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Saturday 29 August 2020

CORE Micro [Free]

CORE Micro [Free]:

The CORE system is fast and simple, built for shared creation of exciting sessions and easily skinned for any setting. Whether you're an indie game designer with a world concept, or a dedicated GM looking for a good system for one-shots, CORE gives you the simplicity and flexibility you need to create fantastic and unpredictable stories.

Minimal Rules.
Maximal Possibility.

CORE produces emergent stories that are character-driven, dynamic, and unpredictable, with few rules to learn for players, and as much prep (or as little) as the GameMaster desires. The CORE MICRO SRD is built for convenient skinning, allowing you to quickly take your concept, or an existing fictional world, and bring it to the table for collaborative play.

• The system uses pools of d6s, with a single mechanic• Choose your Character Generation system: Point-buy, Templates, or Rolled• LifeShapers provide background stories & motivations for player characters• Progressive Character Generation produces characters who change as they develop• Skills, Gear & Actions are narratively interpreted, producing unique details.• Action Resolution is shared & interpretive, with a range of dramatic outcomes for every roll

• Skin the system to bring your world to life, quickly and easily


"The system is narration-based with mechanics that practically melt away."
- Jesse Pyne, Monster Hunt Cast

"A flexible system. It balances story and rules, and it's easy to pick up and play."
- Shawn Koch, author 'Liquid Hitler'

"Core is a fun, minimalist rules set that doesn't get in the way of good story telling"
- John Haremza, Legends of Tabletop


The CORE SRD is released free of charge in PDF format under the Creative Commons Attribution License. You may use or modify these rules for
your own games, either for free or for profit, simply by attributing
the CORE system and author within your work.

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