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Saturday, 31 October 2020

The Blood - Quickstart $4.99

The Blood - Quickstart: $4.99
Publisher: Falconian Productions

Vampires are creatures of magic; how else do you explain the undead? Some absent god’s curse? Possessing spirits? Strange diseases? Of course not. It’s not some outside force’s pet project — vampirism is magic. An arcane force, The Blood, is what makes a vampire.

What is the Blood? It’s the fragment of power shared by every vampire in the world, and the conglomerate force made up of those segments. It's not a voice, or instinct, but... insight. The Blood shows you what you want, what It wants. It shows you the quickest and easiest ways to get to it. It shows you every blind spot in the warehouse’s security, every path to your prize, every frail beating heart between you and your goal. Then, it gives you what you need to act on it.

But your choices are always your own. There’s no internal struggle whenever It wants you to do something, and no risk of losing yourself if you do give in, there's just whether you can live with those choices. Those that would do no wrong even in the face of temptation likely still won't as a vampire, but those that avoided wrongdoing only because they feared being caught, or lacked the means?

Well, those are the vampires you read stories about.

We know how those stories end...

The Blood is a game about vampires as arcane creatures, an otherworldly force empowering their undead forms and providing them with magical potency. The powers attributed to vampires in stories and media are simply the spells that come most easily to them. It's about seeing how they balance their desire for power with the need for secrecy in the world, and about succumbing to or resisting the arcane desires their Blood inflicts on them. 

The Quickstart contains:

  • A summarized description of the atmosphere and setting of the world of The Blood.
  • Condensed but functionally complete rules and systems.
  • Rules for creating new characters, as well as pregenerated characters for easy use.
  • A unique open-ended magic system, wherein a character's Knack for certain uses of magic combines with Resonance in the world to enact effects.
  • A starting scenario to allow for immediate play, involving a heist to steal a powerful artifact from a dangerous cult.

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The Blood - Quickstart

Price: $4.99

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