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Tuesday 31 August 2021

VAMP CAMP! [$3.95]

VAMP CAMP! [$3.95]:


You’re a new vampire and it’s not quite as straightforward as you imagined. Maybe you’re struggling to accept your new form, or maybe your feeding habits are testing your roommates’ patience—it’s not your fault that you have to keep a bag of blood in the freezer! Perhaps you’ve tried to talk to your living friends about it; while they’re kind and sympathetic, there are some things they just don’t get.

In your search for help, you’ve stumbled across VAMP CAMP, a local support group for vampires and the only one in your area. In this game for 2-6 players, you’re going to attend your first VAMP CAMP meeting. You’re not sure what to expect but at this point, you’ve got nothing to lose.

This game is GMless by default, though there are alternate rules included if you prefer to play with a facilitator. Players take turns reading and responding to prompts about their experience as vampires. If you don't have your own ideas, you can use the roll tables provided to choose or randomly determine them. 

This game comes with:

  • A 4-page document containing the rules, prompts, and roll tables
  • A tagged PDF for use with screen readers

Please note that safety tools are mandatory for this game. The game rules include information on how to use them, as well as a link to the  TTRPG Safety Toolkit.

This game was written for #BIPOCVampJam  2021. As such, you play as a vampire of colour. I'm a designer of colour who wrote this game to invite other BIPOC to explore vampirism without the stereotypical constraints prevalent in white vampire traditions. Please play the game with this intention in mind.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.35 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you’re in need and can’t afford to buy the game, please help yourself to a community copy. 

Every sale contributes to the pool (13 provided to start). Anyone who pays over the minimum price of $3.95 adds two more copies.

Please consider reviewing, rating, leaving a comment and sharing links to the game with others as a way to help me out for free. Thank you!





[v.] care for something or someone as it grows

THE NURTURE is a collaborative storytelling game set in a soft, post-human world. Inspired by works by Studio Ghibli, explore a perilous land as a drift of adventuring bees as they spread pollen and kindness to rebuild what has been lost. A game that focuses on healing, team-work and putting narrative over stats. 

This is my project for Applied Hope: Solarpunk & Utopias Jam, completed and submitted with less than thirty minutes to spare. Is it mess? Yes. Is it vague? Yes. Don't let that distract you; there's a fun little game waiting to be explored. There will be character and worldbuilding supplements soon, as well as annotated notes from yours truly to give some explanations into the real world influences of the game and what player can do to help the issues pollinators currently face. 

Universe Ball Anthology #1: Lizards & Wizards! [$10.00]

Universe Ball Anthology #1: Lizards & Wizards! [$10.00]:


For fans of absurdist humor and atmospheric science fiction...


There are stories in the stars—huge, bizarre events, isolated by the vastness of the cosmos. By the time you finish this sentence alone, an infinite amount of worlds will evolve, discover, love, hate, die, be resurrected by goo-men, and die again, and yet, you will never even notice because you are too busy doing the same. There is so much history occurring in silence; the only shared constant amongst them is the absurdity of it all.

With this book, you will become an explorer of these absurd events. Each Universe Ball will provide you with the coordinates to one or more of these worlds where you will become key players in cosmic stories whether it be on a planet trillions of miles away, or right here on Earth. You will find wonder, horror, mystery, and more specifically, lizard people named Tobeep.


Universe Ball Anthology is a series of silly, scifi tabletop roleplaying games that focus on odd discoveries, creative problem solving, and being stupid with your friends. This first book comes paired with two adventures...


These are a species of sentient carbon dioxide creatures who are converted into oxygen and breathed by the passengers of the ship in an infinite cycle.

1. The S.S.O.S. (6-chapter adventure campaign):

In this wacky, story-heavy heist, you and your friends will play as a crew of lizard thieves and explore a strange space cruise ship in an attempt to rob its interdimensional fuel, all while dealing with an array of vacationing alien criminals and misfits.

