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Wednesday 31 October 2018

As The World Ends...

As The World Ends...:

As The World Ends...
Publisher: Mad Pierrot Games

The world is ending around you and you’re trying to make your way to some place you consider safe. You’re not sure if it is safe but you’ve heard rumors.

As The World Ends... probably won’t end happy. It isn’t meant to. It’s a chance to explore things we normally don’t allow ourselves to. Things we hide. Things we cling to. Moments we live for. Sadness. Regret. Hope. This is about hoping against hope. By the end, you may have nothing physical left. But you might have some feelings that you finally dug into and examined. Hopefully, that gets you something or somewhere you may not have otherwise.

A GM-optional game for 3+ players.

Price: $3.00

Cepheus Light

Cepheus Light:

Cepheus Light
Publisher: Stellagama Publishing

Starships riding fire across the sky. Heroes and villains exchanging laser fire. Desperate spacers struggling against an alien monstrosity. Vast alien vistas, flying cities, moonscapes, mad robots, and first encounters. In short: high-action science-fiction adventure that stimulates your sense of wonder. Cepheus Light puts you in the shoes of an adventurer visiting distant stars and encountering untold alien wonders. Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a rules-light game, or a new gamer wanting to experience what science-fiction role-playing games are all about, Cepheus Light opens your way forward.

Cepheus Light is a set of rules for playing classic science fiction games. It includes rules on creating characters, resolving actions, fighting other creatures, and engaging in space battles, generating worlds, handling the risks of interstellar speculative trading, exploring new worlds, and many other activities. While rules-light and designed for fast, action-packed play rather than an accurate simulation of reality, Cepheus Light encompasses a wide variety of rules and materials for building a science-fiction universe and playing in it.<o:p></o:p>

Cepheus Light draws its inspiration from old-school science-fiction roleplaying games. It shares a lot of similarities with these games. Material from older rules sets and those created with Cepheus Light, the Cepheus Engine Core, and old-school sci-fi roleplaying games are easily compatible with only a moderate amount of adjustment.

The future awaits!

Compatible with the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document and other OGL 2D6 Sci Fi games.

Price: $10.00

METAL WORLD: The Rough Cut

METAL WORLD: The Rough Cut:

METAL WORLD: The Rough Cut
Publisher: Maniac Clown Productions

Welcome to METAL WORLD! Have you ever wanted to adventure in a land where it doesn’t have to make sense as long as it’s awesome? Yes? Good! That’s METAL WORLD.

Ferra is a world beyond your wildest dreams. Riding the Howling Plains on his rocket-powered Robot Horse is the Fire Marshal, the demon-possessed lawman who dispensed justice with his 666-shooters. Sailing the seas is the Skeleton Ship, an undead sailing vessel that attacks the ships of the living and adds the slain to itself. Rising from the landscape of Prismatica is Mount Fafnir, a.k.a. the Dracano— a volcano made of dragons that shoots lava and more dragons when it erupts! Then, of course, there’s the Hell, which exists as a continent you can casually visit. If you’re lucky, you can go on a tour guided by the MegaDevil himself!

Powered by its own original d12-based system designed to streamline gameplay to focus on the exploits of the characters within, METAL WORLD takes the aesthetic of the breadth of heavy metal in the same vein as works like Brütal Legend, Metalocalypse, and many parts of both the publication and movie Heavy Metal and throws it all into one experience. Serving as a love letter to metal, METAL WORLD also keeps from taking itself too seriously, providing an enjoyable experience for both reading and playing it!

