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Friday 30 November 2018

The Underwater People

The Underwater People:

The Underwater People
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games

The Pitch

The Underwater People is a gently funny and melancholy game about outsiders forced to assimilate.

You play people who really ought to live underwater but are, instead, selling real estate and wireless plans in suburban Atlanta. So you are a princess of Atlantis, or a swamp monster, or a siren, literally a fish out of water in the dry world, and the people you meet at a Day's Inn conference room once a month are solace and reminder.

This requires for 4-10 players, including one player/facilitator and about 2 hours.

The Underwater People

For the first time, a group of underwater people are getting together to meet, share their lives, and commiserate about life out of water. Secret gill-men, naiads, barnacle lords, fish-women, and the people who love them all meet in their reluctantly adopted hometown far from the sea, all glad for some understanding and companionship in a dry, difficult world full of secrets and hardship. Maybe if things go well this can be a monthly thing.

What's Included?

A 30-page PDF, including facilitator instructions and character cards.


Comment here, or get in touch with us at info@bullypulpitgames.com.

Effusive Praise?

We're on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Tag us in @bullypulpit_HQ.

Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

Price: $8.00

Ears Are Burning

Ears Are Burning:

Ears Are Burning is now on

a dark blue box with the text "Ears Are Burning by Brie Beau Sheldon, a game of superstition & the public eye"

Ears Are Burning is a single-player game using timed observation and body control (low-impact meditation) to explore our connection to the constant flow of input from others, and our own output in desperation to match it, and the way it impacts us physically. It's a simple experience, but everyone knows that when it comes to discourse, it's always possible to lose the game.


Ears Are Burning is super simple but it is expressing an experience I'm struggling with as I work through running a Kickstarter. It's not easy - in fact, it's super challenging - to let your ears cool down. I hope I can find more time to do it soon. Won't you join me?

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Thursday 29 November 2018

Raising Azazel

Raising Azazel:

Raising Azazel
Publisher: PPM

Raising Azazel was written as part of the 2018 NaGaDeMon, that is National Game Design Month. The NaGaDeMon challenge says that a game should be written and played during a single month, November. This game was written between 1st and 27th of November 2018. It has been playtested by a total of 1 person, namely me.

As the game was written in a single month there has been virtually no editing or even proof reading. I apologise in advance for errors and ommissions.


The core system used in Raising Azazel is FUDGE. This game has taken just a small amount of the FUDGE rules to create a basic role playing game. If you like the game then let me know and I will look at the game again, edit, reorganise, improve and expand it.

Raising Azazel is a role-playing game in which each player has become entangled in the web of a globe spanning conspiracy with demonic overtones. Also, by chance, each player character also happens to be a direct descendant of one of Charlemagne’s twelve paladins.

Raising Azazel is a ‘tethered sandbox’ game. In a traditional sandbox the Game Master creates the world and the different factions within it and the characters can do anything and go anywhere and write their own stories. Raising Azazel the players can do that but at the same time their fate is forever entwined with a central plot. If the characters choose to ignore the plot then eventually the plot will come to find them.

Price: $1.00

The Blackest Hack

The Blackest Hack:

The Blackest Hack
Publisher: Tragos Games

The Blackest Hack is a version of The Black Hack optimized for evil player characters.


Price: $1.00

Ultimate Hyper Fantastic Magical Girls Role Playing Game

Ultimate Hyper Fantastic Magical Girls Role Playing Game:

Ultimate Hyper Fantastic Magical Girls Role Playing Game
Publisher: Ultimate Hyper Games

This contains the Players Guide, GM Guide, and the Corruption Compendium (a monster manual). I put them all together for convenience (even though they should probably be separate documents), so I'm sorry if the page numbering gets funky!

What is Ultimate Hyper Fantastic Magical Girls Role Playing Game?
UHFMGRPG is a lightweight (ish) tabletop role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons. It's designed to be easy to learn, fun to play, but still have a lot of meaningful choices to make as a player. Its theme is the classic anime trope of Magical Girls! If you like flashy, exciting battle sequences with magical girls fighting monsters, this game is for you!

