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Saturday 31 October 2020

Solivagant $0.50

Solivagant: $0.50
Publisher: Brody Mikel

You are a Solivagant. You revel in wandering alone and discovering new locations. Throughout your Journey you have much to overcome.

This is a one page Solo RPG roguelike. All that is required to play is this document and a d6.


Price: $0.50

Urban Shadows (2nd Ed.) Quickstart $0.00

Urban Shadows (2nd Ed.) Quickstart: $0.00
Publisher: Magpie Games

The City Hungers. Will You Feed It?

The streets bleed shadows as the supernatural politics of the city threaten to swallow you whole. Will you die a hero—a savior for those who have never had enough—or live long enough to become the villain? Will you fight the darkness...or give in for power?

The choice is yours. 

Urban Shadows: Second Edition is an urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and monsters vie for control of a modern-day city, a political battleground layered just under the reality we think we know. Vampires, faeries, hunters, and wizards fight to carve out a piece of the streets and skyscrapers, ready to make deals with all those who have something to offer. 

Urban Shadows: Second Edition is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse framework, with all new rules designed to help you play a game of political urban fantasy. This quickstart includes everything you need to play a few sessions of the game, such as:

  • Basic moves and rules to play
  • Six archetype playbooks
  • Special rules for Debts and Circles
  • New faction turn rules for 2E
  • Complete systems for intimacy and harm

This quickstart isn't the full game, and will undergo changes, refinements, and adjustments with playtesting. Make sure you check out the Kickstarter, live now through November 19th! 

Urban Shadows (2nd Ed.) Quickstart

Price: $0.00

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition $7.99

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition: $7.99
Publisher: RetroPunk Publicacoes

When there is no more space in hell, the dead will walk the earth.
— Dawn of the Dead, 1978

Deserted streets, broken glass, abandoned cars, bullet holes in the walls of buildings, blood, flies and pieces of putrid meat decorating the entire environment. This is the current scenario in most cities in the world, places that today are just devastated ghost cities.

The silence is broken only by the groan and stumbling of those infected with the Cerberus Virus, who wander aimlessly through the streets. Sometimes lonely, sometimes in large groups, they hunt, kill and those who are not completely devoured return as members of these mobs of monsters. It is impossible to find a safe place and expect them to just disappear.

They are dead, yet, still alive. Some of them were acquaintances, friends and relatives, now they are just hungry, irrational and dirty. Creatures in perfect harmony with the new disastrous environment of the world. While we, the survivors - humans - are in the process of extinction. We are the strange element in this new biome.

Devastated Earth is a narrative game about hopes, traumas, losses, risks and consequences. About surviving in a world devastated by an apocalyptic pandemic that transformed humanity into weak, toxic and butchery monsters. On the despair of the unwary remnants of Earth, weakened, exhausted and bordering on insanity. About crossing contaminated wastes, devastated cities, unsanitary areas, desolate territories and foggy trails beyond what you can imagine.

Devastated Earth is an RPG with intuitive mechanics that values the imaginative and narrative power of the players. The system follows a flexible concept that allows customization of characters by players.

Devastated Earth is a game of acts and consequences, of despair and hopelessness, and how to get through day after day without going crazy or being devoured.

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition

Price: $7.99

BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook $25.00

BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook: $25.00
Publisher: Abascanto Press

The BYTE ROLEPLAYING GAME RULEBOOK has an original d8-based system and comes with 10 technological levels and 20 thematic modules that you can combine in many unique ways, with each combination creating a different ruleset for a unique world.

The BYTE ROLEPLAYING GAME RULEBOOK allows you to play in any historical era or the worlds of your favorite books, movies, series, or video games: from cowboys to spies, Roman gladiators to mecha pilots, elven knights to vampires, private investigators to galactic rulers, this book provides everything you will need for your game.

BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook

Price: $25.00

Getting Away With Murder $7.00

Getting Away With Murder: $7.00
Publisher: Jaded Paths House

Getting Away With Murder

The year is 1955. You have accepted a mysterious invitation to a mansion in the English countryside...

