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The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

Friday 31 December 2021

Matrons of Mystery / $6.71

Matrons of Mystery / $6.71: Publisher: Savage Spiel

There's been a murder.

The peace and quiet of your charming village has been shattered, and someone's going to have to do something about it. And that someone is you and your friends; older ladies with time on your hands and a keen eye for a mystery.

Step into the role of an older lady turned amateur sleuth, and work with your fellow Matrons to discover clues, unearth secrets and solve mysteries in this cosy mystery roleplaying game.

Matrons of Mystery is a cosy mystery RPG inspired by British mystery TV shows including Miss Marple and Rosemary & Thyme.

Matrons of MysteryPrice: $6.71

A Tragedy in Four Acts / $6.00

A Tragedy in Four Acts / $6.00: Publisher: Ready Play Games

1985, rural Virginia. An unsuspecting couple moves into a new home, unaware of that ghosts that haunt the halls. The players will take on the roles and powers of these Ghosts while the GM takes on the roles of the Unwelcome.

Official Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4MuPuPds1LOFznszboc9rK?si=1fab7ec1af5b4f12

Ready Play Games is providing a monthly subscription of role playing scenarios that fit in your pocket.

A Tragedy in Four ActsPrice: $6.00

Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage / $7.00

Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage / $7.00: Publisher: Cannibal Halfling Gaming

A 1-2 player journaling/storytelling game of war, loss, hope, and reflection from the cockpit of a deteriorating giant robot.

You are a mecha pilot. You have piloted your humanoid machine across the surface of the earth, through the void of space, and among the shattered hulls of space colonies. You have fought a war that has seen cities consumed by fire, fleets of ships struck down by energy weapons, and mecha immolated by their own stricken reactors. You have survived all the way to today, the last battle of the war, waged in the void. Now, your survival is more uncertain than it has ever been.

The visual cacophony of both sides tearing into one another has faded, replaced by the silence of wrecked machines, an open grave of floating bodies, and the last gutters of fire as atmosphere and fuel are consumed from broken ships. Your mecha is laid low, its diagnostic screen awash in the black and red of dead and dying systems as you drift among the debris. 

All you have is a dying mecha, an open communications channel, and your thoughts and memories - and the vague hope that someone will find you Lost Among The Starlit Wreckage before it’s too late.

Lost Among The Starlit WreckagePrice: $7.00

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods / $2.95

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods / $2.95: Publisher: Orpheus Press

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods is a solo journaling game about pursuing the unthinkable and reaching your ultimate goal.

You have spent months or years reading obscure tomes and uncovering the secret truths buried therein. You’ve seen the signs and read the stars, and you know the time is nigh.

A number of sites must be prepared and rituals performed to open the way for the object of your worship. You are a person of limited means and finite skills, but you know what must be done and will brook no argument, not even with yourself. You will take shelter where you can, and live rough where you cannot. 

Content warnings: This RPG includes cults, madness, death, suicide and vague, unknowable bad things. Don’t play this if you’re not comfortable with those things, or if you’re too comfortable with them.


Apostle of the Forgotten GodsPrice: $2.95

Drop the Pitchfork! / $2.00

Drop the Pitchfork! / $2.00: Publisher: Basheer Ghouse

Often, in history, folks were convinced that a horrific monster roaming the night was the root of their problems, no matter the nature of that problem. Often, it fell to local bureaucrats and imams to explain to the local populace that, no, you are not allowed to set your neighbors on fire because you think they're a witch, vampire, hortlak, or possessed by a djinn.

In your world, those things are real! Fortunately, they are still not the root of your problems. So, following in the grand example of Ottoman Imams, Lodi Khan Bureaucrats, and that paragon of our society, Mystery Incorporated, you need to venture to remote areas, learn about local problems, and explain that they are not the fault of things that go bump in the night and that the locals should not commit murder over it.

Well, most of the time.

Drop the Pitchfork! is a rules light comedy game that creates chaotic, riotous mysteries. It features a new dice pool system inspired by PBTA, a rotating GM, and the ability for players to just drop in and out of the game over the course of a session, making it perfect for open play tables and large groups. The game plays best with 3 or more players.

Drop the Pitchfork!Price: $2.00

Imps for Da Win / $1.00

Imps for Da Win / $1.00: Publisher: Black Cats Gaming

You is Imps in da monster forges. Humans need to be taught a fi ng or two. Hades the bossman wants it, so der we go. Fing is, is’a rush job. You got a day to cobble summit monster-y together. Stuff’s low since the ‘Release the Kraken’ business, youse got a basic monster skeleton to work on. Worse, a hero and patron god is ‘elpin the humans, but Hades ain’t said who! Whatever, dey is gods and moves in mysty ways. Nobody tells you nuffin’.

Build your monster with a combination of sneaky looting and obsequious groveling to the pantheon of greek gods in this fast playing one page RPG comedy game where you're as likely to get zapped by a thunderbolt as you are get away with the loot while a group of toga wearing gods look the other way. Then see your monster fight a hero of legend - and hopefully give them a smashing that they so richly deserve!

Perfect for anyone who's looking for a fun laugh with friends - bad accents and imp impressions are optional, but highly recommended!

Imps for Da WinPrice: $1.00

Hint / $1.00

Hint / $1.00: Publisher: Monte Cook Games

Hint is a classic detective role playing game using the Cypher System, designed for a game manager and 2 - 6 players. Dare to find the murderer, but beware - it could be you!

HintPrice: $1.00

Fallen Heroes / $1.99

Fallen Heroes / $1.99: Publisher: Uri Lifshitz

Fallen Heroes is a storytelling game about the last expedition you and your fellow heroes will go on. None of you will survive.

Do not read the game booklet itself as reading the game beforehand would diminish the gaming experience.

This game can be played as a solo game or as a group game with up to five other players. 

Be advised that this game deals with issues relating to death, grief, and military PTSD. Please make sure all players are OK with these subject matters. 

Fallen HeroesPrice: $1.99

Anarchy:The RPG set in the No-Future of 1983 / $5.00

Anarchy:The RPG set in the No-Future of 1983 / $5.00: Publisher: Chapter 13 Press

Oi! It’s the year 1983 and the world is gone! Well sort of gone… You see, the big three (Reagan, Andropov, and Thatcher) decided that it was a great fucking idea to start poking bombs at each other, and then BOOM! One day in October it all goes to shite! One day, you are tuning in to the local college station to listen to some local bands, and the next, the station is interrupted by the emergency broadcasting system and a bunch of sirens going off in the sky. A couple of flashes of light and poof no more society!

