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Sunday 31 May 2020

Dungeon Whatever [Free]

Dungeon Whatever [Free]:


Look, I’m going to come clean: I don’t have rules on how to make a Dwarfcube Firebreather, a Gun Slime or a Dracotaur Wizard in the game. I just doodled some stuff for the cover and didn’t even think about whether it fit the tone or feel of the game. My bad.

This is a fantasy role playing game, which means you are playing together in a shared fantasy world that you are creating collaboratively. Most times it will be a back and forth conversation of what cool shit the characters you made up are doing, and you can just decide together whether it fits within the bounds of what you’ve agreed “makes sense”.

You're going to need some pen or pencils, some paper, erasers, and some good old polyhedral dice sets.

In short: Make some characters, use whatever rules in this document sounds good to you, steal some other rules from other games, make up a story together and have a good time.

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