Getting away with murder is a co-operative role-play game where your group will bring to life a darkly comedic murder mystery. A game can be set up and ready to play in minutes. There's no game-master, no dice and no abilities to keep track of. The entire story is told in one sitting.

Starting with a basic character description, players will improvise a number of scenes across a three acts to weave a tale of secrets and murder. A new clue about the characters, their relationships and potential motives for murder is revealed in each scene. Players use this to invent new twists in the mystery.

You will collect face-down guilt and innocence tokens during the play. These will be used to determine your character's eventual fate from six possibilities: Getting it Wrong, Getting it Right, Getting Out Alive, Getting Framed, Getting Caught or... Getting Away With Murder.


  • Supports 4 to 6 players, ages 12+.
  • Booklet with clear explanations of the rules, role-playing tips, and examples.
  • 153 detail cards to help you create the mystery, including 16 characters and 30 motives.
  • More than four tredecillion murders to solve!
  • Community Discord
  • Multiple ways to play:
    • "Print and Play"
    • Tabletop Simulator
    • and in Web Browser


gawm_tts_ss_1.jpg gawm_tts_ss_3.jpg
Getting Away With Murder

Price: $7.00

Soulshards RPG Beta Release PDF $20.00

Soulshards RPG Beta Release PDF: $20.00
Publisher: Soulshards RPG

Soulshards RPG is an easy to learn fantasy system that encourages teamwork and strategy with no levels or limits on character customization.

This beta release includes:

- Introduction to the world lore.

- Detailed and tested rules to play the game.

- 30 species that each have alternate forms and can mix for half breeds allowing over 9,300 combinations.

- Over 1,000 abilities for your character to learn.

- Character sheet.

Soulshards RPG Beta Release PDF

Price: $20.00

Fantasu Rulebook $1.99

Fantasu Rulebook: $1.99
Publisher: FANTASU

Fantasu a roleplaying game designed to be played solo. The player controls a band of four adventurers in randomly generated world. This game uses a standard set of dice, as well as pen and paper. Everything else needed to explore the realms of Fantasu is included in this book.

Fantasu Rulebook

Price: $1.99

Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology $10.00

Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology: $10.00
Publisher: Machine Age Productions

This book features four complete horror roleplaying games, two "Features" and two "Shorts." It's drive-in creature feature cinema but for RPGs:

  • My Roommate, Valentía: First, a love letter to Guillermo del Toro with the short journalling game My Roommate, Valentía. You are a kid with a ghost friend, and the hauntingis the least of your problems.
  • Found Film: A Powered By the Apocalypse game called Found Film. Explore what a found-footage internet chaos fiction would look like made around a table instead of a Go Pro. 
  • Voice in the Static: One part road trip, one part David Lynch head-trip for two to four players. Get out the dominos, forget about the dice, and fix your heart or die (as Mr. Lynch suggests.)
  • The Airbnb from Hell: The Sam Raimiest Sam Raimi joint. It’s some kids in a car on the way to a cabin in the woods with some modern twists.
Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology

Price: $10.00

Dread Designs: 2010-2020 Horror Games Anthology $10.00

Dread Designs: 2010-2020 Horror Games Anthology: $10.00
Publisher: Machine Age Productions

This book features ten short horror roleplaying games: 

  • Days of Harvest: A solo journaling game about a witch trying to survive a difficult winter, and you play by cleaning out your kitchen. 
  • Don't Break the Caul: A hack of Evil Hat Productions' Don't Rest Your Head, about the experience of pregnancy.
  • Far Better: A slasher horror story in the vein of Carpenter classics. It's brutal, quick, and weird. 
  • Fuck Armageddon: It's the end of the world, and you're a bunch of punks fighting off the apocalypse. 
  • Gentle Ladies' Tea & Monster Destroying & Quilting Circle Auxiliary: This is a companion game to Fuck Armageddon. It's the end of the world, but you're proper ladies and the apocalypse is no excuse to be vulgar. 
  • Kicking Historical Asses: An homage to Army of Darkness and Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, you're modern people out of your element during a battle for the souls of humanity. 
  • Martian Miscreants: You're a captive radio station, and invading aliens have demanded you make a radio show for them. 
  • Memorial Ritual: Get your candles, and summon ghosts in this emotional, contemplative parlor game. 
  • Pointed Fingers: You're in a village. Someone is a witch. You have to figure this out, and deal with what it means. 
  • Sinister Stories: A game set in the golden age of horror comics. It's a game of dastardly devilish debauchery, where your flawed characters end up damned forever thanks to their sins. 
Dread Designs: 2010-2020 Horror Games Anthology