Price: $5.00

Turn: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Turn: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game: Click here to view Turn: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game with quiet drama about shapeshifters in small, rural towns - [currently $1,669 (17%) of $10,000 goal]

Turn: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

The Black Iron - Horror Fantasy RPG

The Black Iron - Horror Fantasy RPG: Click here to view The Black Iron - Horror Fantasy RPG

The Black Iron is a dark fantasy, survival-horror tabletop RPG set in a demon-infested post-apocalyptic world - [currently £122 (4%) of £3,000 goal]

The Black Iron - Horror Fantasy RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

The Small RPG

The Small RPG:

The Small RPG
Publisher: Pocket Dwarf Games

Thr Small RPG is a simple two page game that is designed to be played in any setting yhay you can imagine. All you need to play is some friends, paper, penciles, and one six sided die.

Price: $0.00

Jack's Trick - a spooky micro-RPG

Jack's Trick - a spooky micro-RPG: Click here to view Jack's Trick - a spooky micro-RPG

A spooky card-based microgame for four people! In Jack's Trick, you're trying to avoid taking on the curse of Jack o' the Lantern. - [currently $171 (68%) of $250 goal]

Jack's Trick - a spooky micro-RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Beneath A Cursed Moon

Beneath A Cursed Moon:

Beneath A Cursed Moon
Publisher: Mazur's Machinations

Beneath a Cursed Moon is a Gothic fantasy game that uses a system based on the Apocalypse World engine. Take the role of monster hunters and slay vampires, werewolves, mermen, and more in a game inspired by Castlevania and Bloodborne. The game features:

-11 Playbooks of classic monster-slaying archetypes: Champion, Changeling, Dreamer, Fiend, Hunter, Necromancer, Scholar, Scoundrel, Vampire, Warlock, and Werewolf.

-Investigation rules that keep the game moving, make sure everyone can stay involved, and never punish players for taking actions.

-Over 50 monsters, including dangerous beasts, ravenous undead, sadistic demons, and cruel fey.

-Discussion on designing your own Gothic fantasy setting as a group, and common elements for it.

Beneath a Cursed Moon contains all you need to play, and is designed for 1-6 players and one game master.

Price: $3.00

Die Laughing RPG

Die Laughing RPG: Click here to view Die Laughing RPG

The zero-prep horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter. - [currently $351 (50%) of $700 goal]

Die Laughing RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Never Going Home: World War Occult Role Playing

Never Going Home: World War Occult Role Playing: Click here to view Never Going Home: World War Occult Role Playing

Eldritch Horror Role Playing in the Trenches of World War One - [currently $121 (2%) of $7,000 goal]

Never Going Home: World War Occult Role Playing -- Kicktraq Mini

Allow Me, Sir!

Allow Me, Sir!:

Allow Me, Sir!
Publisher: Hardy Roach Games

In the paranoid climate of 1903, a Lord and/or Lady of considerable standing has been compromised by French spies and been given a secret task to complete at an upcoming stately function. Meanwhile, one of their trusted serving staff has been instructed by British Military Intelligence to make sure they do not live to complete it.

Allow Me, Sir! is a silly but hilarious one-page RPG about the battle between classes and Machiavellian schemes...that and making a load of horses do a poo in posh places. Mostly the latter.

Price: $1.00

Dead Cabin

Dead Cabin:

Dead Cabin
Publisher: Micro RPG

The Tanner family was looking forward to a simple weekend vacation at their timeshare in the mountains. Some time away in a secluded cabin in the woods is just what Howard and Sharon and their two teenage kids, Penny and Drake, need.

However, their trip turns out to be anything but relaxing when a zombie infection breaks out. Soon, the woods are crawling with flesh eaters who are trying to get in.
Too bad the emergency radio is broken.

Can the Tanner family survive the onslaught until help arrives? Or will they become food for the undead before morning?

Dead Cabin is a roll and write style role playng game that is easy and fast to play. It is suitable for up to four players but works best solo.

Price: $1.99

Six-Gun Fury

Six-Gun Fury:

Six-Gun Fury
Publisher: Evil Beagle Games

Welcome to the Furious West!