What will I need to play?
When I play tested this, we played online using Roll20, so I guess you don't really need anything, but if you want to play in person, you need a standard set of playing cards, 6-sided dice (at least 10), and paper and writing utensils for character sheets. It's nice to have things like miniatures, maps, etc., but these are not necessary to play (or can be improvised with whatever you have lying around).

What sets UHFMGRP apart from other Tabletop RPGs?
Fun mechanics: The biggest innovation in UHFMGRPG is its card system. To use your special abilities, you need to discard a card, but you can also use cards to empower your abilities, so there's a real dilemma on how and when to use your cards. It's also a lot of fun to use and empower abilities since players are encouraged to shout out the name of their abilities (just like in an anime) and when empowered, it just gets better. One of my favorites is an ability called "Final Strike" which has the special ability of allowing all players to contribute to the empowerment of it. Nothing beats shouting out "ULTIMATE, HYPER, EPIC, MEGA, FINAL STRIKE!!!" and dealing massive damage to an enemy!

Fun Dice: UHFMGRPG uses a dice system very similar to "Betrayal at the House on the Hill". I like how this feels better than a lot of other dice systems since it produces pretty consistent results, there's some randomness, but not as much as a D20 system like Dungeons and Dragons. When you roll exceptionally well, it feels really special, and when you roll really crappy, it's still kinda fun. The only downside to this, is that it's best to play with the dice from "Betrayal at the House on the Hill", but normal 6-sided dice can be used.

Hard, meaningful choices: There are so many good choices for character selection and ways to play each Aspect (sort of like a class) that it becomes a challenge to determine which set of choices is the "best" and no two characters will likely be the same. There are a lot of awesome abilities and perks to choose from and how and when to use these all matters!

No game is perfect, what's wrong with this one?
UHFMGRPG does a great job at being a Magical Girl battle simulator. Combat feels great and it plays nicely as a game. Where it lacks most as a system is handling what happens outside of combat. There's just not a lot of applicable mechanics for the day-to-day life of the Magical Girls. This was rarely, if ever a problem when I was GMing, I had great players though, who like to roleplay and it all worked great even without hard defined mechanics. But, my only regret at this point is not capturing that aspect of the trope in more solid terms.

The free playtest beta is available for a limited time. I really hope to create something that any RPG player might be proud to have on his or her bookshelf. If I get good feedback, I plan to hire an artist, and work on making this into a real guidebook. I don't know how all the pieces will fall into place yet, but I don't want the hard work I've put into this to be wasted.  If you would like to help support this endevour, I have placed it as "Pay What You Want", but do not feel any pressure to donate.

If you have any feedback, please email me at ultimatehypergames@gmail.com

Price: $1.00

Monarchies of Mau Core Rulebook

Monarchies of Mau Core Rulebook:

Monarchies of Mau Core Rulebook
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: Always trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen. Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of the adoration of Man. 

Monarch Trillani Persian von Mau, deceased

Cats have inherited the world, unifying their six fractious monarchies after untold centuries. These cats have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones. Some have learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe it to be magic given to them by their lost worshippers. Others seek to create a cohesive nation, using Precepts of Mau agreed to after years of political conflict. The world is dangerous and mysterious, but the instincts of a good cat will always be true.

Some highlights of Monarchies of Mau include:

  • An evocative and mysterious setting that’s both family friendly and deep enough to create compelling stories.
  • A traditional fantasy rules system redesigned for streamlined play and easy creation of heroic cats, with an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence.
  • A variety of callings and houses that give access to several fun and interesting secrets.
  • Rival species to interact with, like dogs and mice, along with terrifying and dangerous monsters that roam the landscape.

Will you trust your instincts?