Anarchy is a Role-playing game of the No-Future where you take on the role of a 1980s era Punk Rocker caught in the aftermath of humanity's destruction.

Anarchy:The RPG set in the No-Future of 1983Price: $5.00

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Game Master's Guide — Beta Playtest / $5.00

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Game Master's Guide — Beta Playtest / $5.00: Publisher: Crossroads Games

A narrative table-top RPG of "semantic design" featuring fast combat—a Story in Action; how you say it is how you play it! Cast any spell, wield any weapon desired, possess any power imagined. Players can quickly create detailed characters with rules that are easy to master and offer a lot of scope for clever and creative play. Eldritch Role-Playing 2nd Edition Game Master's Guide now includes rules for signature weapons, custom character classes, and an entire chapter on adventure building. 

This is the "Beta Playtest" for the Game Master's Guide. Feel free to contact me directly at dan@plyphyny.com with any questions, suggestions, or feedback. This is $5, 50% off of the anticipated price of the final version. All contributions help with additional art and development. This version will be removed when the final version is out. Look for the final playtest volume in the 2nd Edition series, coming soon, featuring the detailed yet adaptable campaign setting, known by sages as Ainerêve, where heroes fulfill their destinies in a world of dream, might, and magic. 

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Game Master's Guide — Beta PlaytestPrice: $5.00

Teatime Adventures / $25.00

Teatime Adventures / $25.00: Publisher: Snowbright Studio

Welcome to the world of the Verdant Isles!

Teatime Adventures is a nonviolent roleplaying game full of heartwarming magic, baked goods, and a tea pairing for every adventure. Gather a few friends around the table and imagine yourselves in the fully realized Village of Oakenbend where you will help uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious mysteries. 

Teatime Adventures uses an easy to learn, family-friendly D20 system that's perfect for newcomers and veteran RPG players alike. Create invigorating elixirs at the snap of your fingers with Kitchen Magic or travel through the very fabric of time and space by casting group spells using powerful Harmony Magic. Featuring fifty new spells, a host of magic items, and custom spell creation rules that let you mix and match spell components in ingenious ways.

Will you choose to be a Deerkin or a Hoptop? Will you be aligned to the Storm or to the Twilight? Will you snack on apple turnovers or spicy dragon biscuits? These choices and more await you in Teatime Adventures

  • Over 200 pages overflowing with beautiful illustrations and hand painted art

  • An inclusive LGBTQ+ and disability-friendly world that is welcoming to all

  • 4 wonderfully cozy mysteries for you and your friends to solve

  • 6 honest to goodness recipes that you can cook at home

  • Over 30 charming villagers for you to meet and befriend

  • Dozens of quaint shops, gardens, and homes to explore in the Village of Oakenbend

  • Dozens of fantastical locations that can take your adventure out across the Isles

Teatime AdventuresPrice: $25.00

GRIT / $9.00

GRIT / $9.00: Publisher: Conjecture Games

The Romans drew the line. Hadrian’s Wall was as far north as the light of Rome wanted to stretch. The divisions that had been drawn further north had been forcefully abandoned, in person and in memory. Yet, despite the current divide between civilization and barbarism, there was something that continued to pull Roman thoughts beyond the wall.

It would be called Tenebrae. The shadow. The tomb of tombs, greatest of cairns. The beneath. The underworld, but not anything like Rome’s Pluto or Hades. It was the most foreign place the worldly Romans had ever seen, and only now had they found it beneath ancient Pictish cairns in northern Britannia.

When Tenebrae touched a cairn, that tomb opened onto a structure that simply could not exist. The interior, larger than the exterior dimensions allowed, opened onto still vaster tomb complexes, with the marks of a craftsmanship more complex than anything in Pictish tradition. Yet, this was just the start of some of the secrets in Tenebrae that drew the Romans beyond the wall.

You are one of the few who know about Tenebrae, and you have been tasked by the Roman Empire, Light of the World, to break open its secrets. Yet, the shadow is unwilling to part with them easily or with those who enter its domain.


GRIT is a diceless, narrative-based role-playing game. In this game you will play a Roman or a Pict—north Britain native—in 4th century C.E. You are tasked by Roman command to examine and report on the strange things occurring in Pict cairns (gravesites). The story turns upside down when the Romans abandon Hadrian’s Wall, and your party becomes cursed by the dark power beneath the cairns. The ruleset is powered by the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG, but it has been distilled and condensed in size and scope.

There are two main game mechanics that drive GRIT:

  • The first is that the character progression system is based off narrated connections the player wishes to make for the story. This is much different than killing a goblin or completing an adventure to gain experience, where it is often the success of an action that determines progression. In GRIT, it is the connection to the action that matters more, such as how the character perceives the possible danger of encountering the goblin.
  • The second is that the player’s character will personally progress their story by way of quests. The quests help define some of the actions that might occur in the story for the character, and the connections that stem from these actions.
GRITPrice: $9.00

Brindlewood Bay: Holiday Edition / $10.00

Brindlewood Bay: Holiday Edition / $10.00: Publisher: The Gauntlet

This is a special Pay What You Want holiday edition of Brindlewood Bay! It will only be available until January 1st! 

Brindlewood Bay is a roleplaying game about a group of elderly women—members of the local Murder Mavens mystery book club—who frequently find themselves investigating (and solving!) real-life murder mysteries. They become increasingly aware that there are supernatural forces that connect the cases they are working on and, in particular, a cult dedicated to the dark, monstrous aspect of the goddess Persephone will come to vex them. 

The game is directly inspired by the television show Murder, She Wrote, but also takes inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, “cozy” crime dramas, and American TV shows from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

Included in the download:

Brindlewood Bay Rules

Brindlewood Bay Rules (booklet printing)

Character Sheet

Reference Sheet

Maven Moves Sheet

Dark Conspiracy Sheet

Three Holiday-Inspired Mysteries:

  • The Great Brindlewood Bay Bake-Off
  • Jingle Bell Shock
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Murder
Brindlewood Bay: Holiday EditionPrice: $10.00

Lucid:Sea of Dreams / $1.00

Lucid:Sea of Dreams / $1.00: Publisher: Gamesgarden

Note! Game is a work in progress, available for free on the Gamesgarden itch io

Lucid:Sea of Dreams is currently in development for Zinequest! Over 6 months of playtesting has ironed out a lot of the kinks but any feedback is always appreciated!