As players search for the ship's fuel, they’ll discover many relaxing amenities onboard the ancient S.S.O.S. such as a pool filled with sky, an infinite buffet, and a procedurally generated theatre. The ship is chock-full of absurd encounters at every turn, like a horny floor that enjoys being stepped on, a clock that removes the linear experience of time when observed, and a baguette that makes your voice really loud.

Not only is this game full of silly absurdity, but as you play, you’ll uncover a mystery and learn the disturbing truth about the enigmatic captain of the ship.

The setting can be ported into any suitable system!

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)
  • 6 Chapters
  • Each Chapter is 1-3 Hours
  • Dungeon / Sandbox Hybrid
This is the sought-after engine of the S.S.O.S.

2. Yep, That’s Me (mini sandbox one-shot):

Attend a medieval convention in the far future of Earth in this mini, chaotic sandbox adventure. The players will start this game in a randomized story climax and then flash back to the beginning where they will have to figure out how to get back to the end.

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)
  • Play as futuristic characters dressed in medieval cosplay
  • 1-4 Hour Sandbox Game



Our games can either be run using our very simple set of rules or can be ported into other suitable systems. Otherwise, the game is mainly about exploring, talking to NPCs, and creative problem-solving!


We are new to the TTRPG scene and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on our games! Your support would mean the universe to us :)


Sun Haven [Free]

Sun Haven [Free]:

Sun Haven is a narrative experience that allows you to build an unique setting. The Lore is abnormal but casually drafted with a lot of blanks for you to fill.

This game was created in the context of “Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam”. In order to play it you’ll need to be slightly familiar with TTRPG concepts and their terminology.
The mechanic used is FLING.

After the Shift, colonies started to emerge above the clouds. Settlements were created on top of floating Moon Rocks. As the Sun became the main source of energy these shelters were named Sun Havens. The establishments are now packed with vertical gardens and they are known by the unique agricultural product they grow - colonies trade goods among them and sometimes they can even be chained to one another. 

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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I want to share this game for free. I just put the price so I could make a sale to crowdfund some stuff for the game.




Sauropolita - A City Lost To Time [Free]

Sauropolita - A City Lost To Time [Free]:


Sauropolita – A City Lost To Time is a “Dino-Solarpunk Tabletop Roleplaying Game”  inspired by utopian fiction from authors like Ursula K LeGuin, classic adventure tales, and the works of author-painter James Gurney.

The rules of Sauropolita are designed to let players create colorful humanoid/dinosaur characters (and other creatures from Earth's prehistory) who've been plucked from disasters, sacked cities, and extinction events from across time, and deposited into a mysterious continent shrouded by mist and lit by two suns. 

Player can also collaborate to design their own custom version of  "Sauropolita," a fledgling multi-species utopian city, and immerse their characters in exciting adventure narratives such as:

  • Embarking on a thrilling expedition to uncharted lands and mysterious caverns.
  • Making a splash at a performance, exhibition, or other festive occasion.
  • Leading a movement to reform or improve aspects of Sauropolitan Society.
  • Exploring and protecting the ecological diversity of the land and waters they live in.
  • Rescuing people from natural disasters, time storms, and predator attacks.
  • Keeping the peace between the established clans and newly arrived temporal castaways.

To play Sauropolita – A City Lost To Time, players will want a copy of this rulebook, printouts of each Character Playbook and Neighborhood Sheet, and a few twenty-sided dice (D20s).


Version 0.1  of Sauropolita – A City Lost To Time is a rough draft thrown together last-minute for the  Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam.  Feel free to chime in with feedback  as I work to refine and streamline these rules for a more engaging roleplaying experience!

Version 0.2  of Sauropolita – A City Lost To Time is a revision of the rough draft thrown together last-minute for the  Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam. – specifically, one that fixes the fairly messy layouts of the Character Playbooks. Feel free to chime in with feedback for this new version as I work to refine and streamline things for a more engaging roleplaying experience!

Sauropolita – A City Lost To Time is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Share, use and adapt as you please while citing the original source!