Price: $14.99

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document:

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document
Publisher: Grand Heresy Press

Sword & Scoundrel is a player-driven role-playing game of passion, violence, and general skullduggery. It's a morality play presented as an HBO character drama, set against a backdrop of intrigue and swordplay in a dark fantasy Renaissance setting. It's a game where players declare what's most important to their characters and see it challenged through play. It's a game about seeing how far you will go, what lines you are willing to cross, and what (or who) you are willing to sacrifice for what you hold most dear.

The edition available here is part of an ongoing public beta test. The document is available free of charge, but if you find value in it you can support us by donating above. Funds donated will go towards buying art and other production expenses in preparation of a more complete product.

Thanks for your support.

Price: $5.00

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG:

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Randwulf Publishing Inc.

Mythology tells us of heroes of all sorts. We read of Merlin and Arthur. We hear about how Beowulf fought Grendel. There is Cu Chulainn, Achilles, Lancelot, Robin Hood, Perseus, Mulan, Penelope, Finn, Hiawatha, Boudica, and many, many more. Heroes come from royalty or everyday life. Their backgrounds vary as much as they do. And everyone fantasizes about being one at some point in life. It is every child's dream to be a hero. And so now we have a role-playing game that lets us all become heroes... Mythic Hero!

Using a unique personality profile system and a percentile-based rules system, Mythic Hero comes complete with a new world system that has its own unique monsters and villains, largely based from European mythology.  With a combat system based in real-life Western Martial Arts (the writer founded the Academy of European Swordsmanship in 1994, Canada's oldest Western Martial Arts / HEMA school), Mythic Hero offers a realistic, yet simple method of doing combat.

And there is wizardry for the thinking player! Magic is based on the physical, the mental, and the spiritual; each offering something fun to choose from.  And with training and practice, one can learn any skill and combine careers, whether magical or mundane.

Come! Join the world of Mythic Hero!

Price: $9.76


Queste: Click here to view Queste

This is an RPG with more variety in spells,races, classes, and items then any before it. and it's game mechanics are fair and balanced. - [currently $60 (1%) of $10,000 goal]

Queste -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Empire of Ash (First Release)

Empire of Ash (First Release):

Empire of Ash (First Release)
Publisher: EoA team

Roleplay in a world of the aberrant and bizarre!

Empire of Ash is set in a decaying society faced with the unknown. Factories powered by lobotomized magic users feed the Autocracy, a sprawling totalitarian state. Players take the role of expendable "Vanguards". These brave men and women are used as a stopgap effort to stem the tide of everything that is not real.

Mechanics focus on depth rather than breadth. 3d6 engine that gives solid mechanical bonuses to smart players. It's easy to pick up and explain. Attributes are presented simply but allow for customization and modification in game.

GMs will have an easy time improvising any unplanned scene without having to bend the rules.

Enjoy and let us know what you think at empireofashteam@gmail.com

Follow our Twitter @empireofashgame

Thanks again,

Price: $5.00

On Nobody's Side

On Nobody's Side:

On Nobody's Side
Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

Thrown Out for Being Out

You were the best at what you did, and what you did was as lethal as it was quiet. But you weren't quiet enough about something else... your gender, your orientation, your ancestry. Your employers didn't like who you really were, and they threw you out without ceremony or dignity.

A License to Live

But no one wants an unemployed spy. The Ministry approached you, and gave you the chance to once again fight for the free world... or at least the free market. In exchange, on your off time, you get to be yourself, without fear of prosecution or persecution.

Are you loyal to your masters or your friends? To your country or your principles? Or are you...

On Nobody's Side

On Nobody's Side is a spy thriller set in the 60s... any 60s you like, any midcentury flashpoint when everything's to play for. You and your friends create spies, their contacts, and their enemies. You rotate the GM position, telling interweaving stories of action, intrigue, and betrayal.


