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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Second-Handers! [$1.00]

Second-Handers! [$1.00]:


You are members of EPOCH – the Establishment for the Preservation and Organization of CHronology. You are experienced time travellers, able to survive the rigours of history. You have also been responsible for a disaster, or failed at your missions, or just never really displayed a lot of aptitude for your job. As a result, EPOCH has shuffled you down the ranks, to the Committee for Chronological Custodians. You are, in the bureau’s slang, Second-Handers, the people tasked with fixing history’s least pressing and dangerous problems, cleaning up after minor paradoxes, and generally acting as temporal janitors.

It’s not a glamourous job. It’s not a respected job. But it’s the only way that you’re legally allowed to time travel, so what are you gonna do?

Second-Handers is a game about a bunch of semi-competent people dealing with some of the most complex problems in existence, across the entire breadth of history. It is largely meant as a comedy of errors, in which the players will be their own worst enemies, accidentally creating massive problems which they then have to fix before anyone notices, but it can also be a game about real emotional pathos and thoughtfulness. The main characters of this story are the butt of jokes, and are told that they can’t succeed – by their superiors, by their peers, even by some of the rules of this game. It’s up to them to show that history isn’t destiny, and that they aren’t defined by someone else’s idea of what’s valuable.

Second-Handers runs using the Five-Die System. A set of five different colours of either d6s or Fudge dice are required to play.

Disclaimer: This is a 16-page playable release. The interior is formatted, but does not have illustrations or character sheets, and the setting is rudimentary. A more complete version may be released in the future at a higher price. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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