Dreams are dangerous...

A roleplaying game about Lucid Dreamers and their adventures, tribulations, and mysteries in the Waking World and the Sea of Dreams. Inspired by dreams, Where the Wild Things Are, art, Ghibli, World of Darkness, and a dash of Jewish folklore.

  • A super simple and flexible system
  • Creativity and roleplay encouraged

Use as a stand alone RPG or staple on to another system to add a whole new world of play.

Explore the dreams of others!

Delve into myriad fantastic worlds!

Balance life in the Dream, and in the Waking World.

Stroll around the geometrically baffling city  for Dreamers,Escher's Pearl. Pull up a seat at the Reptile Room, where they serve up distilled memories and emotions and always have joy on tap.

Parley with the myriad strange beings that make the Sea of Dreams their home. Stay clear of the mighty Shamir dream worms who eat dreams and scatter ideas.  Beware the hoards of hungry Mazzikim who feast on and farm  emotion. Puzzle over the nature of the mysterious Shedim. Meet, befriend, or fight entities from dream and nightmare.

Every idea an emotion however half-baked dwells somewhere in the Sea of Dreams.

So keep your wits about you Dreamer, because not everything is as it seems

Lucid:Sea of DreamsPrice: $1.00

Architects Arcane / $1.00

Architects Arcane / $1.00: Publisher: Gamesgarden

A one-page tabletop roleplaying game about an architecture firm making magical building and the mishaps along the way.

Architects ArcanePrice: $1.00

DarkEnergy Core Rulebook / $10.00

DarkEnergy Core Rulebook / $10.00: Publisher: Entanglement Interactive LLC

Adventure Awaits!

Survive the Shearing and control the future with the DarkEnergy Roleplaying Game! Suit-up in your power armor and wield your enchanted chain saber as you navigate the apocalypse of Earth and discover new worlds. Within the pages of this book, you will find:

• All the rules you will need to play or run a game of DarkEnergy.

• Character races both new and classic, from tiny fairies, large giants, doglike Cynocephali, catlike Feloran, and reptilain troglodytes to elves and dwarves.

• Fifteen character classes, from wild berserkers, elite sharpshooters, and powerful psionics to genius engineers, arcane mages and mad scientists.

• A detailed explanation of the DarkEnergy setting, including its worlds, deities, factions and history.

• Outfit any character with everything from football pads and modern firearms to energy shields and plasma weapons.

• A unique faith and philosophies system that brings meaning to your beliefs and grants powerful bonuses.

• Curses, cybernetics and mutations give unlimted options for character creation.

DarkEnergy Core RulebookPrice: $10.00

Katanas and Kimonos / $1.99

Katanas and Kimonos / $1.99: Publisher: Thunderegg Productions

Your lord is dead, and only you and your faithful combrades can bring his betrayers to justice. Take up the sword and travel tirelessly until you finally have your vengeance!

Based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper, Katanas & Kimonos is an evocative, samurai-themed game that takes its inspiration from the chanbara films of Akira Kurosawa. At the same time, Katanas & Kimonos encourages players and the GM to seek out or create wondrous and beautiful places.

Unlike other Lasers & Feelings games, Katanas & Kimonos features TWO EXTRA PAGES with advanced rules. These include a press-your-luck mechanic, escalating difficulty (with no math required!) methods for tracking tasks and danger, samurai duels, and even character advancement. Each of these advanced rules are in the spirit of the original game, and you can transfer them to just about any L&F hack.

Finally, you also get a one-sheet adventure, FLIGHT FROM CASTLE MATSUOKA, to help start things off! This adventure is suitable for use as a one-shot or as the start of a whole campaign.

Katanas and Kimonos

Katanas and KimonosPrice: $1.99

Simulacrum / $15.00

Simulacrum / $15.00: Publisher: Last Redoubt Games

Everything You Know Is a Lie

Something is wrong with the world. You've felt it all your life, noticed strange things and people that can't be explained. Everyone said you were crazy, that you were just imagining it all. But they were wrong. It's time to open your eyes, peel back the layers of deception, and climb over the walls of the prison designed to hold your mind.

It's time to join the ranks of the Awakened and learn the truth about the Simulacrum.

The Game

Simulacrum is an action roleplaying game of hyperreality inspired by the classic films The Matrix and Dark City. You play as one of the Awakened, someone who has freed their mind and body from the Simulacrum, an elaborate computer simulation designed by a cybernetic alien collective known as the Menhir in order to study and experiment upon humanity. The Awakened hack into the Simulacrum to free minds and build the ranks of the growing resistance against the invaders. When they plug in, they upload their consciousness into specially designed avatars that grant them incredible abilities to combat the Simulacrum's AI security programs.

The game's streamlined rule system incorporates elements and concepts from the Lumen system by Spencer Campbell and 24XX by Jason Tocci. Each character has a set of base attributes that are used for all actions, but each time they enter the Simulacrum, they also select from one of four avatars that provide them with a different set of special abilities. Any action they take within the system has the potential to be noticed by ongoing security scans, gradually increasing the threat level as the session continues.

This 76 page, full color rulebook contains everything you need to play. A character sheet is also included in the download package and the rulebook is available in high or low resolution.

SimulacrumPrice: $15.00

Tales from the Aerosphere / $14.99

Tales from the Aerosphere / $14.99: Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

Who will you be in this city amongst the clouds?


Tales from the Aerosphere is an original steampunk TTRPG that is powered by the Neon Nights system, a system that prioritizes seemingly limitless character creation freedom.


In this game you will find…


-          HUNDREDS of interesting, unique, and fun Perks


-          DOZENS of weapons, CogWare augmentations for your body, equipment upgrades, and items to add to your beginning character



-          OVER 20 unique and dynamic NPC sheets that are simplistic and accessible to use at any table.


From medics, to assassins, to mechanics, to a literal barbarian, there are THOUSANDS of character combinations you can play  in Tales from the Aerosphere.


The game also includes free updates whenever a new patch is released that adds content or fixes errors.

Tales from the AerospherePrice: $14.99

Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game / $3.00

Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game / $3.00: Publisher: Pandion Games

Camping! S'mores! Spooky stories! Being too scared to go pee at 3 am in the deep abyss that consumes the forest each night when the terrors arise and feast upon those who stray too far from the glowing embers of the dying fire!

