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Tuesday 30 June 2020

A Wretched Luncheon With Your Best Friend Who Sucks at Cooking [$5.00]

A Wretched Luncheon With Your Best Friend Who Sucks at Cooking [$5.00]:


Your best friend wants to cook an unforgettable luncheon for you. They are very excited about this idea. You are less excited about this idea, since the last time your friend cooked for you, they burned down your kitchen.

You have formed a compromise: the cooking will take place in your friend’s house, not your own, and you will have the right to check in on them every ten minutes – just so long as you don’t actually open the kitchen door. You also intend to keep a log of key events for the sake of posterity.

A solo+ TTRPG about friendship, stubbornness and kitchen fires, based on the Wretched and Alone SRD by Chris Bissette. You will need either a 6-sided die, a deck of standard playing cards with the jokers removed and a tumbling block tower or set of tarot cards. Includes a 2 player option.

Cover image by Noel Bauza, sourced from Pexels (licenced under CC0).

Content Warnings

The core premise of the game is of kitchen fires played for comedic effect, though there is no loss of life or large-scale property damage. The text contains swear words. Some prompts relate to a fictional soap opera with common tropes such as illness, non-permanent character death and non-graphic violence. Feel free to skip any prompts which cause you discomfort.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:
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These community copies have been set aside for anyone unable to afford the sales price. Please only claim a copy if this applies to you. I will add a new copy for each full price sale of the game.

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