Vertigo [Free]

Vertigo [Free]:


     Vertigo imagines a world where humanity is not alone in the galaxy and artificial intelligence has become common place. The setting may appear utopian to the standard citizen of the core worlds but the further you dig the more you'll uncover the shady dealings that makes it all possible. Meanwhile life on the frontier is a constant struggle between scarce resources, inhospitable planets, and the constant threat of alien raiders. Players adopt the role of citizens working in this murky underworld. Pirates, smugglers, mega corp agents, military operatives on deniable operations, anything is possible.

     Vertigo uses an Action Dice system best described as a mix between dice pools found in games like Shadowrun and Action Point systems found in many turn based games. The game can support every scale from close, character driven stories up to massive space operas spanning the Milky Way and beyond.

      Vertigo will remain in open beta until the art is finished after which the artless PDF will remain free. A full color art PDF will be available for a low price as well as both paperback and hardcover physical copies.

      Two supplements are currently planned:

     Vertigo: Fleet Action - All the rules needed for space ships and combat from small, intimate engagements between pirate cutters all the way up to massive battlegroups exchanging blows from extreme distance.

      Vertigo: Currently Unnamed Supplement - Rules for mass combat between militaries and organizations as well as adding military vehicles, logistics, and other assets.

Join the community at https://www.reddit.com/r/VertigoRPG/

Rent-A-Ghost [Free]

Rent-A-Ghost [Free]:

Join the dole queue of the Working Dead!

One page role-playing, comedy story-telling game about very odd ghosts doing very odd jobs, strongly influenced by 1970s British Children's Telly, the rigours of  improvisational theatre and the childhood joys of scoffing sweets!

Each player creates and takes on the role of a peculiar ghost, hired by Rent-a-Ghost Ltd. to solve a problem for one of its many awkward customers. All the players help generate the situation, and then work together using their stupendously spooky supernatural powers to save the day, all while sharing sweets and trying to make each other laugh. 

Madcap mayhem for 2-6 players. 

Additional Equipment Required:

In addition to the rules each player will also need

  • 12 sweets to eat and share
  • 2 normal six-sided dice to roll

Rent-A-Ghost is free to download and play, although if you enjoy the game, you're more than welcome to make a donation.

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Storyboarders! [$8.00]

Storyboarders! [$8.00]:


Storyboarders! is a no-stakes game of improvised story creation inspired by the process of creating storyboards for cartoons and film.

In it, 3 or more players take turns drawing and writing on sticky notes to craft a shared story that they then read or act through!

Before play begins, everyone submits up to 2 words on a shared sticky note to create "Touchstones"- ideas, themes, and objects for players to use as inspiration for their story. 

A short, sweet, silly, and fun postcard-sized game for players of all ages, Storyboarders! is sure to be a hit whether in person or playing online!


To play, you'll need:

  • 6 sticky notes for each player
  • Something to write with
  • A one-minute timer

Postcard-sized physical copies available at Dinoberry Jam!

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Every purchase of a physical copy at dinoberryjam.com adds 2 community copies, and every digital purchase here adds 1!




Himbo Treasure Hunt [Free]

Himbo Treasure Hunt [Free]:

YOU are a bunch of muscular people who are good-natured and not academically inclined. You’re on a mission to save the local gym from being demolished and repurposed into some high-end apartments. Lucky for you, you’ve heard tell of an ancient treasure buried under your high street way back in 1973! You’ve got until 5pm to find the hidden treasure and buy back the lease.

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Onward from Omelas [Free]

Onward from Omelas [Free]: Discover the beauty of the city. Unearth its darkest secret. Learn to walk away.
Onward from Omelas

Milestone [Free]

Milestone [Free]:

Milestone is a solo ttRPG designed to help tell the story of a single protagonist with a clear and focused objective.

Milestone's rules fit on one page and are generic, meaning that they can potentially be adapted to as many different settings and stories as possible. At the moment this engine has been used to tell:

  • The story of Wakita, a shaman from the polar region. His tribe has been oppressed by a plague and he needs to travel through the spirit world and recover an offer for the Winter Spirit.
  • The story of Lang, an astronaut from the far future. Her spaceship has been attacked and left adrift by pirates. She is alone and has to escape, but  a 0G killer drone stalks the dark corridors, sensing her fear.

