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Monday, 30 November 2020

Iron & Lies $19.99

Iron & Lies: $19.99
Publisher: John Battle


Iron & Lies uses no dice and as a character your only tools are the lies you can tell and the blade you hold, if you can find one. The only thing certain in this game is that if you tell a lie to a fae of any kind, they believe it until given information to the contrary. And! That only an iron blade can physically harm a fae. 

The game is an experiment in working within limitations and benefits those who have ingenuity within those limits. Practice your lies and do what it takes to get a sword. Your chances of getting home will increase. 

Character sheets are easy to fill out and help you build the story of what’s important to you. The Game Master can use your Dreams, Nightmares, and Homes to add challenges and rewards to the world. You’ll love descriptors to Fae and gain new ones as you change. And your different names and ages are great bargaining tools when dealing with Fae. 


Includes original interpretation of Trolls, Pixies, Fairies, Goblins, Elves, Changelings, Ogres, Sprites, and Dragons!

Along with examples of Fae magic, the game has lists of magical bones, bottles of ancient blood, random tables for encounters, and a gathering of Archfae who might help you get home...if you do something for them first.


The Bathhouse is a mystical dungeon climb, inspired by Spirited Away. If you make it to the top and earn the favor of the Archfae, you might get the chance to return home. The book comes packed with 5 additional adventure locations for you to use, fleshed out with writings from Brian Yaksha, Thriftomancer, and Emma Levin. 


Iron & Lies is over 100 pages and is available in PDF & Print. For the print version go to projectnerves.com

The artist for Iron & Lies worked to create a custom t-shirt/hoodie design that can stand alone from the game. If you’ve ever wanted to have eyes on your chest and back, click the image to go to the store where you can buy one or both. They will only be available for a limited time only so buy now!

Iron & Lies

Price: $19.99

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