Price: $10.00

Over Arms $14.99

Over Arms: $14.99
Publisher: Rookie Jet

Over Arms logo

Over Arms is a rules-light tabletop pen-and-paper role-playing game designed to replicate media like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Persona, FATE ,Shaman King and more. Over Arms is set in a world where select people are able to develop an "Anima", a powerful psychic manifestation of their own psyche and will. These "Anima" are able to  assist their "User" in a myriad of ways in and out of combat based on the strengths of their individually unique abilities. In Over Arms players can expect to weave stories of mystery and intrigue as they discover this new world around them and within.  

Standard Over Arms cover

Over Arms book interior

In a game of Over Arms, player characters will awaken their “Anima”, a manifestation of one’s own will and psyche that is typically born through an incredibly stressful or emotional event. These Anima come equipped with unique special abilities that YOU, the player, will create and utilize both in combat and while interacting with the world that surrounds you. These abilities are learned by your character only through coming to understand the nature of your Anima and working together in tandem. From character and Anima creation to scenarios and combat, Over Arms is rules-light at its core: RPG newbies and seasoned veterans alike can pick it up, read it, and play a game of Over Arms in just a few hours. 

Download the Quickstart Rulebook for free here to see if Over Arms is for you!

Over Arms also comes with a bevy of information that will be more than helpful in aiding both the GM and the Players in understanding the inner workings of the Over Arms system throughout this book.

Features of Over Arms include:

  • Introduction to TRPGs and Intro
  • Player Character and Anima Creation mechanics
  • A quick reference for vocabulary
  • Money and social status mechanics
  • A Leveling Table for levels 1-10.
  • A robust list of Items and Relics
  • Rules for various Status Conditions
  • Sample Anima and Abilities
  • Full stat blocks and images for enemies
  • Rules, mechanics, information and much more relating to “The Mirage”, a strange world meant for dungeon crawling.
  • Example Scenario and Scenario Generator
  • Combat rules, mechanics, examples and much more.

Over Arms back cover

Over Arms

Price: $14.99

Infinigrad Freelancer $4.99

Infinigrad Freelancer: $4.99
Publisher: Gorgzu Games

The Infinigrad Freelancers are adventurers exploring the great unmapped alleyway wilds of the city for fun and profit, willing to use their specific skill sets in the machinations of any group that will pay them the silver.

Explore the Endless City with Ordure Fantasy 1d6 RPG , a super simple, single d6 based OSR inspired roleplaying game.

Included in the book:

  • Core and combat rules described on a single page.  
  • Rules and reaction tables for super simple 1 stat enemies.
  • 6 mutations and 36 skills for Infinigrad Freelancers. 
  • Rules and examples for Freelancer augmentation system. 
  • Tables for the referee, including quick merchant pricing table, exposition generator, suburb political situation generator and Infinigrad job generator. 
  • Heat Test rules for resolving consequences of Freelancer jobs. 

Infinigrad Freelancer is designed as a diving board to explore the billions of suburbs and city details that can be generated using the Automated Infinigrad Suburb Generator, available at:


Infinigrad Freelancer

Price: $4.99

Kaiser 1451 (EN) $10.57

Kaiser 1451 (EN): $10.57
Publisher: SpaceOrange42

English Edition

In Kaiser 1451 you are the soldiers of an army led by a bloodthirsty madman who goes into a lethal battle.
Immerse yourself in the blood of the enemy to discover that it is red exactly like your...