“I hope you brought your six-guns, stranger, because the frontier ain’t no place for the faint of heart. Sure, it’s wide open country full of opportunity and the chance to start over. Make a life for yourself. Maybe even strike it rich. But there’s little law to be had out here, and less justice, except the kind you make for yourself. You don’t look like no tenderfoot, so I reckon you can take care of yourself, but don’t get cocky. This town’s got a special place for them that got too cocky, up there on Boot Hill. So just remember, amigo, you ain’t back east anymore. This here’s the Furious West.”

Welcome to Six-Gun Fury

The Western Action-Adventure Movie Roleplaying Game

Six-Gun Fury is a love letter to Sergio Leone, thinly disguised as a rules-light roleplaying game of Action-Adventure Westerns. Like many western action movies, the game is set in a version of the Old West that has almost nothing to do with actual history, a place we like to call the Furious West.

Using an updated version of the ruleset introduced in Magnum Fury, our original action movie roleplaying game and the progenitor of our Furious Games line, Six-Gun Fury is a fast-playing game about action heroes in a mythical old west that never really existed.

If you never found westerns all that interesting or don’t think you know enough about the Old West to run a western game, then this game is especially for you … because we felt the same way.

Or at least we did when we started working on Six-Gun Fury. But then we rediscovered the western, and fell in love with the genre. Westerns have it all: action, adventure, comedy, excitement, heroism, mystery, romance, sacrifice, tragedy, everything. But there’s something special about westerns, something raw, something almost post-apocalyptic about them, without the need for an actual apocalypse. And there’s something almost impossibly poignant about the small, personal stories that are so important to the western’s larger-than-life characters, and often to them alone.

So don’t worry about whether you know enough about the Old West. Trust us, you do. On top of that, we watched way too many westerns and spent way too many hours doing actual research so you don’t have to. We boiled everything that really matters about Westerns (at least as far as this game’s concerned) down into a few pages of ideas and random tables to help you throw a western game together in no time flat.

Come on, partner, the Furious West is waiting for you, here in Six-Gun Fury!

Price: $6.95

Monday 29 October 2018

The Blue Way

The Blue Way:

The Blue Way
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games

The Pitch

The Blue Way is a tabletop game for 1 to 6 players about lost stories in a culture that is being forcibly assimilated into a victorious empire. It is a bleak take on colonialism and its cultural aftermath.

Depending on your play style, a session wil take about a half an hour per player.

The Blue Way 

A year ago Dusia invaded. There was a war and Dusia won. Now your village belongs to Lord Gjerch Bravn and his wife, Lady Kløyk Bravn. The Dusians want to bring peace, order, and a sense of normality to the village, by the standards of Dusia. You are not going to like it, but they are in charge now regardless of your feelings.

You play people who have lost a war and are being assimilated into a new polity - the polity of the victors. You will be put in the position of making impossible and unpleasant choices again and again. We hope it shines a little light on how cultures vanish.

This is a harsh game, and one that includes robust safety tools to help players keep themselves and each other safe at the table.

What's Included?

The Blue Way consists of a 28-page PDF, some of which must be printed out and cut into character sheets and cards. Your character sheet will be cut or torn up during play.


Comment here, or get in touch with us at info@bullypulpitgames.com.

Effusive Praise?

We're on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Tag us in @bullypulpit_HQ.

Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

Price: $8.00

The Rumor System

The Rumor System:

The Rumor System
Publisher: Game to Grow

About this Product:

One of the most difficult aspects to being a game master is planning campaigns where players are constantly invested and engaged in the story and world. The Rumor System was created to solve that problem, as it allows the players to determine the outline of the main plot so that the game master doesn’t have to shoulder the entire burden. It also serves to inform the game master about the players’ motivations so that they can continue to facilitate a mutually rewarding game. The rumor system is meant to be used within any story-based game system as it generates campaign hooks.

This method is used in Game to Grow's therapeutic social skills groups, helping players collaborate on a storty together. This method has been discussed at conventions, over social media, and via the Game to Grow blog.  Based on requests, this method is now available to download, and all donations will go toward expanding services to serve more families in need.

