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Monday, 30 November 2020

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World $10.00

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World: $10.00
Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing

It has been 70 years since the Event. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis ravaged the globe. Continents heaved and buckled for three decades, re-shaping the world. Civilization shattered. There is very little left of what had come before. But people survived. People rebuilt.

And people changed.

They are the Riggers. More than human, but treated as less than people. You have come into this world in Elisus, a growing metropolis and a place of hope. Maybe you don’t belong here. Maybe nobody does. All you know is that you are a Rigger and you are being hunted.

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World is an RPG of meta-powered people set in a post-apocalyptic world. This is a story-focused game with simple mechanics and characters based on descriptive qualities. It is a cooperative game that has a fixed role for its GM but provides player with equal narrative control. The game includes a basic setting, explaining the Shattered World, how it came to be, and what adventures might be found in it.

Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World

Price: $10.00

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