STORYTELLER is an ad-lib campfire narrative game of monsters, horror and mystery. Create engaging stories in the wilderness with just camping equipment.

Play can happen either in Game Mode as a traditional roleplaying game, or in Story Mode, to tell an interactive story to an audience.

Set-up involves filling out a Story Prompt that consists of eight fill-in-the-blanks. Players can optionally fill out a Character Profile to define individual characters. This rulebook provides a myriad of options for each, or you can come up with your own.

Once you have played several times, you can sit around the campfire with nothing but your imagination and camping equipment to tell tall tales together. Narrating is easy enough that everyone can take a turn.



STORYTELLER is designed as a horror game that depicts gruesome scenes, violence against adults, children, and animals, and explores dark places in the human psyche. Before play, talk with your group about anything that would be too uncomfortable.

The X-Card is a mechanic to signal when someone is uncomfortable. At the campfire, this can be a stone that is held up, throwing an acorn into the fire, or placing both hands on their head.

Talk with your players about what your signal will be. If at any time someone uses an X-Card, simply fade to black and move on. No questions asked. After the story, remember to check on the health of someone who has played an X-Card.

Parents: Please review the contents of this book. While this is an excellent game to play with teenagers, some options are not appropriate for all age levels. This game is designed for ages 13+ but it can be adapted for any age group.

Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative GamePrice: $3.00

Protocol Squared: Eons / $13.95

Protocol Squared: Eons / $13.95: Publisher: post world games

Eons is a story roleplaying game about inexplicable horror and marginal science. Players take on the roles of occult experts and conspiracy theorists exploring seemingly random events in a small town. The characters must piece together these unusual occurrences and decipher hidden secrets to stop these horrors beyond the veil — whatever they may be — from corrupting our world, hopefully without any undue ramifications.

This book is essentially seven different games in one, with numerous world building setups, including ghastly murders, giallo, the occult, and transcendental horror (to name a few)

Each game in the Protocol Squared series includes rules for set-up and play for 4 or more players (though 3 is possible, just not recommended). This is the next step in the Protocol game series, involving more details, world information, character classes, and so on. This document includes 13 classes, numerous backgrounds, and numerous finales for continuing the game beyond the original time frame.

Protocol Squared: EonsPrice: $13.95

Level 1 2021 / $0.00

Level 1 2021 / $0.00: Publisher: 9th Level Games

LEVEL 1 – The Free RPG Day Official Anthology

Level 1 is an annual RPG anthology series of Independent Role Playing games celebrating FREE RPG DAY! It's a book full of unique, short RPGs, created with passion by independent writers, designers, and game companies. Play on!

Level 1 was available through retailers for free on FREE RPG DAY 2021. Now you can get it digitally too!

The book includes 15 games from diverse, unique voices: 

  • Ball of the Wild by Nat Mesnard
  • Once This Land Was One by Alexi Sergeant
  • Tiny Tusks by Whitney Delaglio
  • “Let’s wear masks & hide from humans” by MV
  • Faeries on the Run by Helena Real
  • Heavy is the Mask by Joel Salada
  • Getting Away With It by Adam Bell
  • Friends on a Walk by Tim Hutchings
  • Restoration by Mara Li
  • We are the Order by Starshine
  • The Ascent of Todd by Michael Faulk
  • Death Mask by Josh Hittie
  • The Chaos Café by Tim McCracken
  • Coven of Crones by Lysa Penrose (get the full version here)
  • Skeletal Remains by Jack Rosetree
  • Vis-A-Visage by Maxwell Lander
  • Tooth or Truth by Dawn Metcalf (get the full version here)
  • Stalag 14 by R.K.Payne


Level 1 2021Price: $0.00

HYPERBOREA Player's Manual / $12.00

HYPERBOREA Player's Manual / $12.00: Publisher: North Wind Adventures

HYPERBOREA 3E Player's Manual


HYPERBOREA is a role-playing game of swords, sorcery, and weird science-fantasy. It is played with paper, pencil, dice, and imagination. Participants include a referee and one or more players. The referee prepares and presents the adventure material (circumstances, challenges, quests, mysteries, etc.), and the players create player characters (PCs), including fighters, magicians, clerics, thieves, and 22 possible subclasses, including barbarian, berserker, cataphract, huntsman, paladin, ranger, warlock, cryomancer, illusionist, necromancer, pyromancer, witch, druid, monk, priest, runegraver, shaman, assassin, bard, legerdemainist, purloiner, and scout..

The heroes of a HYPERBOREA game delve dungeons filled with horrifying monsters, lethal traps, and bewildering puzzles; they explore savage wilderness frontiers and dangerous borderlands; they probe ancient ruins and investigate cursed tombs; they match steel against sorcery and sorcery against steel; and they plunder for gold, gems, and magical treasure.

HYPERBOREA is a “flat earth” realm hemmed in by the mystical boreas (“North Wind”), and under the scarlet light of a bloated, dying sun, its roiling seas spill eternal over the world’s rim. This world is in a perpetual state of decay and is populated by disharmonious men and women, hostile monsters, and weird, alien beings. The setting is adaptable and can be used independently or in conjunction with other milieux, published or home-brewed; indeed, HYPERBOREA might be just beyond the North Wind of any campaign setting.


HYPERBOREA Player's ManualPrice: $12.00

Goblin Errands / $10.00

Goblin Errands / $10.00: Publisher: Sharkbomb

Goblin Errands is a no-prep RPG for 2 to 5 goblins and one Tall Person. Together you'll go on comical (mis)adventures trying to complete seemingly mundane tasks as you struggle with a world not designed for you.

You've just joined a new family of goblins and you are determined to prove yourself useful. Clearly, the best way to do so is by running errands for the community: Buying vegetables at the market or procuring the services of a local wizard to get your wise leader unstuck from his chamber pot.

Unfortunately as a goblin you live in a world made for folk much bigger and stronger than you. And on top of that you have only a single Braincell to work with - and one that you have to share with your fellow goblins. Even otherwise ordinary everyday tasks turn into hilarious challenges.

What's included

  • 41 page rulebook
  • Random generator for your goblin community
  • Random generator for quick errands
  • 4 different goblin playbooks
Goblin ErrandsPrice: $10.00

The Winter Guard: A Second Guess Game / $1.00

The Winter Guard: A Second Guess Game / $1.00: Publisher: Underground Oracle Publishing

A One-Page Solo TTRPG

You have known since birth that one day your shift would come. Each season, a guard to keep it bound. Each guard, to ensure the door never opened. You were excited to test yourself and knew to heed your elders’ warnings. Do not listen to its honeyed words. Do not speak lest you reveal your own weakness. But the winter is long and dark and you are so alone. And the voice from behind the door almost feels like home…

The Winter Guard is a journaling or solo role-playing game that uses the Second Guess system created by William Lentz.