This game has been an attempt at rationalizing and structuring my games of make believe as a young teen.


This game has been inspired  by John Wick’s 7th sea, Robert J. Shwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord, Nathan Russel’s Freeform Universal and Black Sands Games’ On Solar Sails.


This game has seen few playtests, as such it's probable the rules  will need a better narrative structure and procedure smoothing.

Feel free to try it and possibly give me a feedback: any comment or idea  is welcome and will help provide a better experience for me and other potential players. 

PS: My English is a bit rusty, I hope I am  forgiven if I made some mistakes.



Flesh&Spirit: a Lasers&Feelings Hack [Free]

Flesh&Spirit: a Lasers&Feelings Hack [Free]:


"The lord has disappeared, his Land is in turmoil, those who could run are already long gone: it seems like the Last Days are coming. Old Town is left alone, isolated and guideless. Life still needs to carry on. In these dark times and in these God-forgotten places, all Townsfolk must unite to survive and avoid the Triumph of Death."

Flesh&Spirit is a simple one-page roleplaying game telling the story of a community struggling for its survival in an harsh, medieval world.

This game takes the simple ruleset of Lasers&Feelings, with a few tweaks borrowed from other RPGs and adding an OSRish grim feel.

Remember: the survival of the community is more important than the single lives of its  members.


Flesh&Spirit has been inspired  by John Harper’s Lasers&Feelings, Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor’s Spire: the city must fall, Emanuele Galletto’s Death Spiral, and Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Flesh&Spirit has seen no playtests, as such it's probable the rules  will need some small tweaks and balances. 

Feel free to try it and possibly give me a feedback: any comment or idea  is welcome and will help provide a better experience for me and other potential players. 

PS: My English is a bit rusty, I hope I am  forgiven if I made some mistakes.

Cyberpunk is Dead. [Free]

Cyberpunk is Dead. [Free]: Forged in the Dark game of playing a faceless corp hit squad
Cyberpunk is Dead.

Buffalo Commons [Free]

Buffalo Commons [Free]: Sail the skies of the Great American Re-Wilderness
Buffalo Commons

Flats & Fangs [$3.00]

Flats & Fangs [$3.00]:

You are a group of vampires that share a flat together. You are all trying to live your best (un)life while blending into the modern world.

Flats & Fangs is a hack of the fun, rules-light game Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. This was created for BIPOC Vamp Jam, and is my first completed game here.  

It is easy to play and run: character creation takes about 5 minutes, and there are several adventure prompts for GMs.  Game Play can take anywhere from 2 hours or more.

If you enjoy the absurdity of mockumentaries like The Office or What We Do In The Shadows, combined with the macabre of being blood-sucking creatures of the night - then play to find out in Flats & Fangs!

*Update* V1.1 - Minor rewording and editing to the game for clarity.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Each sold copy of Flats & Fangs will create a Community Copy available to someone in need.

If there are no Community Copies available, and you represent a marginalized group and would like to request a copy for free, message me on Twitter @media_junkie



CR4SH && BURN [Free]

CR4SH && BURN [Free]: ai-hunting cyberpunks, Dug by Goons

Waxworm [Free]

Waxworm [Free]:


Many years ago, a young boy rode the train into the city. He didn’t know that one day the train would stop. He didn’t know that one the city would fall, that its skyscraper heights would be bleached by sun and salt and yield to burgeoning coral beds. He didn’t know that his seat would become a planter, a dug-out bin of dirt and moss turned on its side and cared for by a mother and her daughter, who wanted to grow tomatoes in the bright sun . . .


