ends and they escape the scene?

- A playable murder-mystery for one player
- Mechanics that are structured enough to maintain gameplay flow, but focus on telling unique stories with every game
- 6 possible murder weapons, 11 Area's of Interest, 15 types of suspects, 36 events makes for unlimited stories
- Each suspect has unique behaviors and effects on the story
- A simple premade tutorial case to teach you the major rules through play

Price: $10.00

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Publisher: Matthew Madsen

The function of this role-playing game is to explore the setting of The LEGEND of SLEEPY HOLLOW and to possibly influence the decisions of the main characters, and thereby the outcome of the story.  The means of interacting with the setting are determined by non-player characters and the destinations they visit. The goal of this game is to gather with good company in high expectations of the

Harvest Festival
where FORTUNES & GHOST STORIES will be told
as well as MUSIC & DANCING
at the
All Are Welcome

SLEEPY HOLLOW is a magically gloomy cove along the eastern shore of the Hudson river. Sailors shorten sail and murmur prayers when crossing, and are careful when entering the fog which obscures the small dock of Terry Town.  To the south, the American and British forces occupied front lines in the surrounding forests until 1783. The vast no-man’s land they left behind was now occupied by marauders and mercenaries. To the north lies the SLEEPY HOLLOW Cemetery, and the dark forests beyond.

Having recently gained independence, the inhabitants of Terry Town favor American customs over those of the Old English society such as art & poetry and science & reason are held in high regard - the Constitution was signed in 1787. However, the growth of industry brought changes to society, and in response the artistic movements of the time validated the emotional, the mysterious, and the imaginative, as well as the uniqueness of personal experience.

Price: $0.00

In The Air Tonight

In The Air Tonight:

In The Air Tonight
Publisher: Austin Ramsay

In The Air Tonight is inspired by the famous scene from the pilot episode of Miami Vice.

You and your partner have a task that must be accomplished, but you aren't there yet. You won't know if you'll succeed, and there's no way to know the cost. On the way to your dire deed you contemplate what lies ahead; your fears and hopes. And what lies behind; your regrets and doubts.

In The Air Tonight is a 2 player game where you ask each other questions to tell a story. If you need a jump start for story ideas try using Sasha Reneau's Spindlewheel cards or Tarot.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

Price: $2.00

The Tomb of the Gods

The Tomb of the Gods:

The Tomb of the Gods
Publisher: Austin Ramsay

A small game for 2-4 players inspired by the climax of Ghostbusters.

You've reached the final room in the Tomb of the Gods and before you sits The God Urn. The artifact that will grant one person their heart's desire, but it is guarded by a mind reading, shapeshifting, immortal that must be overcome before a wish can be made.

Even if you do overcome it, will you all be able to agree on who gets the wish?

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Price: $2.00

Summer in Woodlake

Summer in Woodlake:

Summer in Woodlake
Publisher: petra_v games


Summer in Woodlake is an investigative roleplaying game for three to five players and a Game Master. It is set in our contemporary world, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. A group of childhood friends gathers in their hometown to enjoy summer break together one last time before life will lead each of them on separate paths. They have one last chance to enjoy each other’s company, willfully ignorant of a "grown-ups' world" lurking just around the corner. One last opportunity to set right unresolved conflicts lingering beneath the surface of friendship. However, everyone's summer plans are canceled abruptly as the dark history of Woodlake and secrets not so well kept come to life in terrifying, unnatural ways. Soon, no one knows whether or not they can still trust their eyes, their mind, and each other. The woods are calling. Who will leave changed forever? And who gets to leave at all?

Summer in Woodlake is Powered by the Apocalypse, meaning its rules are based on the Apocalypse World engine by Vincent Baker. It can be played as a one-shot or as a mini-campaign of two to four sessions.


Price: $0.00

Family Holiday

Family Holiday:

Family Holiday
Publisher: OzDurose

You’re on a family (Camping/RoadTrip/Skiing) holiday to (Benedorm/The Jungle/Space) when (Terrorists Attack/You have to pull of a Heist/You find a Dead Body), but (They are Super Chill/Someone Recognises you/Unicorns and Kittens).

Family Holiday is a silly game where you must work with your family (the other players, don't worry, I am not suggesting you play this with your actual family!) to overcome a major conflict.

But we all have our good and bad traits, we all have our Virtues and Quirks, but the time is running out and patience is running short.

