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Wednesday 30 September 2020

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood $2.00

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood: $2.00 by @TalesbyBob

Publisher: Tales By Bob

This is a game of mystery, suspicion, and dark gothic horror set in the haunted woods of colonial Massachusetts. You and the strangers you have found yourself with are traveling up from Boston to the distant town of Dover, well over 70 miles away. Your reasons are varied, but Providence has thrown you all together, and it is always safer to travel in numbers. There are Witches in the wood they say, and no God-fearing Puritan would risk that alone. But what if one of your number was, in secret, a Witch themselves?

All that is required is a game master, and a few six sided dice.

There Is A Witch At The Edge Of The Wood

Price: $2.00

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