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Saturday 31 October 2020

Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology $10.00

Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology: $10.00
Publisher: Machine Age Productions

This book features four complete horror roleplaying games, two "Features" and two "Shorts." It's drive-in creature feature cinema but for RPGs:

  • My Roommate, Valentía: First, a love letter to Guillermo del Toro with the short journalling game My Roommate, Valentía. You are a kid with a ghost friend, and the hauntingis the least of your problems.
  • Found Film: A Powered By the Apocalypse game called Found Film. Explore what a found-footage internet chaos fiction would look like made around a table instead of a Go Pro. 
  • Voice in the Static: One part road trip, one part David Lynch head-trip for two to four players. Get out the dominos, forget about the dice, and fix your heart or die (as Mr. Lynch suggests.)
  • The Airbnb from Hell: The Sam Raimiest Sam Raimi joint. It’s some kids in a car on the way to a cabin in the woods with some modern twists.
Double Feature (Quadruple Feature?) A Horror Game Anthology

Price: $10.00

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