  • Take risks to get more dice, while matches open up opportunities and rain down consequences.
  • Use plot cards like Irresistable Attraction, Desperate Chase, or I Expect You to Die to guide your story toward iconic spy moments.
  • As Controller, put your spy into deadly situations, fix deals with dangerous factions, and confront other agents.
Your download includes the 24-page core rulebook and 38 plot cards, in both VTT-friendly image and tabletop print-and-play formats.
Price: $6.95

Truth & Daring

Truth & Daring:

Truth & Daring
Publisher: Dice Up Games

A RPG for fans of Goonies, Stranger Things, E.T. and of the unrelenting spirit of young nerds!

Made with love and laser feelings By Tim & Kristin Devine


It began like any other summer, until you sensed it. Something wasn’t right. It was quiet... too quiet. You knew something was coming and as members of a super-secret club you knew you had to be ready. You each had sworn the oath to protect your town, your families, and most importantly, your clubhouse, from the things that adults just can’t seem to handle. You couldn’t have known what was coming, but you were all sure of one thing… This would be a summer you would never forget...

Price: $0.00

Wits & Chivalry

Wits & Chivalry:

Wits & Chivalry
Publisher: Dice Up Games

The RPG for fans of Monty Python & the Holy Grail!

Made with love and laser feelings By Tim & Kristin Devine

You are the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur, your king, has fallen ill and the kingdom is in despair. The only way to save the land is to find the Holy Grail. Merlin’s prophecy said that the grail will only reveal itself to the truest of knights. You knights must quest to help the people of the land and defeat those who threaten it. By completing these heroic quests, you just might prove yourselves worthy of the Holy Grail.

Price: $0.00

The North Sea Epilogues

The North Sea Epilogues:

The North Sea Epilogues
Publisher: Dice Up Games

After raiding and exploring the North Sea with the acclaimed board game series, the time has come to journey deeper into the world as a Viking warrior in The North Sea Epilogues roleplaying game. Create heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover mysteries and gain reputation. The possibilities are endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the longboats and prepare to forge an exciting and epic saga!

Note: This PDF is not the final print version of the game but will be updated with any and all changes made to match the print version. Other files (Hero Sheets, GM Worksheet, GM Screen Panels, etc.) will be posted as separate files.

  • Released: 2018
  • Publisher: Garphill Games
  • Designer: Tim and Kristin Devine (Dice Up Games)
  • Illustrator: Mihajlo Dimitrievski
  • 1 GM + 1-5 Players
  • Ages 10+
Price: $16.00


Demigod: Click here to view Demigod

In this tabletop RPG, embark on a mythic journey as a demigod from one of thirteen different mythologies from around the world! - [currently $76 (1%) of $7,000 goal]

Demigod -- Kicktraq Mini



Publisher: Photographs of Lightning

Morning by Jackson Tegu

A meditative story game about sustaining a calm moment.

2-5 players, 20 minutes.

On a crisp morning in the Autumn a woman is going for a walk with her two dogs. The sky is growing lighter, and the long grass is bent with frost. In the distance there are fences and other farms.

In this pastoral game, players use prompt cards to focus on specific details of a morning walk. The mechanics are simple. The moments tend toward beauty. 


“The storytelling equivalent of watching Bob Ross paint.”

-Chris Angelini

“An opportunity to connect with the placid, the serene. To remember that things will pass, and moments’ worth are not just in their rote content, but often in their textures or other ephemeral qualities.” 

-Amber Dean

“Less can be really, really pleasant.”

-Bryant Stone


A selection of what the Morning cards look like.

