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Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Untamed [Free]

The Untamed [Free]:

The Untamed is a storytelling game about holding onto the virtues of humanity despite being deemed monstrous by society (in an alternate history version of dynastic China). It has wuxia and xianxia elements, but it's not about granular tactical combat or leveling up.

It is a hack of riley rethal's Galactic.

You play either as an Unrighteous outcast, an Unhuman other, or an Unwanted person.

Playable by 3 storygamers with an optional 4th person as the Game Moderator. If there is no designated GM, all players are also responsible for playing setting elements when appropriate. It uses a token economy system and no randomizer (dice, cards, etc.). Tell a story together in a single session of 3~4 hours long.

This prototype has NOT YET been playtested.

The writeup was done around the months of the COVID-19 outbreak, amidst fear, loathing, and senseless violence on a global scale.

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