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Friday 31 July 2020

Torch [Free]

Torch [Free]:

We were handed our independence by surprise. 

The capital received the news on a cloudy night, delivered by a group of messengers carrying a torch. 

As the flame of freedom spread from town to town, a question arose:  could we truly build a shared future?



3-9  players ~90 min runtime
Torch is a freeform Live Action Roleplaying game. It was born out of a game design retreat I attend every year in New Jersey, as part of my desire to participate in the Golden Cobra Challenge, a very well known LARP design competition. This game won the Best Multi-Generational Game award at Golden Cobra. The award was announced at Metatopia 2018.

The game puts players in the position of citizens of a country that has been recently granted independence, out of the blue. Players must then travel through time telling the stories of the impact that such an unexpected event has on the country and the individual lives of its citizens, from the Independence Day to 500 years in the future.

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