Abotu Game to Grow:

Game to Grow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses games of all kinds for therapeutic, educational and community growth. Game to Grow currently serves nearly 40 youth across five weekly groups, helping them overcome challenges related to autism, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Groups feature an innovative therapeutic intervention technique using the intentional facilitation of tabletop role-playing games, most notably Dungeons and Dragons. In-game scenarios are created to target participants’ real-world areas of social growth as youth build skills they transfer into their interactions with family, at school, and in the community.  For more information, visit www.gametogrow.org.
Price: $0.00

Part-Time Gods Second Edition

Part-Time Gods Second Edition:

Part-Time Gods Second Edition
Publisher: Third Eye Games

Long ago, an entity known as the Source visited humanity and gifted certain people with divine power. For a time, the world existed in a state of balance between order and chaos, between life and death, between divinity and mortality. That is, until the gods waged war against the Source and eventually against each other, until the gods were close to extinct.

The gods of today are shadows of what the old gods possessed. Their power has been heavily diminished, and many choose to live a regular, mortal life, revealing themselves as gods only when absolutely necessary. The reason for this is twofold. First, fate doesn’t like it when the gods share their secrets with a mortal. Unless they are the god’s worshipper, terrible events and horrific accidents have a way of happening to the people closest to the god. Secondly, divine works attract creatures and monsters called Outsiders, created by the Source (after its capture) to destroy any god they encounter.

And so, the gods exist today in a state of flux. They have a mortal life, a job (or career if they’re lucky), friends, family, and everything that comes with being human, and they work hard to protect these things from harm. On the other side of the coin, they also have a Dominion to command and oversee, a deific Territory to defend from intruders, secret societies to which they owe allegiances (called Theologies), and other gods in their pantheon to try to get along with. This becomes their life, the balancing of the mortal and the divine, the normal and the supernatural, the mundane and the strange. The gods belong not to either world completely, and each of them knows that delving too deeply into one means losing pieces of the other.

Part-Time Gods Second Edition (PTG2E) is the latest iteration of an amazing setting about gods and the people, groups, and places in their lives that keep them tied to their humanity. This game gives players the tools to create their own gods and go on to tell dramatic, exciting, and engaging stories — the kind only PTG2E can deliver.

Part-Time Gods Second Edition has specialized chapters to help readers access the info in its pages with ease. Here is what to expect from each chapter.

  • Chapter One - The Descending Storm: This chapter details the setting of PTG2E, laying out divine origins and what it means to be a god in today’s world.
  • Chapter Two - The Spark of Divinity: Contains the rules for making characters, elaborating on the mortal and divine choices players have at their disposal to make just the god they want.
  • Chapter Three - Divine Expressions: Divine magic is a powerful tool, and this chapter explains how to use it to protect what they care about and become an even more powerful god.
  • Chapter Four - Blessing the Dice: This chapter gives an in-depth review of all the important rules needed to run a game of PTG2E. It’s a must-read for GMs, but a good one for players to read as well.
  • Chapter Five - Divine Battles: This chapter details what happens when gods collide, including battles, healing, and weaponry.
  • Chapter Six - The Opposition: No game is complete without antagonists to oppose the players and their characters. This chapter contains all these amazing foes and rules for running them in the game.
  • Chapter Seven - Creating New Myths: If you are curious about exactly how to run a game like PTG2E, look no further than this chapter.
  • Appendix: Includes blank character sheets, territory grid, random character creation charts, and an index
Price: $20.00

Adventure Skeletons

Adventure Skeletons:

Adventure Skeletons
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

You’re a skeleton, bored of guarding the dungeon for some wizard, and you decide that you should go on an adventure instead. You’re having a great time in the human dungeon (or “village,” as they insist on calling it) but people keep hitting you and your bits keep falling off.