Kaiser 1451 is a role-playing game that tells a war story from the point of view of those who have to fight it, often unwillingly and even more often against people whose only fault is being on the other side of the front.
A game about war that is strongly opposed to war, without mechanical rules on combat, but full of narrative cues to create characters consumed by military life.

An appendix at the end of the manual will also provide the design tools to expand the game and create hacks!

It takes three to five people to play and a deck of regular cards.
No dice. No GM. No preparation.

Kaiser 1451 (EN)

Price: $10.57

The Blood - Quickstart $4.99

The Blood - Quickstart: $4.99
Publisher: Falconian Productions

Vampires are creatures of magic; how else do you explain the undead? Some absent god’s curse? Possessing spirits? Strange diseases? Of course not. It’s not some outside force’s pet project — vampirism is magic. An arcane force, The Blood, is what makes a vampire.

What is the Blood? It’s the fragment of power shared by every vampire in the world, and the conglomerate force made up of those segments. It's not a voice, or instinct, but... insight. The Blood shows you what you want, what It wants. It shows you the quickest and easiest ways to get to it. It shows you every blind spot in the warehouse’s security, every path to your prize, every frail beating heart between you and your goal. Then, it gives you what you need to act on it.

But your choices are always your own. There’s no internal struggle whenever It wants you to do something, and no risk of losing yourself if you do give in, there's just whether you can live with those choices. Those that would do no wrong even in the face of temptation likely still won't as a vampire, but those that avoided wrongdoing only because they feared being caught, or lacked the means?

Well, those are the vampires you read stories about.

We know how those stories end...

The Blood is a game about vampires as arcane creatures, an otherworldly force empowering their undead forms and providing them with magical potency. The powers attributed to vampires in stories and media are simply the spells that come most easily to them. It's about seeing how they balance their desire for power with the need for secrecy in the world, and about succumbing to or resisting the arcane desires their Blood inflicts on them. 

The Quickstart contains:

  • A summarized description of the atmosphere and setting of the world of The Blood.
  • Condensed but functionally complete rules and systems.
  • Rules for creating new characters, as well as pregenerated characters for easy use.
  • A unique open-ended magic system, wherein a character's Knack for certain uses of magic combines with Resonance in the world to enact effects.
  • A starting scenario to allow for immediate play, involving a heist to steal a powerful artifact from a dangerous cult.

Subscribe to enail updates from Falconian Productions to receive news about the production of the full version of The Blood.

The Blood - Quickstart

Price: $4.99

Swords &; Sorcery: An OSR Fantasy Hack of Lasers and Feelings $2.00

Swords & Sorcery: An OSR Fantasy Hack of Lasers and Feelings: $2.00
Publisher: Unknown Dungeon

You are an adventuring party for the Fissure’s Breach Adventurers’ Guild. You are tasked with exploring the world to uncover lost treasures, solve mysteries, and defeat evil. 

Swords and Sorcery is an OSR fantasy hack of John Harper's Lasers and Feelings. The rules for this game fit on a single page, and can be picked up and played with minimal prep, and with just a few six-sided dice.

One player becomes the Guild Manager (GM) while the rest create player characters (PCs). The GM is responsible for sending the PCs out into the world on adventures to have fun, make money, and keep the kingdom safe.

Responses to Swords & Sorcery:

"I think it's my favorite hack of L&F so far." 

"I really like what I see. It manages to fix two of the greatest issues I've always had with Lasers and Feelings."

"You should have chosen a more original name."

Swords & Sorcery: An OSR Fantasy Hack of Lasers and Feelings

Price: $2.00

Journey Home $2.00

Journey Home: $2.00
Publisher: Adam Baffoni

It seems like just yesterday that you were home, in the “real” world, or at least that’s what you thought of it as at the time. And maybe it really was just yesterday that you were there, but at this very moment, that place is an immeasurable distance from you, or at least you assume it is. Somehow, you have been whisked away to a world that you could only imagine; one that you never would have believed to really exist. In your wildest daydreams, maybe you wished to be in an exotic and magical fantasy world where nothing was as it seemed, and all manner of fantastical beasts and peoples thrived, but now that you are here, you can fixate your mind on only one goal: finding your way back home. Though you are focused on finding your way home, you realize just how surreal this experience is and want to remember it forever, so you have taken to journaling. You keep with you a small journal, in which you make notes of the events that have transpired and the discoveries you’ve made in this unfamiliar world.