Waxworm is a game about legacies, survival, spite, love, and reclaiming a world taken from you by others. It is also a rule-light solarpunk tabletop role-playing game set in a world covered in water and broken concrete spires baking in the sun, and named for the questionable theory that waxworm moths might be well on their way to one day digesting plastics. Players may find themselves helping regrow broken communities adrift on the waves. They may also find that they are adrift themselves, searching for a community in which they can grow.

In Waxworm, each player acts as a Crew, rather than an individual. These Crews work together to grow and support each other, and face down adversity upon the waves and islands. The core of gameplay involves exploring relations within and between Crews, and exploring how those dynamics shift as crewmembers come and go.

Players also get to build and develop their Crews' vessels, ships which serve as homes and sources of additional moves and customization. Vessels, like crewmembers, come in a variety of classes, each with unique features and form. Additionally, Crews work together to build and improve a collective village-vessel, their greatship, used as a home port and base of operations during adventures.

Waxworm is a GM-optional game. Play without a GM is best suited for players who want to focus on exploration, lore-building and discovery, and peaceful construction of a new community. GM-driven play is useful for players who want a nudging hand in establishing overarching plots or interactions with external forces, for good or ill. The rulebook also contains suggestions for campaign premises and rule variants, some of which can, in combination with a GM, make for a more traditional style of RPG play. With or without a GM, Waxworm makes use of a standard set of playing cards to help determine random events, and dice to determine the success of players' actions.

Inspiration for the game is taken from various sources, including Spiritfarer, The Quiet Year, Stardew Valley, and real-life ocean exploration. Waxworm revolves around the "sweet" of "bittersweet," encouraging players to develop stories of healing and joyful, summer-bright growth.


Included in the download is the complete, 24-page rulebook for Waxworm, which contains lore, creatures, and player reference sheets - all sized to standard 8x10 printer paper. The Waxworm download also contains a separate PDF of just the major reference sheets, the useful pages for individual players to print or keep handy to keep track of their Crews (and which GMs can easily distribute or reprint as they see fit).

It is recommended that all these documents be printed double-sided for the best formatting (and paper-saving!) experience.


Beyond the rulebook and player sheets, materials recommended for play include a deck of standard playing cards, used to determine encouters and events, communal map and drawing materials (either physical or via an online cloud-based drawing tool), a log sheet for players to keep track of lore, creatures, and other discoveries, and a set of standard ttRPG dice or a digital equivalent (d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, and d4).


Enjoy, explore, and grow your legacies!


Small Sword RPG [Free]

Small Sword RPG [Free]:

Imagine yourself as a tiny adventurer in world full of treasure, and monsters. All within your living room. Throw a card, and follow the treasure. Just try to stay alive to collect it!

Donating to this game, goes to support other, much bigger, games coming in the future!

Also big thanks to Mitchell Daily, for their Tiniest Wizard RPG and the inspiration for this game. Find Mitchell's game here: https://mitchelldaily.itch.io/tiniest-wizard

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Relentless RPG [$8.00]

Relentless RPG [$8.00]:

What started as a normal day on a remote island working to modernize the old Aurora Lighthouse has quickly turned to shit. Now you must survive, survive by all means possible. Can you do it? Supplies are limited and there' s not many places to run. Your main advantage is your knowledge of the island, the lighthouse, and all the supporting buildings.

The Relentless is a solo journaling game with themes of survivalist horror. Please check the content warnings at the beginning of the game if you are so inclined.

This game is a Wretched & Alone game made using the SRD by Sealed Library which is distilled from the excellent game The Wretched by Chris Bisette.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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When someone buys this game they unlock a community copy for others.

If for whatever reason you want to play this game and can't afford it, a community copy is for you. If you have to invent reasons why you shouldn't take a community copy, then you probably should.

If there are zero community copies left and you were hoping for one, please let me know via Twitter @irreverendjamie (send me a DM).


The Road That Rises [Free]

The Road That Rises [Free]:


The Road That Rises is a storytelling tabletop roleplaying game for two or more people about those who've chosen to live a life-long journey of adventure, intrigue, heartfelt losses, and hard-won victories. 

