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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

My Dear Siblings [Free]

My Dear Siblings [Free]:


In this postage-themed roleplay, players take the part of orphaned siblings in a noble, Victorian-era family. In the wake of the untimely demise of your parents, the role and responsibilities of the family head fell to your eldest sibling. However, the prestige of your noble name, the wealth behind it, and the fact that it is now headed by a child has given many an insidious idea.

Beyond the fa├žade of niceties, other families try to get close to yours and especially the eldest, thinking they can manipulate a child into using either their standing and/or finances. Your most distant of relatives—anyone who thinks they have a chance of inheriting the title—now become a threat to all of you. War has not been declared, but every tight smile is secretly a new strategy enacted. There are few whom you may really trust.

Author’s Note:

This roleplay was created during the period of isolation in 2020, when rampant loneliness encouraged long-distance communication even from the most reclusive. However...being stuck at home, there wasn’t much to keep in touch about. A product of its time, this game doesn’t have a win condition, but rather provides prompts for players to create a wonderful experience about staying close despite distance, bringing players together under the bonds of family, and adds a little bit of Victorian drama, because exercising the imagination and such is also a good thing.

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