The Winter Guard: A Second Guess GamePrice: $1.00

Clement Sector Third Edition / $24.99

Clement Sector Third Edition / $24.99: Publisher: Independence Games

Welcome to Clement Sector!

In 2210, scientists discovered a wormhole allowing travel to the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy.  Once across, exploration teams discovered worlds far more suited to human habitation than those in star systems nearer to Earth.  Were they terraformed by some unknown race?  Are they just a coincidence in the vast diversity of the universe?

Over the ensuing years humans left Earth and began to colonize these worlds.  Nation-backed colonies.  Corporate colonies.  People who simply no longer felt compelled to remain on Earth.  The best and brightest.

In 2331, the unthinkable happened.  The wormhole collapsed leaving those in Clement Sector cut off from Earth.  Now these new worlds and new civilizations must stand on their own.

The year is 2342.  Adventure awaits!

Clement Sector Third Edition is the ultimate version of one of the fastest growing space opera games out there.  Powered by the Cepheus Engine, this book contains everything you need to run a Clement Sector game.  This new edition contains all of the setting information you need as well as an entire rules set.  

Clement Sector contains a history of the sector and humanity's expansion in the sector.  It has detailed maps showing all 16 subsectors of Clement Sector as well as subsectors from the nearby Ariel and Tranquility Sectors.

Clement Sector also details the Zimm Drive, the method of stellar travel in this setting, and showcases six commonly seen starships.  Deckplans, art, and statistics are provided for the Rucker-class merchant ship, Luxury-class yacht, Trailblazer-class scout, Atlas-class freighter, Starlight-class merchant, and Farragut-class destroyer.  This book also contains the detailed character generation for which Clement Sector is known as well as a handy NPC generator.  

Clement Sector is also filled with campaign and adventure seeds to allow you and your players to jump straight into the action.  

Welcome to the ultimate edition of Clement Sector!  Adventure awaits you!

Clement Sector Third EditionPrice: $24.99

Krampus on Campus / $2.00

Krampus on Campus / $2.00: Publisher: Ursidice

It’s the last week of term and you’re trying to get your BIG PROJECT finished before the holidays. You’ve also got to make sure you get in your goodbyes, gatherings, and social engagements before everyone parts ways. Things would be so simple, if it wasn’t for the University Krampus turning up to make sure everyone is behaving themselves… and throw in a bit of mayhem into the mix.

Can you finish your work, keep on top of your social life, and avoid brutal evisceration before the last day of term?

Krampus on Campus is a mini RPG where you play as undergrads trying to get some damn work done before Krampus eviscerates you.

Krampus on CampusPrice: $2.00

Mission Drift: A One-Page RPG / $1.00

Mission Drift: A One-Page RPG / $1.00: Publisher: Brady Koch

While townsfolk sing songs of adventurers prevailing over ancient evils and visiting rogues tell tales of hidden, distant treasures awaiting plunder, your mind always drifts to the immediate needs of the world around you that are going unmet. With a vision of a better future guiding you and a single gold coin willed to you from your dear departed Aunt, you go forth into the world to attempt a feat that would cause even the realm's bravest warriors to cower: start a charity!

How long can you keep your charity afloat when your donor has drifting interests? What will you compromise to keep meeting the needs across the realm?

Mission Drift: A One-Page RPGPrice: $1.00

Root: The Roleplaying Game / $24.99

Root: The Roleplaying Game / $24.99: Publisher: Magpie Games

War has returned to the woodland!

The Marquise de Cat led her armies to victory over many of the clearings, but the Eyrie Dynasties rise again to oppose her. Meanwhile, the mice, rabbits, and foxes of the Woodland do not sit idly by—the Woodland Alliance, a homegrown rebellion, has emerged, promising to free the Woodland from any oppressors.

In the midst of this war, you and your friends—vagabonds all—travel between the clearings, taking on jobs no one else can or will do. You choose whom you serve, if anyone...but everyone knows you may tip the balance of the War.

Root: The Roleplaying Game is the officially-licensed tabletop RPG based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game by Leder Games. In Root: The RPG, you play vagabonds, individual outlaws whose adventures and alliances define the Woodland forever.

Root: The RPG contains:

  • Nine unique playbooks, each built to help you create a vagabond whose exploits will echo in the Woodland for generations to come.
  • Easy-to-follow rules for all manner of fantasy adventure, including roguish feats, reputation and travel mechanics, and more. 
  • Innovative mechanics for managing equipment, weapons, and combat that make your choices matter both tactically and narratively.
  • Detailed instructions for running Root: The RPG—crafting combats, managing factions, and more—alongside a full clearing, Gelilah’s Grove.

Root: The RPG is a fantasy adventure tabletop roleplaying game for three to six players of woodland creatures fighting for money, justice, and freedom from powers far greater than them. Fame and glory await!

3-6 players | 2-4 hour sessions | Rated Everyone | Powered By the Apocalypse | 

Root: The Roleplaying GamePrice: $24.99

Wendigo / $5.00

Wendigo / $5.00: Publisher: Heroic Tales

A solo, journaling game about the joy of believing that you're alone in the woods and the terror of finding out that you're not.

Wendigo is a game about the peace of solitude and the terror of having that peace broken. To play it, you will adopt a persona called a character through whose eyes you will experience this story vicariously.

In the story you create, your character will run for their life through an unforgiving environment while fleeing from an unknown presence. You, the player, will roll dice to determine how well your character navigates the obstacles that confront them. Along the way, you will record their thoughts and fears using as much or as little prose as you'd like. Depending on how the dice fall, your character may live or die; they may emerge with their sanity intact or they may be forever affected by their encounter.


To play Wendigo, you’ll need the following in either analogue or digital form:

  • An active imagination, a desire to be creative and at least a little bit scared, and a place where you can focus.
  • A journal, blank paper, and copies of the character sheet at the end of this book.
  • A handful of six-sided dice (abbreviated D6).


  • The 56-page, fully-hyperlinked, A5 PDF, which features a minimal (but snazzy), single-column, print-friendly layout.
  • A separate A5 PDF of the Wendigo character sheet.