Price: $15.00

Monday 26 November 2018

Become: The Game of AI Investigation

Become: The Game of AI Investigation: Click here to view Become: The Game of AI Investigation

An exploration of information, artificial intelligence, and the development of self. - [currently $500 (11%) of $4,500 goal]

Become: The Game of AI Investigation -- Kicktraq Mini

FlipTales | A Party Game for Creative People

FlipTales | A Party Game for Creative People: Click here to view FlipTales | A Party Game for Creative People

FlipTales is a table-top game for 4-6 players to tell a wacky story together. Ages 8+, 30-60 minutes. - [currently $591 (4%) of $15,000 goal]

FlipTales | A Party Game for Creative People -- Kicktraq Mini



Publisher: Zozer Games

Where Rome meets the desert -

Rome crumbles, and here in the Desert Kingdoms  there are tribes, cults, kings and queens that all want their piece.  It is a lawless frontier, a world where the deserts are home to fierce Saracen tribes, lost cities, sphinx and scorpion-men. And where the cities teem with scheming princes, bandit kings and sinister cults. Opportunity and adventure are everywhere!

ZENOBIA is the fantasy roleplaying game of adventure and magic in the ancient world.

A complete game using a fast and easy-to-use 2d6 mechanic. With rules for gladiatorial fights, sailing, traps, wilderness travel, combat, magic, cults and ancient religions.

  • Quick-play character archetypes.
  • Gritty combat results that depend on player decision, not dice rolling.
  • Cults, temples and divine intervention
  • Monsters and magical items.
  • An adventure tool-kit - how to build your fantasy scenario.
  • Campaigns - gladiators, sailors, legionaries, mercenaries ... you choose!
  • Useful advice on scenario and campaign construction. 
  • Sailing, trading and sea combat rules.
  • Mass battle rules - fight the Battle of Gaugamela in 5 minutes!
  • Solo Zenobia - rules to support playing Zenobia campaigns completely on your own.
  • Detailed maps and copious colour and line art.
  • Expansive notes on the cultures and kingdoms of the Desert Kingdoms. 
Price: $11.99

At The Crossroads, Dark And Low

At The Crossroads, Dark And Low:

At The Crossroads, Dark And Low
Publisher: Cloud Monster Press

About the Game

At the crossroads, dark and low,
Where city breaks against the field,
A Lantern glows and doesn’t glow.
And there, beneath, they pray, they kneel,
The ramblers, saints, and devils, all,
Their hearts, and eyes, and hands aflame.
The one who soars is like to fall,
But takes what’s given all the same.

- excerpt from an ancient folk song

"At The Crossroads, Dark And Low" is a tabletop roleplaying and storytelling game of cloaks, daggers, and, lest we forget, unspeakable powers granted to a select few by a mysterious, seemingly amoral entity for reasons unknown.

Mechanically speaking, it is a fairly heavy hack of "Errant," another Cloud Monster Press product designed by yours truly. "At The Crossroads, Dark And Low" inverts its progenitor's core resolution mechanic and turns it to darker and stranger purposes. It is a game about competent, driven people possessed of incredible supernatural gifts. It is, more importantly, about how they choose to apply those gifts and the consequences, complications, and implications that follow their actions.


  • Comparatively rules light system focused on narrative. The core resolution mechanic is not about success or failure but, rather, narrative control.
  • A loose and weird cosmological framework.
  • A simple, narrative-centric approach to Unspeakable (and Speakable) Powers. Players can manipulate Mind, Matter, Time, and Space to their hearts' content, but power this great comes with costs, risks, and, if you're so inclined, responsibilities.  
Price: $1.99

Friday 23 November 2018

Vindeon - A Fantasy RPG

Vindeon - A Fantasy RPG: Click here to view Vindeon - A Fantasy RPG

Play a character in the world of Vindeon - a tabletop RPG of fast dynamic gameplay and immersive roleplaying. - [currently kr0 (0%) of kr13,000 goal]

Vindeon - A Fantasy RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Progeny (Demo kit)

Progeny (Demo kit):

Progeny (Demo kit)
Publisher: 6napse

Progeny is a rpg where you play a brood of alien creatures united by a collective mind. It's all about action and exploration.
You'll have to discover the world by their eyes.

This demo kit contains:
- One scenario
- the rules and the characters to play it. 
Just grab some D6 to play.

