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Saturday 30 November 2019

Soft Rains [Free]

Soft Rains [Free]:

The world never ends with a bang. Instead, she crumbles.

It’s been three days since you found a crack in your wallpaper. As you touched it, the edges softly fell apart under your touch like ash and soot. Something in you didn’t feel right. Something in you knew.

This is a game about the world and her end. However, more importantly, this is a game about you two. Together you have realised that something is not right. The world as you know it is slowly disintegrating and turning to ash. This is inevitable, but unexpectedly slow. Enough time to think, to fear, to make peace. Maybe even too much time.

A two-person TTRPG about the world as she crumbles to dust. Together you brave the long wait before the inevitable. Will you sit it out, or will you take control of your own ending?

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