For 1 player. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Wendigo is copyright © 2021 by David Garrett. Licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This work is based on Heroic Tales, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

WendigoPrice: $5.00

ZOMBI / $8.00

ZOMBI / $8.00: Publisher: Late Gaming Company

The first few pages of this journal have been destroyed by fire and by weathering. The actual location of the structure is unknown. It becomes legible halfway down page six.

“Though the sun overhead had been baking the skin from their backs, his men had been digging without pause for several hours. After all, they were two hours behind schedule and they were losing money with every minute that passed.”

Some pages have been damaged describing the outer defenses of the structure.

“The stone rolled away quite easily, surprising two of the men who panicked in their attempt to get out of the way. The stone rolled on, oblivious to their cries and over a mans leg, crushing it from toe to knee. I didn’t notice until later for my attention was riveted to the space the stone had left. A hole, an opening!”

“Laverne could not decipher the hieroglyphics. He would shake his head and mutter about eternal life and how there was no opposite to eternal life. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I had what I wanted. In a few days I would be recognised among my peers with this discovery”

“Two men in the workforce have died. The first one, the man whose leg was crushed, was stricken with a strange fever that seemed to abate but an hour later he was awake again and attacking the other people in the camp. He’d managed to kill his nurse before the men subdued him. Apparently they had to smash his skull open with a spade to stop him.”

“Five men came from the village today. They spoke to the workers in private. First they herded all of us into a single tent. Maurice shot two of them before they knocked him senseless. Then have taken the charges and the equipment and resealed the chamber. They are returning now. I think we may be in hot water.”

Transcript from the journal of missing archaeologist Alain LaFontaine unearthed in Egypt, 1992. LaFontaine discovered an unknown pyramid and went missing after a workers dispute in 1907. Translated from the original French.

What if the people who were dead got up one day?
What if they got up and started killing other people?
What if the people they killed just got back up and killed some more people?
What if it had already started?
What if that day was 

Zombi is a roleplaying game set in the world of the Zombi. The Dead walk the lands, killing and eating the living. Society has fallen and the only thing left now is to break out, find an island somewhere, live a little...before then end. But there must be more than just static and deserted cities out there? Sometimes you hear the radio talk for a while, sometimes you see lights in the sky and they remind you that even as the streets are haunted with shambling, rotting monsters, humanity is out there waiting for a chance to reclaim everything.

ZOMBIPrice: $8.00

THIS DEFIANT EARTH—1950s Sci-Fi Roleplaying / $19.99

THIS DEFIANT EARTH—1950s Sci-Fi Roleplaying / $19.99: Publisher: C Michael Hall

THIS DEFIANT EARTH is a rules-lite roleplaying game set in a universe inspired by the popular imagination of the 1950s: an Atomic Age dreamscape as envisioned by television, cheap paperback novels, comic books, and above all, movies. In this world, the American Dream is alive and well, but threatened by monsters from the deep recesses of the Earth, alien flying saucers, and sinister foreign agents pledged to destabilize the American way of life with super-advanced technology. Players take on the roles of America’s noble defenders in these thrilling but dangerous times! It’s up to you to stop the horde of gargantuan ants before they establish a colony in the heart of New York City. It’s up to you to thwart the sinister plans of Kro-Gar, the conqueror from space. You will test-pilot rockets, fight monsters, challenge unknown landscapes, and make the world safe for freedom and democracy. You will stand a champion of THIS DEFIANT EARTH!

This complete version of the game includes all you need to play the game, including ready-to-use monsters! No further purchase is required.

THIS DEFIANT EARTH is based on the same Lucky 6 System driving the Urban Knights and Fear Response games (also available from DriveThruRPG). A number of 6-sided dice are required for play.

THIS DEFIANT EARTH—1950s Sci-Fi RoleplayingPrice: $19.99

Weird Stories (Rulebook - Ashcan) / $5.00

Weird Stories (Rulebook - Ashcan) / $5.00: Publisher: Formal Ferret Games

IMPORTANT: This is not the entire game! Buying this product will only get you the rulebook for Weird Stories. If you want the cards, click here.

Weird Stories is a one-shot, zero-prep, dice-less, and GM-less story-editing roleplaying game where players will tell stories similar to the films of David Lynch, novels by Haruki Murakami or Jeff VanderMeer, and the TV series Lost and The Twilight Zone. These stories have many more questions than answers, and remain shrouded in mystery throughout.

You know those books that are creepy thrillers two-thirds of the way through, and then the author turns on the lights and gives names and explanations to everything, and the last third is straight-up action? Nothing against those kinds of stories, but in Weird Stories, the lights never come on, and you never get a full explanation about what happened.

Weird Stories is capable of giving you a cryptic allegory, or a dreamy tale of illogic, or a nightmarish fantasy, or a hilarious fever dream, or straight-up horror. Any of these stories are able to hit us on a subconscious level and stick with us long after playing. 

Let’s get weird.

This is an ashcan version of Weird Stories. The game has already been tested over 100 times in the past few years. Still, elements of the game may change over time from player feedback. The PDF version of the game will always be updated.

Weird Stories (Rulebook - Ashcan)Price: $5.00

The Supercrew / $5.00

The Supercrew / $5.00: Publisher: Tobias Radesäter

Welcome to the Supercrew -- a role-playing game in the form of a comic book. In this game the players get the chance to play themselves, but with super powers. The rules are simple and created to give the players the possibility to give their heroes any powers they want, and use them in interesting ways.

The SupercrewPrice: $5.00

Wizards Without Borders / $1.95

Wizards Without Borders / $1.95: Publisher: Thogreer Screamsong

Wizards Without Borders

A one-page, narrative RPG with no GM
where you create your own playable wizard,
roll to determine a world crisis,
then solve it with a team of others!


As a member of Wizards Without Borders, you are called upon to work with
a team of talented magic-users (or alone) to solve a crisis.
This unique one-page RPG uses simple rules and simple examples
to develop a narrative gameplay.

Now includes bonus "Elves Without Orders" Holiday Edition!

Game Features:

  • Simple, yet robust character creation

  • Unique crisis formation with limitless replayable combinations

  • All rules required to play through narrative storytelling and simple success/fail mechanics (You will require a single twelve-sided die (d12), or virtual equivalent, to play.)

  • Character sheet maps out gameplay and provides space to be creative

  • Fits entirely on one page!