It is a setting-agnostic rule set (The Road takes many forms), and designed to get out of the way and let the Storytellers and Narrator get straight into the story at hand.

Roll with Valour, Grace, Reason, Charm, and Heart as you overcome the many obstacles you'll find upon The Road. Mark Experience when you lose something valuable, find something important, fail heroically, or succeed epically.

It doesn't matter where you started, it doesn't matter where you're going; all that matters is what you do, and who you become, as you travel The Road That Rises.

Warmer In The Winter [$7.95]

Warmer In The Winter [$7.95]:

Warmer in the Winter is a tabletop roleplaying game about finding love in a cozy winter world. It is inspired by Hallmark and Lifetime style holiday romances such as The Spirit of Christmas, Let It Snow, and A Royal Christmas but the system works equally well for romantic dramedies in the vein of Gilmore Girls and Good Witch.

Here you will follow the denizens of a nosy small town, a tight knit group of urban friends, outsiders, and more as they mature, fall in love, strengthen their bonds with each other, and learn the meaning of the season. Enjoy the smell of espresso in the corner coffee shop, revel in the warmth of the fire at the inn down the lane, defend the community park against the plans to pave it over, and stumble over your words in front of the stranger with the sparkling eyes.

The game is Powered by the Apocalypse, using the same engine for many popular games and zines like Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Girl Underground. With some inspiration drawn from teen drama Monsterhearts but filtered through a rosy, cozy lens, it might even be fun to say that Warmer in the Winter is Powered by the Heart.  Warmer in the Winter is geared toward brief stories of a few sessions or even oneshots. The game contains a variety of sample side characters, locations, and scheme prompts that players can use to quickly tailor their experience or even get the creative juices flowing to craft their own cozy world with a minimum of prep time.


In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Gears & Gentility [Free]

Gears & Gentility [Free]:

YOU ARE BRAVE STEAMPUNK ADVENTURERS! You travel the world in your trusty airship looking for perils to face, villains to confound and catastrophes to avert. Far from the embrace of civilisation you have nothing to rely upon but your wits, your comrades and sheer spunk.


A one-page, fast play, easy Table-top Role-playing game based on the wonderful LASERS and FEELINGS, originally written by John Harper. You get a PDF of the full rules. You’ll need to supply some six-sided dice, pencil paper and imagination.

Released under the Creative Commons License.

Disclosure: This is an “Ash Can” version of the game, released with minimal playtesting.

Tether [$3.00]

Tether [$3.00]:

Nothing ever happens in this forgotten town. Every day is as predictable as the last, dragging on into eternity. And that made it even more strange when you happened upon the journal. It may have been hidden by the decaying foliage of last season on the forest floor, washed up on the shore of the stream that leads into the old cave outside of town, or even perched among the rafters of the old abandoned barn behind the high school, but wherever it was that you spotted it, it drew you in.

Tether is a role-playing game for two players. Tether is played through the process of writing journal entries. Each player will take on the role of a character living in the same rural town, during different time periods. The two characters are connected by a journal known as The Tether which allows them to write notes to each other through time. The two players (and characters) will work together to discover the secrets of an ancient being that haunts the town. Players will take turns drawing a card from a deck which is associated with a prompt, then using that prompt to write a journal entry. Over the course of 16 entries, the two will play out a story of suspense, horror, and possibly triumph.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you want to play Tether but can’t afford it right now, please claim one of these community copies at no cost!




Necrocarta [Free]

Necrocarta [Free]:

Necrocarta is a solo Carta game where you play as an adventurer, explore a mysterious dungeon on a quest to find the Heart of the Crypt. 

 It was inspired by Crypt of the Necrodancer and created for gamejamdor4!

To play, you will need:

  • One standard deck of playing cards, jokers removed
  • Two six-sided dice
  • A character marker, like a figurine or a coin
  • Some way to keep track of your health and inventory, like a piece of paper and a pencil, or a notes app on your phone. 

Based on the Carta SRD by Peach Garden Games.

