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Monday, 31 August 2020

dFb $3.00

dFb: $3.00

Publisher: Beautifulharmony Multimedia

The Fudge System is great in that it presents a maximally flexible framework, but that is also its greatest weakness for newbies.

Newbie: "I'd like to try the Fudge System, but there are 3 different core types of combat (including numerous matrial arts sub-systems) and multiple magic systems. What should I try first?"

Veteran: "Play it however you want!"

Newbie: "But which one should I try first?"

Veteran: "Whatever you want!"

Newbie: "But I don't know.... Um. Before you say it again, I'll just play this other game with lots of math that tells me the one way to do everything..."

dFB is a generic stand-alone Fudge implementation designed to alleviate that confusion. It presents one type of combat, one magic setup, etc....

For those familar with Fudge, and in particular 5 Point Fudge, you'll find some new material from things the gaming community has learned in recent years along with revisions of older material: Psychics, Magic, A new fluid way to work with distances in game mechanics, Narrator Fudge Points, and mechanics for playing Fudge as a solo RPG (solo scenarios and such not included).

At the core of everything is 5 Point Fudge from Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition, so it's extremely compatible with that plethora of other available Fudge options and rules. dFb presents a solid basis that might be all you ever need, or you might find it a great foundation.

95 pages

8.25" x 11" with a 0.25" margin for printing to both Letter and A4


Price: $3.00

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