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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Maudle Moot Heroes: Dire Lands [Free]

Maudle Moot Heroes: Dire Lands [Free]:

Your story has ended. The world has changed. It may have changed in impossible, terrifying ways, but that doesn’t matter. That story is over.

But maybe there’s still some loose ends to tie up. Not for the world, but for the characters you’ve followed, the ones you’ve played.

This is a game for saying goodbye to your player characters after a campaign. This is a game for epilogues.

This game was written for the Rhymerbrands jam. Check out the other games! https://itch.io/jam/rhymerbrands

The game is based on the Firebands framework, made famous by Mobile Suit Hero: Firebrands, a game by Meguey and D. Vincent Baker. However, this game requires no knowledge of Firebrands to play
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