This is a one-page roleplaying game for around four players and a gamesmaster, and includes everything you need for a night of good old-fashioned skeleton fun.

Price: $1.00

Spy Master

Spy Master:

Spy Master
Publisher: Symatt

Gear changing, high rolling, adrenaline fueled, action-packed adventure seeks agents to run all the risks and get none of the glory!

London to Monte Carlo, Cairo to New York, the role of the Super Spy is ever changing.

Are you that person? Do you have what it takes?

Using a task resolution system unique in RPGs, based on a classic card game that you probably already know.

Spy Master requires only a deck of ordinary playing cards for each player.

The game is fast, intuitive and exciting to play and where the player's own skill makes a difference.

Spy Master! Strap on your Walther PPK, clip you ear mic in place and take the fight to the bad guys!

Includes a full colour and a printer friendly version.

NB: The print copy comes with the Special Edition black and gold cover!

Price: $9.95

Thousand Arrows: a Samurai Action & Drama TTRPG

Thousand Arrows: a Samurai Action & Drama TTRPG: Click here to view Thousand Arrows: a Samurai Action & Drama TTRPG

Thousand Arrows is a Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game of samurai drama and action by way of Kurosawa and Chanbara. - [currently $156 (1%) of $14,000 goal]

Thousand Arrows: a Samurai Action & Drama TTRPG -- Kicktraq Mini

A year's worth of monthly handwritten RPGs

A year's worth of monthly handwritten RPGs: Hey everyone,

Inspired by Grant Howitt's experiment, I've dared myself to write, by hand, a mini-RPG every month of the past year. Most of them came from strange corners of my mind and that's why you can play a tree, a robonimal, a constellation, a pensioner or a cuddly toy... Or more conventional stuff like time travelers and Victorian explorers. System-wise, it ranges from your average d6-based game to diceless and GMless to games where you use Mikado sticks or a derivative of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Oh, and they're all between 1 and 5 pages long.

I originally wrote them in French but I decided to retype them for the English version; you'll find both in the PDF so you can have a taste of how it looked like before translation.

Oh, and you can get the collection for any price you want, right there; getting it for free is perfectly alright by me!

Heroing and Hanging Out: An RPG Tribute to The Middleman

Heroing and Hanging Out: An RPG Tribute to The Middleman:

I’ve been playing around with a way to play in The Middleman universe for quite a while. I started with Powered by the Apocalypse, moved on to Slade Stolar’s The Indie Hack, and finally settled on this, a two-person hack of John Harper’s amazing Lasers & Feelings.

It’s very much an Alpha version, but if you’re interested, check it out and let me know what you think!

H&H Alpha

High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game

High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game:

High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Broken Ruler Games

A common target for Outcast raids, the Salvation is an unstoppable train cutting through the Wastes.

A Story Game of Gunslingers, Samurai, Gangsters, Barbarians, and Steampunk in a Post-Apocalyptic World with Superpowers

We were once a beautiful world, young and fertile. Nothing but hope and opportunity lay before us. We were the chosen ones of our creators and lived a lavish lifestyle. Until the All-Father revealed his jealousy at the love his children gave to their creation and not him. His wrath nearly wiped us out. Now we are the enslaved and oppressed living in the Five Cities or risking it all in the Wastes.

But there are some who call no place home. They wander between all places and live by their own rules. Will any of them rise up to become the mysterious heroes we need?

The High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game is a tabletop story game about gunslingers, barbarians, samurai, gangsters and steampunk in a post-apocalyptic world of super powers. Everything you need to take on the mantle of Writers and Directors telling the first draft of an original story in the One Land. A story that may one day save these people from oblivion.

Built using the ScreenPlay engine, HPS is a collaborative story game with all players taking an equal role in the storytelling process. Players take on the role of Writers working with the Director to draft complete stories of action, suspense, horror, and survival. Through their lead characters, Writers actively drive the story and create epic action sequences as the central storytellers; the Director reacts to their descriptions while simultaneously challenging their characters along the way. For every description moving the story forward, another player will deliver its outcome to push it further, react to events, and embellish details with camera angles, special effects, even a character's demise.