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5 Cards [Free]

5 Cards [Free]:

5 CARDS is a card-based Table-top Role-playing Game engine which can drive any genre of TTRPG using pieces of paper or card in place of dice.

Players have 5 Character Cards which define their PC


5 Action Cards which tell them how successful those PC’s in their adventures.

There are also:

5 Referee Cards which determine what happens to the players’ Action Cards after they are played.


This PDF file, available to download for free - two sides of A4 - contains full instructions on how to use the system plus an example setting (Voids) and a fully designed adventure (Shell Games).


You’ll have to provide some paper or blank cards (5 for the Referee and 10 for each player).

Disclosure: I wrote this system for the 2017,  200 word RPG challenge - where it reached the final shortlist. It has had minimal play-testing.

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We Are Not Approaching Swindon [Free]

We Are Not Approaching Swindon [Free]:


We Are Not Approaching Swindon (WANAS) is a unique one-shot horror RPG that’s all about the journey.

Being a passenger can be fraught with tension – lack of control, being untethered, a sense of separation and need for self-preservation. From an overcrowded tube train to a lonely car in a traffic jam, it’s a time when hope can give way to numbness, fear or frustration.

This short and intuitive RPG allows you to shape a horror transport scenario with your own setting and theme, then play out a journey full of tense and frightening twists and turns. Will you arrive at the end, or manage to steer towards your own destination? Or will the story close out before you reach safe haven?

The game is for 2 - 5 players plus GM. You will need the rules and character sheets, some counters, and an eight-sided die (d8) for each player. 

Notes: This game was made in a week as part of the TGI (Tiny Game Idea) Friday series! That said, I would love to make some improvements, include some illustrations and give it a polished layout. Maybe some day. 

busted! [Free]

busted! [Free]:

We are here to steal stuff and maybe break things. We are here to disrupt systems who despise us and who we despise, and perhaps to make lots of money. And maybe, along the way, we’ll get to unravel great mysteries about our own lives.

We may not know each other well, but we must trust each other enough to work together on this. We will press our luck and get away with the impossible. We won’t be able to do it alone.

Busted! is a roleplaying game that is also a press-your-luck card game. Tension will build as we take calculated risks to get what we want; we will flirt with disaster at every step of the way. 

This game is stargazersasha's debut RPG! It is an antifascist work of queer lit. If you’re not down with that, go away.

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Pocket Delver [Free]

Pocket Delver [Free]:

Pocket delver is a solo dungeon-crawling game that fits in your pocket. It's a bit more crunchy than most solo dungeon-crawlers in this platform, but still relatively rules-light.

To play, you will need: 

  • The mini-zine and character sheet provided here
  • A set of polyhedral dice
  • A blank sheet of paper

The main file can be printed on a Letter-size sheet and folded into an 8-page mini-zine using  this guide. A screen-friendly version is also provided.

Pocket Delver was designed, written and created by Juan Carlos Hernández. It takes inspiration from games like Harper's Quest and Solitary Defilement for Mörk Borg.

Pocket Delver is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, so feel free to reuse it, redistribute it and remix it however you see fit as long as you follow the license terms. 

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We Sail Beyond [$8.00]

We Sail Beyond [$8.00]:


We Sail Beyond The Edge For Adventure Lies There is a hexmap generator for adventures beyond the edge of the known world.

You sit in the tavern before you embark on your journey and hear the tales of those who claim to have been beyond the edge. A few have scars. Some have poorly drawn maps they want inordinate amounts of money for. Most are drunk and run their mouth. You listen and make notes in the hope it might save your life, or better yet, make your fortune.

More Than Drunken Fools

Maybe it isn’t sailors in a tavern. You can use it wherever you wish. Have a witches coven tell you of visions from their walks on the astral plane. Summon some tricksy imps and make a bargain with them for information. Visit a retired adventurer’s hospice and have tea and biscuits with your elders. Sift through crumbling maps and ancient tomes, unearthing scraps of forgotten knowledge.

In Play

A playthough of We Sail Beyond generates a hexmap for the players, and a slightly but significantly different true map for the GM. It uses shared stories and rumours to create content for that map to go off and discover.