  • Includes black & white version for easy printing

  • 2021 Sprinty Award Winner Edition

  • BONUS: "Elves Without Orders" Holiday Edition (Color & BW) also included!

Wizards Without BordersPrice: $1.95

Ascendant / $20.00

Ascendant / $20.00: Publisher: Autarch

Ascendant is the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. In this 496-page standalone rulebook, you get:

  • Elegant game mechanics that swiftly simulate the physics of a comic-book world using easy-to-reference real-life benchmarks
  • Color-coded challenge action resolution tables that resolve complex actions with superspeed
  • Infinitely scalable system lets you play heroes of any power level, from streetfighters to living gods – and replicate virtually any character from your favorite anime, comic, manga, or movie settings
  • Countless powers all customizable with an easy-to-use system of modifier tags that lets you match your power’s specifics to your character concept
  • Comprehensive detective mechanics for investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses, and finding clues
  • Detailed options for super-geniuses to create inventions, cure diseases, and even bring their outlandish devices into mass production
  • Extensive rules for responding to emergencies such as asteroid strikes, avalanches, disease outbreaks, earthquakes, fires, nuclear disasters, tornados, tsunamis, and volcanoes
  • A huge catalog of pre-built characters and objects including major military vehicles such as aircraft carriers, attack submarines, and ballistic missiles
  • A dynamic mission generation system to help you create challenges for your heroes
  • An optional campaign setting with ready-to-use heroes, villains, and organizations
  • Spectacular artwork by industry-leading pencilers, inkers, and colorists

Who will you become when you ascend? Don your cape and mask and find out in Ascendant.

AscendantPrice: $20.00

SuperPunk / $1.00

SuperPunk / $1.00: Publisher: DiviDestined

You are a ragtag gang of misfit punks with super powers. It’s up to you to take down the corpos, bigots, and enforcers scumming up your city.

Heavily inspired by Lasers and Feelings, SuperPunk is an extra simple RPG to pick up and play whenever you need to sub in a quick one shot for game night. The world might be crap right now, but you're Super enough to see a brighter future, you're Punk enough to work against the system, and you have the Power to change things.

Like my work? Check out what I've done on the DM's Guild!

SuperPunkPrice: $1.00

Traveler's Ironsworn: Mobile Edition / $3.99

Traveler's Ironsworn: Mobile Edition / $3.99: Publisher: Terribly Beautiful

As a Gold Best Seller on DriveThruRPG with an average 4.9/5 star review, Traveler’s Ironsworn: DIY Edition is already used and beloved by thousands of Ironsworn players around the world.

Now, for the first time, Traveler’s Ironsworn is available in a sleek, easy-to-use mobile PDF format. Whether you're swearing your very first iron vow or you're a veteran of the game, Traveler’s Ironsworn: Mobile Edition will take your experience to the next level!

Traveler's Ironsworn: Mobile Edition puts everything you need to play Ironsworn at your fingertips. This PDF is designed specifically for use with mobile devices and tablets. With color-coded internal links, no move or oracle is more than a couple of taps away. The Mobile PDF was designed to be read from a distance so you can keep your device on the table and your head in the game.

Ironsworn has never played so smoothly!

Traveler’s Ironsworn is a play aid for Ironsworn, a tabletop role-playing game by Shawn Tomkin. This play aid gathers all of the moves from Ironsworn and Ironsworn Delve, as well as the core oracles needed for play, into one place and color-codes them for swift navigation so you can stay focused on the game.

Traveler's Ironsworn: Mobile EditionPrice: $3.99

Traveller: Explorer's Edition / $1.00

Traveller: Explorer's Edition / $1.00: Publisher: Mongoose

Traveller is the science fiction roleplaying game of the far future. The Traveller Explorers’ Edition is an introduction to the game for newcomers that provides all of the tools you need to create adventures or even an entire campaign. Create bold scouts and intrepid scientists who travel into the unknown aboard their trusty Type-S Scout/Courier, a rugged exploration ship perfect for the job.

Dock your ship at advanced starports, visit strange worlds, encounter alien beings and animals, and take on the challenges that the galaxy sets before you.

The Explorer’s Edition provides all core game rules for Traveller, plus a universe creation system that allows referees to create new star systems on the fly for their players to visit and explore…

The universe awaits. Welcome to Traveller!

Traveller: Explorer's EditionPrice: $1.00

Astral Drift / $0.00

Astral Drift / $0.00: Publisher: No(2) Studios

Astral Drift is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an immersive outer space setting. You will find yourself battling terrifying aliens with your friends as you travel this new world in your spaceship.

Several centuries after Earth became uninhabitable, humanity took to the stars to save itself. Generations later, our solar system has been left behind, and those who remain have found a new home on Brasmes in the Byria system. As we set up homes, civilizations, and economies, we met several species native to this new system. You are a Drifter -- a brave adventurer who travels the system, using your void weapon or harnessing Radiance (a force of nature that is flowing strongly through this system) doing whatever pleases you.

This book will guide you through creating your drifter, the rules for combat, the types of aliens you’ll meet (both friendly and otherwise), details of Radiance and how you can use it, and much more!

Adventure beyond the stars is calling -- and it’s up to you to answer it.

Astral DriftPrice: $0.00

Esper / $1.00

Esper / $1.00: Publisher: Precarious Studios

Welcome to ESPER. You are capable of wielding psychic powers. Others have saught you out and want you to join them, and help them in their cause. Which side you choose, and what happens next is part of the untold story.

This is in Pocketmod format, and you are free to distribute it!

EsperPrice: $1.00

Decimation - World War II / $12.00

Decimation - World War II / $12.00: Publisher: Sleddog Games

Decimation bridges the gap between two types of games – wargames whose players often have scholarly levels of knowledge of military history, weapons, and tactics, and role-playing games, where a vicarious and fantastical sense of adventure drives the player’s every decision.

With tremendous respect to the pioneers and genres of tabletop gaming, I offer you Decimation, a Role-Playing Wargame (RPW) set in World War II, ideal for miniatures and models of 28mm or 1:72 scale. The game’s theme is a blend between classic, out-of-print, boxed wargames, modern wargaming miniature systems, and traditional pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing games.

You can utilize these rules for any scale of infantry models, figures, miniatures or armor you desire, enjoy collecting, painting, building, and of course, how much gaming space you have. Scale only dictates how we measure distance, not how we measure fun.