In a world where everything is possible, dice rolls are not used to attempt success or failure, but as complications against your enemies... and death is the ultimate complication. Characters roll dice based on the number of details built into their descriptions against an opponent's Defence for the right to choose their enemy's fate or perhaps allow the enemy to choose their own. Each complication becomes incorporated into the story and can also be countered or removed by spending Vitality until there is none left to give or the battle is over.

With the HPS core rulebook, you get...

  • Complete rules for playing the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game

  • Create original characters of every type, from leads to extras

  • Build and expand on the Five Cities and the Wastes

  • Apply character roles to give your character a code of honour

  • Gain new perks from your homeland to help define your character's background

  • Explore the history of Chaos' Wrath and its aftermath

  • Discover the key initiatives for the One Land & meet its major characters, including every warlord and Black Scorpion

  • An advice chapter for all players, Directors and Writers alike

  • Tips on playing evil characters seeking to destroy the One Land

Together, you will create tales of heroic struggle against the machinations of the mysterious bandit known as Black Scorpion and her bloody plot for revenge that threatens the return of Chaos incarnate.

You can learn more on the official High Plains Samurai website, highplainssamurai.com

The Atlas of the One Land

Explore the world of HPS like never before at highplainssamurai.com with the Atlas of the One Land. A free seting blog providing new locations, creatures, and supporting character to enhance your adventures. 

Designer: Todd Crapper
System: ScreenPlay
Page Count: 140
Features: Complete rules to create your own orignial stories in the One Land, including character creation, setting, and GM advice; vision layers to adjust from colour to black-and-white or remove all graphics for readers with visual impairments, tagged for maximum screen reader accessibility; table of contents; index; bookmarks; links

Price: $15.00

Sunday 28 October 2018

Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game

Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game: Click here to view Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game

A solo roleplaying game about the remorseless crush of memory over millennia. And vampires. - [currently $1,983 (397%) of $500 goal]

Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy

Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy: Click here to view Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy

Nahual is a Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPG about shapeshifters in Mexico who hunt angels to make a living. - [currently $5,637 (188%) of $3,000 goal]

Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy -- Kicktraq Mini

[Solo-first design] Tarot Game Rules 0.1 (Full, dull, play test log included!)

[Solo-first design] Tarot Game Rules 0.1 (Full, dull, play test log included!): It's "Solo-first" as in "mobile-first" design. :)

X-posted from here.

I generally dislike interpretation, which is one of the techniques used in solo play. It generally takes me out of immersion so I try to avoid or minimize it as much as possible. That means I’m potentially missing out on one of the usual techniques for playing solo, though, so I’m taking on the challenge of trying to solve that problem for myself.

These are rules I playtested recently. There isn’t much to them, IMO, but their aim is to try and make interpretation fun for me.

Included after the rules is the aborted play test of those rules. I decided to stop once I became bored, but there were times when I was definitely hooked— mostly when danger was hanging over the “protagonist’s” head.

I did not trigger the game end rule before quitting. There isn't really that much of a story either (something I'm thinking about in my post-mortem).

I'm sharing mostly just to share, but would also be appreciative of any experiences you've had in making the act of interpretation fun for yourself.




-----Play Test------

Turn 0:

What is our domain? I got 7 of swords. Dark Force got the Queen of Pentacles.

Turn 1:

Drew the Devil, put in the middle. 7 of swords, The Devil, Queen of Pentacles. Add one black stone to Queen of Pentacles due to the arcana influence.

