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Monday, 31 August 2020

MSX™ English $8.00

MSX™ English: $8.00

Publisher: Horoscope

This is the English version of MSX™, a simple and easy to learn RPG. Its minimalist rules, with a distinct OSR vibe, encourage participants to use their creativity to overcome challenges. To play MSX™ you will need some six-sided dice (D6), paper and a pencil.

MSX™ English is not just the English version of the game you already know: this is an expanded version of the previously released basic rules, revised after dozens of game sessions on the Horoscope Zine's Discord server.

The MSX™ English features:

• A 16-page all hand-written high-resolution PDF fanzine booklet

• A full-color A3 illustrated map with numerated hex-grid to hexcrawl

• Simple rules to roll a Character ready to play in just a few minutes

• Occupation and Origin tables based on Shadowlords™ dark fantasy game setting

• Blessed or Doomed tables for unique Character traits

• Combat rules for a fast and deadly fight

• Weapons table

• Encounter table with Shadowlords™ creatures

• Treasure table with Magical Weapons

MSX™ English

Price: $8.00

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