Decimation is unique. Instead of controlling large groups of units at a macro scale – divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies, platoons, or squads as a single actionable unit, you control individual soldiers, called Soldier Characters. The number of soldier characters you play is up to you, but an ensemble cast around a squad-sized group captures the intensity and combat tactics of the infantryman. As a player, you make the decisions for each of your soldier characters on an individual basis leveraging their team-focused weapons, training, and tactics to maximize effectiveness.

Unlike war games, Decimation functions with a Referee whose responsibility is to prepare the world, scale maps, the mission, the scenario at hand, along with controlling the enemy forces the players encounter. This style of player-to-referee relationship is common among fantasy role-playing games and is essentially the same in Decimation. For the wargamer, well-versed in historical military squad tactics of the various major powers, you can breathe as much detail here you deem necessary to satisfy your idea of fun.

Decimation provides you a basic framework for character progression and combat. Embellish as you see fit, leaning more towards your fantasy role-playing game sensibilities or your wargamer’s passion for historical accuracy.

Decimation - World War IIPrice: $12.00

Chronoshift / $0.00

Chronoshift / $0.00: Publisher: Team Time Juice

The land of Hearth is in danger. Chronoshifts, once a rare phenomenon, have begun to spread at the behest of the mysterious Otherlings. Within the Chronoshifts, events repeat over and over again without end. Those caught inside are forced to re-enact their actions every loop without realizing they’ve done it all before.

You are different. Time is on your side when you enter the Chronoshift, because your memories remain between every loop. Learn from each loop and harness the sands of time to bend Chronoshifts to your advantage. 

You may be the last hope this world has left.

Chronoshift is a tabletop role-playing game about collaborative storytelling in a world of industry, magic, and time loops. This is a game where actions come with consequences; the things you do on your adventures will affect the game world in myriad ways.
ChronoshiftPrice: $0.00

Dreampunk (rulebook) / $10.00

Dreampunk (rulebook) / $10.00: Publisher: Mill Brook Games

At night, you dream. Your dreams are not idle imaginings, but visits to a persistent world of wonders and dangers both personal and alien. Will you find power there? Will you find freedom? Or will you slowly slip into Entanglement, and be trapped there forever?

Play to find out!

Dreampunk is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2–6 players comprised of two parts: a rulebook and a deck of surreal art cards. Rather than the numerical randomness of dice, it uses these cards as both creativity prompts and a resource to power your special abilities. This item includes the rulebook only, not the Dreampunk deck of cards.

Your character is a Dreamer, someone from a waking world who is drawn to the Dream when they sleep. As a Dreamer, you have powerful abilities to shape the world around you. To do so, you must play a card and incorporate into your action an element of your choice from the card.

Dreampunk can be played with or without a dedicated Guide. By default, the Guide player, rather than play a Dreamer, portrays the world of the Dream and its denizens. Alternately, you may instead distribute the Guide role among all the players, so everyone both plays a Dreamer and shares responsibility for the world. Either way, Dreampunk uses the cards to encourage an improvisational style for inspiring challenges and obstacles, avoiding the need for detailed planning or prewritten adventures. 

Dreamers can be any type of character you can imagine, and they're defined primarily not by their powers or skills but by the Needs that have entangled them with the Dream. Thirteen different Dreamer playbooks are available, reflecting different reasons for entering the Dream, as well as four deeper playbooks for characters with stranger origins. No matter your playbook, you are given wide room to creatively define your character, the world they come from, and their position in the Dream.

The mechanics for Dreampunk are heavily inspired by the token economy of Dream Askew and Dream Apart by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum as well as the zaniness and powerful abilities of Jenna Moran's works. The focus on art cards, however, creates a unique gameplay experience. By playing a card, you can use your Dreamer's lucid abilities to shape the Dream around you and overcome obstacles, defend yourself, or cause chaos. You draw cards when you falter against the Dream, when you use your tethers to the waking world, and when you awaken or find respite. The constantly-shifting array of cards prompts options that are never the same twice for both Dreamers and the Guide.

Dreampunk (rulebook)Price: $10.00

Raven of the Scythe Core Rules / $2.99

Raven of the Scythe Core Rules / $2.99: Publisher: James Embry

Raven of the Scythe is a fantasy RPG that brings you into a world of grim possibilities.  It is a world darker than some, but never sacrifices the joy and excitement of classic fantasy role-playing. 

Fast and easy play using 2d10 system.

Classless system allows you to build the character you want to play with options available to recreate fantasy archetypes such as Melee fighter, archer, wizard, thief, priest, bard, craftsman, scholar, healer, beastmaster, and more; or build your own unique playstyle based on the choices you make for your character using a combination of attribute, skills, and favors.   

Streamlined character creation rules allow you to get into play quickly, while still allowing for a huge variety of character types right out of the gate. 

Modular system allows for both rules light characters with little more than their base stats and highly crunchy characters with a plethora of unique talents and abilities to both contribute at the same table. 

* “Dim-Dark” tone forces players to face exhaustion, lasting injuries, and the constant threat of death, without devolving into depictions of bloody disembowelments or epic gore. 

Low magic setting / high magic possibilities allows the party to delve into a world of darkness and superstition regarding arcane forces, and to also master those same forces if they so choose.

Complete Role Playing Experience including rules for; combat, magic, bardic abilities, animal companions, multiple weapons-based fighting styles, priestly powers, item crafting, alchemy, magic items, treasure, and more.   

Book of Encounters provides more than 200 monsters, creatures, and supernatural foes to give any party a variety of challenging encounters. 

If you want more information about Rave of the Scythe check out my youtube channel.

Raven of the Scythe Core RulesPrice: $2.99

Savage Sisters / $14.99

Savage Sisters / $14.99: Publisher: 9th Level Games

A narrative sword and sorcery TTRPG about women making a difference in a barbaric world.

Circle with a sigil made of a triangle and 3 arrows with a snake winding throughout. The words Savage Sisters are underneath the image.

Does your heart beat faster at the mention of Xena: Warrior Princess, Red Sonja, or the venerable Jirel of Jorey? Do you long for tales of mighty women facing insurmountable odds? Become a part of that story with us in Savage Sisters. Become part of a family of powerful women, who look out for one another and try to defend the world!

Savage Sisters is a shared GM polymorph game. Together the group creates their Sodal, a group of powerful, warrior women who are bound together in sisterhood. This is their story. Each Savage Sister is a legendary character of the Sodal’s past that we are sharing tales of, told across a roaring fire on some far future night.

Savage Sisters Character Sheet

Savage SistersPrice: $14.99