Drawing by Guillaume Hipault.
Map is from Kosmic Dungeon.

Price: $5.71

That Friday

That Friday:

That Friday
Publisher: Exploding Rogue

It's the worst day of the year for anyone who works retail. It's that Friday. You've been at work for hours, now, with hours to go. Someone is trying to summon a demon in the Men's restroom, and at least three people were maimed trying to get their hands on the newest game system. Just another day at the store. Enjoy!

Price: $3.00

Thursday 22 November 2018

Settlers of the Dead

Settlers of the Dead:

Settlers of the Dead
Publisher: Micro RPG

The new world awaits.

The year is 1620. You, as the father of four bright children, are excited to finally land in the new world of the American continent. You have dreams of ample farmland, abundant resources, and new opportunities galore.

What you didn’t bet on were the undead legions who plague the new land or the infectious disease that turned them into the freaks they are.

Determined to make a go of your new life, you set out to plant your crops of corn, feed your family, all while fighting off the zombie hordes who seem hellbent on snacking on your brains for Thanksgiving dinner.   

Settlers of the Dead is a roll and write style role playng and resource management game that is easy and fast to play. It is suitable for one player.

Price: $1.99

Eyeless Smile

Eyeless Smile A hairy, gloopy, slice-of-life role-playing game about change and mutation in a weird fantasy world. Yes, mutation. Constant mutation, in which your body is ever shifting. Like real life only more so. Content note: body stuff, background sexual content.

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Never Tell Me the Odds

Never Tell Me the Odds: Click here to view Never Tell Me the Odds

A space-scoundrel RPG about risking it all. - [currently $222 (44%) of $500 goal]

Never Tell Me the Odds -- Kicktraq Mini

Mutant: Elysium - Roleplaying Humanity's Final Fall

Mutant: Elysium - Roleplaying Humanity's Final Fall: Click here to view Mutant: Elysium - Roleplaying Humanity's Final Fall

Experience the end of the world as you know it in this apocalyptic RPG set in the universe of acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero. - [currently kr222,008 (222%) of kr100,000 goal]

Mutant: Elysium - Roleplaying Humanity's Final Fall -- Kicktraq Mini

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Revenant World

Revenant World: Revenant WorldPublisher: Vagabond Pen and Paper

The gods are dead, the New World Order is up and running, and trans-dimensional portals are interrupting morning commutes. Welcome to the city of Polis. Revenant World is a tabletop role-playing game where you and a group of friends will take on the roles of Vagabonds-- rebellious adolescents from Polis just doing their best to navigate the treacherous halls of high school as well as the alien worlds of the Microcosmic Plane.

Boasting a robust, fast-paced combat system, freeform crafting mechanics, and a unique two-part Class and magic system that gives rise to 1,920 unique abilities, Revenant World is your portal to a vibrant science fantasy world filled with undead gods, uptight law enforcement, fearsome monsters, and teen angst in outer space.

What could go wrong?

Revenant World uses a conflict-resolution system inspired by the Powered by the Apocalypse family of games, where players roll all the dice and the GM makes reactionary moves, keeping the flow of gameplay fast-paced and dynamic.

Players have lots of control over how to make their character, with 8 races, 10 Jobs (Fighter, Thief, Witch, etc.) and 12 Arcana (Heat, Storm, Soul, etc.). Jobs and Arcana combine to make 48 unique character Classes, each with their own list of magical abilities that allow them to shape the world in unpredictable ways by combining a magical effect from your Job with an elemental supply from your Arcana.

Leveling up offers a lot of freedom as well. When you've earned the requisite XP, you can choose to spend it on an upgrade to health or stamina, or on a new ability of your choice. You can also save XP to use during gameplay for a variety of effects.

Players also have access to the open-ended Synthesis mechanic, a crafting system that allows them to fuse mundane objects into useful tools and weapons, prioritizing the combat Manuevers they want to favor. Do you want to be better at hitting one enemy really hard, or hitting all the enemies at once? Grappling or disarming? Dodging or blocking? Whatever skills you prioritize when crafting your gear, the GM will choose which other skills you have to sacrifice in return.