Price: $0.00

Journeymen 4th Edition

Journeymen 4th Edition:

Journeymen 4th Edition
Publisher: Journeymendev

Journeymen is a simple tabletop RPG that utilizes 2d12 to resolve all rolls.  It is designed to be played with 2-4 players within a single party.  The rules are meant to allow anyone, veterans and newcomers alike, to dive into the action even if they've never played a tabletop RPG before.

You take on the role of a Journeymen, an individual with the power to utilize a mystical power known as "Taboo" in order to defend your home from horrid monstrosities known as "Cryptids."  Do you have what it takes to defeat the Cryptids and the ones pulling the strings or will you become their next victim?

In this new edition, many rules and concepts from editions 1-3 have been rewritten and rebalanced, making this the definitive edition of Journeymen to own.

Price: $5.00

Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest - Playtest Preview

Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest - Playtest Preview:

Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest - Playtest Preview
Publisher: Wicked Clever

Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest is a family-friendly, storytelling adventure game about modern kids exploring an enchanted wood, helping the Fae folk they find there, and earning lots of badges.

This Playtest Preview document gives an overview of the game, demos the process of character creation, and covers the basic dice rules. This preview also includes a blank character sheet, and a pre-generated animal familiar.

This is NOT the full game, but it is enough to make a character, run some adventures, and try the basics for FREE before you buy the full version.

Price: $0.00

Space Cats: Children's Role-Playing Game

Space Cats: Children's Role-Playing Game:

Space Cats is a children's RPG created to raise funds that will help me take care of my kittens. | Check out 'Space Cats: Children's Role-Playing Game' on Indiegogo.

Wee-Wonders [Free]

Wee-Wonders [Free]: Wee-Wonders is a rules-lite fantasy RPG system


Summer in Woodlake [Free]

Summer in Woodlake [Free]: a supernatural horror rpg

Summer in Woodlake

Adamantine Chef [Free]

Adamantine Chef [Free]: A one page micro-rpg. The hottest medieval cooking show since Taako's Tacos.

Adamantine Chef

M8BRPG [Free]

M8BRPG [Free]: A GM-less, table-top role-playing game for short play controlled by entirely by the players and the FATES!


Freedom or Toaster - Expanded Edition [Free]

Freedom or Toaster - Expanded Edition [Free]: Freedom or Toaster is a one-page table top RPG where you play as a Robot trying to escape from a busy mall to freedom!

Freedom or Toaster - Expanded Edition

Alone in the Wilderness [Free]

Alone in the Wilderness [Free]: Recording of wilds for another

Alone in the Wilderness

Mini-Mech [Free]

Mini-Mech [Free]: A rules-lite scalable Mech RPG system


Before everything collapses - a solo RPG with a jenga tower and a smartphone

Before everything collapses - a solo RPG with a jenga tower and a smartphone: Hi !

If you like solo RPG, this is a test I made this week.

In this game, you play an Explorer in search of secrets and mysteries in a Tower that could collapses soon.

It's a hack of Kienna Show's Before the Tower Falls : you play this game with a Jenga tower and an app that randomly creates what the Explorer finds.



Retrocausality [$15.00]

Retrocausality [$15.00]: A tabletop RPG about excellent time travel adventures.




Publisher: Weird Age Games


Retrocausality is a tabletop RPG about time travel, in the vein of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or Back to the Future.

It uses a rules-light, card-based system that lets you decide how time travel works. Whether you have a specific movie you want to emulate, you have Opinions on the Novikov self-consistency principle, or you prefer not to ask too many questions, Retrocausality can make it happen. Even better, the rules are so light you can use Retrocausality to run a time travel adventure in a different game. That's twice as much game.

This 60-page book comes with full-colour art from a bunch of great artists, sample characters, advice on running time travel games, and a tacit admission that I have read Homestuck.

Price: $15.00

Ring Bear'er [Free]

Ring Bear'er [Free]: Befriend bears and save the park rangers wedding!

Ring Bear'er

Friday 26 April 2019

2 entries for EliJam Game Jam

EliJam Game Jam:

Why is this Passover different from all the other Passovers? It’s the first EliJam game jam, of course!

EliJam came out of a need to see more Jewish folklore, beliefs, and traditions in table-top role playing games; and especially to see those things in a non-monstrous role. Enough with using the Golem as just another monster on the battlefield – it’s time to write that Golem dating sim you’ve always dreamed of.

