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Monday 31 August 2020

Seasons of the Dead $10.00

Seasons of the Dead: $10.00

Publisher: Stormy Creations

Welcome to the World of the Dead. You are about to begin an epic adventure from which there is no going back. Fans of other Table Top Role Playing Games will love this complex and unique world of zombies and survival. This guidebook for Seasons of the Dead lays out everything the Games Master needs to escort players through the treacherous worlds that are to come.

Imagination runs wild and the possibilities are endless. The future is unset. Filled with tips, tactics, and techniques to maximize the game playing experience, this guidebook allows the Games Master to detail the world of his choosing, created from a number of events:

Economic collapse setting the survivors at each others throats.

A viral outbreak killing billions.

A world ending nuclear war.

A meteor strike destroying the world.

All these and more are detailed within. Take control of your world today as you lead your players through the most dangerous time of their lives. Seasons of the Dead is an epic game, powered by the Mythras Imperative game engine, where wit and cunning decide who lives and who dies.

"Seasons of the Dead" uses the d100 Mythras Imperative ruleset.

Seasons of the Dead

Price: $10.00

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