It can be played as the first session of a longer campaign, played standalone to generate a delightful artefact, or play episodically when you need new map content.


We Sail Beyond is system neutral and intended for use with your fantasy RPG of choice. That said, there is nothing that would stop it working in a sci-fi or modern setting so long as exploration is a theme of the game.

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The DMPC is Dead [Free]

The DMPC is Dead [Free]:


I found that we created motivations, bonds, flaws, and a call to adventure naturally over the course of the game.

             Doktor Wunderbar, Playtester

The DPMC is Dead is a tabletop roleplaying game and session zero gaming tool which aims to collaboratively create the first act of a grand campaign. As you enter the world, you know only that The DMPC is Dead. You do not know who the DMPC is, what killed them, or even who you are. You only know what impressions you felt in that fateful moment. Let those memories guide you to the truth.

Action rolls were neat, parsing out what exactly happened was rad, and combos make for cool reactions and character building.

             Manwad, Playtester

3 to 5 players proceed through set-up and action rounds by rolling to discover their impressions of fateful episodes from their adventure. At the end of every round, the players adjudicate what their impressions say about the world, canonize the world’s lore, and refine their hypothesis of, “How It Came To This.” In the final round, the players will adjudicate the whole truth of the story.

Maintain Your Momentum

I didn't have to 'create' a character - it happened, even without a particular gaming system in mind.

             StrategicBeard, Playtester

The stories discovered in The DMPC is Dead can easily be continued in any number of TTRPG systems. The DMPC's death is rarely the end, and quite often the very beginning. So let your stories emerge from the shared understanding of these illuminated moments. The details can be anything as long as the story has heart. Find that heart in the time you shared with the DMPC and the world will follow. 

Except for the DMPC of course. They're incredibly dead.

Additional information and more testimonies can be found on my patreon, here!

Tournament Arc RPG [£4.99]

Tournament Arc RPG [£4.99]:


What is Tournament Arc?

Tournament Arc is a text-based, real-time, head-to-head, fighting roleplaying game. Most importantly, Tournament Arc is a game where you create any character you can think of (or steal from your favourite media), and fight your friends.

When you play Tournament Arc, you will create a powerful fighter and you’ll try and beat other fighters in arena combat. Fighters can be anything you can fathom, from talented martial artists to alien creatures from other dimensions, and from off-duty superheroes to ordinary people granted arcane powers by elder beings. The one thing that they all have in common is that their powers come from spirits. Spirits are strange entities that recently appeared in the world, and are as diverse as the fighters themselves. 

Tournament Arc is best played as a series of fights across a tournament, where players duke it out to try and claim victory. Each fight, two players will face off against each other, and will aim to bring their opponent’s energy down to zero. To do so, they will be secretly telling a third player – the conduit – what they are doing each stance of the fight, and whether or not they want to invest their precious energy into making their attacks even more powerful. The conduit will then determine what happens, and how much energy each player loses. The fight continues like this until one fighter runs out of energy, or time runs out, with the player with the most energy left winning.

Tournament Arc is much more than just a series of fights. It is a community and an ecosystem, full of places to inhabit and characters to interact with. There are friendships to build, stories to tell, and challenges to complete. If you’ve never encountered something like Tournament Arc before, you might just be surprised what bringing together the creativity, passion, and playfulness of so many people into a single space can create. 

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Super Hero RPG [Free]

Super Hero RPG [Free]:

A freeform Superhero RPG inspired by the Free Kriegspiel Revolution!

Super simple d6 based rules and plenty of tables and generators to fill your game with heroes, villains, places, organisations, goons, missions and more! Includes HTML files with fully automated versions of all of the tables in the PDF to make generating game details happen with the click of a button!

Includes d66 tables and generators for:

  • Superpowers
  • Weaknesses
  • Appearance
  • Backstory
  • World history
  • Current events
  • Organisations
  • Missions
  • Twists
  • Places and areas
  • Goons
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