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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Swords for Sterling $4.99

Swords for Sterling: $4.99

Publisher: AISP

[Please pay at least $0.01 if possible as paying even a penny instead of 0 allows this book to climb in the bestseller lists. Thank you].

*A fantasy tabletop roleplaying game based on the "Legend" variant of the OpenD6 system that was the Origins Award winner for Best Roleplaying Rules. Compatible with the many OpenD6 titles.

*Fast playing and simple. Easy to teach new gamers and smoother for experienced groups where the game is run with little or no prep.

*Without classes or levels but with archetypes that speed character creation so play can start within minutes.

*A list of 120 monsters aids impromptu play. Great for both pickup games and extended campaign play.

*Requires only normal six-sided dice with options to use different die types or greater numbers of dice if desired.

*This is a fully standalone game. No other books are required for play. The magic rules are in an optional expansion book, Spells for Sterling. Monsters are expanded in another expansion book, Slay Them for Sterling.

Swords for Sterling

Price: $4.99

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