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Monday 30 November 2020

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition $0.99

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition: $0.99
Publisher: Micro RPG



At least, not yet.

The basic rules for the Micro Chapbook RPG system can be downloaded for FREE (or a small donation) in any Micro Chapbook through DriveThruRPG.com. Each stand-alone Chapbook or Starter includes the basic rules for you to play the game.

The Micro Chapbook RPG system is an ultra simple roleplaying game that can be played solo or with a traditional GM if you so wish. 

The main game focuses on solitaire gameplay, starring a single foolhardy hero. It uses randomly generated dungeon scenarios to make each game session a little different. 

The universe for this game is brutal, unforgiving, and dark. It takes notes from such classics as Dungeon Quest and Deathtrap Dungeon. Expect to die and die often.

This new Updated Edition of the Core Rulebook includes all the same rules and guides as the original Deluxe Core Rulebook. 

However, it ALSO includes new rules and updates to help make this version of the game more consistent with (and build upon) the newer Basic Rules Set found in the “Starter Adventure Series Games.”

In here you will find:

  • Starter spells for Wizards

  • Starter spells for Bards

  • Bardic Instruments

  • New Boss Spawn rules for shorter dungeons

  • Damage Bonus Rules

  • Health and Willpower upgrades when you level up.

  • Rules for Dual Wielding and Double Shot abilities

  • Optional Rules for “Rolling High.” 

  • The 5 Adventure Scenarios from the Deluxe Scenario Collection 1!

Micro Chapbook RPG: Updated Edition

Price: $0.99

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