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Friday, 30 October 2020

My Pride: RPG [Free]

My Pride: RPG [Free]:

The My Pride TTRPG is the official tabletop role-playing game based off the animated series, MY PRIDE created by @tribbleofdoom on Youtube!

In the world of My Pride players take on the role of lions within a Pride, struggling to survive in a world filled with vast savannahs, magical shifting forests, and countless predators.  Forced to follow the strict code of Pride Law, lions are guided by the will of the Three Goddesses as they explore the world, attempting to fight against its many injustices.

Some features of the game include:

  • Simple 2d6 system! Designed to be easy to learn and play!
  • Five classes to chose from, with special abilities influenced by the Goddesses.
  • A detailed description of the world of My Pride, Pride Law, and the various roles within Prides.
  • 17 random generators to help you choose everything from your Pride Name to your lion's eye and fur color.
  •  A weather/magic system influenced by the powers of the Three Goddesses.
  • 20+ monster stat blocks!


This TTRPG was created by Malcolm Derikx. All intellectual property relating to My Pride: The Series is owned by Maddi Patton and My Pride Season One Inc. ©

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