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Monday 31 August 2020

See You in Hell $0.00

See You in Hell: $0.00

Publisher: Silver Hoof Games

A brutal tabletop RPG about tough heroes, who stop an infernal invasion.

About the Game

Using these rules, you and your friends can tell an adventurous story about the near future full of explosions and shooting, which lasts for about two or three hours without any preparation. It will resemble brutal first-person shooter video games. The game ends with an epic boss fight. The heroes either bring the villain down or go straight into the cauldrons of the Dimension-66 yourselves.


Game Features

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • No special preparation required
  • This is a story about tough heroes in the near future
  • Most of the time, you’re roasting demons instead of talking
  • Great pixel arts
  • Over 50 pages


Attention: Ultraviolence!

You’ll witness rivers of blood and closeups of broken bones in this game. For some people it can be unacceptable and painful.


See You in Hell

Price: $0.00

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