Interpretation: Dealing with someone who might have be thinking of deluding someone (7 of swords). There appears to be something related to financial security (Queen of Pentacles); they might be in a tight spot. The target might be someone dangerous (The Devil); or perhaps it's their own excess and materialism (the Devil) that is feeding the financial troubles (The Devil is in the domain of the Dark Force and it grows the cards in its domain by adding stones. I"m playing with infinite stones to get a feel of how many it would take to deal with everything.)

Difficulty to remove the Queen of Pentacles is 13 + 1 stone; can't remove The Devil (Major Arcana).

If I burn the 7 of Swords and I spend 7 stones to remove the Queen of Pentacles, I'm still left with the fact that they're trying to scheme against someone dangerous.

I can change the meaning of 7 of Swords so that they're not scheming anymore. It's less interesting story wise, but it makes sense if I want to "win". This change is free because the card suit is in my domain.

Turn 2:

Drew 5 of swords.

Layout: 5 of Swords, The Devil, Queen of Pentacles

It seems like this person's ambition might drive them to steamroll someone and burn some bridges. There is still also the dangerous Devil still there as a potential threat that maybe they don't know about. There is also the financial aspect.

I'm going to burn the 5 of swords and spend the 10 stones to get rid of the financial problem. This means that they steamroll someone and burn those bridges (I did not change the meaning of the card). This might have been what got them out of the financial issues.

Both cards go to the discard pile. I now have 68 stones.

It's starting to come together now that this person is into some dangerous line of business or maybe owes money to that dangerous person.

I shift reality and now this person is financially OK but they burned some bridges.

Turn 3:

Drew Four of Wands and Ace of Wands (had two empty slots). Layout: 4 of Wands, The Devil, Ace of Wands.

Because The Devil arcana is in the spread, it adds one stone to the ace of wands and 4 of wands, in addition to making the meaning go against me. n.

Otherwise, it would be a neutral card and any interpretation would have been as literal as possible in intent.

Ace of Wands looks like the beginning of something, but given the black stone it's not good. It's not clear enough right now what it might be, so I'll leave that part at that.

The 4 of Wands should have been something about harmonious relationships in the family. Instead, it might mean that this person's family turned their backs on them or against them. No harmony at home.

Turn 4:

Drew 3 of Pentacles. Layout: Three of Pentacles, The Devil, Ace of Wands.

4 of Wands must make space for the 3 of Pentacles (being the oldest non-major Arcana card). NOte down that 4 of wands has one stone. Reshuffle into deck. Added another stone to the ace of wands. One stone to the three of pentacles.

It seems obvious now that someone was inspired (ace of wands) to do harm against our protagonist. Probably the person that they burned. They have gotten a team together to burn protagonist back. Heck, it's probably teamed up with the Devil.

I can get rid of the inspiration, but that just removes the enemy inspiration, but not the collaboration (it would just mean that someone else is the culprit).

Remove the 3 of pentacles to change that reality. There's no collaboration. The inspiration/desire and the Devil remains, and whoever's inspiration it is, it's not in our favor.

Now I have 64 points.

Turn 5:

Drew Queen of Swords. Layout, Queen of Swords, The Devil, Ace of Wands

Some clear mindedness or perceptiveness. Perhaps our person is begining to realize the things that are threatening them.

Spend the 4 points to get rid of the ace of wands. The inspiration is squashed by my shift. Nothing the protagonist did.

Now I have 60 white stones.

Turn 6:

8 of swords. Layout: Queen of Swords, The Devil, 8 of Swords. The Devil Can't influence your domain so no black stones added to those.

Queen of Swords suggest that our protagonist is becoming perceptive anc clear minded. Perhaps of his problems? Eight of Swords suggests that the nature of his trouble has him trapped (I guess I just unconsciously decided it's a 'he'). But, because Swords is my domain, I'm going to change that meaning to the opposite: He sees a way out of his trouble.

Optional rule? Opposing Major Arcana can weaken your cards each turn (add opposite stone).

