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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Of Bodies [Free]

Of Bodies [Free]:

Humanities influence over the earth has vanished and in it’s wake we have been freed. Excitedly, we stare over the edge of a new epoch and ask: What will we become?

Touchstone: What if Nier Automata was happier?

Of Bodies is a TTRPG for 3-5 Players about a group of robots journeying through the post-Anthropocene. Let the journey transform your bodies to fit you changing self and a changing world and grow stronger through the memories you make along the way. Play with the prompt based Campaign to lead your imagination, engage with passionate robot communities and be part the formation of a new epoch.


  • Pbta inspired, easily personalized move system to gurantee comfortable
  • Zero prep sessions enabled by a campaign map and extended location prompts
  • All Character Players starting with the same Playbook
  • Create your own appendages, change and even trade them with other players
  • Grow stronger with each memory you make
  • This is a ready to play beta version. By supporting it now you will give me the ability to polish and grow it. Feedback is appreciated!
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Of Bodies is the second game in a series of games about robot's life in the post-Anthropocene. Look up the first game Of Pieces, which stands in conversation with this one.
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