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Wednesday 30 September 2020

The Caper Crew $0.99

The Caper Crew: $0.99 by @gallantkgames

Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

One Last Caper!

The Caper Crew is a narrative-driven roleplaying game where one player takes on the role of Heist Master and other players are members of The Crew and as a group the players share the action in their minds. Typically, the Heist Master will describe a situation,the members of The Crew will respond with their individual actions, and then the Heist Master will tell them what happens, or present a Challenge based on those actions.
The goal of the game is for The Crew to accrue a certain number of Heist Points, while the Heist Master will attempt to expose the members of The Crew.

1KNIGHT GAMES are one-page RPGs that explore different narratives and mechanics in interesting ways and flip some tropes on their heads. Some of them are GMless. Some of them are diceless. They're all short, fun, and easy to play with your family or online.

The Caper Crew

Price: $0.99

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