Journey Home

Price: $2.00

Crusade $20.00

Crusade: $20.00
Publisher: Benjamin Morrison

     Crusade employs a fantasy environment with a horror setting that combines traditional elements with unique attributes to create original yet familiar gameplay.  This book sets up a system that focuses on the game master's creativity to emphasize originality on each playthrough to maximize replayability.  This, along with weapon durability and an injury system, creates a game that requires squad tactics and adaptability. 


Price: $20.00

Shamblington Player's Kit $0.00

Shamblington Player's Kit: $0.00
Publisher: Amagi Games

Once Upon A Time In Shamblington is a medium-light set of rules, a set of six fully-realized characters, and a fairly hefty set of useful material for the Guide (GM). The rules are a standalone variant of those used in the Quest RPG, focused on table conversations and perfomances and low on maths.

This is the player's kit only - the rulebook and the characters.

The full set, which includes these files and the Guide notes and Campaign materials, can he found HERE.

Shamblington Player's Kit

Price: $0.00

A Modern Prometheus $10.00

A Modern Prometheus: $10.00
Publisher: Mitchell Salmon

A game by Mitchell Salmon

In each of us, there are two natures...
this primitive duality of man—good and evil...
It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling...
—Dr Henry Jekyll, from Jekyll and Hyde, the Gothic Musical Thriller

Content Warning: Body horror, violence.


A Modern Prometheus  is a gothic horror roleplaying game for 2 players based on the Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands framework by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker (Lumpley Games).

Players take on the role of a scientist dabbling with dark forces at the edge of the natural sciences, and the creation that they bring to life as a consequence. Together, you and your partner will discover through play who is human, and who is monstrous.

You will take turns choosing from a list of minigames specific to your character to craft a shared story of science, vengeance, humanity, and rage. No two minigames are exactly alike. Use crafted prompts to guide your interactions as you explore the depths of your character, and discover their fate in the final confrontation between creator and creation.

Prepare for a emotional and horrific tale that only you and your chosen partner can tell.

This game is inspired by works like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and adaptations.



 2 Players

time.svg 1-2 Hours


 Ages 13+


No GM or preparation required



Gothic Horror


Science Fiction


Compete with a friend


Ask questions to find out what happens

book.svg Tell a story together

Stretch Goals

A Modern Prometheus is a finished game, but as we hit certain sales goals I will be able to afford to expand and improve it. All sales of A Modern Prometheus will contribute towards funding new art and minigames that will be added to every copy! If you purchase the game now, you'll receive all updates for free as they happen. It's like a Kickstarter, except you get the game right now!

If you like A Modern Prometheus, you can help hit these stretch goals by leaving a 5-star review to boost visibility, or sharing this page on social media with the hashtag #AModernPrometheus.

Current total: $60. Updated 17 Oct, 23:00 UTC

Locked - Expanded Art - $1200

At the first stretch goal, I will have recouped the cost of all the art, writing, and editing that it took to get this game up for sale, and be able to commission three new art pieces by Cara Tune, who did the awesome gothic art for the logo and page decorations. Cara is a fantastic artist based in Melbourne, Australia, and she has already brought such awesome creativity and gothic mood to A Modern Prometheus.

Locked - More Minigames - $1600

More will be announced when we get closer to the goal...

A Modern Prometheus

Price: $10.00

A Conversation At Midnight $2.00

A Conversation At Midnight: $2.00
Publisher: Ursidice

Night draws in. In the distance a bell begins to toll. The candles are lit and the air around you grows chill. The twelfth knell. You join hands and close your eyes.

Something is coming. You have brought it here.

A Conversation At Midnight is a mini RPG where players take on the role of guests at a séance, trying to contact the restless dead.