To play, you'll need this manual, 3-5 people, a set of polyhedral dice, some pencils, and a set of playbooks, which can be found here.

The 227 page manual contains rules and tips for players and GMs, dozens of full-color illustrations, and 2 sample scenarios to get you started.

Price: $9.99

Monday 19 November 2018

Piracy & Poetry

Piracy & Poetry: Piracy & PoetryPublisher: Côme Martin

Piracy & Poetry is my mini-RPG for November 2018.

It's a GMless game for 3 to 5 players in which PCs are pirate poets, roaming the twelve seas in search of epic adventure. It's designed for multi-sessions stories.

The file of this game contains both the handwritten French version and the retyped, English version.

Price: $1.00


Tekkaforce: Click here to view Tekkaforce

A tabletop wargame of mecha robots, building bricks, and anime epicness. RPG rules included. - [currently €11 (1%) of €2,000 goal]

Tekkaforce -- Kicktraq Mini

Sunday 18 November 2018

Escape From The Shadow People - Rarr! I'm A Pocket Game #17

Escape From The Shadow People - Rarr! I'm A Pocket Game #17:

Escape From The Shadow People - Rarr!  I'm A Pocket Game #17
Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

You’ve woken up but you don’t know from what or where.  You don’t know who you are.  You do know those other people are in the same situation as you.  You are all on the run.  You know they are after you.  That you know.  You know about the Shadow People.  You don’t know why.  You do know that they are evil, evil and want you for something.  It all feel like you’re a Dreamer stuck in a nightmare

Escape From The Shadow People is a game of fear and discovery.  The Shadow People are after you but that’s the only thing you know.  You try desperately to figure out who you are while trying to stay alive.   This game is meant to be played by at least 2 Players and Game Master(GM) who runs the adventure for the Players.

Pocket Games are small games for the PocketMod format that can be taken and played anywhere. They use ordinary 6 sided dice(D6).

Price: $0.50



Publisher: Higher Grounds

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."- Dylan Thomas

What would our world be like if magic and monsters truly existed? What is the gods once roamed the world and shaped it to their vision? Will you go quietly into that dark night, or will you fight the oncoming storm? What will you do when adventure comes calling?

Modern is the foremost in Urban Fantasy gaming. 
  • Learn forbidden secrets.
  • Build unique characters.
  • Cast world-shaking spells.
  • Confront the evils of our world.
The Modern RPG system is designed to allow you to play in a realistic world where magic and monsters have always existed. It allows you to explore you own world through the lens of magic and mystery. With this book, you can explore any adventure you can imagine. Explore your world through the eyes of the City Elves, the industrious Dwarves or clever Gnomes. Become a Fighter who battles for a cause. Take up the spiritual mantle of the Shaman and strike deals with spirits older than mankind. Become the hero this world needs.

Modern RPG includes..

  • Unique Character Creation that gives you the power.
  • A Familiar Pathfinder system with some unique twists.
  • Skills, Feats and Spells to power your adventures.
  • A sample story to get you started in the Modern World.
  • Everything you need to play!
Price: $19.99

Friday 16 November 2018

Fortuna Mythica

Fortuna Mythica:

Fortuna Mythica
Publisher: Lost Dutchman Publishing

Fortuna Mythica, orignally created for the 200 Word RPG Challenge, is a fully fledged, cooperative RPG for 1-3 players.  The only thing you need to play is a deck of standard playing cards.  Use the luck of the draw to create mythic heroes and epic obstacles they must face using the Fool's Journey and the lore behind the people ordinary playing cards supposedly represent.  Card texture from all-free-download

Price: $0.00

Mech Fight v0.5.0

Mech Fight v0.5.0:

Mech Fight v0.5.0
Publisher: Duck Armstrong

Mech Fight is a PvP TTRPG. Players build their mecha and then battle them with friends! This Core Rulebook has everything players need to play Mech Fight including terrain templates and character sheets! Mech Fight is for players 12+ and supports play for 2-8 players, though 2 players is optimal.

