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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Grave Consequences Rebuild [$12.00]

Grave Consequences Rebuild [$12.00]:


Grave Consequences is a TTRPG/story game in which the players take on the roles of recently reanimated undead creatures whose fates have been bound together by the Thrall, a powerful necromantic force created by a human necromancer called the Dark Mother. When the revenants awaken from slumbering in the Dark Mother's mausoleum, they find her and all of her acolytes slain by the church's Grim Hunt.

The revenants are alone in a world that despises them, and must support one another and help provide for one another's various Needs in order to survive.

  • 6 Different playbooks to choose from, each with radically different abilities, Needs, and Troubles to explore. Play the invincible Wight Knight, the tormented Specter, the duplicitous Vampire, the grotesque Abomination, and more~~
  • Player-driven campaigns: the action and direction of the game is determined by the players each night. Do you want to take care of your Needs first? Explore someone's Trouble? Strike against the Church? Search for a new safehouse?
  • A narrative-focused system that doesn't skimp on tactical complexity in combat. Play this as a heavy-RP story game or indulge in the combat system as much as you wish.
  • You're powerful, but the only people you can truly trust are your Thrallmates. The world really is out to get you, and you'll need to help each other out in order to survive and flourish.
  • A largely setting-agnostic approach. This game's story could take place in almost any fantasy setting. Very few details are made concrete in order to allow players to fill in the blanks of their world.
Includes a dense GMing and storybuilding section useful to all players. Learn about the world and whatever plots might be going on around the revenants by exploring your Troubles and feeding your Needs, avoid the persistent persecution of the Grim Hunt, and decide how you want to live your unlife. This system is focused on helping to set and then deliver on the expectations of everyone at the table.

Two different expansion splats with additional playbooks (2 new ones each), talents, enemies, and story chapters are coming soon. This version has been re-done from the old rules, altering the core mechanic significantly, adding new weapons, sub-systems, talents, and storybuilding rules. It has also had a bit of an aesthetic glow up as well, benefiting from a more professional layout I designed.

Hit me up @gahostan on twitter or in the messages through itch if you have any questions! <3

Regarding the different versions available in this pack: I've attached 3 different quality levels of the pdf (with two versions of each, one in a page-by-page format and one in a spread format). For best use on a phone or mobile device, I recommend the 72 dpi version. It's much smaller and loads way faster. For use on your PC, one of the other, higher-dpi versions might look nicer. :D
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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