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Monday 31 August 2020

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game $13.00

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game: $13.00

Publisher: Chris S Sims

Kid Monsters!

Play kid monsters as little heroes in their creepy world.

  • 82 pages of spoopy rules, characters, setting, monsters, guidance, and creative tools.
  • 2 or more players. Works best with 2 to 5.
  • Playtime of 1 or more hours.
  • Hyperlinked PDF for navigation via Contents page and on-page links.
  • Requires six-sided dice, pencils, and paper. Tokens, such as game chips or glass beads, are optional.
  • Created by the Sims family (two little girls and their dad) with special guests. Edited by Cal Moore. Illustrated by Emma Welch.
This version is a prerelease. Rules are final barring proofreading changes. Awaiting final art in some places. Buy the game now, at less than release price, and you'll get the polished PDFs upon their release.

Draculola, a little vampire girl and your friend, wants to make her home, the realm of Zitterstein, a better place. You can help.

You're also a child in that craggy, forested land. Naturally, you’re a monster, too (probably!). As part of a gang of little creatures, you get up to mischief and adventure all over Zitterstein, sometimes during the day (naughty!). You scare and thwart mean people and monsters; set up elaborate pranks; solve mysteries; and explore hidden places such as fog-shrouded vales and Castle Zitterstein’s endless dungeons.

Zitterstein is changing. Draculola is tired of the monsters’ traditions of scaring and hurting people. She doesn’t want to spend her unlife being nasty to nonvampires and stocking her castle's catacombs with beasts as her parents do. With your help, she has plans to bring more cheer to gloomy old Zitterstein. Her parents don’t approve.

In this game, players act out the antics of a team of kid monsters.

Most players pretend to be characters, the kid monsters, in this game of make-believe. One player takes on the role of Narrator, who describes events and places, and pretends to be creatures. Other players tell the Narrator how their kid monsters act in a scene full of these things. This talk and pretend action go back and forth until one scene ends. Then, another begins.

Playing through these scenes creates a story of the kid monsters exploring their spooky, cartoonish realm where magic and meaner monsters are real. They aren’t super scary, and they can be silly, but they exist. The game leans toward creative, fun solutions and playfulness. It leans away from violence.

The 67-page Draculola book has most of what you need to play.

Playing this game requires only the rules, pencils, paper, glass beads or similar markers, and several six-sided dice. Make kid monsters and fun adventures in Zitterstein, or wherever your imagination takes you, using this book.

Draculola and Friends, a 15-page book, has sample characters.

Fourteen premade kid monsters can be used to play or as examples of what you can make. A bigger blank character sheet helps you make a little monster of your very own.

This game is a Two-Stat Game.

You can learn more about the rules in the Two-Stat System Reference. It's free.

Draculola: The Kid Monster Game

Price: $13.00

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