Price: $5.00

EMBERWIND: a new breed of tabletop role-playing game

EMBERWIND: a new breed of tabletop role-playing game: Click here to view EMBERWIND: a new breed of tabletop role-playing game

A new breed of tabletop RPG with customizable rules for a game experience as deep, tactical, and engaging as your imagination. - [currently $3,922 (16%) of $25,000 goal]

EMBERWIND: a new breed of tabletop role-playing game -- Kicktraq Mini

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Save the Universe

Save the Universe:

Save the Universe
Publisher: Don Bisdorf

Save the Universe is a tabletop sci-fi adventure roleplaying game in which the players create their own great galactic menace and then portray the brave heroes battling against it.

Worldbuilding prompts and character archetypes get your game started quickly. Simple, story-focused rules reduce bookkeeping and prep time, reward your players for pursuing dramatic subplots, and highlight the backgrounds and past adventures of the heroes.

Save the Universe is available for you to download and enjoy for free, or at whatever price seems fair to you.

Price: $0.00

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Era: Survival - Definitive Edition Rulebook

Era: Survival - Definitive Edition Rulebook:

Era: Survival - Definitive Edition Rulebook
Publisher: Shades of Vengeance

The Definitive Edition of Era: The Consortium is an updated and expanded 300-page Rulebook, intended as a Collectors Edition!

It contains the all of the same content as the Survival Core Rulebook – history, a complete guide to character creation, a list of implants, weapons, equipment and spacecraft encountered in the Consortium universe, the rules, complete with worked examples and a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to pre-made characters.

It also contains almost 100 pages of bonus material! Extra story, new details on the realities of Gaia, new options for Infected and much, much more.

Price: $19.99

Monday 12 November 2018

Fallen Justice

Fallen Justice:

Fallen Justice
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

A Vigilante Roleplaying Game inspired by the OSR

Inspired by gritty Iron Age comics, FALLEN JUSTICE is a no-holds bared, bloody knuckled homage to powerless vigilante stories. Powered by the Venerable Knight Classics chassis, this old-school revival RPG is heavily based on classic White Box style roleplaying, but features some modern narrative mechanics.

Take on the role of a brutal vigilante out to clean the streets by force and get ready to sink your fists into the faces of low-life criminals everywhere. This book contains no setting and is designed to be a toolbox to tell your own stories, but it is otherwise a complete game.

This book features:

  • 10 Vigilante Classes
  • Brutal Critical Hit Tables
  • Die Drops for generating threats and neighborhoods
  • Opening Fiction Absolucion by Ed Erdelac
All powered by Gallant Knight Game's Venerable Knight Chassis!

Price: $9.99

Sugar Maple Hemlock

Sugar Maple Hemlock:

Sugar Maple Hemlock
Publisher: Beeple Games

Sugar Maple Hemlock is a setting and scenario for a noir thriller roleplaying game.

The sleepy town of Morren has recently experienced a spate of missing persons cases, and the Vermont Bureau of Criminal Investigations has brought in a special detectives unit to investigate two of the most recent disappearances.

Caught between the blight of the opioid epidemic and a self-help group with ominous intentions, the detectives must uncover the truth in a community where everybody wants something.

Sugar Maple Hemlock can be played using any roleplaying system designed for contemporary settings with a focus on mystery, horror or the occult.  The book also contains a simple set of rules so that it can be played as a stand-alone experience.

This game is intended for mature audiences only.

Price: $9.99

After the War

After the War: Click here to view After the War

A tabletop science-fiction roleplaying game of memetic horror. - [currently $1,286 (16%) of $8,000 goal]

After the War -- Kicktraq Mini