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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Tampalasan ALPHA [Free]

Tampalasan ALPHA [Free]:

Tampalasan is a rules-light rpg for spear-and-sorcery adventures with a Filipino/SEA-ian feel. It is a module and hack of Knave's attribute rules, UVG's skill system, and Best Left Buried's grip and combat system. It is also largely inspired by Chris Fabon's Alamat ng Astig and BJ Recio's Meilakanjan.

This is left unfinished as I am taking the game into a different direction (taking inspiration from Macchiato Monsters for equipment and advancement generation) and the rules might change greatly or minimally. So I'd rather release this alpha version for everyone to read. If you feel like playing it, feel free to contact me to clarify any rules or wordings. And I'd highly appreciate any comments, suggestions, or feedback about this version.

This game has an English and Filipino-Tagalog translation.

Any payments for this game will be used to fuel the development of the newer version, which will be a separate project.


Ang Tampalasan ay isang rules-light rpg para sa isang sibat-at-salamangkang paglalakbay na may Filipino/SEA feel. 
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