Some guidelines:

  • Your game can be as short or as long as you want!
  • While the jam is targeted towards ttrpgs, feel free to create any other kind of games if you feel inspired!
  • While EliJam is focused on Passover, it isn’t restricted to those themes! Any game that explores Judaism is welcome, whether it’s through the content, the language, or even the mechanics.
  • The EliJam is open to both people who identify as Jewish, and to people who don’t (Goyim). If you are the latter, please be respectful towards our history, traditions, and beliefs. Do your research!
Submission period is between 13/4 to 27/4.

If you have questions you can reach Maayan on twitter @merthurlin, and Kales on twitter @citadelofswords.

And please don’t forget to save Elijah a place at your table!

!מה נשתנה בפסח הזה מכל הלילות? שבפסח הזה מתרחש האלייג'אם הראשון, כמובן

אלייג'אם נוצר מהצורך לראות יותר פולקלור, אמונות ומסורות יהודיים במשחקי תפקידים; ובמיוחד לראות אותם בתפקידים שאינם מפלצתיים. הלאה עם השימוש בגולם כעוד מפלצת על שדה הקרב – הגיע הזמן לכתוב את המשחק הרומנטי לגולם שתמיד רצינו

:כמה תקנות

  • המשחק יכול להיות בכל אורך, ממשחק קצר של פחות מעמוד ועד למעלה מ-20 עמודים.

  • למרות שהג'אם נועד למשחקי תפקידים אנלוגיים (משמע, משחקים של דף ועפרון) תרגישו חופשיים/ות לכתוב סוגי משחקים אחרים אם נפלה עליכם/ן ההשראה!

  • למרות שאלייג'אם מתמקד בפסח, המשתתפים/ן אינם כבולים לנושא הזה! אנו מזמינים/ות כל משחק שחוקר תמות יהודיות, בין אם זה דרך התוכן, השפה, או מכניקת המשחק.

  • אלייג'אם פתוח לאנשים שמזדהים כיהודים, וכן לאנשים שלא (גויים). במידה ואתם/ן שייכים/ות לקבוצה השנייה, אנא תכבדו את ההיסטוריה והמסורות שלנו. עשו את המחקר הדרוש! 
.זמן ההגשה הוא בין ה-13/4 ל-27/4

@citadelofswords  ואת קיילס ב @merthurlin אם יש לכם/ן שאלות, תוכלו למצוא את מעיין בטוויטר

!וכמובן, אל תשכחו לשמור לאליהו הנביא מקום בשולחן

Get Rona Back [Free]

Get Rona Back [Free]: The Shriners have your friend because of your bad choices! Get her back!

Get Rona Back

Almost Human - Expanded Edition [Free]

Almost Human - Expanded Edition [Free]: Almost Human is a one-page table top RPG where you play as a Robot trying to escape from a busy mall to freedom!

Almost Human - Expanded Edition

Great Sword Quick Start Rules

Great Sword Quick Start Rules:

Great Sword Quick Start Rules
Publisher: Daniel George Mitchell

Great Sword the RPG is a tabletop RPG built for miniatures combat.

Whether using a grid, or terrain and tape measures, this game is all about bringing forth an engaging tactical fantasy combat experience. This game is for RPG enthusiasts who yearn for the satisfying feeling, that comes with a ruleset that embellishes agency and tactical thinking.

With streamlined, easy to learn rules, players and game masters can gear up for a world torn apart by constant war and savagery. The world of Great Sword RPG is as unforgiving as it is epic and exotic.

This quick start ruleset will give you everything you need to know to start playing:

  • An introductory ruleset.
  • 4 Pre-made Player Characters.
  • A complete quest.
  • Non-player characters.
  • Highly detailed art.
The age of heroic fantasy combat begins here!

Price: $0.00

Heroine [$8.00]

Heroine [$8.00]:



HEIRLOOMS [Free]: renegotiating a relationship through redecoration


The System Only Dreams in Darkness [$5.00]

The System Only Dreams in Darkness [$5.00]: reach out, gain connection, risk removal

The System Only Dreams in Darkness

Summer Song [Free]

Summer Song [Free]:

Summer Song

Age of Ravens: Hearts of Wulin Playtest Pack Available

Age of Ravens: Hearts of Wulin Playtest Pack Available:


Just a quick post here on the blog to update everyone on Hearts of Wulin.

Our Hearts of Wulin Project page can be found here.

The public playtest materials for Hearts of Wulin are now available on our project page! These materials are not final, and they’re missing a lot of support text, but they represent the most up-to-date version of the game. Everything you need to run a short campaign of Hearts of Wulin can be found inside the folder on the site. We will additionally be adding an updated character keeper for those of you who want to play online.