As the séance goes on, the guests place themselves in more and more danger. The spirits will stop at nothing to gain something from their hosts.

A Conversation At Midnight

Price: $2.00

The Great American Witch $14.99

The Great American Witch: $14.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

The Great American Witch is a modern gothic tabletop roleplaying game about the secret world of witches in America and the supernatural threats working to destroy them.

Built on Christopher Grey's award-nominated RPG framework The Great American Novel, the game focuses on powerful witches who use ancient magic drawn from the feminine forces of creation. They struggle to balance their everyday lives, the supernatural, secret societies, and personal conflicts within their covens.

The Great American Witch uses a framework similar to Powered by the Apocalypse Games, FATE, and indy storytelling games like Ten Candles. It is, however, designed for extended campaign play in the tradition of World of Darkness or other urban fantasy traditional games.   

The digital download comes with five types of digital files:

  • epub
  • mobi
  • a two page PDF spread
  • a single page PDF spread
  • a printer friendly PDF

There are numerous reference sheets for the game included in this PDF purchase.

The Great American Witch

Price: $14.99

Once Upon A Time In Shamblington $15.00

Once Upon A Time In Shamblington: $15.00
Publisher: Amagi Games

Once Upon A Time In Shamblington is a medium-light set of rules, a set of six fully-realized characters, and a fairly hefty set of useful material for the Guide (GM). The rules are a standalone variant of those used in the Quest RPG, focused on table conversations and perfomances and low on maths. The campaign starter gives unique problems in the world related to each character, locations tied to these, and encounters for each, all interconnected to form the basis on which a grand story can hardly help but be told.

That story begins like this...

ONCE UPON A TIME, the village of Shamblington stood, up a long river and no road at all from any king, surrounded by a fell and forbidding forest, rarely visited by outsiders.

Long was its history; the forest had been a place of true terror and death once, then pacified, but it seemed as if the terrors might be returning. And there were three who knew more of those matters than any other. These three were heroes, the mighty of Shamblington. For one, Shamblington was ruled by the Baron Arman. And for another, it was protected by the sword of Dame Ennia. And third, the wards all around it were crafted and maintained by the magus, Xia.

These three heroes saw some chance to prevent the wood from darkening again. So they drew up their powers and weapons, and went forth last month, promising a quick sortie of only a few days.

They have not returned.

Ruen, the brother of Baron Arman, has claimed the baronial seat, ignoring the claim of Arman's heir Urte. Xia left much unfinished. An apprentice named Rha, left without clear instructions, waits in the House of Lights, the strange home of the mystic. Dame Ennia's squire Marta and her sibling Falda wait, too, at the watchtower, hearing a cry of travellers coming out from the woods. Those coming out from the woods are Minsk and Basch, two former captives to magic there, loosed by events deeper in the forest beginning to raise their pace.

....And where the story goes from there is discovered in play, supported by all the materials included.

Once Upon A Time In Shamblington

Price: $15.00

A Canon of Beauty $5.00

A Canon of Beauty: $5.00
Publisher: Wicked Pug Games

A Canon of Beauty is a genre bending indie RPG with simple rules that require nothing but a D6, a few friends, and a desire to tell a story together. 

You play as artifacts or pieces of art in a museum, at night you come to life and have adventures. Don't just stop at becoming animated statues, stretch your imagination. How would a Jackson Pollock painting look like if it came to life? How would it move? How would it act? Would it be depressingly dependent on the nearest Lee Krasner painting?

At the core of this game is an invitation for you and your game group to go to real museums and interact with the art and its history. If you can't make it to a museum right now two sample museums are included.

The Getty Villa looks like one of the richest museums in the world, sitting atop a bluff in Malibu, California. That is probably because it is. Come inside after dark and be part of a world filled with Greco-Roman mythology replayed on an intimate scale. And what of the rumors that J. Paul Getty, who is buried on the property, found a way to live on through his art. Surely that is a metaphor.

