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Tuesday 31 December 2019

The Long Shuttle Home [$5.00]

The Long Shuttle Home [$5.00]:

The heist is complete. The loot has been safely (you hope) stowed in the cargo hold of your ship. Now, it’s time for you and your crew to head home.
There’s the rub: space is big, a huge expanse of emptiness, and you are very far from home. To top it off, you were in a rush to get out of range of your mark’s sensors, and you weren’t able to take orbital paths into account. It will take months, at best, to reach the nearest safe, friendly station or planet. 
The journey is boring, for the most part. It is also dangerous. Your lives and your fate are now in the hands of the vast emptiness of space, the void between the stars. And all you can do is wait for the time to pass by.
The Long Shuttle Home is a game for 2+ players about a crew passing the time it takes for their spaceship to get home through the massive expanse of space, and facing danger and trouble along the way. It is inspired by both Avery Alder's The Quiet Year and Ben Robbins' Follow. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:


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