Please, please, PLEASE help us spread the word about the playtest materials. We want to put them in the hands of as many people as possible. If you have an account on Reddit, RPG.net, MeWe, or other places The Gauntlet has little presence, we would definitely appreciate you sharing the link. If you decide to share Hearts of Wulin, we prefer you share the full webpage so folks can also sign up for the mailing list and forums, but if it makes sense to just share the link to the folder, that’s fine, too.

If you have had a chance to play Hearts of Wulin or if you have read the playtest materials, we would love for you to join the feedback thread on the forums, also linked on the site. We still have a long way to go on this journey, but this is a major step! And, as always, thanks so much for your support!


We've been working on Hearts of Wulin for a while, and I've done several blog posts on the game:

And if you just can't get enough information about Hearts of Wulin, don't miss the twitter megathread!

We hope you'll check it out!

The Sky Is Gray, and You are Distressed [Free]

The Sky Is Gray, and You are Distressed [Free]: A Difficult Conversation

The Sky Is Gray, and You are Distressed

Short Film [Free]

Short Film [Free]: A Little Game About Making Little Movies

Short Film

Murderous Ghosts [$10.00]

Murderous Ghosts [$10.00]: A roleplaying party game for Hallowe'en or horror fans.

Murderous Ghosts

One Last Battle [Free]

One Last Battle [Free]: 2 heroes prepare apart

One Last Battle

CAPERS [$14.99]

CAPERS [$14.99]: A super-powered RPG of gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.


Die Laughing [$9.99]

Die Laughing [$9.99]: The horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.

Die Laughing

Murders & Acquisitions [$14.99]

Murders & Acquisitions [$14.99]: A tabletop RPG of climbing the corporate ladder by whatever means necessary.

Murders & Acquisitions

Fight! 2nd Edition Quickstart

Fight! 2nd Edition Quickstart:

Fight! 2nd Edition Quickstart
Publisher: Divine Madness Press

This Quickstart provides all the rules needed to try out the combat system of the 2nd Edition of Fight! Two full characters are provided, complete with unqiue Special Moves and distinctive play styles!

Then check out the full rules, available late 2019!

Price: $0.00

??? entries for Folklore Jam #folklorejam

Folklore Jam:

Update: There seems to be some confusion about whether hacks are allowed. They are!!! Please see the clarification below.

Folklore Jam is a tabletop RPG jam on folklore, myths and the people in them. Submissions due May 3rd!


  • Write a short tabletop role-playing game. ‘Short’ should ideally be under 10 pages, and no more than 20 pages.
    • It should be a full/standalone game, and not a module for an existing one.
      • Being standalone means that the game can be played by itself (with accessories like pen, paper, dice, etc.). A hack of an existing game is allowed as long as you include all the rules needed to play it.
    • The writing and design should be done within the 2-week period of the jam but you are free to come up with ideas beforehand.
  • Your game must incorporate elements from folklore and myths.
    • Folklore and myths from around the world can be used. However, be sensitive and respectful if you are writing about folklore and myths from another culture. Do your research!
    • Interpret the ‘elements’ of folklore and myths as your see fit, but this could include: small local myths and urban legends; religious tales, epics, worship, rituals, rites, traditions; relationships between higher beings and humankind; cryptids, ghosts, monsters and classic beasts; magic, powers, hidden worlds, etc.
  • Have fun!
    • Don't push yourself too hard. There are lots of game jams going on, and it's totally okay to take a break.

Additional guidelines on using myths from another culture

  • Follow these guidelines if you have decided to write about myths from another culture:
    • Find a sensitivity reader from the culture you are writing about. Ideally, you should do it before you start writing, not as an afterthought.
    • Do not use cultural stereotypes and slurs as a description of the characters.
    • Do not use your game to criticise a culture your don't belong to.
Here are two good articles on how to role-play characters from another culture, which is equally applicable to game design:

“May I Play A Character From Another Race?” by James Mendez Hodes (on race issues)

A reply to "Tips and thought leadership on playing other ethnicities/genders/minorities" by Diana Moon

Best Practices For Historical Gaming by James Mendez Hodes (on history and religion)


This jam is organised by W.H Arthur (@Aryl_Ether / https://aryl-ether.itch.io/) and Flowers (@swordsnflowers / https://swords-and-flowers.itch.io). Feel free to contact them with questions!

Find other people talking about the jam on Twitter at #FolkloreJam

enbuddies [Free]

enbuddies [Free]: a tiny ttrpg about hanging out in college