The Prado is the national museum of Spain, known as a "museum of painters not paintings," it houses many great masterpieces. How can the work of so many great geniuses coexist peacefully once the visitors leave? Can so many portrayals of saints, kings, and madmen (but I repeat myself) ever find balance?

You'll find everything you need to try a new and innovative genre of roleplaying in this book, A Canon of Beauty.

A Canon of Beauty

Price: $5.00

Vivid System $6.00

Vivid System: $6.00
Publisher: Hari Ragat Games

The Vivid System is a rules-lite game system designed for playing fast-paced, cinematic adventures inspired by the pulps and your favorite fantasy, sci fi and action movies. It is meant to be simple and easy to learn, very fast and transparent in play, and require minimal preparation on the Game Master's part. Character data can fit on a 5x8" index card, and you only need the common six-sided dice to play.

Character creation is fast and descriptive -- your concept is your character! Even an absolute newbie to RPGs can grok a Vivid character sheet at once.

The mechanics reward players for making the game vivid with colorful descriptions and narrative and with smart approaches to solving problems.

This download includes:

  • The complete rules
  • A sample magic system, for a dark swords and sorcery setting
  • A sample psionics system, for a sword and planet setting
  • A form-fillable, printable character sheet
  • Each character sheet includes a digest of the core mechanics
  • Message to Mandator, a sample sword and planet adventure set on the world of Maruzar
  • A FREE preview of the upcoming Swords of Maruzar setting

Make your adventures come alive. Make them Vivid!

Vivid System

Price: $6.00

The Flexorcists $5.00

The Flexorcists: $5.00
Publisher: Richard Kelly

It started in the late year 200X. Ghosts, demons, and other occult forces grew resistant to conventional exorcisms. Minor possessions, the kind that would previously have been resolved with a sprinkle of holy water and a few minutes of half-hearted praying, suddenly became multiple-hour-long, life-or-death ordeals.

Major possessions swallowed entire townships and broke holy men.

Worse, the unspoken rule that a possessing force had to operate only through the local environment became snapped and frayed.

Possessors could now manifest physically, and they were extremely swole.

Thus, the world entered a new age of banishments. Gone were the days when any reedy man could cast out a demon.

Fighting the supernatural was now a job for…

The Flexorcists.


The Flexorcists is a tabletop rpg about pro-wrestlers working a side-gig where they banish ghosts, stake draculas, and powerbomb creatures from lagoons.

It's best for one-shots, but supports limited campaign play, and its primary mechanics use d10s and rock-paper-scissors.




The Flexorcists

Price: $5.00

Kids on Brooms - Free Edition $0.00

Kids on Brooms - Free Edition: $0.00
Publisher: Hunters Entertainment

Flying Brooms, Powerful Spells...



Kids on Brooms is a collaborative role-playing game about taking on the life of a witch or wizard at a magical school you all attend that uses the “Powered by Kids on Bikes” system, first used in the award wininng Kids on Bikes. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of WinterKids on Bikes), Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Kids on Bikes), & Spenser Starke (Icarus, Alice is Missing) with the evocative art of Heather Vaughan (Beneath Nexus, Kids on Bikes), Kids on Brooms is a rules-light storytelling system that takes you on magical adventures.

Kids on Bikes is NOT required to play Kids on Brooms.

The Adventures of Kids on Brooms take place in magical schools filled with mystery, danger, and fantastical things like: 

  • Wielding wands, riding brooms, brewing potions, and casting powerful spells
  • Facing down mythical beasts and searching for school secrets

  • Making sure you hand your homework in on time

Kids on Brooms takes characters to their own magical schools, in a fantasy world where anything and everything *could* happen. 


Kids on Brooms - Free Edition allows a sample of this rules-light, narrative-first storytelling game using the "Powered by Kids on Bikes" system meaning that many players will feel right at home. Despite the added layers of fantasy this remains a game in which you can jump right into the action and start playing RIGHT NOW!

The fantastical and magical world is waiting to be explored… does your class have the resolve to unlock the mysteries?  Find out in this Free Edition before you buy!

Kids on Brooms - Free Edition

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