Reshuffle 8 of Swords into the deck. (Not the oldest one as for the Adversary; maybe it should be the weakest one for the Adversary)

Turn 7:

The Emperor. That is one of my Major Arcana, so it cancels out with The Devil, effectively removing that problem (at least for now). Both go to the discard pile.

How that happens is determined by the interpretation. I'm going to go with the simple keyword of "authority" from the Emperor and say that law enforcement is causing trouble for this enemy, and he has to forget about our protagonist for now. Maybe this problem will come back later when the discard pile is shuffled into the deck again.

Turn 8:

The Hierophant and the 8 of Cups (two slots available). Layout: Queen of Swords, 8 of Cups, THe Hierophant

Add one white stone to the Queen of Swords and 8 of Cups. This is the new temporary strength of the cards: 14 for Queen of Swords, +1 white for the 8 of Cups (bonus for you, penalty for Dark Force).

Our hero perhaps is becoming wiser due to the looking at his situation with a clear mind (Queen of Swords). He has decided to leave behind his ways (8 of Cups). He seems to have the determination not to stray from this new path (The Hierophant)

Turn 9:

Ace of Cups. Layout, Ace of Cups, 8 of cups, The Hierophant

Choose which card you will reshuffle. Queen of swords (she will keep the +1 stone).

Add one stone to 8 of cups.

Our guy is still walking in his new path, and has found some emotional fulfillment to boot. Maybe he's met a romantic interest or maybe he's found a more fulfilling way of making a living. I can't see who or what.

(continued in next comment)



Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing

Sometimes you just need to crush a head to show you mean business. Kick down that door, kick butt, don’t bother taking names, that’s what I’m talking about. When you find out you are in over your head, distract, dodge, defend, and then get the hell out. Fast swords, fast brains, and fast mouths – that’s what you need.

Head Crushers is a simple RPG about fantasy action-adventure from the designer of Sword’s Edge, Nefertiti Overdrive, and Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. It’s a stripped down, easy to play game for straight-ahead fantasy adventures. The philosophy is customizable characters but minimal rules. There might be some ambiguity, but that’s a feature, not a bug – figure out how it works best for your group, then barrel on ahead.

You can find an example character sheet here. You can find out more here, at the Sword's Edge Publishing webpage.

This game was developed as part of a Patreon campaign. If you would like to see more games like this, please support the author at Patreon.

Price: $5.00

Base Horror!

Base Horror!:

Base Horror!
Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

Base Horror is a minimal basic role playing framework for an experienced Gamemaster (GM from now on) to use to run a horror or supernatural role playing session for experienced or beginner players alike.   Want to run a game something similar to your favorite  horror TV show or movie, go ahead.  Like zombie apocalypses, societies of vampires,  escaping from murderous local legends, investigating a haunting then knock yourself out.  Just be scary as hell and have fun!

The game system was written with 6 sided dice in mind but works well with any dice you want to use as long as they all have the same number of sides and you have a bunch of them.

Includes the core rules, a page of d6 charts and a character sheet,

Price: $1.00

Death in Venice

Death in Venice:

Death in Venice
Publisher: Côme Martin

Death in Venise is my mini-RPG for October 2018.

It's a GMless, diceless game for two players: one plays a nightlifer who enjoys life in Venice, the other plays Death, out to get the nightlifer. Every time they meet, Death offers the nightlifer a deal...

The file of this game contains both the handwritten French version and the retyped, English version.

Price: $1.00

When Ends Begin: A Slow Solo Storytelling Game in Which Someone Will Leave

When Ends Begin: A Slow Solo Storytelling Game in Which Someone Will Leave:

When Ends Begin: A Slow Solo Storytelling Game in Which Someone Will Leave
Publisher: Wendy Fisher

A poignant storytelling game for one, "When Ends Begin" allows you to create a bittersweet story about falling in love and then losing that love. The simple, intuitive game mechanics encourage rich, evocative roleplaying and a wistful story that unfolds naturally - always with a surprise ending.

Price: $0.99