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Saturday 31 October 2020

Getting Away With Murder $7.00

Getting Away With Murder: $7.00
Publisher: Jaded Paths House

Getting Away With Murder

The year is 1955. You have accepted a mysterious invitation to a mansion in the English countryside...

Getting away with murder is a co-operative role-play game where your group will bring to life a darkly comedic murder mystery. A game can be set up and ready to play in minutes. There's no game-master, no dice and no abilities to keep track of. The entire story is told in one sitting.

Starting with a basic character description, players will improvise a number of scenes across a three acts to weave a tale of secrets and murder. A new clue about the characters, their relationships and potential motives for murder is revealed in each scene. Players use this to invent new twists in the mystery.

You will collect face-down guilt and innocence tokens during the play. These will be used to determine your character's eventual fate from six possibilities: Getting it Wrong, Getting it Right, Getting Out Alive, Getting Framed, Getting Caught or... Getting Away With Murder.


  • Supports 4 to 6 players, ages 12+.
  • Booklet with clear explanations of the rules, role-playing tips, and examples.
  • 153 detail cards to help you create the mystery, including 16 characters and 30 motives.
  • More than four tredecillion murders to solve!
  • Community Discord
  • Multiple ways to play:
    • "Print and Play"
    • Tabletop Simulator
    • and in Web Browser


gawm_tts_ss_1.jpg gawm_tts_ss_3.jpg
Getting Away With Murder

Price: $7.00

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